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2013 Reports


North Of Ireland CTC Show

September 29th 2013

Judge Geoff Thomas


DCC & BOB; Catto's Ch. Birselaw The Thrill Of It All,

RDCC; Hogartys Ir Ch Cadagio More Than A Feeling.

BCC & RBIS; Yates & Johnson's Pendley Playaway,

RBCC;Yates & Johnson's Pendley Hester.

Best Puppy;Hogarty's Cadagio Dressed To Impress.


Joanne Yates, BCC & RBIS, Pendley Playaway, Judge Geoff Thomas,

Yvonne Catto, DCC & BIS Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All

Marie Hogarty & BPIS Cadagio Dressed To Impress


Minor Puppy Dog

1st Miller's Corntons Starr of Hope


Junior Dog 

1st Stewart's The Prince of Tats and Tails


Maiden Dog 

1st Miller's Corntons Starr of Hope


Graduate Dog 

1st Shaw's Honeyhall Headboy


Post Graduate Dog 

1st Millers Cornton Coulter

2nd Bells' Solar Prince


Limit Dog 

1st Catto's Birselaw The Thrill of it all (Dog CC and BOB)

2nd Lamb and Saltmarsh's Renshaw There and Back Again Sh CM

3rd Fortune's Eglish Spitting Image with Essdeeeff


Open Dog

1st Hogarty's Ir Ch Cadagio More than a feeling (Res Dog CC)

2nd Pavlova's U'Jinn Mac Donald

3rd Hogarty's Cadagio Someone Like You

Res Lamb and Saltmarsh's Birselaw Fable

VHC Fortune's Eglish WIllies Wee Man with Essdeeeff


Special Beginners Dog

1st Fortune's Eglish Willies Wee Man with Essdeeeff

2nd Fortune's Eglish Spitting Image with Essdeeeff


Puppy Bitch

1st Hogarty's Cadagio Dressed to Impress (BPIS)

2nd Stewart's Stirlingview Peggy Sue


Junior Bitch

1st Confue Anjorfa Mymble


Novice Bitch

1st Keegan's Mistress Cochran


Graduate Bitch

1st Yates and Johnson's Pendley Hester (Res Bitch CC)


Limit Bitch 

1st Shaw's Honeyhall Hearsay


Open Bitch

1st Yates and JOhnson's Pendley Playaway (Bitch CC)

2nd Hogarty's Cadagio Turning Tables


Special Beginners Bitch

1st Keegan's Mistress Cochran



North of Ireland Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

Sunday 29th September 2013


My thanks to the Officers & Committee for the invitation and for looking after me so well on my stay in Belfast. We had a good sized carpeted ring which gave the exhibits plenty of room to move. This was a small entry, but I am glad to say I still found some good quality Cairns within the entry.

MPD(1) 1st; Millers, Corntonís Starr of Hope, up to size wheaten brindle, head well enough developed for age and possesses a deep stop. Nice made and balanced puppy. In good coat and condition, moved ok, just needs to tighten up all round, he has time.


JD(1) 1st; Stewarts, The Prince Of Tats & Tails, nicely balanced wheaten brindle. Nicely constructed head, stop could be a shade deeper, good neck into firm level topline and nicely ribbed. Shown in good coat and condition. Moved and showed steadily, toeing in behind when moving away.

MD(1) 1st; Corntonís Starr of Hope.


GD(1) 1st; Shaws, Honeyhall Headboy, very masculine light red brindle. Best of heads with deep stop and keen expression, well balanced throughout, with firm topline and good tailset. Good shoulder and straight front. Very short of coat but what he has is of correct texture. Moved with reach and drive. Nice boy.

PGD(3,1abs) 1st; Millers, Cornton Coulter, nicely balanced red brindle, presented in excellent coat and condition. Nicely made head with enough stop, good shoulder placement and firm topline. 2nd; Bell & Jordans, Solar Prince, dark grey brindle, has a well made head with a deep stop, but only just makes it on bite. Firm topline and coat of correct texture and nicely presented. Well covered, moved ok but not overly interested in showing.

LD(4,1abs) 1st; Cattos, Birselaw The Thrill Of It All, all male light red brindle who demands your attention. As I would expect from this kennel, he possesses the best of heads with deep stop, good bite and keenest of expressions. Presented a well balanced outline, nothing exaggerated or overdone in any way, still has some maturing to do until he is at his best. In good coat and condition and moved out with drive, worthy CC& BOB. 2nd; Lamb & Saltmarshís, Renshaw There And Back Again Sh CM, dark grey brindle. Well made head, but not the expression of class winner, nicely made throughout with good front and coat in good order, carry a shade too much weight though. Moved and showed steadily.

OD(6,1abs) 1st; Hogartys, Ir Ch Cadagio More Than A Feeling, upstanding wheaten who fills your eye. So masculine in outlook, well balanced throughout. Excellent head and expression, good in front and behind which showed in his freedom of movement. Coat and condition just right, well sprung rib and firmest of toplines. Pushed hard for top honours, but today the limit dog just filled my eye that bit more, RCC. 2nd; Pavlovas, UíJinn Macdonald, dark grey brindle, masculine, with well made head and good stop, not quite the expression of class winner though. Presented a balanced outline with good angulations both ends. Shown in good coat and condition and moved well, could have been a shade more animated though. 3rd; Hogartys, Cadagio Someone Like You.

VD/B(2,2 abs)

SBD(2) 1st, Fortunes, Eglish Willies Wee Man with Essdeeeff, vhc in open class. Mature red brindle, won this class on his better head and tail. Nicely balanced dog, carrying too much weight which affected his movement, coat could have more texture to it. 2nd; Fortunes, Eglish Spitting Image of Essdeeeff, red brindle, nicely made head, but only just makes it on bite. Presents a nice outline, overall picture spoilt by his tail, moved ok.


PB(3,1abs) 1st; Hogartys, Cadagio Dressed To Impress, very feminine wheaten brindle. Lovely puppy to go over beautiful head with correct expression, so well put together and in good coat and condition. Took a little while to settle, but when she did moved so soundly for such a baby. Very promising, Best Puppy. 2nd; Stewarts, Sterlingview Peggy Sue, red brindle, made on bigger lines, but still feminine. Well made head, but not expression of class winner. Well made throughout with good front, nice ribbing firm topline. Shown in good coat and condition, showed well, moving a shade close behind.

JB(1) 1st; Confues, Anjofra Mymble, feminine grey brindle. Well made head with good stop and bite. Nice bitch to go over with good angulations both ends, coat looks to be past its best. Moved and showed steadily.

MB(1, 1abs)

NB(2, 1abs) 1st; Keegans, Mistress Cochran, light grey brindle. Good width of skull, eye a shade round which spoilt expression. Presented a balanced outline, with good shoulder and firm topline. Shown in good coat and condition. Moved steadily, but quite wide behind, showed better as she went along.

GB(2,1abs) 1st; Yate & Johnsons, Pendley Hester, ultra feminine light grey brindle. So well made throughout, presented a lovely balanced outline, in first class order and on her toes all the time. Well angulated both ends which showed in her freedom of movement, a shade proud of her tail at times, but she is young and has time to settle, close decision but today had to stand down to her kennel mate and take RCC.

LB(2,1abs) 1st; Shaws, Honeyhall Hearsay, nice sized light grey brindle. Feminine in outlook, well made head, good bite. Presents abalanced outline, with good angulations both ends, shows well and firm topline, just didnít make the best of herself on the move.

OB(5,3abs) 1st; Yate & Johnsons, Pendley Playaway, feminine dark grey brindle. So well balanced with super head with deep stop and keenest of expressions. So well made throughout, firmest of toplines, good angulations both ends and spot on for coat and condition. So attentive to her handler, moved well both ways and with drive from behind and never stops showing. Last time I judged this bitch she was still a junior and I considered her for top honours then, so pleased to be able to award her the CC today. 2nd; Hogartys, Ir Ch Cadagio Turning Tables, red brindle. Made on bigger lines to class winner, but still feminine. Beautiful head with deep stop and correct expression, nicely balanced, with level topline and well set tail. Nice angulations both ends which allowed her to move freely when she settled. Presented in good condition, coat coming in well but still a shade on the short side.

Judge- Geoff Thomas