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2013 Reports


Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show


Judge - Ian kettle


DCC & BOB; Catto’s Birselaw  The Thrill Of It All

 RDCC; Bateman & Gompels’ Carradine Terries  Tipple

BCC; Percy’s Winetta  Miss Independent

 RBCC; Osborn’s Tweslam  Thistle Be Magic

Best Puppy; Osborn’s Tweslam  Mystery  Of Magic

BCC Winetta Miss Independent, Joan Percy, Judge Ian Kettle, Ynonne Catto, DCC & BOB Birselaw The Thrill Of It All


Ian Kettle, Angela Osborn , BPIB Tweslam  Mystery of Magic

Thankyou to Helen Miller for photos 



Junior–Dog 3,0a


1sBirselaw  The Thrill Of It All (Catto)

2nd  Carradine Terries Tipple (Bateman & Gompels)

3rd Cornton  Coulter  (Miller)



PGD 1,0a


1st Eglish Willies Wee Man With Essdeeeff (Fortunes)



Limit–Dog 4,0a


1st    Winetta  Stand And Deliver (Percy)

2nd   Renshaw  There And Back Again Shcm (Lamb & Saltmarsh)

3rd   Carradine Brian The Lion (Byrne & Inett)

Re Auchinkyle Superman Stan At Drayem  (Buchan)




Open–Dog 3,1a


1st   Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle (Smith)

2nBirselaw  Fable Shcm (Lamb & Saltmarsh)


Puppy–Bitch 2,0a


1st  Tweslam  Mystery  Of Magic (Osborn)

2nSybsteSanderoma (Berrecloth)



Junior–Bitch 2,0a


1st   Carradine In Love With Amy (Bateman & Inett)

 2nd  Anjofra  Mymble (Confue)



Post Graduate–Bitch 5,0a


1st    Tweslam  Thistle Be Magic (Osborn)

2nd    Winetta  Unforgettable (Percy)

3rd    Strathinver Simply Florrie (Jones)

Re Anjofra  Moi Aussi (Confue)

Vhc  Cornton  Diabaig (Miller)



Limit–Bitch 3,1a


 1st  Anjofra  Plum Tart At Rocasovale (Smith)

 2nHoneyhall Hearsay  (Shaw)



Open–Bitch 5,0a


 1st    Winetta  Miss Independent (Percy)

 2n Tweslam  Winter Magic(Osborn)

 3r Woodthorpe Maybe This Thyme (Kinton)

 Res  Little Miss Tonka (Byrne)

 Vhc Strathinver Simply Florrie (Jones)


Scottish Kennel Club (May)

Cairn Terriers.  Judge; Ian Kettle.


It was an honour to judge our breed in its native land. The hospitality shown to me by the SKC  was very much appreciated. Overall I was pleased with the quality, some mouths were  suspect as were some coats, which were smelly and sticky. Heads were a little disappointing and a few were very snipey, camouflaged with furnishings. Temperaments were excellent.     

Puppy D. 0 entries.

Junior D. 4 entries.

1). Cattos - Birselaw The Thrill Of It All.  A superb showman, never let his owner down at anytime. Very well constructed, good head with a positive indentation between the eyes and a good stop, lovely neck and shoulders, level topline of medium length, strong hindquarters and in excellent coat of quality. Moved with drive. CC & BOB.

2). Bateman & Gompels - Carradine Terries Tipple. Another good showman, nice head, correct mouth, level topline, nice spring of rib, moved well, coat of good quality, handled well. RCC.

3). Miller -  Cornton Coulter.


Post Graduate D. 1 entry.

1). Fortune  -  Eglish Willies Wee Man With Essdeeeff. Well constructed but carrying well over the allowance, nice head, correct bite, good eye and ear placement, level topline.


Limit D. 4 entries.

1). Percy -  Winetta Stand And Deliver. A dog of quality in all departments, in good coat, well balanced, moved and showed well, I am sure will enjoy top honours in the future.

2). Lamb & Saltmarsh -  Renshaw There And Back Again. Nice expression, good eye and ear placement, level topline, correct tailset, moved well.

3). Byrne & Inett – Carradine Brian The Lion.


Open D.  3 entries, 1 absent.


1).  Smith – Ch. Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle. Pleasing head and expression, nice neck and shoulders, good front and hindquarters, level topline, moved well.

2). Lamb & Saltmarsh – Birselaw Fable. Good head, correct bite, well balanced, good front and rear, nice spring of rib.


Puppy B. 2 entries.


1). Osborn – Tweslam Mystery Of Magic.  Most appealing head and expression, correct bite with large teeth, good reach of neck, level topline, correct tailset, good front and rear, moved well with drive. BP.

2). Berrecloth – Sybster Sanderoma.   Another appealing puppy, well balanced, good front and topline, nice spring of rib, strong hindquarters, super coat, well presented.


Junior B. 2 entries.


1). Bateman & Inett – Carradine In Love With Amy. Very nice youngster, lovely expression, liked her length and balance, nice reach of neck , level topline, pleasing rib, good shoulder placement, moved well.

2). Confue – Anjofra Mymble.  Pleasing outline, scores well in neck and shoulders, good front and quarters, good topline and tailset, dark eye, well carried ears.


Post Graduate B.  5 entries.


1). Osborn – Tweslam Thistle Be Magic. A most appealing bitch, good reach of neck, well balanced, nice head, front and topline, strong rear, moved well both fore and aft. RBCC

2). Percy – Winetta Unforgettable. Lovely head and expression, correct front , level topline, good tailset and rear, in full coat of good texture, moved and showed well.

3). Jones – Strathinver Simply Florrie.


Limit B. 3 entries 1 absent.


1). Smith – Anjofra Plum Tart At Rocasovale. Scores in head and expression, fair reach of neck with good shoulders and front, typical dark eye and well placed ears.

2).  Shaw – Honeyhall Hearsay. Balanced outline, attractive head, good front and rear, strong quarters with correct tailset, just lacked a quality coat at present to complete the picture.


Open B. 5 entries.

1). Percy – Winetta Miss Independant.    Most attractive bitch, super head with a true cairn expression and a great personality, correct size and well balanced, correct front, hind quarters and tailset, coat of superb quality, moved with drive, handled and presented very well. BCC.

2). Osborn – Tweslam Winter Magic. Another quality bitch, grand head, correct mouth, dark eye, deep rib well sprung, good front  and hindquarters, level topline and tailset, moved and showed well.

3). Kinton – Woodthorpe Maybe This Time.