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2013 Reports


South Wales & West Of England Championship Show

October 20th 2013

Judge Elaine Short (Glenchess)


DCC & BIS; Catto’s Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All

RDCC & RBIS; Percy’s Winetta Stand And Deliver

BCC & BOS; Waugh’s Ch Tribannon Guardian Angel

RBCC;  Yates & Johnson’s Pendley Plataway JW

Best Puppy; Shannon & Storr’s Brenndacy Dizzee Rascal

Best Veteran; Thomas’ Ch Raskens Romping Playboy

Ann Waugh, BCC & BOS Ch Tribannon Guardian Angel, Joan Percy RDCC & RBIS Winetta Stand and Deliver, Judge Elaine Short, Yvonne Catto, DCC & BIS Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All, Brenda Shannon, BPB & BPIB Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal, Geoff Thomas, Best Veteran Ch Raskens Romping Playboy,


DCC, RDCC, Dawn Inett BPD Carradine Dexter

BCC, RBCC Ch Pendley Playaway, Joanne Yates , BPB.


SVD 7-10 (2)

  1. Ch Raskens Romping Playboy
  2. Su Ch castleline Jackard


SVD/B 11+ (2)

  1. Ch Uniquecottage Tidy Shoes
  2. Glenrood Magic Pipit


 MPD (2)

  1. Cannwood Call Of Duty
  2. Glenrood Trojan Prince


PD (4)

  1. Carradine Dexter
  2. Brenndarcy Limited Edition
  3. Kedvaiy Hogmanay
  4. Kilnyard trouble Shooter


JD – (4,2a)

    1. Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekilli
    2. Tycadno I Spy

MD – (1)

     1. Kilnyard Trouble Shooter


ND -  (2,1a)

     1. Tycadno Thriller At L’Artiste




PGD (5,1a)

  1. Cherrycrack Ludo & Trekilli
  2. Cherrycrack Ludo & Trekilli
  3. Brenndarcy Borgen
  4. Dandi Boy Spud


LD (4)

  1. Winetta Stand And Deliver
  2. Carradine Brian The Lion
  3. Uniquecottage Jumbuck
  4. Renshaw There And back Again Schm



OD (6)

    1. Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It all
    2. U’Jinn Macdonald
    3. Uniquecottage Raleigh
    4. Carradine Terries Tipple
    5. Birselaw Fable Shcm


SBD (3)

    1. Cherrycrack Ludo & Trekilli
    2. Cherrycrack Ludo & Trekilli
    3. Kedvaiy Locamotion


SVB 7-10 (3,1a)

  1. Ch Conundrum Sweeter For Me for Lentrica
  2. Ch Glenrood Magic Solitaire JW


MPB (6)

  1. Tweedisle April Beauty
  2. Glenrood Magic Spell
  3. Lentrica Secret Passion At Carenwil
  4. Caldwall Carefree
  5. Cannwod Here’s Hetty Naf taf


PB (6)

  1. Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal
  2. Carradine Secret Snowdrop
  3. Tycadno Ruby Slippers


JB (4,1a)

  1. Landbuck Xanthe
  2. Teddeana Diamond Jubilee
  3. Cherrycrack Snowdrop


MB (2)

  1. Tweedisle April Beauty
  2. Uniquecottage W’ell See


NB (4,1a)

  1. Carradine Lady Lola
  2. Tycadno Dream On
  3. Cloverbrook Touch Of Class At Crowneast


UGB (3)

    1. Birselaw Give Me A Break
    2. Anjofra Mymble
    3. Teddeana Ashana


PGB (7,1a)

  1. Seveek Living The Dream JW
  2.  Winetta Unforgetable
  3. Cairngold Candied Rose
  4. Tweedisle Party Girl
  5. Anjofra Moi Aussi


LB (11,1a)

  1. Castleline Peggy Sue
  2. Carradine In Love With Amy
  3. Uniquecottage Sea Breeze
  4. Winetta Miss Indepenent
  5. Lentrica Sweet Sensation


OB (6,1a)

  1. Ch Tribannon Guardian Angel
  2. Pendley Playaway
  3. Carradine Come On Irene JW
  4. Glenrood Warrior Princess
  5. Woodthorpe Playin For Thyme


SBB (1)

    1. Cherrycrack Snowdrop







VD/B 10+










Dog Line-up












With thanks To Graham Peers & Alan Firth for photographs. 


South Wales and West of England Cairn Terrier Club

Championship Show

20th October 2013

A well run show, in a very good venue near Swindon, where a good entry awaited me with few absentees. Some excellent exhibits and some with the common fault of little angulation in the front which impedes front reach, compromising movement. Presentation overall was good.

I was very pleased with my final line-up, some outstanding exhibits.

Special Veteran Dog , 7-9 yrs.    2, A (0)

1. Thomas, CH: Raskens Romping Playboy (IMP) Certainly not showing that he is nine years, excellent condition, good muscle tone and weight. Correctly proportioned head with correct width to skull and muzzle and small ears and dark pigment. Mouth has scissor bite and full dentition, Body proportions and well set on tail all add to the correct outline for the breed. Moved true and covered the ground. Best Veteran.

2. Thompson, Su CH: Castleline Jackard another of nine years in good condition. Good shape and balance, coat of good texture, Mouth still correct, good balance prefered head and movement of number 1.


Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (11 yrs and over) 2, A (0)                         

   1.The late Mrs J Parker-Tucker, CH: Uniquecottage Tidy Shoes nearly 13 years male, dark brindle with plenty of grey specking, coat of good texture, mouth still good and still nimble as he moved keeping his topline, sound coming and going.

2. Dolan, Glenrood Magic Pipit wheaten bitch of 15 years with a lovely head and expression and a mouth of good teeth, with correct bite. Good proportions ,coat of required texture , a very pretty bitch belying her age. Moved soudly.


Minor Puppy Dog 2, A (0)

1.      Roberts, Cannwood Call of Duty wheaten brindle , nearly 7 months a rangy puppy of correct proportions with a well proportioned head, a correct mouth. Moved truly and covered the ground. Has the correct coat and has a nice outline, holding topline on the move.

2.      Dolan, Glenrood Trojan Prince dark brindle puppy with balanced proportions, not as rangy as number one but non the less a very nice animal although a smaller build. Lovely coat well presented,

preferred outline of number 1 on the move.


Puppy Dog 4, A (0)

1.      Inett& Engebretson, Carradine Dexter, red brindle boy of ten months, attractive showy outline, holding himself with a very mature manner. Nice size and balance, moved very soundly covering the ground. Lovely expression, correct head, good dentition .

2.      Shannon & Storr, Brenndarcy Limited Edition beautiful red puppy in a good coat of correct texture. Has a lovely head with correctly set ears and length of muzzle. Good body and spring of rib, just a little heavy on shoulder, moved well with purpose  true coming and going.

3.      Poile, Kedvaiy Hogmanay


Junior Dog 4, A (2)


1.    Day, Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhilli, grey brindle, up to size rangy dog in very good coat and condition, mature for age with a very good outline. Sound mover who covered the ground freely. He is correctly angled with matching angulation front and rear, has a correct forechest and spring of rib. Lovely expression could use his ears better.

2.    Thomas, Tycadno I Spy wheaten with a very nice head of good proportions, with small well set ears, good dentition. Lovely expression. He needs a little more confidence when moving, to show himself off to advantage. Coat a little short today but of correct texture.


 Novice Dog 2, A(1)

1.      Drew Tycadno Thriller at L’Artiste, Wheaten one year, good head with the required stop, dark eye and attractive expression. He has good angulation with correct forechest. He was alone so not settled moving at first. His coat is of good quality.


Maiden Dog 1, A (0)

1.      Burnett Kilnyard Troubleshooter, wheaten whose coat needs some tidying, he is ten months, head proportions okay, he needs time. When moving he needs more drive in the rear, more angulation needed.


Undergraduate Dog No Entries.



 Post Graduate Dog


1.      Day, Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhilli, first in Junior

2.      Waites Svendalens Snow Knight, wheaten male of 19 months. He has a black mask with a good head and lovely expression. Correct dentition, good coat quality and well presented, moved soundly.

3.      Shannon &Storr, Brenndarcy Borgen.


Limit Dog 4, A(0)

1.      Percy, Winnetta Stand and Deliver Red brindle all male dog of lovely proportions, correct head with width to skull and muzzle which is not overlong, small ears correctly set, lovely eye and expression, very good mouth and good stop. He has required forechest and upper arm with matching rear assembly he moves with drive keeping his topline. Correct set on tail not overlong. RCC.

2.      Byrne & Inett Carradine Brian The Lion, grey brindle, very showy dog with a nicely proportioned head with a correct mouth, sound mover with a good topline, like his balance and outline.

3.      The Late Mrs J Parker-Tucker Uniquecottage Jumbuck.


Open Dog 6, A (0)

           1, Catto, CH: Birselaw The Thrill of It All, Wheaten brindle with a flowing outline, he is marvellously balanced, never stops showing. Lovely coat quality which is not trimmed down but the correct texture and length. His head is correctly proportioned with breadth to skull and well set ears and muzzle in proportion, teeth correct with width to jaw. Gorgeous expression. Correctly angulated with forechest and spring of rib. Level topline, kept on the move, well set tail. Happy to award him CC and BIS.

2.      Pavlova ,U’ Jinn Macdonald, grey brindle of very nice balance, make and shape. Very lovely head and expression. Moved soundly and true. Very good coat quality. Just preferred front of the first.

3.      The late Mrs J Parker-Tucker, Uniquecottage Raleigh.


Special Beginners Dog 3, A (0)

1.      Day, Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhilli

2.      Waites, Svendalens Snow Night

3.      Morley Kedvaiy Locomotion


Special Veteran Bitch (7-10years) 3, A(1)

1.Clarke, Ch: Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentricia JW ShCM. Grey brindle, 8 years, very lovely condition. Gorgeous head and expression. A very balanced bitch who moved soundly with the correct outline. Level topline. Very showy. Coat of correct texture , nicely presented.

2.Dolan, Glenrood, Ch:  Magic Solitaire JW, grey brindle a bigger bitch overall than number 1 but sound and balanced with level topline , good coat,  she is 11 years and in lovely condition both of these bitches are a credit to their owners. Just preferred head of number 1.


Minor Puppy Bitch 6 A(0)

1.      Peers, Tweedisle April Beauty, wheaten, 6 months , lovely head and expression, good mouth and good balance moved soundly, with confidence. Coat quality correct.

2.       Dolan, Glenrood Magic Spell lovely puppy who has a very nice outline and tailset, excellent coat quality and moved soundly at this point preffered head of number 1.

3.      Carter, Lentrica Secret Passion at Carernwil.


Puppy Bitch 4, A (1)

1.Shannon and Storr, Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal, red with a beautiful head and dark eye. Correctly angled fore and aft. Ten months with a very good balance. Moved soundly with purpose, keeping topline on the move, has a lovely coat presented well, pleased to award her Best Puppy.

2.Inett Clayton and Harrison, Carradine Secret Snowdrop, wheaten brindle, very nice head and expression , dark eye. Overall balance good tail can be a little gay, liked her movement.

3. Bolden, Tycadno Ruby Slippers.


Junior Bitch 4, (1)

1.      Felters and Rumens, Landbuck Xanthe, Cream bitch with an excellent quality coat. Lovely head proportions, not overlong in muzzle , with a very good bite. Excellent balance, with a dead level topline. Very sound mover and a real showgirl. Considered in challenge , maturity won in this case.h

2.      Hacker Teddeana Diamond Jubilee, Red , nicely balanced, head proportions very good with dark eye. Sound mover, good coat quality.

3.      Melly, Cherycrack Snowdrop.


Maiden Bitch 2, (0)

1.Peers, Tweedisle April Beauty

2. The late Mrs J Parker-Tucker Uniquecottage We’ll See; Wheaten whose coat is at a difficult stage of texture and length. The new is coming in two stages presently.Moved soundly once settled and has a lovely expression. Reasonably angled , just needs time.


Novice Bitch 4, A (1)

1.      Inett, Carradine Lady Lola, wheaten brindle with a very nice head with a black mask. Correct coat texture, reasonably angulated, moved well keeping topline, good outline.

2.      Thomas, Tycadno Dream On, Lovely head and expression with a dark eye. Very good coat of correct texture, balanced bitch ,just a little high stepping at the moment. Good topline.

3.      Tutchings,  Cloverbrook Touch Of Class at Crowneast.


Undergraduate Bitch 3, A(0)

1.      Catto, Birselaw Give Me A Break, Dark brindle with a very good outline, holding topline. Balanced head with a dark eye, width to skull. Moved soundly in a full coat.

2.      Confue, Anjofra Mymble, head has a very good expression, body a little narrow , would like more substance, coat has correct texture. Sound on the move, has a good topline.

3.      Hacker, Teddeana Ashana


Post Graduate Bitch 7, A (1)

1.      Keeves, Seveek Living The Dream JW ShCM, Red with a very pretty head with a dark eye, nicely balanced and has correct angulation front and rear, moved soundly with a level topline. Has a good spring of rib, well set on tail and coat of correct texture well presented.

2.      Percy Winnetta Unforgettable, Grey brindle of very good balance, lovely head and expression, in very good textured coat well presented. I liked her make and shape, lost to number one because not co-operating with handler on the move.

3.      Firth, Cairngold Candied Rose.


Limit Bitch 11,  A (1)

 Dolan, Castleline Peggy Sue, Wheaten, very feminine, medium in her balance and shape, lovely head and expression, with small ears. She has a level topline, kept on the move. Sound coming and going with matching angulation.  Never stopped showing to win this large class.

1.      Bateman and Inett, Carradine In Love With Amy, another very good bitch who is wheaten brindle, she has a lovely head of correct proportions with a keen expression. Coat of correct texture well presented, kept topline on the move, very sound. Well angulated.

2.      The late Mrs J Parker-Tucker, Uniquecottage Sea Breeze.


Open Bitch 6, A (1) 

1.      Waugh, CH: Tribannon Guardian Angel, Beautiful bitch who moved like a dream. Head and expression spot on , matched the dog winner perfectly, coat of correct texture, angulation good front and rear , spring of rib good forechest which allowed to sail round the ring. Topped by gorgeous head and mischievous expression, correct tail. Very balanced. BCC

2.      Yates and Johnson, Pendley Playaway JW, another fabulous bitch, grey brindle, Gorgeous head and expression lovely size and balance , very showy, moved very soundly with drive, never stopped showing. Beautifully presented and handled. RCC

3.      Inett, Carradine Come On Irene.


Beginners Bitch 1, (0)

1.      Melly, Cherrycrack Snowdrop, Stood alone but presented herself well. Wheaten brindle quite leggy needs to mature in body, given time. Good expression, dark eye, moved soundly keeping topline.


Trevor Evans Memorial Brace Class, 5, A(2)

1. Dolan, Best matched pair, dark brindle.

2. Hacker

3.Lamb and Saltmarsh.


JUDGE Elaine Short