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2013 Reports


Welsh Kennel Club Champioonship Show

August 17th 2013

Mr R Oliviera 


DCC Bateman & Gompel's Carradine Terries Tipple

RDCC Bateman's Dandi Boy Spud

BCC & BOB Yates & Johnson’s Pendley Playaway –Shortlisted in Group

RBCC Dolan's Glenrood Masquerade

BP Lewis, Johnson & Bunton's Pendley It's My Party

Breeders - Braybrook

Joanne Yates, BCC & Bob Pendley Playaway, Judge Mr R Oliviera, Rita bateman, DCC Carradine Terries Tipple, BPB & BPIB Pendley It’s My Party


DCC, Dawn Inett, RDCC Dandi Boy Spud, Geoff Thomas, PD Tycadno I Spy

BCC, RBCC Ch Glenrood Masquerade, BPB

BPIB, Pendley It’sMy Party


 PD (3,1a)
1st:  THOMAS Mr G Tycadno I Spy
2nd:  DREW  & Mr P Tycadno Thriller at L'Artiste

 JD (2,0a)
1st: DAY Mrs G Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhilli
2nd: SHOPLAND  Hjohoo's A Kind Hjo Can't Find On Cherrycrack (Swe


 GD (2,0a)
1st: DAY Mrs G Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhilli
2nd: WAUGH Mrs A Tribannon War Dance

 PGD (1,0a) 
1st: BATEMAN, Mrs R M & GOMPELS Mr N Carradine Terries Tipple

 LD (4,0a)
1st: BYRNE, Mrs V & INETT Miss D H Carradine Brian The Lion
2nd: LAMB & SALTMARSH Renshaw There And Back Again Sh.CM
3rd: KEEVES & BENNETT Mrs M Seveek Who Dares Wins Sh.CM
Res: PEARSON Ms J Cloverbrook Special Effect

OD (5,0a)
1st: BATEMAN Mrs R M Dandi Boy Spud
2nd:  BRAYBROOK Mrs S Ch Cloverbrook Codebreaker
3rd: THOMPSON Mr S Castleline Bang On Time
Res: LAMB, Ms J & SALTMARSH Mr B Birselaw Fable Sh.CM
VHC:  LYNCH Mrs J Fieldron Call My Bluff at Linacrelads

MPB (2,0a)
1st: LEWIS, JOHNSON & BUNTON Pendley It's My Party
2nd: PARSONS Mrs H M Fizzy Silver

 PB (3,1a),
1st: OSBORN Mr & Mrs A Tweslam Mystery of Magic
2nd: BALL Miss M Tweslam Jazzing It Up At Calamondin

 JB (2,0a)
1st: SMITH Miss J H Gethlee Star Appeal
2nd: THOMAS Mr G Tycadno Dream On

 NB (2,0a)
1st: MELIA Ms P Carradine Minnies Magic
2nd: PEERS Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Tweedisle Party Girl

 GB (4,0a)
1st: MELIA Ms P Carradine Minnies Magic
2nd: HARRISON Mrs R Carradine Eva Either
3rd: DAY Mrs G Sh Ch Trekhilli Beanie Baby JW
Res: OSBORN Mr & Mrs A Tweslam Thistle Be Magic

PGB (8,0a)
1st: KEEVES Mrs J Seveek Living The Dream JW Sh.CM
2nd: PATTEN, Mrs J & INETT Miss D H Carradine Magic Penny
3rd: STEPHINSON Mr A J & Mrs C Twohoots Martha
Res: PEERS Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Tweedisle Paper Moon
VHC:  COATES Penticharm Starlight

 LB (6,2a)
1st: BATEMAN& INETT Carradine In Love With Amy
2nd: DOLAN Mrs S E Castleline Peggy Sue
3rd: USHER Mrs S Stryveling Polly Flinders
Res: SMITH Miss J H Glenmear Sproxton Lass Of Gethlee

OB (7,0a)
1st: YATES, Mrs J I & JOHNSON Mrs J Pendley Playaway JW
2nd:   Dolan’s Ch Glenrood Masqerade

3rd: WAUGH & CARLTON-SMITH Ch Tribannon Guardian Angel
Res:  BRAYBROOK Mrs S Cloverbrook Xtra Factor
VHC:  DOLAN Mrs S E Glenrood Warrior Princess

























Judge Mr R Oliviera


 Photographs By Graham Peers


Cairn Terriers

MPD 1 Thomas’ Tycadno I Spy, very nice head, excellent topline, good front & quarters, excellent movement, good coat for age; 2 Drew’s Tycadno Thriller at L’artiste, good head but not so good as 1, good topline, nice shape, good coat for age. Moves well but have preferred a different tail carriage.

JD 1 Day’s Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhilli, excellent head, nice shape, excellent coat, good front & quarters, good topline, moves well; 2 Shopland’s Hjohoo’s A Kind Hjo Can’t Find on Cherrycrack, excellent head & coat, excellent topline, excellent movement, good front & quarters but would prefer more length of back.

GD 1 C Ludo at T; 2 Waugh’s Tribannon War Dance, good head. Would prefer better turn of stifle. Acceptable topline, good movement.

PGD 1 Batman& Gompels’ Carradine Terries Triple, carrying a bit too much weight but full of quality, lovely head, excellent coat, front & quarters, good tail carriage, moves well. CC.

LD 1 Byrne& Inett’s Carradine Brian The Lion, good head, excellent topline, excellent front & hindquarters, good coat & tail carriage, moves well; 2 Lamb& Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There And Back Again, excellent head, expression& topline, good coat. A bit heavy in shoulders, would prefer a little more neck. Good movement; 3 Keeves & Bennett’s Seveek Who Dares Wins.

OD 1 Bateman’s Dandy Boy Spud, nice head & expression, excellent coat & topline, good shoulders & neck, good length of back, nice quarters, good movement. RCC; 2 Braybrook’s Ch Cloverbrook Codebreaker, excellent head, expression & coat, good length of back & tail carriage. Very close to 1 but not so good mover; 3 Thompson’s Castleline Bang On Time.

MPB 1 Lewis, Johnson& Bunton’s Pendley Its My Party, lovely head, excellent front & quarters, good length of back & tail carriage, excellent coat & movement, very promising puppy. BP; 2 Parson’s Fizzy Silver, very nice head & expression, nice silhouette, good coat & tail carriage. A bit loose in front action, would prefer a different topline but still can improve this point.

PB 1 Osborn’s Tweslan Mystery Of Magic, good head, expression, coat & tail carriage, acceptable movement, good length of back; 2 Ball’s TweslanJazzing It Up at Calamondi, very similar to 1 but would have preferred a different tail carriage.

JB 1 Smith’s Gethlee Star Appeal, good head, topline, length of back & coat, excellent movement; 2 Thomas’ Tycadno Dream On, acceptable head, excellent topline, good coat & tail carriage, moves well.

NB 1 Melia’s Carradine Minnies Magic, very nice head & expression, excellent coat, front & quarters, good tail carriage, excellent movement. Would prefer a different topline; 2 Peers’ Tweedisle Party Girl, not so good head as 1, excellent coat, nice silhouette, good front, quarters & tail carriage, moves well.

GB 1 C Minnies Magic; 2 Harrisson’s Carradine Eva Either, lovely head, nice silhouette, good topline, front & quarters, excellent movement but not in full coat; 3 Day’s Sh Ch Trekhilli Beanie Baby.

PGB 1 Keeves’ Seveek Living The Dream, nice head & expression, excellent front & coat, beautiful silhouette, good tail carriage, excellent front & quarters, moves well, in top condition; 2 Patten & Inett’s Carradine Magic Penny, lovely head & expression, beautiful shape, excellent front, quarters& topline, good coat. Moves well but prefer a different tail carriage; 3 Stephinson’s Twohoots Martha.

LB 1 Bateman & Inett’s Carradine In Love With Any, lovely head & expression, very nice silhouette, good coat, excellent front & quarters, good topline, excellent movement; 2 Dolan’s Castleline Peggy Sue, nice head, good coat, front, quarters& topline, moves well, good tail carriage & length of back; 3 Usher’s Stryvelling polly Flinders.

OB 1 Yates& Johnson’s Pendley Playway, top class female, lovely head, nice eye & expression, excellent coat, topline & quarters, correct tail carriage, excellent front, quarters & movement. CC & BOB; 2 Dolan’s Ch Glenrood Masqerade, top class bitch, very close to my CC winner, in top condition, beautiful head & expression, nice length of back, excellent coat & topline, good front & quarters, moves well. RCC; 3 Waugh & Carlton-Smith’s Ch Tribanon Guardian Angel.