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2014 Reports


Crufts Championship Show

7 March 2014

Judge Shirley Watson (Fieldron)


DCC & BOB; Danielsson’s Fi Uch Se Uch SE V-13 Stubby Sox Ridhir Romantach – Shortlisted In Group!

RDCC; Catto’s Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All

BCC; Felters & Rumens’ Ch Landbuck Xanthe

RBCC; Thomsen’s Nordcairn's I Believe I Can Fly

BPIB; Owen’s Caldwall Call The Shots

DCC & BOB; Danielsson’s Fi Uch Se Uch SE V-13 Stubby Sox Ridhir Romantach

DCC & BOB Danielsson’s Fi Uch Se Uch SE V-13 Stubby Sox Ridhir Romantach – Shirley Watson, BCC Ch Landbuck Xanthe, Alan Felters

BPB & BPIB Caldwall Call The Shots, Iain Shaw, BPD Marina Johansson’‘s Stubby Sox Ballroom Blitz 


DCC Danielsson’s Fi Uch Se Uch SE V-13 Stubby Sox Ridhir Romantach, Shirley Watson, Yvonne Catto, RDCC Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of it All, BPD Marina Johansson’‘s Stubby Sox Ballroom Blitz 

Shirley Watson, BCC Ch Landbuck Xanthe, Alan felters, Iain Shaw, BPB Caldwall Call The Shots, Lotte Thompsen, RBCC Nordcairn's I Believe I Can Fly


Veteran – Dog Entries: 6 Abs: 1

1st Ch Devil In Disguise (Mrs C Grainger)

2nd Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle (Mrs J Smith)

3rd Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon (Mrs E R Parkin)

Res Vale Of Atholl's At Long Last (Mr R Goud)

Vhc Ch/Int/Fr/Lux/Sp/Gib/Mon Ch Uniquecottage Gee Vor (Courant)


Special Puppy –Dog  8, Abs: 0

1st Stubby Sox Ballroom Blitz  (Mrs M J Marina Johansson)

2nd Cornton Dark Corrie (Miss H M P Miller)

3rd Doonrae Monbeg Dude ( Miss T Steele)

Res Milindack Master Class (Mrs L Brennan)

Vhc Glenrood Trojan Prince (Mrs J Paige)


Special Junior –Dog  7 Abs: 0

1st Carradine Dexter (Miss D & Mrs L Inett & Engebretsen)

2nd Stirlingview Superhero (Mr Currie)

3rd Carradine My Mate Matthew (Mrs E R Parkin)

Res Kedvaiy Hogmanay (Mrs J P Poile)

Vhc Cloverbrook I Mean Business At Milindack (Mrs L Brennan)


Yearling – Dog  Entries: 4 Abs: 0

1st Tycadno I Spy (Mr G Thomas)

2nd Honeyhall Headboy (Mrs E B & Mr I L B Shaw)

3rd Svendalens Snow Knight (Mrs A M Waites)

Res Cherrycrack Ludo At Trekhilli Jw (Mrs G Day)


Post Graduate –Dog Entries: 7 Abs: 1

1st Dandi Boy Spud ( Bateman & Sach)

2nd Tribannon War Dance (Mrs A Waugh)

3rd Lindcoly Sword In The Stone (Miss A J Saich)

Res Cloverbrook Special Effect (Miss H Pearson)

Vhc Kedvaiy Locamotion (Mr T & Mrs G Morley)


Limit – Dog Entries: 11 Abs: 0

1st Hummer De La Terrardiere (Mrs S Rouillon)

2nd Lujw, Devdh/Kft Jch Cairnsters Fair Play Jw

[Atc Aq01470dnk] (Miss Jarvinen)

3rd Tribuns Earl Grey (Soderwall & Dufwa)

Res Uniquecottage Jumbuck (Parkertucker)

Vhc Stirlingview Stunning (Mr Currie)


Open – Dog Entries: 14 Abs: 1

1st Fi Uch Se Uch Se V-13 Stubby Sox Ridhir Romantach  (Danielsson)

2nd Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All (Miss Y Catto)

3rd Dk/Fi/Se/Nor/No/Int Ch Nordcairn's Back For Good (Thomsen)

Res Ch Limecastle's Otello (P Le Guyader)

Vhc Int Ch Soulkeeper Bukingham  (Mr A Lazarev)


Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Dog : 4 Abs: 0

1st Seveek Who Dares Wins Shcm (Keeves & Bennett)

2nd Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon (Parkin)

3rd Kedvaiy Locamotion (Mr T & Mrs G Morley)

Res Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon Shcm (Lamb & Saltmarsh)

Veteran – Bitch Entries: 5 Abs: 2

1st Ch Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica Jw Shcm (Clarke)

2nd Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine (King, Leighton, Inett )

3rd Roachdee Sweet Dreams (Ms P Melia)


Special Puppy – Bitch  10 Abs: 0

1st Brenndarcy Tommelise (Shannon & Storr)

2nd Glenrood Magic Spell (Mrs S E Dolan)

3rd Tribannon On Tiptoes (Mrs A Waugh)

Res Anjofra Mad About Me (Confue)

Vhc Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl (Mrs A L Mcgrath)


Special Junior – Bitch  11 Abs: 1

1st Stirlingview Peggy Sue (Miss L Alexander)

2nd Cloverbrook Creating Waves (Mrs S Braybrook)

3rd Caldwall Call The Shots (Mr Pj & Mrs J Owen)

Res Cloverbrook Touch Of Class At Crowneast (Tutchings)

Vhc Carradine Secret Snowdrop (Inett, Clayton & Harrison)


Yearling – Bitch  11.2a

1st Carradine Lady Lola (Miss D Inett)

2nd Cloverbrook Wot A Surprise (Mr G Randall)

3rd Teddeana Diamond Jubilee (Ms G Hacker)

Res Sybster Sanderoma (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

Vhc Littleacorn Aliye (Mrs C & Mr R Hewitt)


Post Graduate Bitch Entries: 12 Abs: 2

1st Vale Of Atholls Bessie Mcintyre  (Mr R Goud)

2nd Tweslam Thistle Be Magic (Mr & Mrs A Osborn)

3rd Carradine Minnies Magic (Ms P Melia)

Res Carradine Time To Shine ( Inett, Clayton & Harrison)

Vhc Maximal Dancing On The Moon (Mrs M Bennett)


Limit – Bitch Entries: 14 Abs: 1

1st Seveek Living The Dream Jw Shcm (Keeves)

2nd Vanajam Its Cold Out Side (Mrs G A Ward)

3rd Lentrica Sweet Sensation (Clarke)

Res Guess De Ch'timi Cairn And Co [(Mrs S Rouillon)

Vhc Carradine In Love With Amy (Bateman & Inett)


Open – Bitch Entries: 8 Abs: 2

1st Ch Landbuck Xanthe (Felters & Rumens)

2nd Nordcairn's I Belive I Can Fly (Mrs L & Mr S Thomsen)

3rd Dk Ch Cairnsters Dallas (Miss Jarvinen)

Res Ch Glenrood Masqerade (Mrs S E Dolan)

Vhc It Ch Legend Of Crudy Phenomena  (Lorenza Peruggini)


Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Bitch Entries: 5 Abs: 1

1st Seveek Living The Dream Jw Shcm (Keeves)

2nd Carradine Minnie The Moocha (Ballinger)

3rd Little Miss Tonka (Mrs V L Byrne)

Res Seveek I Dreamed A Dream (Mrs J Keeves)



























A Hug

Another Hug


 The Ringside




Cairn Terriers

My thanks to Crufts for the appointment to judge at this prestigious show & the exhibitors for a quality entry especially from the Continent. Thanks also to my stewards who did a sterling job.

On a general note, temperaments were fine. There were some poor mouths with not so straight teeth & very small teeth. Movement left a lot to be desired especially from the rear. Heads in most had the desired stop & correct placed ears.

We have some good young stock coming through so it bodes well for the future.

VD (6,1a) 1 Grainger’s Ch Devil In Disguise, red of 9 years, in excellent condition for age, nice topline, in good coat, still has good dentition, thoroughly enjoyed his day, moved well in front;

2 Smith’s Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle, nice head on this 7 years d/b, excellent coat, nice reach of neck, showed well;

3 Parkin’s Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon, 7 years of age, has a pleasing head, in good coat & condition.


PD (8) 1 Johansson’s Stubby Sox Ballroom Blitz, r/b quality youngster, liked him a lot. Lovely head & eye, level back & good bend of stifle, moved & showed well. BPD;

2 Miller’s Cornton Dark Corrie, d/b, pleasing outline, nice head, good front & reach of neck, bend of stifle, showed & moved well;

3 Steele’s Doonrae Monbeg Dude, r/b, nice head & forechest & topline. Pleasing youngster who moved & showed well.


JD (7) 1 Inett & Engebretsen’s Carradine Dexter, lovely r/b who has plenty of substance, lovely head, reach of neck into good shoulders, nice spring of rib, bend of stifle, tailset correct, excellent showmanship;

2 Currie’s Stirlingview Superhero, wheaten with a lovely head & ears, nice shoulders, topline & tailset, nice spring of rib, medium in back, moved & showed very well. One for the future. Close up to 1;

3 Parkin’s Carradine My Mate Matthew, good head, topline, correct set on, showed & moved OK.


YD (4) 1 Thomas’ Tycadno I Spy, quality youngster, full of verve. Thought it was playtime but he has a lovely head & eye, dark pigmentation round eyes. He is still maturing but one for the future;

2 Shaw’s Honeyhall Headboy, very good head & eye, good stop, nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders, nice legs & feet, excellent presentation, moved & showed well;

3 Waites’ Svendalens Snow Knight, lots to like about this youngster who has a good head& stop, reach of neck, spring of rib, moved & showed well.


PGD (7,1)

1 Bateman & Sach’s Dandi Boy Spud, very nice dog with a masculine head which was well furnished & had a good mouth. Good front, legs & feet, nice spring of rib, good jacket. Would like a bit more leg but he moved & showed very well;

2 Waugh’s Tribannon War Dance, wheaten with a nice head & eye, good mouth. Was a little wayward today & is a shade long in back. Needs to tighten in rear movement;

3 Saich’s Lindcoly Sword In The Stone, pleasing type but not the head& coat of 1 & 2 but moved & showed OK.


LD (11)

1 Rouillon’s Hummer De La Terrardiere, quality dark b, lovely head & eye, good mouth, lovely legs & feet, very good coat. Could possibly be longer in back but moved & showed well fore & aft;

2 Jarvinen’s Cairnsters Fair Play, wheaten with a lovely expressive head & eye with dark pigmentation round the eyes. Nice reach of neck into good lay of shoulder, medium in back, close decision to 1;

3 Soderwall & Dufwa’s Tribuns Earl Grey, another quality d/b, lovely reach of neck & upper arm giving correct forechest. Good bend of stifle, showed well.


OD (14,1) A class of quality dogs.

1 Danielsson’s Fin/Sw Ch Stubby Sox Ridhir Romantach, beautiful red with a lovely head carriage, set on, good neck & shoulders, medium back length, lovely forechest, excellent legs & feet & tailset, very good quarters. Excellent movement fore & aft, showed as though he owned the ring. Shortlisted in the group. CC & BOB;

2 Catto’s Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All, quality red/b, beautiful head with well placed ears, good dark eye with the desired dark rims giving good expression, well balanced dog with spring of rib, good tailset, nice rear angulation, excellent double coat. Moved & showed well. RCC;

3 Thomsen’s Dan/Fin/Sw/Nor/No/Int Ch Nordcairn’s Back For Good, quality d/b, lovely head, eye & ears, nice reach of neck into good lay of shoulder, nice bone giving good legs & feet, nice tailset, moved& showed well.


GCD (4)

1 Keeves& Bennett’s Seveek Who Dares Wins, dark red/b, nice reach of neck, level topline, showed & moved OK;

2 R Mystery Of The Full Moon;

3 Morley’s Kedvaiy Locamotion, d/b, pleasing head, topline OK, good bend of stifle, showed OK.


VB (5,2)

1 Clarke’s Ch Conundrum Sweeter For Me for Lentrica, lovely feminine d/b of 8 years, lovely head & eye, good mouth, nice neck & shoulders, legs & feet, well presented, moved & showed well;

2 King, Leighton, Inett & Harrison’s Curtisey Foreign Account with Carradine, dark/b, nicely balanced with a good head, medium in back, showed well. 7 years of age;

3 Melia’s Roachdee Sweet Dreams, r/b, pleasing head, nicely balanced, 7 years, good front, moved & showed OK.


PB (10)

1 Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Tommelise, promising youngster of 9 months, pretty head, good mouth, nice legs & feet, full of character, moved & showed well;

2 Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Spell, d/b of 9 months, bigger than 1. Shows promise, has nice reach of neck & good forechest, bend of stifle, moved & showed well;

3 Waugh’s Tribannon On Tiptoes, 9 months, well grown, nice head & expression, good mouth, moved well.


JB (11,1)

1 Alexander’s Stirlingview Peggy Sue, r/b, well bodied for age. Would like a bit more feminine but that did not detract from her overall quality. Well bent stifle, good backline & tailset, good coat, very good movement & showed well;

2 Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Creating Waves, very nice head, stop & eye on this wheaten/b, head had desired dark points giving good expression. Good legs & feet, moved & showed well;

3 Owen’s Caldwall Call The Shots, not as forward as 1 & 2 due to age. With maturity will be very nice. Good head, legs & feet, showed & moved well. BP.


YB (11,2)

1 Inett’s Carradine Lady Lola, very attractive, lovely head, neck & shoulder, level topline & tailset, good legs & feet, well developed in body, moved well, good showgirl;

2 Randall’s Cloverbrook Wot A Surprise, feminine head & expression, good reach of neck into good shoulder, medium in back length. Not the substance of 1. Good showgirl, moved OK;

3 Hacker’s Teddeana Diamond Jubilee, pleasing wheaten, nice head & eye, good bend of stifle, good coat, showed OK.


PGB (12,2)

1 Goud’s Vale Of Atholls Bessie McIntyre, wheaten with a good proportioned head & stop, good mouth. A bit more substance than 2. Good topline & tailset, good rear quarters, moved & showed well;

2 Osborn’s Tweslam Thistle Be Magic, r/b, good head & mouth, nice neck & shoulders & topline, nice rear quarters, good coat, moved & showed OK;

3 Melia’s Carradine Minnies Magic, pleasing w/b, good head & mouth, good spring of rib, nice length to back, moved well.


LB (14,1) Lovely class of bitches.

1 Keeves’ Seveek Living The Dream, red with good reach of neck into good lay of shoulder, good front & forechest, well let down behind. Liked her. One for the future. Moved & showed well;

2 Ward’s Vanajam Its Cold Outside, quality wheaten, lovely head, well carried on nice reach of neck, good coat, legs feet, moved very well;

3 Clarke’s Lentrica Sweet Sensation, quality wheaten/b, lovely head & expression, good lay of shoulder, nice forechest, in good coat & condition, moved & showed well. Close decision to 2.


OB (8,2)

1 Felters & Rumens’ Ch Landbuck Xanthe, wheaten, quality feminine bitch, lovely head & eye, nice ear, carriage correct, medium back which was level, straight front, nice feet, in good jacket, loved her charismatic appeal, moved & showed very well. CC;

2 Thomsen’s Nordcairn’s I Belive I Can Fly, full of quality d/b, loved her head carriage on good reach of neck, excellent front & forechest, good hindquarters, correct double coat which was well presented, good in body, moved& showed very well. RCC;

3 Jarvinen’s Dan Ch Cairnsters Dallas, another quality d/b I have judged before. Lovely head & eye, reach of neck into good lay of shoulder, looked well in profile & showed well.


GCB (5,1)

1 S Living The Dream;

2 Ballinger’s Carradine Minnie The Moocha, d/b, sound moving bitch, good head, nicely balanced, in good coat, good quarters, moved & showed well;

3 Byrne’s Little Miss Tonka, red bitch, good topline, well bodied, in good coat, nice bend of stifle, showed well.