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2014 Reports


Southern Cairn Terrier Club Centenary Championship Show

3 May 2014



Judged By

Dogs - Jim Pollock (Stanedykes)

Bitches – Chris Roberts (Cannwood)

Referee – Jean Hudson


DCC & BIS Catto’s Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All

RDCC & RBIS Thomas’ Tycadno I Spy

BCC & BOS Pett’s Doonrae Lexicon Of Love

RBCC Felters & Rumens’ Ch Landbuck Xanthe

BPIS Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Tommelise

Best Vet Braybrooks Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice

Breeders Braybrook

DCC & BIS Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All, Yvonne Catto, Bitch Judge Chris Roberts, Referee Jean Hudson,

Dog Judge Jim Pollock, Geoff Thomas, RDCC & RBIS Tycadno I Spy


The Judges, Julie Petts and BCC & BOS  Doonrae Lexicon Of Love

The Judges, Brenda Shannon and BPIS Brenndarcy Tommelise


The Judges, Sue Braybrook and Best Veteran Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice

Minor puppy dog. 4. 1 absent.

1st Catto’s Nordcairn Once Upon A time At Birselaw.

2nd Peers’s  Tweedisle Relight My Fire.


Puppy.dog  2

1st Miller’s Cornton Dark Corrie

2nd Parker-Tucker’s  Uniquecottage Winsford.


Junior dog. 5 1 absent.

1st Percy’s Winetta Sir Ivor. 

2nd Poile’s Kedvaiy Hogmanay,

3rd Paige’s, Glenrood Trojan Prince.

 Res.Newton’s Marie’s Magic Moonraker At Strathinver.


Maiden dog1

1st Uniquecottage Winsford


 Novice dog 3

 1st Drew’s Tycadno Thriller At L’Artiste.

 2nd Saiche’s  Lindcoly Outta The Blue

3rd  Brennan's Cloverbrook I Mean Business At Milindack.


Undergraduate dog, 2, 1 absent,

1st Inett & Engbretsen’s Carradine Dexter


Special Beginners dog, (1)

1st Morley’s, Kedvaiy Locamotion,.


Graduate dog (5)

1st Pearson’s Cloverbrook Special Effect,  

2nd Day’s Cherrycrack Ludo At Trekhilli

3rd Newtons Marie’s Magic Moonraker With Strathinver.

Res.Saiche’s I Believe I Can Fly.

Vhc.Goldfinch's  Malmay Calling Time At Kanawha      



Post Grad,dog   4

1st Shaws Honey Hall Headboy. 

2nd Miller’s Cornton Coulter 

3rd Saich’s Lindcoly Dark Knight.

Res. Kedvaiy Locamotion



Limit. Dog 8

 1st Thomas’s Tycadno I spy.

 2nd Waites’s Svendalens Snow Knight. 

3rd Lamb& Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There And

Back Again Under Macmoon.

Res. Brennan’s  Milindack What News Watson.



Open.dog 9, 2 absent.

 1st Ch. Birselaw The Thrill Of It All.

2nd  Percy’s Winetta Stand And Deliver

3rd Bateman& Gompel’s Carradine Terries Tipple.

 Res. Lindborg & Norstrand  Sw. Ch.  Rasken’s Real Camaro.

 Vhc. Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable Of Mackmoon.


Vet. Dog or Bitch, 7-9 years.


1st Ch. Devil In Disguise

2nd Ch. Raskens Romping Playboy

3rd Ch. Corrrenie crazy For You


Vet. Dog Or bitch,  10 Years and Over.


1st Ch. Cloverbrook Loaded dice.

2nd Ch.Glenrood Magic Solitaire.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1.         Robinson's Cruzo Capriole

2.         Osborn's Tweslam Whispered Spell

3.         Firth's Cairngold Cliquot

Res.    ?

VHC.   Firth's Cairngold Clara


Puppy Bitch

1.         Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Tommelise

2.         Confue's Anjofra Mad About Me

3.         Lindborg & Nordstrand's Rasken's Respect and Fun

Res.    Peers' Tweedisle Carefree

VHC    ?


Junior Bitch

1.         Marshall & Gavaghan's Doonrae Million Dollar Baby

2.         Alexander's Stirlingview Peggy Sue

3.         Inett, Clayton & Harrison's Carradine Secret Snowdrop

Res.    Owen's Caldwall Call The Shots

VHC.   Saich's Lindcoly Ice Ice Baby


Maiden Bitch

1.         Owen's Caldwall Carefree


Novice Bitch

1.         Dolan's Glenrood Magic Spell

2.         Petts' Doonrae Norma Jean


Undergraduate Bitch

1.         Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal

2.         Braybrook's Cloverbrook Copyright

3.         Kinchin's Carradine Ruby Tuesday at Pennidazzle

Res.    Laker's Wizoz Miss Backchat


Special Beginners Bitch

1.         McIntyre's Glenchess Chloe

2.         Waites' Seveek Snow Angel with Svendalens

3.         Laker's Wizoz Miss Backchat


Graduate Bitch

1.         Smee's Malmay Sunshine Sally

2.         Hewitt's Littleacorn Aliye

3.         Confue's Anjofra Mymble

Res.    Inett's Carradine Lady Lola

VHC    Melly's Cherrycrack Snowdrop


Post Graduate Bitch

1.         Bennett's Maximal Dancing on the Moon

2.         Warburton's Elmcairn Rosanna

3.         Hawkins' Mazlar Once Upon A Dream

Res.    Newton's Brenndarcy Golden Girl

VHC.   ?


Limit Bitch

1.         Petts' Doonrae Lexicon of Love

2.         Lindborg & Nordstrand's Rasken's Running Merlene Ottey

3.         Bateman & Inett's Carradine In Love with Amy

Res.    Yates & Johnson's Pendley Hester

VHC    Osborn's Tweslam Thistle Be Magic


Open Bitch

1.         Felters & Rumens' Ch Landbuck Xanthe  

2.         Lindborg & Nordstrand's Rasken's Miss Melbourne

3.         Hewitt's Littleacorn Stay in Touch

Res.    Ward's Vanajam It's Cold Outside

VHC    Dolan's Castleline Peggy Sue        



 Apologies for incomplete results – My Marked Catalogue has disappeared!












SVD/B 7-0

SVDB 10+
















Ladies on he gate


The Raffle

Silent Auction

Trophy Table

Club Stall

Photos by Alan Firth


GP Out-Take 

Then along came Jean

Listen you two –leave it to me


Critique for the Dogs by Jim Pollock


To be invited to judge a club show is an honour, an invitation to judge a centenary show has to be extra special. My thanks to the committee and members for their  invitation. What could be a better  way to  sign off my judging career. 


A highlight of the weekend was the dinner on Saturday night. Members of the committee worked hard to make everyone feel very welcome. The speeches were confined to Mrs.Somerfield who proposed the toast to the club, and the chairman of the kennel club professor steve dean who was both humorous and informative. Matts  Lindborg  said  a few nicely chosen words on behalf of the swedish club which were much appreciated.


Special thanks to my stewards, Jennie Fairwether and Sharon Confue who helped enormously, especially when the referee was called for. When my fellow judge, Mrs. Roberts and I disagreed, we did so in a constructive manner and accepted Miss Hudson’s decisions with good grace.


I make no apologies for being a head purist. For me the head is the mark of the breed. Lose the head and we lose breed “type.”  What are you left with? A dog who may be a very nice terrier, but a Cairn terrier?, i think not. I looked for a Cairn with a good head, a not excessive  neck that runs into well placed sloping shoulders and the hard to define, balance. Added to that i wanted “type”.


One or two mouths were less than perfect but nothing drastic.  One or two  exhibits had  lighter eyes  and one or two rounder eyes than i would like. I found it disappointing that there were so few dog pups. I know some people find it difficult to keep a dog, but if there is a good dog in the litter that you don’t want, try to find someone who will show him. The breed needs good stud dogs.


Before the show i had been told that dogs were improving in quality and beginning to draw equal with bitches. Certainly i was pleased with the final line up. At the least there were four or five dogs in the entry i would have been happy to award a c.c.


Dog  CC. and B.I.S.  Catto’s Ch.  Birselaw The Thrill Of It All:  Outstanding dog who commands attention.  Excellent head that screams breed type. Eyes, ears and mouth all as they should be. A neck that is just right, neither to long or to short, does not drop straight down on to his shoulders but runs into correct well placed shoulders. Deep, well sprung ribs. Level back, muscle tone just right, good but not excessive turn of stifle. By no means light boned. In excellent coat and condition. Standing, he responds so well for his handler that he can  “shorten” himself. On the move and viewed from the side it is clear that he is well balanced  with correct length of back. Moves o.k. and strides round the ring as if he owns it.


R.C.C. and R. B.I.S.. Thomas’s Tycadno  I Spy:  Most attractive cream dog who is beginning to make a name for himself. Lovely head and expression, correct eye, small ears, good stop and correct mouth. Good neck running into sloping shoulders. Correct front assembly, good rib and level top line. Muscle tone as it should be. Plenty behind his tail giving him good bend of stifle. In excellent coat.  Very good outline so well balanced. Can play his handler up a little but moves well when he settles. Eye catching dog who is still maturing. Has yet to come to his very best.


Minor puppy. 4. 1 absent.


         Catto’s Nordcairn Once Upon A time At Birselaw. Six and a half months promising baby. Very sure of himself. Head still developing but has correct eye, small ears and mouth all o.k.. In very good coat and condition. Already developing a rapport with his handler. Be interesting to see how he comes on.


            Peers’s  Tweedisle Relight My Fire. Light red puppy, handles well on the table. Pleasing head, enough neck, well bodied and in good coat. my notes say “still maturing”. Not co-operating all that well with his handler today. lost his top line a little on the move. Shows himself to advantage when he pulls himself together. Might be better in a bigger class with more dogs to spark him off.


Puppy.  2

First, and best puppy dog.

              Miller’s Cornton Dark Corrie.  Dark brindle, Mature pup, nice head and expression, enough neck, correct shoulders, good rib, and well bodied. Level top line retained on the move. front action could be better but has time on his side.



             Parker-Tucker’s  Uniquecottage Winsford. liked this puppy a lot. Handled very well on the table. Head has all the makings, eye, small ears, mouth. all as they should be.  Excellent coat and condition, good spring of rib, enough behind his tail, good bend of stifle. Unfortunately he decided he would prefer to be elsewhere and didn’t see the point in walking round the ring. When he gets his act together we will hear more from him.


Junior. 5 1 absent.


        Percy’s Winetta Sir Ivor. Light brindle with a lot to like. typical head, good neck, good shoulders and front assembly as it should be. Good spring of rib and level top line with correct tail set. Good bend of stifle giving him drive. Well presented and moved ok. Was not disgraced in the final line up and will watch his future with interest.



            Poile’s Kedvaiy Hogmanay, Brindle, similar to first in some ways, nice head, neck shoulders and body all ok. handles well on the table, in decent jacket, moved ok. Just thought first looked just that little bit better on the day.


Third,- Paige’s, Glenrood Trojan Prince.


Res.   Newton’s Marie’s Magic Moonraker At Strathinver.


Maiden 1


          Uniquecottage Winsford


 Novice  3


          Drew’s Tycadno Thriller At L’Artiste, Wheaten,  good head,  dark eye. Handles well on the table. In profuse coat that could probably be taken down a little to his advantage, might help his top line, same with his weight. moved ok.



            Saiche’s  Lindcoly Outta  The Blue, dark brindle with good harsh coat, decent head with dark eye.Well bodied, level top, good tail carriage, moved ok. more assertive than,


 Third, Brennan's Cloverbrook I Mean Business At Milindack.


Undergraduate,  2 , 1 absent,


         Inett & Engbretsen’s Carradine Dexter, Dark brindle, typical head, with decent stop,  dark eye, good harsh coat ,enough neck, decent shoulders, well bodied with good spring of rib. Level top line. Not a big dog but balanced. Moved ok. 


Special Beginners, (1)


         Morley’s,   Kedvaiy Locamotion, dark brindle shown in good coat and condition, pleasing head, ok for neck and shoulders, well bodied and in good condition moved ok.


 Graduate, (5)



          Pearson’s Cloverbrook Special Effect,  dark brindle with decent head, enough neck, ok for shoulder placement, ok for spring of rib, coat ok and good bend of stifle. Moved ok.



             Day’s Cherrycrack Ludo At Trekhilli, grey brindle with lots to like. Nice head, good neck and shoulders, enough spring of rib. Plenty behind his tail giving good bend of stifle. A bit wayward in front action today.


Third, - Newtons Marie’s Magic Moonraker With Strathinver.



Post Grad,  4


First, Shaws Honey Hall Headboy. Light grey with lots to like, good head with good dark eye, small ears. correct stop. enough neck running into well placed shoulders. Handles well on the table, well bodied. moves ok when he stops tugging at the lead. Another I gave more than a second look in the challenge.


Second, Miller’s Cornton Coulter. Bigger made all round, Good head in all departments. Just enough neck. Good spring of rib. In good coat. Could lose a little weight to his advantage. Movement not as positive as first.


Third, Saich’s Lindcoly Dark Knight.



Limit. 8

            First, Thomas’s Tycadno I spy.



             Waites’s Svendalens Snow Knight. Wheaten with lots to like. Liked his head. correct neck running into well placed shoulders. Well bodied with good spring of rib. Good coat, good bend of stifle. My notes say,” not as sure of himself on the move”. Nice dog who catches the eye.


Third    Lamb& Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon.



Open. 9, 2 absent.


 First, Ch. Birselaw The Thrill Of It All.



             Percy’s Winetta Stand And Deliver. Very typical dark brindle. All male with good head. Level back with good rib cage, Handles really well on the table. Well balanced and in very good coat and condition. If C.C.s were awarded on movement this dog would already be made up. Don’t think there was a better moving dog on show. Liked him a lot and he is always going to be in contention.


Third, Bateman& Gompel’s Carradine Terries Tipple.



Vets.   Dog or bitch, 7-9 years.  



          Grainger’s Ch. Devil In Disguise.  Lovely red  boy in full coat and bloom.  Lovely head and still got a good outline. One look tells you this a Ch. dog.



                 Thomas’ Ch. Raskens Romping Playboy, old favourite of mine. Grey, still with correct coat. Carrying to much weight today.



                  Weinberger’s Ch. Correnie Crazy for you. Another quality bitch enjoying one more day in the limelight.



Vets.  Dog or bitch 10 years or over..  


First,  and best vet,

                                Braybrook’s Ch. Cloverbrook Loaded Dice, another old favourite. An old gentleman now in his 13th. year, but still enjoying his day out. Head, top line, all still good.



                 Dollan’s  Ch. Glenrood Magic Solitaire, Over 11, coat still good, Looking at her handler as if to say, i’ve seen all this before  Didn’t stop her remembering what it is all about


 What impressed me with all the veterans is that in their day they had all been top  cairns and it still showed. As each came into the ring, a glance told me we had quality here.


 Jim Pollock

Critique for the Bitches By Chris Roberts


Wow!!! What a weekend.  It was truly an honour and a privilege to be invited to judge the S.C.T.C. Centenary Show.  I had been looking forward to this weekend combined with the Joint C.T.C. Championship show being judged the following day for quite a while, and I must admit that certainly the events on the Saturday and the Saturday evening exceeded my expectations.  It was evident from the attention paid to detail in organising the weekend that the S.C.T.C. had put in some very long hours and a lot of hard work, so thank you on behalf of everyone who was able to attend.


I shared the judging on Saturday with Mr Jim Pollock who presided over the dogs.  Best laid plans were scuppered, when our referee couldn’t be found when it was time to open the proceedings, so judging was delayed for a short while, however the ‘show went on’ as they say and our referee Mrs Jean Hudson was discovered in the hotel reception waiting to be collected.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my stewards Sharon Confue and Jenny Fairweather for keeping me on track throughout the afternoon.


It’s so easy to be negative with the quality of our breed at the moment, but we must remember that we don’t have the big kennels with their depth of quality and type that we had 10 years or so ago, therefore we have to work with what we have.


I was pleasantly surprised in the quality of some of the bitch classes, as I had thought that the quality of dogs at previous shows had been surpassing the bitches. However I was disappointed in the lack of consistency of this quality.  In some classes I found that either the exhibits were ‘shelly’, slab sided and with little substance or to the other extreme, overweight, and cloddy.  Round eyes and lack of stop are also a problem.  I found two ‘not so good’ mouths, and as a matter of interest I also paid particular attention to feet and claws and found that a number of exhibits had smooth soft pads and a handful had long claws. The latter two conditions can be rectified by the correct exercise and cutting/filing the claws. The other problems will be much more difficult to put right.


My bitch C.C. winner Doonrae Lexicon of Love, excelled in her free flowing movement and appeared to cover the ground effortlessly, which came from her excellent front construction and strong, well muscled hind quarters. She has the best of mouths, good stop, correct eye and ear placement, very good quality coat.

My res bitch C.C. Ch. Landbuck Xanthe needs no introduction as she really is full of quality and type, however she really played her handler up today and spoilt her chances.


I did have to concede on the day to the referee’s decision of the dog being best in show….In any case I couldn’t possibly have let Jim have his own way without putting up a bit of a fight!!!!!


Minor Puppy Bitch  (10, 1)

1st        Robinson’s, Cruzo Capriole. Just 6 months old, wheaten brindle with dark points. Very feminine head and expression. Very much a baby, but was full of confidence, ideal length of neck and lay back of shoulders.  Level topline, good tailset, showed and moved well for one so young.

2nd       Osborn’s, Tweslam Whispered Spell. 7 month old wheaten. Good head, correct eyes, neat ears. Level topline good tailset, covered the ground well.

3rd       Firth’s Cairngold Cliquot.


Puppy  Bitch (6, 2)

1st        Shannon & Storr’s Brendarcy Tommelise. 11 month old red brindle with dark points, in profuse coat.  Loved her head and very feminine expression, good mouth, eye and stop, correct ear carriage. Good topline and tailset, good conformation, liked her overall appearance. Moved and showed well. Best Puppy.

2nd       Confue’s Anjofra Mad About Me. 10 month old grey brindle. Another lovely feminine head and expression with everything in the right place. Coat just coming in, not as positive in movement as 1.

3rd       Lindborg & Nordstrand’s Rasken’s Respect and Fun.


Junior Bitch (10, 1)

1st        Marshall & Gavaghan’s Doonrae Million Dollar Baby, wheaten brindle with lovely dark ears and muzzle.  She took my eye as she came into the ring and didn’t disappoint on the table. Best of heads and expression, good length of neck, excellent front assembly, good top line which she kept on the move, good strong quarters which propelled her around the ring effortlessly. Still a bit raw at the moment, but her time will come.

2nd       Alexander’s Stirlingview Peggy Sue, Red brindle well presented in excellent coat. A little heavier set than 1 and not as feminine a head.  She lost her topline as she moved across my eye line on occasions, but excellent show girl.

3rd       Inett, Clay & Harrison’s Carradine Secret Snowdrop


Maiden Bitch (1)

1st        Owen’s Caldwall Carefree, Wheaten brindle, whose just growing a new coat.  Very feminine head and expression, best of mouths. Would like a bit more of her, but she has time on her side. Moved well when settled.


Novice Bitch  (3,1)

1st        Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Spell, well presented grey brindle in best of coats. Very feminine head and expression, good mouth, nice length of neck, good top line and tailset. Liked her overall appearance, showed well.

2nd       Petts Doonrae Norma Jean, wheaten brindle with dark points, nice head, feminine expression.  Movement was a bit wayward both front and aft and was proud of her tail today.


Undergraduate Bitch (4)

1st        Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Dizee Rascal, Lovely condition Red with dark points in profuse coat. Best of feminine heads and expression. Excelled in front with a lovely length of neck flowing into well angulated shoulders. Correct shaped rib cage, with a deep brisket. Level topline, which she kept on the move, good tailset.  Moved well when settled. One to watch for the future.

2nd       Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Copyright, Very feminine grey brindle in good coat and well presented.  Lovely head and expression, good mouth, eye and ear placement, well defined stop. Level topline, good depth of brisket.  Not as positive in movement as 1.  Showed well.

3rd       Kinchin’s Carradine Ruby Tuesday at Pennidazzle.


Special Beginners Bitch (3)

1st        McIntyre’s Glenchess Chloe Dark brindle with a good harsh coat. Lovely head and feminine expression, level topline, steady mover, showed well.

2nd       Waite’s Seveek Snow Angel with Svendalens, wheaten brindle, in profuse coat. Feminine head and expression, steady mover but wasn’t enamoured with her show career today.

3rd       Laker’s Wizoz Miss Backchat


Graduate Bitch (6, 1)

1st        Smee’s Malmay Sunshine Sally, Dark brindle, well presented in good coat.  Lovely outline and balance, but for me, to complete the picture I would like more of her. Best of movers, very attentive to her handler, showed well.

2nd       Hewitt’s Littleacorn Aliye, Grey brindle, not a lot to choose between these two, as the comments for 1 apply to this one, however I felt that today this one was not as positive in movement as 1.

3rd       Confue’s Anjofra Mymble


Post Graduate Bitch (7, 3)

1st        Bennett’s Maximal Dancing on the Moon, grey brindle, with a very feminine head and expression. Good topline and tailset, could do with losing a little weight. Moved ok.

2nd       Warburton’s Elmcairn Rosanna, wheaten brindle, nice type, feminine head, good topline and tailset.  Tended to have a rolling action today when moving.

3rd       Hawkins Mazlar Once Upon a Dream


Limit Bitch (8, 1) For depth of quality this was the best class of the day.

1st        Pett’s Doonrae Lexicon of Love

2nd       Lindborg & Nordsrand’s  Rasken’s Running Merlene Ottey, wheaten brindle. Best of heads, good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Level topline and good tailset. She’s been doing a bit of D.I.Y. trimming at the base of her tail and rear leg, which spoilt the picture. Preferred the movement of 1, but another day??

3rd       Bateman & Inett’s Carradine in Love with Amy


Open Bitch (10, 2)

1st        Felter’s & Rumen’s Ch. Landbuck Xante

2nd       Lindborg & Nordstran’s Raskens Rich Miss Melbourne wheaten brindle, another quality bitch from this kennel. Very feminine head and expression.  Well presented in good coat. Nice outline, good topline and tailset, moved well.

3rd       Hewitt’s Littleacorn Stay in Touch.


Chris Roberts(Mrs)