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North Of Ireland Championship Show

Judge Bill Cammish

26September 2015

DCC, BOS & RBIS ; Catto's Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All

RDCC; Anderson's Birselaw Never Say Never At Kerrykeel.

BCC & BOB ; Owen's Caldwall Call The Shots*
RBCC; Hughes & Hooton’s Gyncairn Believe In Magic

Best Puppy Catto's Birselaw Stay With Me


BIS Owen's Caldwall Call the Shots

BPIS Birselaw Stay With me

BIS Owen's Caldwall Call the Shots - , BOS & RBIS ; Catto's Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All

Best Irish Owned

Alexander's Ch Ir Ch Stirlinview Peggy Sue

DCC Catto's Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All

RDCC; Anderson's Birselaw Never Say Never At Kerrykeel

Owen's Caldwall Call The Shots*

RBCC; Hughes & Hooton’s Gyncairn Believe In Magic


Puppy Dog
1st Catto’s Birselaw Stay With Me
2nd Smith’s Rocasovale Danish Delight

Junior Dog
1st Alexander’s Cloverbrook Crack The Code
2nd Smith’s Rocasovale Distant Drums

Graduate Dog 
1st Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Dark Charmer

Post Graduate Dog
1st Anderson’s Birselaw Never Say Never at Kerrykeel
2nd Miller’s Cornton Dark Corrie

Limit Dog
1st Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There and Back Again under Macmoon
2nd Miller’s Cornton Coulter
3rd Fortune’s Eglish Willies Wee Man with Essdeefff

Open Dog 
1st Catto’s Ch Birselaw the Thrill of It All
2nd Alexander’s Ir Ch Stirlingview Shake The Dice
3rd Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon Sh CM

Special Beginners Dog
1st Fortune’s Eglish Willies Wee Man with Essdeefff

Puppy Bitch
1st Miller’s Cornton Rosemaree

Novice Bitch
1st Keegan’s Mistress Cochran

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Owen’s Caldwall Carefree

Limit Bitch
1st Owen’s Caldwall Call the Shots
2nd Hooton and Hughes’ Gyncairn Believe In Magic

Open Bitch
1st Coates’ Penticharm Starlight
2nd Alexander’s Ch and Ir Ch Stirlingview Peggy Sue

Special Beginners Bitch
1st Keegan’s Mistress Cochran
















Photographs By Tom Callanan


Critique NOICTC 

Always an honour to be invited to judge and even more so when it is a club show. This show was very well run in an excellent

venue with very able stewards.  The only downside was that there were so many absentees which was very disappointing.

Sadly I found quite a few of the exhibits to be over-weight with loaded shoulders which made them appear stuffy. But on the plus side

I found no light eyes and mouths were all good.


PD ( 2 entries)


1. Catto's Birselaw  Stay With Me. Well grown red/br. with a lovely head as one would expect from this kennel.  Good movement and

showmanship.  Very promising.


2. Smith's Rocasovale Danish Delight.  Red/br. with good head and eye. In full coat of the correct texture.  A little less weight would

improve the picture.  Needs to get his act together and then he should go places.


JD (2 entries)


1. Alexander's Cloverbrook Crack The Code.  Cream with dark points.  Good head with nice dark eye.  Nice in outline with level topline.


2.  Smith's Rocasovale Distant Drums.  Same remarks apply as to 2nd in Puppy class.


GD (2 entries) Absent 1


1.  Saltmarsh's Birselaw Dark Charmer.  Red/br. with appealing outline.  Good head.  Sadly he was very thin and short of coat

which I was told was due to medication he was receiving.  Hopefully the medical problem will soon be resolved.


PGD  (2 entries) Absent 1

1. Anderson's Birselaw Never Say Never at Kerrykeel.  Light red/br. Impressive male who took my eye when he entered the ring.  Good masculine head,

neck, shoulders and topline all good.  Moved well front and rear and although his coat could have been a tad better on the day his

overall qualities gained him the RCC.


2.  Miller's Cornton Dark Corrie. Very typey dark/br. with good head with plenty of stop and a nice dark eye. 


LD  (4 entries) Absent 1


1. Saltmarsh's Renshaw There And Back Again At Macmoon.  Red/br. who impressed with lovely outline.  Good legs and feet.  Liked his

head and eye.  Coat just right and movement good front and rear.


2.  Miller's Cornton  Coulter.  Another typey one from this kennel.  Typical head and expression.  Just preferred movement and outline of winner.


3.   Fortune's Eglish Willies Wee Man With Essdeefff.


OD (7 entries) Absent 4


1. Catto's Ch. Birselaw The Thrill Of It All.  Red/br. Well known champion and a very worthy one.  All male with a lovely head, standing well forward

and in beautiful coat and condition. Great showman.  No hesitation in awarding him the CC.  Today he was just moving slightly close behind which cost him BIS.


2.  Alexander's Ir. Ch. Stirlingview Shake The Dice.  .Cream  I judged this one last year and he was my best dog puppy and I am pleased to see he has lived up to

his early promise.  He has a very good outline with dead level back and shows very well.  Unlucky to meet winner.


VD Absent 1


SBD (2 entries) Absent 1


1. Eglish Willies Wee Man With Essdeefdff.  Dark/br. with typical head and dark eye.  Plenty of forechest which is nice to see.  A little less weight and tidying of head furnishings would improve the picture.


MPB Absent 1



PB (3 entries) Absent 2


1.  Miller's Cornton Rosemaree.  Very pretty wh/br.  No mistaking this one's gender.  Loved her head  Should do well when she loses some weight and

concentrates on the task in hand.


JB Absent 1


NB (1 entry)


1.  Keegan's Mistress Cochran.  Dark/br. with a keen handler which is good to see. Not the head I am looking for and could be more animated.


GB Absent 1


PGB (2 entries) Absent 1


1.  Owen's Caldwell Carefree.  Pretty cream.  Nice size. Appealing head and expression.  Coat of correct texture.  A bit wayward on the move which

spoils her chances but a good bitch nonetheless.


LB (3 entries) Absent 1


1.   Owen's Caldwell Call The Shots.  Very lovely cream who was the star of the show.  Femininity personified.  Loved her head and delightful expression.

Liked her size.  Excellent outline.  When settled she moved round the ring effortless and was good both front and rear.  Very well handled.  Perhaps

I would have liked a little more bone but all her other qualities meant I couldn't deny awarding her the CC and BIS. I understand this now makes her up so well done to

her owner.


2.  Hooton and Hughes' Gyncairn Believe In Magic.  Beautiful cream with a gorgeous head and eye.  So well balanced in very good coat.  Very well presented

and handled. I really liked this bitch and when viewing the two for the final analysis had she held a firmer topline it might have been a different story. RCC.


OB (6 entries) Absent 4


1.  Coates' Penticharm Starlight. Very showy red/br. in excellent coat.  Very well balanced.  Another who was very well handled and presented. Dead level topline and very good tail carriage. Not quite the head of RCC winner. Good reach of neck but it didn't flow into her shoulders which spoilt her outline.  I'm sure her day will come.


2.  Alexander's Ch. Ir. Ch. Stirlingview Peggy Sue.  Dark red/br.   Good head with deep stop.  Standing well forward.  Liked this one very much when I judged her last year and am pleased that she has done so well since.  A challenging decision between these two good bitches but I just felt on the day the winner was the more fluent  mover.


SPB (1 entry)


1. Mistress Cochran

Judge Bill Cammish