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Midland Counties Championship Show

27 October 2015

Judge Jenny Fairweather (Ock)


DCC & BOB; Shaw’s Ch Honeyhall Headboy

RDCC; Hughes & Hooton’s  Gyncairn Magical Mystery

BCC; Hughes & Hooton’s Gyncairn Believe In Magic

RBCC; Owen’s   Caldwall Carefree

BP; Ball’s Lentricia Let's Dance At Calamondin


Iain Shaw, DCC & BOB Ch Honeyhall headboy, Jenny Fairweather, BCC Gyncairn Believe In Magic,

Liz Hooton, Monoca Ball BPD & BPIB Lentrica Let's Dance At Calamondin

Iain Shaw, DCC Ch Honeyhall Headboy, Jenny Fairweather,

RDCC Gyncairn  Magical Mystery  Liz Hooton,

BCC  Gyncairn Believe In Magic, Liz Hooton, Jenny Fairweather, Peter Owen,

RBCC Caldwall Carefree, Linda Firth, BPB Lentrica Black Star At Cairngold


Minor Puppy – Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Brenndarcy Aladdin Sane (Shannon & Storr)


Puppy – Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 2

1st Lentricia Let's Dance At Calamondin (Miss M Ball)


Junior – Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st Uniquecottage Silver Askin (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)

2nd Brenndarcy Tinsoldat (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)


Post Graduate – Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Birselaw Dark Charmer (Ms J & Mr B Lamb & Saltmarsh)


Limit – Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 0

1st Gyncairn Magical Mystery (Hughes & Hooton)

2nd Brenndarcy Lord Marmaduke Avec Strathgarten

(Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)

3rd Mighty Rearranger With Mosspur (Mrs D E Purvis)

Res Carradine My Mate Matthew (Mrs E R Parkin)

Vhc Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon Shcm (Lamb & Saltmarsh)


Open – Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st Ch Honeyhall Headboy (Mrs E B & Mr I L B Shaw)

2nd Woodthorpe I Know The Code (Mrs S Kinton)

3rd Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh Jw

 (D, R A, Dr N & Mr G Inett, Harrison, King & Leighton)

Res Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon Shcm

(Ms J & Mr B Lamb & Saltmarsh)



 Minor Puppy – Bitch  Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Taf (Mr C & Mrs J Petts)


Puppy – Bitch  Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st Lentrica Black Star For Cairngold ( Firth)

2nd Cannwood Misty Dawn At Gethlee (Miss J H Smith)

3rd Lentrica Fame At Landbuck (Felters & Rumens)

Res Mosspur Time After Time (Mrs D E Purvis)


Junior – Bitch  Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st Brenndarcy Cloudbusting (Shannon & Storr)

2nd Uniquecottage Gold Avill To Glenchess (Short)

3rdCarradine Here Come Dolly (Miss C M Clayton)


Post Graduate – Bitch  Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Uniquecottage Florey (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)

2nd Woodthorpe Enigma (Mrs S Kinton)


Limit – Bitch  Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1st Gyncairn Believe In Magic (Hughes & Hooton)

2nd Lentrica Dolly Daydream Jw (Mrs P Clarke)

3rd Brenndarcy Moonstruck ( D Shannon & Storr)

Res Splinterhill's Amazing Grace To Glenchess (Imp Nl)

(Mrs E & Mr S W G Short)


Open – Bitch     Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st Caldwall Carefree (Mr P J & Mrs J Owen)

2nd Tribannon Minuet (Mrs A Waugh)

3rd Penticharm Starlight ( Mr H, Mr D & Miss A Coates)














Photos By Alan Firth


Midland Counties Canine Society Championship show 27th October 2016

Cairn Terrier Judge Mrs. J Fairweather (Ock).


I would like to thank the Midland Counties Canine Society for a very enjoyable day and to my two Stewards for all their help on making my judging run so smoothly. We had quite a late start which meant it was tight for my BOB making the Terrier Group. Thank you to all the exhibitors for allowing me to go over your lovely cairns and for making it such a friendly show.

It is a couple of years since I last judged cairns and I was so pleased to see that quality had improved. The dog classes had some lovely cairns and I think bodes well for the future but the bitch classes outshone the dogs. I did find a couple of very tight mouths as well as undershot mouths. Mouths are very important in a working terrier as they need to be able to hold their prey so a correct scissor bite is essential. Coats were lovely not too short or too long. There were a couple of cairns who were between coats but the texture was there so I didn’t penalise this temporary problem. I was pleased to see that most cairns had a decent forechest which I had previously found lacking. Movement had also improved although I did see some pinning coming towards me and close movement behind. Once again it is something as Keepers of our breed we should be taking note off. Eye shape was correct in the majority of the cairns today although I did find there were a couple with round eyes. This does distract from the ‘special cairn expression’.

My Best of Breed was Mrs E & Mr I Shaw’s Ch Honeyhall Headboy. The last time I saw this dog he was a youngster and red! Now a dark brindle and has lived up to his potential. A beautiful head and expression – all cairn, My BOS was Mrs L Hughes and Miss L Hooton’s Gyncairn Believe in Magic. A lovely wheaten with dark points, a gorgeous head and in full coat. A very close decision between these two dogs for BOB but I felt the dog was the better showman today. My Best Puppy in Breed was Miss Ball’s Lentricia Let’s Dance at Calamonden. This is a wheaten brindle dog with such a lovely head, expression and outline. A lovely showman who I hope will do well as he matures. His litter sister who challenged him for BPIB was so like him but on the day I thought him the better showman.


Minor puppy dog (1, 0)

1st       Shannon & Storr. Brenndarcy Aladdin Sane. A 6 month old red with lovely dark points. Very naughty on the table but this is a baby! Typical cairn head – good deep stop, dark eye, good mouth and well set ears. Good reach of neck into good shoulders. Very nice front and forechest. Tail set OK and good angulation enabling him to move correctly while holding his topline on the move. In full coat. and everything to like about him. Lost out to the puppy dog on maturity for Best Puppy Dog.


Puppy dog (3, 2).

1st           Ball’s Lentricia Let’s Dance at Calamondin.         10 month wheaten brindle with such a beautiful head and expression. Good ear set and dark eye with correct shape and has a nice stop. Good mouth with correct bite. Good reach of neck and correct shoulder placement. Correct shape ribs and has a good forechest. Tail set OK and moved driving from the rear while holding his topline on the move. A bit short of coat at the moment but what was there was of the correct texture – hash outer coat and soft undercoat. He was a picture standing. I will watch his show career with interest. This must have been a very good litter as there were 3 of his littermates in the show today, all did very well. BPD and Best Puppy In Breed.


Junior dog (3,1)  Two very nice cairns with little to chose between them.

1st        Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Silver Askin. A wheaten with a very nice head, dark eye and well set ears. Moved around the ring with drive. Won this class on showmanship and looked more mature.

2nd       Shannon & Storr  Brenndarcy Tinsoldat. Red dog in a profuse coat which could have had some attention too. A very nice head with dark points and dark eye of the correct shape. Good mouth and has a good forechest. Deep ribs correctly shaped to give room for heart and lungs. Moved with drive as his angulation dictated he would do so. Presentation could have been better.


Post Graduate dog (1,0).

1st        Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Bireslaw Dark Charmer. A silver who has shed his coat for the winter one to come through. What was there was of the correct texture.  Has a nice head with well set ears and dark eyes. Slightly straight in stifle for me . Showed very nicely.


Limit dog (9,0) This was a mixed class with little to choose between 1st and 2nd and I am sure they will change places on another day?.

1st        Hughes and Hooton’s Gyncairn Magical Mystery. RDCC. Litter brother to my Bitch CC winner. Wheaten in full coat with a lovely head, dark points, and dark eyes and well set ears. Good depth of rib correctly shaped also giving a good forechest. Angulations enabled him to move with drive around the ring. Won this class on showmanship.

2nd       Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Lord Marmaduke Avec Strathgarten. Another wheaten very similar to 1. Very animated and wanting to make sure I knew he was there! Lovely head and expression, good forechest, deep ribs. His angulation fore and back correct enabling him to move with drive, holding his topline when on the move. I just preferred the outline of 1 today.

3rd        Purvis’s Mighty Rearranger with Mosspur

Reserve Parkin’s Carradine My Mate Matthew

VHC    Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Bireslaw Fable Of macmoon ShCM


Open dog ((4,0). This was the best class of the day with some quality cairns who will change places on another day.

1st        Shaw’s Ch. Honeyhall Headboy DCC and BOB and VHC in the Champion Stakes today.  A dark brindle full of character and showmanship, a worthy champion. I understand that today he got his 22nd CC! Not surprising, as he has a lovely, expressive, cairn head with those melting eyes. In full coat of the correct texture. Quite a difficult cairn to show and his handler had to work hard. He is everything one would want in a cairn and when he settled he was a picture, standing well forward. Flowed around the ring when asked to move, driving from the rear. Loved him!

2nd       Kinton’s Woodthorpe I Know The Code. Another lovely cairn such a shame to meet 1. A silver in very good coat. Has a lovely head and expression, with dark eyes and well set ears. His mouth is correct, large teeth and correct scissor bite. Nice deep ribs and forechest standing well forward. Tail set correct and held his topline on the move. Angulations correct giving very good movement with drive from behind.. Today I preferred the head and expression of 1.

3rd         Inett, Harrison, King and Leight. Ch. Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh

Reserve: Lamb & Saltmarsh’s  SHCM  Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon


Minor puppy bitch (1,0)

1st        Pett’s  Brenndarcy Hunky Dory TAF. This was such a lovely puppy just 6 month old. A very happy cairn who showed very well for her handler. Such a pretty head with dark points. Ear placement correct, dark eyes of the correct shape and a correct mouth. Good reach of neck and sloping shoulders into a level topline. Moved very well driving from behind. She should do well when she has matured. Lost out to best puppy bitch on maturity.


Puppy bitch (4,0)

1st        Firth’s Lenthricia Black Star for Cairngold. This was the litter sister of both my best puppy dog and bitch placed 3rd in this class. What a lovely litter of puppies for the Breeder! Everything I have written about him applies to her. A 10 month old wheaten with dark points, in full coat of the correct texture. She has a lovely head with a good stop and dark eye. Her mouth was correct with big teeth. Good length of neck into sloping shoulders. Has a good forechest and deep ribs. Level topline and correct tail set. Her correct angulations front and rear meant she moved very well. Her conformation and showmanship gave her the edge on the minor puppy winner. I preferred the head of her brother for best puppy in breed but I was splitting hairs as I thought they were two lovely puppies.

2nd       Smith’s Cannwood Misty Dawn At Gethlee. A 10 month old puppy, wheaten with lots to like about her. Sweet head and expression and dark eyes. Moved well but tail set a bit low.

3rd        Felters & Ruman’s Lenthricia Fame At Landbuck

Reserve  Purvis’s Mosspur Time After Time


Junior bitch (3,0)

1st        Shannon & Storr’s  Brenndarcy Cloudbusting. This was a very bouncy 13 month red cairn who was quite difficult to assess on the table and when moving. I did manage to see that she has a very nice head with dark points, a deep stop and dark eyes which gave her a lovely expression which was full of mischief! Her mouth was correct with a scissor bite. Good length of neck and well placed shoulders. Level topline and coat although short was of the correct type. Once she settled her movement was OK. I liked her overall shape when standing. She would benefit from some ring training.

2nd       .Short’s Uniquecottage Gold Avill To Glenchess. 17 month red in full coat, longer in back that one. A very honest cairn but today not so animated as 1. A very good head and dark eyes with a good stop. A good mouth and correct scissor bite. Length of neck OK into sloping shoulders and depth of ribs, level topline and tail set OK. Good angulations and moved with drive.

3rd        Clayton’s Carradine Here Come Dolly


Post Graduate bitch (2,0) This was a lovely class to judge and these two will change places another time. I was splitting hairs between these two bitches.

1st        Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Florey. A wheaten with the desirable dark points, ear set OK and dark correctly shaped eyes all making a very nice head. In between coats but the texture was there. She moved well and won this class on movement.

2nd       Kinton’s Woodthorpe Enigma. This was a lovely silver with a very feminine, expressive head. Has a harsh double coat. Smaller than one. She has a very good shape standing, very animated. Movement was good I liked her a lot.

Limit bitch (5,1)

1st        Hughes and Hooton’s Gyncairn Believe In Magic. BCC and BOS. This lovely bitch is litter sister to my reserve dog cc. A wheaten with dark points, dark eyes and a deep stop all making a lovely feminine  head and expression. Good mouth. Has a good reach of neck into sloping shoulders with a good forechest enabling her to stand well forward. Good depth of rib and a level topline. Angulations meant she moved well both front and back keeping her topline. Tail set OK.  She was in full coat with a harsh topcoat and soft undercoat

2nd       Clarke’s Lenthricia Dolly Daydream JW. This was another lovely wheaten bitch in full coat. Two very similar   cairns with little to choose between them. She too has a gorgeous  head and oozes character. Moved well as her conformation dictated she would. Standing she too was a picture. On the day I preferred the head and expression of one but I was splitting hairs.

3rd        Shannon & Storr’s  Brenndarcy Moonstruck

Reserve Short’s Splinterhill’s Amazing Grace To Glenchess (IMP NL)


Open bitch (5,2) Another lovely class where I was nitpicking in my placings. The 1st and 2nd will no doubt change places on another occasion.

1st        Owen’s Caldwall Carefree RBCC. She reminded me very much of my BOB – a smaller version. In full double coat, dark brindle with lovely head and expression, good ear placement and dark points. Eyes were the correct shape and dark hazel in colour. She has a good mouth and large teeth. Good length of neck and shoulder placement into a level topline and correct tail set. Good depth of ribs and front so giving a good forechest. Her movement was good, driving from behind which enabled her to win this class. A picture standing.

2nd       Waugh’s Tribannon Minuet This wheaten was also a lovely bitch. In full double coat with a lovely head. ear placement, eyes and mouth all good. Nice profile standing but her movement was erratic today as her handler moved her too fast and so paid the price

3rd        Coate’s Penticharm Starlight



Jennie Fairweather

Cairn Judge