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Judge Dawn Inett

26 March 2016


DCC & BOB  Shaw's Ch Honeyhall Headboy

RDCC Catto's Birselaw Stay With Me

BCC Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Moonstruck

RBCC  Owen's Caldwall Carefree

Best Puppy Catto's Birselaw Paige Turner

Best Veteran Smith's Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle





Iain Shaw, DCC & BOB Ch Honeyhall Headboy, Judge Dawn

 Inett, BCC Brenndarcy Moonstruck, Brenda Shannon.


Jeanette Smith, Best Vet Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle,

Dawn Inett, BPB & BPIB Birselaw paige Turner, Yvonne Catto


Iain Shaw, DCC Ch Honeyhall headboy, Dawn Inett, Yvonne Catto, RDCC Birselaw

Stay With me, Brenda Shannon, BPD Brenndarcy Tinsoldat

Peter owen, RBCC Calwall Carefree, Dawn Innet, Brenda Shannon,

BCC Brenndarcy Moonstruck, Yvonne Catto BPB Birselaw paige Turner


etran Dog   

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st      Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle (Mrs J Smith)

2nd     Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon Shcm (Lamb & Saltmarsh)



Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1st     Brenndarcy Tinsoldat (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)



Puppy - Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st    Castleline Pure Jackman At Beranburh (Davey & Baillie)



Junior - Dog

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st    Birselaw Stay With Me (Miss Y Catto)

2nd   Seveek I Spied That Dream (Mrs J Keeves)

3rd    Rocasovale Distant Drums (Mrs J Smith)


Post Graduate - Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1st     Cornton Dark Corrie (Miss H M P Miller)

2nd   Brenndarcy Lord Marmaduke Avec Strathgarten (Marshall)

3rd    Birselaw Never Say Never At Kerrykeel (MAnderson)

Res   Anjofra Roulette Russe (Confue & Pavlova)

Vhc   Svendalens Perserverance At Lentrica Jw (Waites)



Limit - Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st    Winetta Sir Ivor (Mrs J Percy)



Open - Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st  Ch Honeyhall Headboy (Mrs E B & Mr I L B Shaw)



 Veteran - Bitch

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st     Sybster Sauvignon (Miss F M J Dawson)



Minor Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st      Anjofra Terri Aire (F J, C A & S F Confue)

2nd    Beranburh No Dramas (Davey & Baillie)

3rd     Beranburh Barley Twist (Davey & Baillie)



Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1st     Birselaw Paige Turner (Miss Y Catto)

2nd    Brenndarcy Dreamsville (Mrs A L Mcgrath)

3rd    Beranburh Wee Dram (Davey & Baillie)


Junior - Bitch

Entries: 8 Absentees: 3

1st     Brenndarcy Moonstruck (MShannon & Storr)

2nd    Seveek Hopes N Dreams (Mrs J Keeves)

3rd     Cornton Rosemaree (Miss H M P Miller)

Res    Lentrica Dolly Daydream Jw (Mr D & Mrs P Clarke)

Vhc     Seveek Country Sunset (Mrs T Williams)



Novice - Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st     Nordcairn's Peace Of Mind At Birselaw (Impdnk)(Catto)

2nd    Cairngold Clementina (Mr A, Mrs L & Miss A M Firth)



Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st      Sybster Sanderoma (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

2nd     Sybster Saffron (Miss F M J Dawson)



Limit - Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st      Brenndarcy Fortune Teller (Shannon & Storr)

2nd    Beranburh Seabiscuit Davey & Baillie)



Open - Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st   Caldwall Carefree (Mr Pj & Mrs J Owen)

2nd   Anjofra Mad About Me (F J, C A & S F Confue)

























Thank you to Jeanette Smith for assisting Linda Firth with the Photographs




I would like to thank the Scottish Breeds Committee for inviting me to judge and also the two Stewards, Mic & Nicola, who kept things in order!

A special thanks to the exhibitors for making the journey to Scotland. I very much appreciated the entry I received particularly as there is a breed club show two weeks later.

From my overall entry I feel that the breed is in good order. We have to watch fronts; there were one or two lacking depth of rib and I could easily fit my hands between elbow and rib cage. Of course, with a correct front assembly, elbows should be neatly tucked in.

There were two incorrect bites; this always surprises me and I feel that as breeders and exhibitors we should regularly check our dogs to ensure that the bite is still correct. Teeth do move over time and I wouldn’t penalise such a mouth in a veteran but I might in a 2/3 yr old!

There were a few whose movement was not as their construction dictated, and this is always disappointing. What I felt on the table should have produced sound movement but in a few cases it all fell apart when the dog walked! I can only assume this requires a better understanding from the owner/exhibitors about the essential relationship between correct construction, the right amount and correct type of exercise and the resultant sound movement.

Coats were OK, one or two had new coats coming in and one or two had had it all pulled out, but coat is temporary and it is what is underneath the coat that really interests me.

DCC & BOB Shaw’s Ch Honeyhall Headboy.  This dog did not disappoint at all. When I got my fingers through that coat, everything was where I wanted it to be. He had a great head, correct eye and ear placement. My hands flowed over his clean shoulders and along his level topline. He moved around the ring soundly and when he was focused on his handler he was a pleasure to watch and to top it all he didn’t stop showing. A top class Cairn. I awarded him BOB over the bitch on maturity.

RDCC Catto’s Birselaw Stay With Me. A young dog that is well up to size, I wouldn’t want him any bigger! He is all male and is well made throughout. Personally, I would prefer more body on him but I couldn’t deny his overall balance and showmanship. He moved out well around the ring and stood like a picture although, at times he can stand a bit forward with his front but that is over exuberance rather than a construction issue. I was very pleased to go over yet another quality male.

BCC Shannan & Storr’s Brenndarcy Moonstruck. This young bitch won the best class of the day. In my judging notes I wrote very little: outstanding, smart, lovely head, moved true, lovely lines.  Our breed standard says “head small in proportion to body” and this bitch has that exact quality which isn’t found too often. I put my hands on her head and it was well made and small in proportion to her body, it wasn’t overdone in way whatsoever, she had stop, width of muzzle, lovely eyes and a “let me at ‘um” expression.  She flowed from the back of her head, down her neck, over her shoulders, along her topline to her bang on tail set. When her handler walked her out at the correct speed, she flowed around the ring.  She is well made throughout and in good coat and condition. A pleasure to award her the CC

RBCC Owen’s Caldwall Carefree. This bitch pushed the CC winner all the way to the line but on the final move off she just wasn’t as strong behind and had to give way today but I feel her day will come.  Again, she has everything where I wanted it and was lovely to go over on the table, topped off with a most beautiful head. She was at one with her handler and was shown in great coat and condition.

BP Catto’s Birselaw Paige Tuner. A typical Cairn with lovely breed type. Shown in good coat. Won BP over the dog on maturity. She is feminine throughout and is good to go over too! I shall watch her develop with interest

BV Smith’s Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle. A grand old man at 10.5 yrs. Showed in good condition and clean over the shoulders. Lovely correct tail carriage and good on the move. He held himself well. A good honest sound Cairn.

Veteran D (2,0)

1st Smith’s Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle - BV

2nd Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable of Macmoon a lovely typy Cairn, all male throughout. Clean over the shoulders and in good coat and condition. Just couldn’t match his older competitor for rear drive but nonetheless a good pleasing Cairn.


MPD (2,1)

1st Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Tinsoldat although this young man (6 mths old) stood alone, I had no hesitation in awarding him 1st place. He is beautiful. Lovely large teeth, correct head properties and good eye shape and colour. Carried his ears correctly and used them well. Held his topline on the move and his lines flowed from the tip of his ears to the tip of his tail. He has great bone and substance and is very well put together. I thought him really lovely for one so young. I only hope he grows on to fulfil his early promise. BPD



1st Davey & Baillie’s Castleline Pure Jackman a smart young dog with an excellent quality jacket. Good head properties with lovely eye and colour. Would benefit from some ringcraft as he was a bit wayward on the move. He has good construction so should move soundly but he just needs to be educated in how to behave in the showring!


JD (3,0)

1st Catto’s Birselaw Stay With Me - RDCC

2nd Keeves’ Seveek I Spied That Dream lovely head and expression, everything where I would want it with a young male and has a new coat on the way in. A bit unruly for his handler but a good quality male who just needs time to settle

3rd Smith’s Rocasovale Distant Drums


ND (1,1)


PGD (6,0)

This was a very good quality class with 6 dogs all having many virtues.

1st Miller’s Cornton Dark Corrie full of breed type and the soundest mover in the class. He has an outstanding head and his ears were correctly set although he was sometimes reluctant to use them. He has correct construction throughout and was shown in wonderful condition with great muscle tone, one that obviously receives plenty of free running exercise.

2nd Marshall’s Brenndarcy Lord Marmaduke Avec Strathgarten A very good quality male but not using his back end to advantage today and couldn’t match the driving action of 1st.  He was shown in correct coat and good condition. Presents a lovely picture when standing.

3rd Andreson’s Birselaw Never Say Never at Kerrykeel another good quality male but for me was a little rangy and unsettled today.


LD (1,0)

1st Percy’s Winetta Sir Ivor a dog of good size and shows well. Good neck and shoulders but was rather short of coat today which lead to a unbalanced overall picture. The jacket he did have was of correct texture and he kept his topline on the move.


OD (1,0)

1st Shaw’s Ch Honeyhall Headboy – DCC & BOB


VB (1,0)

1st Dawson’s Sybster Sauvignon Lovely lady of 8 yrs old, pretty head with good ear placement. Shown in great condition and presented a nice type of Cairn.


MPB (3,0)

1st Confue’s Anjofra Terri Aire a sweet feminine puppy at just 6 mths old. A little overcome with events in the ring and not always showing her best. Well made throughout, moved OK for one so young but just needs time.

2nd Davey & Baillie’s Beranburh No Dreams a good quality puppy with a massive coat, not quite as balanced as 1st as she is slightly long in loin but lots to like about her.

3rd Davey & Baillie’s Beranburh Barley Twist


PB (4,1)

1st Catto’s Birselaw Paige Turner - BP

2nd McGrath’s Brenndarcy Dreamsville shown in good condition and having correct coat texture. Very typy and moved out well around the ring. Would prefer a slightly better ear placement but certainly a lot to like about her.

3rd Davey & Baillie Beranburh Wee Dram


JB (8,3) This was the class of the day. As a judge, being presented with 5 top quality bitches is extremely hard as all I wanted was 5 red cards! Every bitch had many virtues and I had to go with breed type first and then soundness. My 4th placed bitch just couldn’t match the top three for drive on the move and 5th was again of good type but just dropped off into her tail set. When faced with such tough decisions there can only be one winner and that is the Cairn that, in my opinion, had the most breed type, was made well and moved the soundest.

1st Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Moonstruck - BCC

2nd Keeve’s Seveek Hopes N Dreams a lovely quality bitch that pushed hard for 1st, she was well made and moved well too but just didn’t have the coat today; she has a lovely quality coat coming in and a full jacket would complete the picture. A very good quality Cairn.

3rd Miller’s Cornton Rosemaree Another lovely Cairn but of a slightly larger/heavier  type and for me, not so typical as 1st and 2nd but her many virtues couldn’t be ignored. She was sound and in great condition.


NB (3,1) A pair of quality bitches

1st Catto’s Nordcairn’s Peace of Mind at Birselaw presented a lovely picture when standing, well made throughout and moved around the ring well. Shown in great coat and condition.

2nd Firth’s Cairngold Clementina a very nice bitch to go over and everything was where I wanted it to be but just couldn’t match 1st for coat texture.


PGB (3,1) I thought these two were a good matching pair and after judging found them to be from the same kennel!

1st Berrecloth’s Sybster Sanderoma a bitch that is good to go over and slightly better length of back than her cousin placed 2nd, typical head and presented a lovely picture when standing

2nd Dawson’s Sybster Saffron a lovely typy bitch, shown in great coat and condition, just couldn’t match the overall balance of 1st. But, I did enjoy the “singing” as she walked around the ring!



1st Shannan & Storr’s Brenndarcy Fortune Teller a lovely type of Cairn who carries herself well, she has good head properties and moved out around the ring. I kept her in the ring to challenge for CC/RCC but when she stood next to the Open and Junior winners she just couldn’t match their femininity.

2nd Davey & Baillie’s Beranburh Seabiscuit a lovely type of Cairn who was well made throughout, smaller than 1st but that’s not a bad thing! She moved out well and was at one with her handler.


OB (3,1) Two lovely bitches, both quite different types but with lots to like!

1st Owen’s Caldwall Carefree - RBCC

2nd Confue’s Anjofra Mad About Me presented a lovely picture when standing but couldn’t match the rear movement of 1st today. Pretty head and feminine throughout.


Judge - Dawn Inett (Carradine)