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South Walses & West Of England CTC Championship Show

October 25th 2016

Yvonne Catto (Birselaw)


DCC & BIS Kinton Woodthorpe I Know the Code 
RDCC & RBIS Inett,Harrison, King & Leightons Ch Carradine George Flies with Harkinleigh
BCC & BOS Thomas' Tycadno Morning Star (3rd CC)
RBCC Clarkes Lentrica Dolly Daydream
BPIS Felters & Rumens Lentrica Fame at Landbuck 
BVIS Dolan's Ch Glenrood Masquerade

Dawn Inett,RDCC &RBIS Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh,

BCC Tycadno Morning Star, Geoff Thomas, Sue Kinton,

DCC & BIS Woodthorpe I Know The Code

Yvonne Catto, Alan Felters,




RDCC Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh, Yvonne Catto, Sue Kinton DCC Woodthrpe I Know The Code

BPB Lentrica Fame At Landbuck, Geoff Thomas, BCC Tycadno Morning Star, Yvonne Catto, Pat Clarke, RBCC Lentrica Dolly Daydream

Sue Dolan,BVIS Ch Glenrood Masqueraadem Yvonne Catto.


Special Veteran D/B (7 - 10 years)

1.      Dolan's Ch Glenrood Masqerade

2.      Felters & Rumens' Ch Landbuck Jazz Hands

3.      Shopland's Ch Cherrycrack Blackadder

4.      Inett, Harrison & Clayton's Ch Carradine Come On Irene

5.      Oldale's Tweslam Dawn Chorus at Cranae


Special Veteran D/B (11 years +)

  1. Dolan's Ch Glenrood Magic Solitaire JW


Minor Puppy Dog (2 entries, 2 absent)


Puppy Dog (0 entries)


Junior Dog

  1. Yates & Johnson's Nordcairn's Quiero Mucho of Pendley (Imp Dnk)
  2. Waugh's Tribannon Licorice Coin at Tribannon (Imp Sw)
  3. Parker Tucker's Uniquecottage Gold Sherdon


Yearling Dog

  1. Shopland's Trekhilli Mr Bean at Cherrycrack
  2. Keeves' Seveek I Spied That Dream
  3. Peers' Tweedisle Tugman


Novice Dog

  1. Parker Tucker's Uniquecottage Silver Askin
  2. Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Tinsoldat


Undergraduate Dog (1 entry, 1 absent)


Post Graduate Dog

  1. Thompson's Castleline Barn Dance
  2. Parker Tucker's Uniquecottage Winsford
  3. Kinchin's Pennidazzle All Spruced Up


Limit Dog

  1. Weinberger's Correnie No No Romeo
  2. Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Lord Marmaduke avec Strathgarten
  3. Confue's Anjofra Russian Roulette
  4. Peers' Perfoeming The Dream For Tweedisle
  5. Bateman & Gompel's Carradine Terries Tipple


Open Dog

  1. Kinton's Woodthorpe I Know The Code
  2. Inett, Harrison, King & Leighton's Ch Carradine George Flies with Harkinleigh
  3. Weinberger's Correnie Hurricane Fly


Sp Beg Dog (0 entries)


Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Felters & Rumens' Lentrica Fame at Landbuck
  2. Firth's Lentrica Black Star For Cairngold
  3. Inett, Harrison & Clayton's Carradine Tinkerbelle


Puppy Bitch

  1. Peers' Tweedisle Bright Star
  2. Smith's Cannwood Misty Dawn at Gethlee


Junior Bitch

  1. Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Cloudbusting
  2. Dolan's Glenrood Burlesque
  3. Thompson's Castledine Caledonian Lass
  4. Short's Uniquecottage Gold Avill to Glenchess


Yearling Bitch

  1. Parker Tucker's Uniquecottage Florey
  2. Williams' Seveek Country Sunset


Novice Bitch

  1. Clayton's Carradine Here Comes Dolly
  2. Parker Tucker's Uniquecottage Fennel


Undergraduate Bitch

  1. Oldale's Tweslam Voodoo Child


P Graduate Bitch

  1. Short's Splinterhill's Amazing Grace to Glenchess (Imp Nl)
  2. Kinton's Woodthorpe Enigma
  3. Williams' Seveek Country Sunset


Limit Bitch

  1. Clarke's Lentrica Dolly Daydream
  2. Thomas' Tycadno Miss Moneypenny
  3. Robinson's Cruzo Capriole
  4. Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Moonstruck
  5. Waugh's Tribannon Brite Side


Open Bitch

  1. Thomas' Tycadno Morning Star
  2. Robinson's Ch Cruzo Corn Bunting
  3. Dolan's Glenrood Scheherazade
  4. Dolan's Ch Glenrood Magic Spell


Sp Beg Bitch

  1. Williams' Seveek Country Sunset



Vet D/B 7-10

Spec Vet 11+











Awarding DCC

Awarding RDCC

















Awarding BCC

Awarding RBCC


Trevor Evans Memorial Brace



South Wales & West Of England Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show 16th October 2016

Many thanks to committee of the SW&WECTC for inviting me to judge at their Show, it is a show I have attended as an exhibitor many times and always found it to be an enjoyable experience and this occasion was no different. May I also thank my steward for her competent management of the ring which kept everything running smoothly.

Bitches were stronger in depth than the males. There are some lovely quality bitches in the ring at the moment, I would have been happy to award the ticket to a half a dozen of them.There were many true cairn heads and expressions but others had narrow sculls, long muzzles and eyes to close together.Another feature was a slightly leggy look on some.I like a decent length of leg but if just a fraction too much it ruins the proportions which give the cairn that classic silhouette of being slightly longer than taller.†††††


Class 1 Special Veteran, 7-10 years Dog/Bitch (7, 1a)

1st Dolanís Ch Glenrood Masqerade.Dark brindle, 7 yrs, very typy bitch who has a most lovely head with intense expression, in excellent order throughout, well balanced and moves correctly both ways, gives her all and I was very pleased to award her Best Veteran in Show.

2nd Felters & Rumens Ch Landbuck Jazz Hands JW.Beautiful wheaten, 9yrs, another quality champion bitch with correct head and expression, nice size,well constructed and was in excellent coat and condition, just not showing as well as 1 today.

3rd Shoplandís Ch Cherrycrack Blackadder††


Class 2 Special Veteran Dog/Bitch, 11years and over (1)

1st Dolanís Ch Glenrood Magic Solitaire. Very animated 14 year old, dark brindle bitch who could teach the younger cairns how to enjoy the showring! Has an attractive head and was showed in a lovely tight coat, is well balanced and moved really well, nice type.


Class 3 Minor Puppy Dog (2,2a)


Class 4 Puppy Dog (0)


Class 5 Junior Dog (3)

1st Yates & Johnsonís Nordcairnís Quiero Mucho of Pendley (Imp Dnk) Difficult decision, 1 and 2 are two lovely youngsters but totally different types, Mucho is, at the moment, a little more mature, a red in excellent quality coat, masculine head, everything in the right place, holds himself well on the move and standing, an excellent showman, personally would just like a bit more of him all over.

2nd Waughís Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon (Imp Sw).Dark brindle with lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, clean shoulders and level topline, moved and showed well, up to size,looking rangy at the moment, needs time to come together.

3rd Parker ĖTuckerís Uniquecottage Gold Sherdon (Parker-Tucker)


Class 6 Yearling dog (4,1a)

1st Shoplandís Trexhilli Mr Bean At Cherrycrack.Well balanced dark brindle with attractive head and expression, neat eras, nice size, good reach of neck, level topline and good tailset, in good coat and condition, smart showman and mover well.

2nd Keeves Seveek I Spied That Dream.Red brindle with masculine head and expression , good bone, well constructed throughout,nice size, in profuse double coat, was a bit unsettled and not doing himself justice, not keeping shape moving or standing,

3rd Peers Tweedisle Tugman


Class 7 Novice Dog (3,1a)

1st††† Parker-Tuckerís†† Uniquecottage Silver Askon.Wheaten brindle with dark points, good head and expression, good reach of neck, topline and tailset, lovely lithe body with correct bone, very showy and moved well round the ring.

2nd Shannon & Storrís Brenndarcy Tinsoldat, red with masculine well furnished head,†† good length of neck, level topline and good tailset, good bone, he has a correctly textured double coat but it was very†† profuse and made him look a bit heavy, moved ok


Class 8 Undergraduate Dog (1,1a)


Class 9 Post Graduate Dog (3)

1st Thompsonís Castleline Barn Dance. Attractive wheaten with dark points, typy head and expression withwell set ears and dark eye, deep stop, nicely balanced and correct size, in excellent double coat, moves well both ways, lively showman.

2nd Parker-Tuckerís Uniquecottage Winsford, dark brindle in excellent coat, good reach of neck, topline and tailset ok, sound mover, well constructed thoughout but I preferred head and expression of 1.††

3rd Kinchinís Pennidazzle All Spruced Up††


Class 10 Limit Dog (5)

1st Weinbergerís Correnie No No Romeo , red brindle, typy head with true cairn expression, nice reach if neck, good shoulders and level topline, goodtailset, in correct double coat,moved positively and a steady showman but justneeds to fill out a bit to complete the picture.

2nd Shannon & Storrís Brenndarcy Lord Marmaduke Avec Strathgarten, Wheaten with dark points, of very good type, most attractive well balanced head, has a lovely outline, good topline and tailset, moved well, coat a bit in between at the moment but of correct texture, close up to 1.††

3rd Confue & Pavlovaís Anjofra Roulette Russe.


Class 11 Open Dog (4,1a)

Three lovely males, each worthy of the ticket

1st Kintonís Woodthorpe I Know The Code.Nothing exaggerated about this quality male, he is medium in all departments, giving the correct profile, has the most beautiful headpiece, with intense typy expression, dark eye and correctly placed ears, well constructed thoughout with the right amount of bone, moved soundly and true both ways, was in tiptop condition and filled the eye, accomplished showman, never put a foot wrong, CC & Best in Show.

2nd Inett, Harrison, King & Leightonís Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkingleigh JW Another top quality exhibit with the correct proportions, beautiful head with the true cairn expression, good reach of neck flowing into clean shoulders, level topline and good tailset, presented in top class coat and condition, moved with verve, close decision, but felt 1 had the edge in rear movement, RCC & RBIS

3rd Weinbergerís Correnie Hurricane Fly


Class 12 Special Beginners Dog (0)


Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch (3)

1st Felters& Rumens Lentrica Fame At Landbuck, what a charmer, gorgeous youngster who takes the eye as soon as she enters the ring,attractive feminine headwith such a wicked expression, excellent reach of neck flowing into clean shoulders, good front and level topline, built on lovely lines and correctly proportioned, sound mover, oozes quality and has personality plus! Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Firthís Lentrica Black Star For Cairngold, litter sister to 1 but on a bigger frame, nicely constructed girl, good neck, topline and tailset, was shown in correctly textured double coat, showed well, preferred head and expression of 1.†††

3rd Inett, Harrison & Clayton Carradine Tinkerbelle


Class 14 Puppy Bitch (2)

1st Peers Tweedisle Bright Star , wheaten with dark points, appealing head and expression, good front, topline and tailset good,coat a little short at the moment but of good texture, not a big girl but is well balanced and moving or standing held her outline well,attentive showgirl.

2nd Smithís Cannwood Misty Dawn At Gethlee, wheaten with a nice head and expression, neat ears, nicely constructed and was in good coat and condition, was a little unsettled and not holding her topline on the move.


Class 15 Junior Bitch (6,2a)

1st Shannon & Storrís Brenndarcy Cloudbusting, eye catching red youngsterwith pleasing head and expression, good neck , topline and tailset, good front and nice rear angulation, well balanced giving a pleasing outline, was in good textured double coat, good bone,moved soundly and is a very good showgirl, attentive at all times.

2nd Dolanís Glenrood Burlesque, lovely quality bitch with true cairn head that is correctly balanced with neat ears, good stop and dark eye, in excellent coat and condition, well constructedand moved correctly on sound legs,close up to 1 butjust did not quite hold her outline on final walk round, however very promising, a classy youngster.

3rd Thompsonís Castleline Caledonian Lass††


Class 16 Yearling Bitch (5,3a)

1st Parker- Tuckerís Uniquecottage Florey, very attractive wheaten with dark mask, typy head and expression, good front and well constructed throughout,balanced outline, right amount of bone, in excellent coat and condition, stylish mover and a really good attentive showgirl, very promising.

2nd Williamís Seveek Country Sunset, deep red bitch in profuse coat of good quality but needs tidied up, appealing expression, good mouth, level topline and good tailset, enough bone, moved well behind but not so positive in front.

Class 17 Novice Bitch (2)

1st Claytonís Carradine Here Comes Holly, red with dark points, smart girl with appealing head, was in excellent coat and condition, good topline and tailset, moved ok in front but a bit close behind,she shows really wellbut. would just like a bit more of her overall

2nd Parker Ė Tuckerís Uniquecottage Fennel, nice sized wheaten with level topline and good tailset, nicely balanced, moved well both ways, coat of good texture but needs more of it, preferred head and expression of1.

Class 18 Undergraduate Bitch (3,2a)

1st Oldaleís Tweslam Voodoo Child, very smart red bitch with excellent reach of neck and good topline, tail bang on, stands foursquare and moved really well both ways, in excellent quality coat and condition, she is well balanced and presents an excellent outline,but for me I would like amore feminine expression .††

Class 19 Post Graduate Bitch (5,2a)

1st Shortís Splinterhillís Amazing Grace To Glenchess (ImpNL) very dark brindle bitch who was a little unsure with the floor but once settled moved better than 2, typy head with intense expression, dark eye and neat ears, good reach of neck flowing into level topline, good rear angulation, in good coat and condition.††

2nd Kintonís Woodthorpe Enigma, grey brindle, sweet head bitch with neat well placed ears, not a big girl but nicely balanced,good topline and tailset, needs a bit more coat to finish he picture, moved ok in front but a little close behind.

3rd Seveek Country Sunset


Class 20 Limit Bitch (8,3a)

1st Clarkeís Lentrica Dolly Daydream JW, beautiful wheaten brindle who has the stamp of quality all over her, most appealing head, has intense mischievous expression, dark eye and neat ears, good front, lovely reach of neck flowing into good layback of shoulders, level topline and good tailset, moved true both ways, in tip top coat and condition, very close decision for the ticket but just felt Morning Star had the edge on keeping her profile on the move. RCC

2nd Thomasís Tycadno Miss Moneypenny, another beautiful bitch, red brindle with typy head and expression, good reach of neck, level back and good tailset, nice size, in excellent double coat of correct texture, was a little unsettled but is a sound mover once she got her act together.

3rd Robinsonís Cruzo Capriole


Class 21 Open Bitch (10,3a)

1st Thomasís Tycadno Morning Star, top quality red brindle who like my dog CC winner was medium in all aspects, beautiful cairn head with dark eye and neat ears, good mouth, correct front, good reach of neck that flow into lovely clean shoulders, topline and tailset correct, good bone, presentation was excellent,moved round the ring with verve, now fully mature and filling the eye,she was a picture standing or on the move, a class act, pleased to award her the CC.

2nd Robinsonís Ch Cruzo Corn Bunting, classy wheaten bitch with dark mask, most attractive head with true cairn expression, excellent reach of neck running into lovely clean shoulders, good proportions and right amount of bone,coat and condition in first class order, classic outline, very showy, close decisionbutI feltMorning Star just had the edge on movement.††

3rd Dolanís Glenrood Scheherazade


Class 22 Special Beginners Bitch (1)

1st Seveek Country Sunset†††

Class 23 Trevor Evans Memorial Brace (6)

1st Waugh

2nd Dolan

3rd Peers


Class 24 John Radford Memorial Members Stakes (5)

1st Tycadno Miss Moneypenny

2nd Tweslam Voodoo Child

3rd Ch Glenrood Masquerade


Judge Yvonne Catto†††