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Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

Judge Mette Sorum (Zalazar)

26 March 2017

87 dogs 92 entries


BIS & Bitch CC CH Lentrica Dolly Daydream JW (Clarke)

Reserve BIS Reserve BCC Nordcairnís Peace of Mind at Birselaw (IMP DNK) ( Catto)

Dog CC, BOS CH. Carradine George Flies with Harkinleigh JW (Inett, Harrison, King & Leighton)

Dog Reserve CC Birselaw Stay With Me (Catto)

Best Puppy in Show Cadagio Take That (Hogarty)

BOS Puppy Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae (Petts)

Best Veteran in Show Birselaw Folksong (Bowness)

Best Vintage in Show CH Sybster Spring Time SH CM



Pat Clarke,BCC/BIS Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream JW, Judge Mette Sorum, Dawn Inett, DCC Ch Carradine George Flies with Harkinleigh,

Marie Hogarty, BPIS Cadagio Take That

Dawn Inett, DCC Ch Carradine George Flies with Harkinleigh, Yvonne Catto RDCC Birselaw Stay With Me, Judge Mette Sorum, Marie Hogarty BPD/BPISCadagio Take That

Yvonne Catto, RBCC/RBISNordcairnís Peace of Mind at Birselaw (IMP DNK), Pat Clarke BCC/BIS Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream JW, Mette Sorum, Julie Petts BPB/BOS Puppy Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae

Judge Mette Sorum awarding Best Veteran in Show to Bownessí Birselaw Folksong




(Class 1) Cairn Terrier Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (7 to 9 years) (5, 1A)

1. Birselaw Folksong (Bowness)

2. Dandi Boy Spud (Bateman & Sach)

3. Birselaw Fable of MacMoon Sh CM (Lamb & Saltmarsh)

4. Sybster Sauvignon (Dawson)


(Class 2) Cairn Terrier Special Vintage Dog or Bitch(10 years and over) (5, 1A)

1. CH Sybster Spring Time Sh CM (Berrecloth)

2. Roachdee Mystery of the Full Moon (Parkin)

3. CH Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle (Smith)

4. Cornton Eileanach (Miller)


(Class 3) Cairn Terrier Minor Puppy Dog (5, 1 A)

1. Cadagio Take That ( Hogarty )

2. Cairngold Clint (Firth)

3. Birselaw Count Bezukhov (Catto)

4. Caldwall on Call (Owen)


(Class 4) Cairn Terrier Puppy Dog (3, 1A)

1.Caldwall Call to Order (Owen)

2.Trekhilli Pepperazzi (Day)


(Class 5) Cairn Terrier Junior Dog (2)

1. Lentrica Rocket Man at Carenwil (Carter & Clarke)

2. Lentrica Letís Dance at Calamondin (Ball)


(Class 6) Cairn Terrier Yearling Dog (3)

1. Tribuns Licorice Coin at Tribannon (Waugh)

2. Trekhilli Mister Bean at Cherrycrack (Shopland)

3. Castleline Pure Jackman at Beranburh (Davey & Baillie)


(Class 7) Cairn Terrier Novice Dog No Entries


(Class 8) Cairn Terrier Graduate Dog (1, 1 A)


(Class 9) Cairn Terrier Post Graduate Dog (4, 1 A)

1. Rocasovale Danish Delight (Smith)

2.Cornton Dark Corrie (Miller)

3. Birselaw Dark Charmer for MacMoon SH CM (Lamb & Saltmarsh)


(Class 10) Cairn Terrier Limit Dog (5, 1 A)

1. Birselaw Stay with Me (Catto)

2. Glenmear McIntyre (Mears)

3. Rocasovale Distant Drums (Smith)

4. Carradine My Mate Matthew (Parkin)


(Class 11) Open Dog (7, 1 A)

1. CH. Carradine George Flies with Harkinleigh JW (Inett, Harrison, King & Leighton)

2. IR.Ch. Cadagio Donít Stop Me Now (Hogarty)

3. CH. Honeyhall Headboy (Shaw)

4. Renshaw There and Back Again Under MacMoon SH CM †††† (Lamb & Saltmarsh)

5. Lindcoly Outta The Blue (Saich)

(Class 12) Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (1)

1. Sybster Saffron (Dawson)


(Class 13) Cairn Terrier Minor Puppy Bitch (6, 2 A)

1. Caldwall Call Ahead to Honeyhall (Shaw)

2. Cadagio Get Ready For It (Hogarty)

3. Cairngold Carolina (Firth)

4. Lindcoly Look This Way (Saich)


(Class 14) Cairn Terrier Puppy Bitch (6)

1. Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae (Petts)

2. Cadagio Dressed to Thrill (Hogarty)

3. Cornton Starr Turn (Miller)

4. Seveek with Svendalens Dreaming Again (Keeves)

5. Birselaw Midnight Sun over Cornton (Miller)


(Class 15) Cairn Terrier Junior Bitch (6, 3 A)

1. Lindcoly Letís Just Talk (Saich)

2. Lentrica Black Star for Cairngold (Firth)

3. Winetta Iíve Got a Feeling (Percy)


(Class 16) Cairn Terrier Yearling Bitch (3)

1. Lindcoly Letís Just Talk (Saich)

2. Brenndarcy Cloudbusting (Shannon & Storr)

3. Birselaw Paige Turner (Catto)


(Class 17) Cairn Terrier Novice Bitch (3, 1A)

1. Carradine Tinkerbelle for Owenreagh ( McGrath & Inett)

2. Lindcoly Itís Got To Be Me (Saich)


(Class 18) Cairn Terrier Graduate Bitch (4)

1. Nordcairnís Peace of Mind at Birselaw (IMP DNK) (Catto)

2. Carradine Here Comes Dolly (Clayton)

3. Lindcoly Itís Got to Be Me (Saich)

4. Tweslam Jazzing It Up At Calamondin (Ball)


(Class 19) Cairn Terrier Post Graduate Bitch (8, 1 A)

1. Cornton Rosemaree (Miller)

2. Uniquecottage Gold Avill to Glenchess (Short)

3. Sybster Sanderoma SH CM (Berrecloth)

4. Lindcoly Strong Enough (Saich)

5. Birselaw Heart of Glass at Quickmere (Lomax)


(Class 20) Cairn Terrier Limit Bitch (9, 5 A)

1. Splinterhills Amazing Grace to Glenchess (Short)

2. Seveek Hopes N Dreams JW SH CM (Keeves)

3. Caldwall Carefree (Owen)

4. Trekhilli Pickled Peppa JW SH CM (Day)


(Class 21) Open Bitch (7, 5 A)

1. CH Lentrica Dolly Daydream JW (Clarke)

2. IR. CH. Cadagio As Long As You Have Me (Hogarty)



The Group Photo!

Special Veteran

Special Vintage

Minor Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog

Junior Dog

Yearling Dog

Post Graduate Dog

Limit Dog

Open Dog

Special Beginners

Minor Puppy Bitch

Puppy Bitch

Junior Bitch

Yearling Bitch

Novice Bitch

Graduate Bitch

Post Graduate Bitch

Limit Bitch

Open Bitch

Awarding BIS

Awarding RBIS

Mary Middlehurst and her winning Scottish hamper

Jeanette Smith awarding Cairn of the Year Trophy to Betty Shaw

(Winner Ch Honeyhall Headboy)

Yvonne Catto presenting Sybil with a gift to mark her

retirement from the CTC committee after 30 years

A lovely photo of Ann Bowness happy to win Best Veteran in Show with Birselaw Folksong


Thank you to the officers and committee for their invitation to judge this show. I am very proud and happy. It was a big honour for me. Thank you to my stewards, Adam Wallace and Betty Shaw. Also a big thank you to John and Mary Middlehurst for travelling up to Edinburgh to meet us and be our chauffeur on the day.   It was my very first trip to Scotland but I will definitely come back to see more of this lovely country.

Thank you also to the exhibitors, many of whom had travelled long distances to attend and giving me a good entry. I hope you had a good day and enjoyed it as much as I did.   I found the overall quality quite good even though the fashion of grooming is different from the Scandinavian and U.S countries. I like the more relaxed grooming and less products.

I found the ribcages depth and forechest were better than when I judged an open show in 2012. I found a few heavy shoulders, some lack of teeth but mostly I liked what I saw. Hind angulations were mostly correct, coats were good and double. I loved the small ears and short tails. Quite a few had very long nails (not good for the stance or movement).


Class 1 Special Veteran. ( 5 1 W/D )

  1. Bowness's Birselaw Folksong. Lovely feminine 8 yr old with easy fluent movements. Correct bite lovely head and expression, good neck & topline, well muscled without being heavy, well placed and carried tail, lovely temperament.
  2. Bateman & Sachís Dandi Boy Spud. Very masculine & muscular, I remember him from 2012. Still very powerful, correct angulated front and back, good quality coat only now unfortunately with scissored head and front, still moved well with good reach and drive.
  3. Lamb & Saltmarsh's Birselaw Fable of Macmoon SH CM


Class 2 Special Vintage.( 5 / 1 Ab )

1)    Berrecloth's Ch Sybster Spring Time SH CM.13 yrs, very nice balance, lovely head and expression, today he is neutered and maybe therefore carrying a bit too much weight but he can still move with good reach and drive and must have been a super male in his younger days.

2)    Parkin's Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon.10yr 6 month lovely well kept dog, super coat, good condition, good balance, could be a bit more masculine, moved free and easy.  

3)    Smith's Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle.


Class 3 Minor Puppy Dog. (5/ 1 ab)

1)    Hogarty's Cadagio Take That. 9 months, lovely showy puppy full of himself, lovely head and expression, good stop, well placed eyes, lovely neck and shoulder. Well placed ears that he uses well, super coat and he moves pretty well for his age.  BPIS

2)    Firth's Cairngold Clint. 8 months, lovely red with nice head & expression, beautiful small well placed ears, level topline & lovely short well placed tail.

3)    Catto's Birselaw Count Bezukhov.

Class 4  Puppy Dog (3/ 1 ab)

1)    Owen's Caldwell Call To Order.       9 months, good size, nice expression, correct mouth & bite, good forechest, nice neck, strong topline, well muscled, good quality coat coming in nicely.

2)    Day's Trekhilli Pepperazzi.      11 month up to size, nice head & expression with big well placed teeth and super bite, good dark coat in good condition, moved and showed very well.


Class 5 Junior Dog  (2)

1)    Carter & Clark's Lentrica Rocket Man At Carenwil.  14 months, very masculine outline, moves very nice with good reach and drive. Could have a bit stronger pigmentation and be in a better coat.  

2)    Ball's Lentrica Lets Dance At Calamondin.    Litter brother to the above. Lovely mouth with big teeth, nice neck and forechest. Looks a bit leggy / or square at the moment, moves really well but not in the best of coats today.  


Class 6 Yearling Dog. (3)

  1. Waugh's Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon.  18 months, with a very good head, well placed ears and eyes, correct mouth, lovely expression. Well angulated front and back, very active and showy, moves very well when he settled.
  2. Shopland's Trekhilli Mister Bean At Cherrycrack.    2 yrs, good size, good head with nice stop, well placed ears that he uses well, correct mouth with strong teeth, well angulated front and back, moves with good reach but could have a bit more drive from behind.
  3. Davey & Baillie's Castleline Pure Jackman At Beranburh.


Class 7 Novice Dog.  No entries


Class 8 Graduate Dog. (1) Ab


Class 9 Post Graduate Dog.  (4 /1 Ab

  1. Smith's Rocasovale Danish Delight.   2 yrs, good head and expression, good topline and tailset, would prefer a better forechest and more depth of chest.
  2. Miller's Cornton Dark Corrie.    3 years, nice head, lovely coat, super lovely short tail, I think he can move better than he did as he is well built.
  3. Lamb & Saltmarsh's Birselaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon SH CM


Class 10 Limit Dog (5/1Ab)

1.†† Catto's Birslaw Stay With Me.    3 yrs, masculine head & expression, deep stop, good neck & shoulder, well angulated front & back, good coat, moves well, on the bigger side.  R.C.C.

2.†† Mearsí Glenmear McIntyre.       2. 5 yrs, big masculine male with lots to like but he needs road work and show training. Well shaped head, good stop, strong bite, long neck, deep well ribbed chest & strong topline . I am sure he can move better than he did.

3.†† Smith's Rocasovale Distant Drums Class


Class11 Open Dog ( 6/1Ab)

1.†† Inett, Harrison,King,& Leighton's CH Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh JW.    Lovely masculine dog of good size. Strong head with good expression, good mouth with nice big teeth in a correct bite. Good neck and clean shoulders. Good balance, well ribbed, level top line, correct tailset and carriage. Moved very well and free coming and going. Everything medium. CC & BOS

2.†† Hogarty's Ir CH Cadagio Don't Stop Me Now.     Very attractive head & expression, correct mouth, well placed neat ears, lovely neck & top line, well angulated front and back, lovely coat in super condition, moves very free with good reach & drive. Excellent temperament and handling, just on the big side for me.  

3.†† Shaw's Ch Honeyhall Headboy.  


Class 12 Special beginners 1  

1.†† Dawson's Sybster Saffron.    4 yrs feminine head & expression, nice front, good rib, round croup / rump, hind legs under her body, she should have much better reach & drive.


Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch. (6 /2 Ab)

1.†† Shaw's Caldwall Call Ahead To Honeyhall.       7 months old well built, nice head, well placed ears & eyes, could have a bit more filling under the eyes, good neck & well placed shoulders, moves natural with good reach and drive.

2.†† Hogarty's Cadagio Get Ready For It.      7 months, good size, lovely head with wicked expression, small ears,  lovely coat, moves well when settled but a little wide coming.

3.†† Firth's Cairngold Carolina.


Class 14 Puppy Bitch (6)

1.†† Pett's Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae.     11 months old lovely feminine bitch, lovely head and expression, correct bite, nice neck & topline, short well placed tail, lovely coat, well shown.  BOS puppy in show.

2.†† Hogarty's Cadagio Dressed To Thrill.     11 months old feminine puppy, correct bite, lovely eye & ears, could have a deeper stop. Very active, moves with power, reach & drive.

3.†† Miller's Cornton Starr Turn.


Class 15  Junior Bitch. ( 6 / 3 Ab )

1.†† Saich's Lindcoly Lets Just Talk.    11 months, very feminine, very showy, nice overall, lovely topline & tailset, moves with good drive, good coat.   

2.†† Firth's Lentrica Black Star For Cairngold.   14 months feminine, naughty expression, stop could be a little deeper, small well placed ears & eyes, good front, moves well coming & going.  

3.†† Percy's Winetta I've Got A Feeling.


Class 16 Yearling Bitch (3)

  1. Saich's Lindcoly Lets Just Talk.  (Placed first in Junior)
  2. Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Cloudbursting.    1yr 5 month, very nice head, good front and forechest, nice neck & topline, moved well.
  3. Catto's Birselaw Paige Turner.


Class 17  Novice Bitch (3/1ab)

1.†† McGrath & Inett's Carradine Tinkerbell For Owenreagh.     13 months, good size, strong front lovely head & expression, clean shoulders, correct angulation front & back, good coat, moves well with drive.  

2.†† Saich's Lindcoly It's Got To Be Me.      10 months, good size, well shaped head, correct ribbed, coat too soft, movement difficult to see as she is a bit uncertain on the floor. (she also has a kinked tail).


Class 18  Graduate Bitch. (4)

1.†† Catto's Nordcairn's Peace Of Mind At Birselaw. (IMP DNK)       2 yrs, feminine bitch, nice head with lovely eyes, ears could be set higher, lovely neck & shoulder, correct ribbed. Nice topline & tailset. Moves with good reach and drive.   RCC, Reserve BIS

2.†† Clayton's Carradine Here's Comes Dolly.     15 months, good size, a little on the heavy side but still has a feminine expression, small ears, shoulders could be cleaner. Very good coat, ribs a bit round, correct tail set and carriage. Moves quite well, showy.

3.†† Saich's Lindcoly Its Got To Be Me.  


Class 19  Post Grad Bitch. ( 8/ 2 Ab)

1.†† Miller's Cornton Rosemaree.    2yrs, beautiful head with feminine expression, nice neck, shoulders, topline & tailset . Correct angulation front & back, moved freely & easily.

2.†† Short's Uniquecottage Gold. Avill To Glenchess.      13 months , very nice bitch, lovely head, nice neck & shoulders, correct angulation front & back, moved quite well.

3.†† Berrecloth's Sanderoma SH CM.


Class 20 Limit Bitch (9/3Ab)

1.†† Short's Splinterhills Amazing Grace To Glenchess.    2yrs, lovely head & expression, good size, could have a bit cleaner shoulders, very nice coat, good tailset, moved very well coming & going.

2.†† Keeves Seveek  Hope & Dreams JW SH CM.     2 yrs 5 months, nice head, good eye & ear, very good forechest, nice coat, moved well.

3.†† Owen's Caldwell Carefree.


Class 21  Open Bitch  (7/5Ab)

1.†† Clarke's Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream.     2 yrs, so very feminine, beautiful head & expression, nice neck & top line, correct rib, lovely coat in perfect order, moved & showed so easy & free in all directions (to be hyper critical I would like a little more forechest) CC. BIS.

2.†† Hogarty's IR CH Cadagio As Long As You Have Me.     2 yrs, lovely showy bitch with a wicked expression, small well placed ears, strong front, very nice neck & topline, super hard coat, well groomed, good muscle tone, moved very well coming & going.  


Judge, Mette Sorum.  





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