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2017 Reports



Southern Counties Championship Show

Judge David Winsley

   3 June 2017

DCC Hughes & Hooton’s Gyncairn Magical Mystery (3rd cc)

RDCC Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Tinsoldat

BCC & BOB Yates & Johnson’s  Ch Pendley Vivien (Shortlisted in Group)

RBCC Hughes & Hooton’s Gyncairn Believe In Magic

BP Peers’  Tweedisle Lively Lad

BV Morley’s Kedvaiy Locamotion


Louise Peers, BPD & BPIB Tweedisle Lively Lad, DCC Gyncairn Magical Mystery, Liz Hooton,

David Winsley, BCC & BOB Ch Pendley Vivien, Joanne Johnson.



Louise Peers, BPD Tweedisle Lively Lad, Brenda Shannon, RDCC Brenndarcy Tinsoldat, DCC Gyncairn Magical Mystery, Liz Hooton

Joanne Johnson, BCC & BOB Ch Pendley Vivien, David Winsley, RBD Gyncairn Believe In Magic, BPB Tweedise Lucy Locket, Graham Peers.


Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st  Tweedisle Lively Lad ( Peers)

2nd  Bailey Bill (Mr & Mrs J Mansell


Post Graduate - Dog
Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1st  Brenndarcy Tinsoldat (Shannon & Storr)

2nd  Lindcoly Holwing Mad Murdoc (Miss K Saich)

3rd  Uniquecottage Silver Askin ( Parker-Tucker)

Res  Carradine Dee Jay Of Chezaku ( Kippen)

Vhc  Tweedisle Tugman ( Peers)


Limit - Dog
Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st  Anjofra Roulette Russe (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)

2nd  Trekhilli Mr Bean At Cherrycrack ( Shopland)

3rd  Castleline Barn Dance (Mr S Thompson)

Res  Tycadno Thriller At L'artiste (Mrs S & Mr P Drew)

Vhc  Seveek I Spied That Dream (Mrs J Keeves


Open - Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1st  Gyncairn Magical Mystery (Hughes & Hooton)

2nd  Ch Woodthorpe I Know The Code (Mrs S Kinton)

3rd  Correnie Hurricane Fly (Mrs S Weinberger)


Veteran - Dog Or Bitch
Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st  Kedvaiy Locamotion (Mr T & Mrs G Morley)

2nd   Dandi Boy Spud (Bateman & Sach)


Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog Or Bitch
Entries: 2 Abs

1st  Cannwood Here's Hetty (Mr T & Mrs G Morley)

2Nd  Kedvaiy Locamotion (Mr T & Mrs G Morley)


Minor Puppy - Bitch
Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

 1st  Tweedisle Lucy Locket (Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Peers)

2nd  Cherrycrack Fair Rosamund (Mrs M E J Shopland)

3rd  Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds (Mrs C Soper)


Puppy - Bitch
Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st  Seveek With Svendalens Dreaming Again (Mrs J Keeves)


Junior - Bitch
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0 

1st  Glenrood Spell Dance (Mrs S E Dolan)

2nd  Glenrood Dance To The Spell (Mrs S E Dolan)

3rd  Glenrood Magic Pettra (Mrs M Sullivan)

Res  Tweedisle's Bright Star (Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Peers)


Post Graduate - Bitch
Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st  Brenndarcy Cloudbusting (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)

2nd  Carradine Here Comes Dolly (Miss C M Clayton)

3rd  Uniquecottage Gold Avill To Glenchess (Short)

Res  Castleline Caledonian Lass (Mr S Thompson)

Vhc  Woodthorpe Enigma (Mrs S Kinton)


Limit - Bitch
Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1st  Splinterhill's Amazing Grace To Glenchess (Imp Nl) (Short)

2nd  Miketos Marvelous Fiona At L'artiste (Imp Swe) (Drew)

3rd  Seveek Hopes N Dreams (Mrs J Keeves)

Res  Uniquecottage Florey (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)

Vhc  Cannwood Here's Hetty (Mr T & Mrs G Morley)


Open - Bitch
Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st  Pendley Vivien (Mrs J L & Mrs J Yates & Johnson)

2nd  Gyncairn Believe In Magic (Hughes & Hooton)

3rd  Glenrood Scheherazade (Mrs S E Dolan)
















A BIG Thank You! to Gael Day for  the photographs





Since I last judged the breed I think there has been little change, there are some dogs that fit the breed standard well, but there are many lacking the points which give them true breed type. Front construction is a worry, many lack fore-chest and width, the turn of stifle has improved, but many still move poorly. Coats are always difficult at this time of the year. I was more than happy with my principal winners.


M/P Dog. 3.1

1. Peers Tweedisle Lively Lad. Well grown wheaten brindle, he has a well balanced head with well placed ears & dark eye. Good length of neck, a little upright in shoulder which did affect his front action. Nicely balanced body with the correct spring of rib. He has a good turn of stifle & correct tailset. In good coat & moved well behind, BP.

2. Mansell's Bailey Bill. Very much a baby at his first show. I would have preferred a shorter fore-face, he has a nice dark eye & typical expression. Good neck, needs to settle in front action. Nicely balanced body, correct tailset, just needs time to mature which should improve his movement. A happy confident puppy.


Puppy Dog - no entries


Junior Dog - no entries


P/Grad Dog. 6

1. Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Tinsoldat. I like this youngster very much, full of breed type. Lovely size, nice head & expression, neat well placed ears, dark eye and a well defined stop. Good reach of neck, correct in shoulder & straight in front. Well made body of the right proportions, good turn of stifle & short hock giving him that driving action. In a good coat, showed very well. Very promising RCC.

2. Saich's Lindcoly Howling Mad Murdoch. I liked this wheaten as he went around but disappointed me with his front action, hence his placing today. Typical head & expression, good reach of neck, level topline & a mature body. Well made hind quarters with the correct tail set and carriage. In good coat & condition, showed well.

3. Parker-Tuckers Uniquecottage Silver Askin


Limit Dog. 5

1. Parker-Tuckers Anjofra Roulette Russe. This boy was definitely in the running for the RCC but he doesn't make the most of himself. He needs to be handled to appreciate his good points. Nicely balanced head, good dark eye giving him that 'Cairny'  expression. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder angulation, good fore chest & straight front. Good spring of rib, well made hind quarters, one of the few dogs that moved with some width behind. On the move he has a lovely balanced outline.

2. Shopland's Trekhilli Mr Bean at Cherrycrack. Dark brindle with a very nice head & expression, dark eye of the correct shape giving him the correct expression.Good reach of neck, rather light in body condition for me. Good turn of stifle with the correct tailset. Nice harsh coat, showed well, but needs to improve in his movement.

3. Thompson's Castleline Barn Dance


Open Dog. 4.1

1. Hughes & Hooton's Gyncairn Magical Mystery. Wheaten, the size I like. Has a very lovely head, well placed ears, dark eye, good stop, well filled fore-face & big teeth. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement & straight in front. Well made balanced body with a good spring of rib, strongly made hindquarters, good turn of stifle & short hocks. Coat on the verge of going over but of a good texture still. Moved with sound fluent movement, showed all out wanting to please his handler all the time.

Deserved the CC, his third I was told, a worthy champion.

2. Kinton's Ch Woodthorpe I Know The Code. Grey brindle, another nice male close up to 1 in many ways, just lacking in the free action of 1.  Well balanced masculine head & expression. Mature well made body with the correct spring of rib, good hindquarters & a good tailset. Has a clean outline when he moves, shows well.

3. Weinberger's Correnie Hurricane Fly.


Veteran D/B. 2

1. Morley's Kedvaiy Locamotion. 9 year old dark brindle. Lovely typical head & expression, good reach of neck, good shoulder placement & straight front. Well made body with nice balance. Good hindquarters & correct tailset. In good coat & condition, moved well.

2. Bateman & Saich's Dandi Boy Spud. Appears older than his age, would benefit from carrying a little less weight. He has a nice head & true expression. Mature body with a good spring of rib & well made behind. Rather sluggish on the move.


Good Citizen D/B. 2

1. Morley's Cannwood Here's Hetty. Silver wheaten, very feminine head & expression. Good neck, straight front, would like her to carry more body. Tends to look a little tall on the leg. Correct tailset, in a decent coat and showed well once she relaxed.

2. Morley's Kedvaiy Locamotion



M/P Bitch. 4.1

1. Peer's Tweedisle Lucy Locket. Fairly raw wheaten puppy. She has a nice head & expression, though a little lacking in head furnishings. Good neck & shoulders, good fore-chest with a straight front. Nicely balanced body, good turn of stifle with short hocks. She has a lovely quality coat for one so young, good mover when she gets settled, has time on her side.

2. Shopland's Cherrycrack Fair Rosamund. Red/brindle baby, immature as yet. She has a nice head & expression, straight front & good body shape. Well made hind quarters with a correct tail set. In nice coat & moves quite well once she settles, another with plenty of time on her side.

3. Soper's Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds


P/Bitch. 1

1. Keeves Seveek with Svendalens Dreaming Again. Wheaten brindle with a very pleasing head, well placed ears, alert & keen expression with the desired dark eye. Good neck & shoulders, straight front. Good body, another with a good turn do stifle & short hocks. A lively sound mover, needs more coat to complete the picture, has all the essentials to mature into a nice bitch.



Jun/Bitch. 5

1. Dolan's Glenrood Spell Dance. Silver with a super head, very feminine expression with a dark eye, a well defined stop. Good reach of neck, correct in shoulder, good fore-chest with a straight front. Nice body shape but could carry a little more weight to her advantage. Looks a shade up on the leg right now, but once she matures in body she should balance up. Well made hindquarters, correct tailset, in good coat, moves and shows well.

2. Dolan's Glenrood Dance To The Spell. Litter sister to 1 and many remarks are the same. Has a head very similar to her sister, carrying a better body & and has less length of leg. A decent mover both ways, in a good quality jacket, just lacking the attitude of her sister.

3. Sullivan's Glenrood Magic Pettra.


Post/grad Bitch. 5

1. Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Cloudbusting. Light red half sister to my RCC dog, gave their sire the RCC last time I judged, nice to see he is producing a nice type of Cairn. Very expressive head with the correct eye colour, definate stop, small well placed ears. Straight in front with some width, good spring of ribs, well balanced body. Excels in turn of stifle, short hocks & well muscled hindquarters. In nice coat, moved soundly both ways.

2. Clayton's Carradine Here Comes Dolly. Red just lacking the maturity of 1, hence he placing today. Expressive pleasing head, good length of neck, straight front, good spring of rib with a nicely balanced body. Good hind quarters with the correct tailset. Moves well both ways, just needs time to mature.

3. Short's Uniquecottage Gold Avill to Glenchess.


Limit Bitch. 6.1

1. Short's Splinterhill's Amazing Grace to Glenchess. Dark brindle with a lovely balanced head, dark well placed eye, well defined stop & a nicely filled fore-face. Good length of neck, correct in shoulder angulation with a straight front. Mature well balanced body, good hindquarters & correct tailset. In a decent coat, moves well but would have liked he to go with a more lively action. Nice size & totally feminine.

2. Drew's Miketos Marvelous Fiona at L'artiste. Red that I judged before as a baby. Nice size, totally feminine. Has a lovely head, with well placed ears, dark expressive eyes & a well defined stop. Mature body, level in topline, well made hindquarters. Moves with a lively sound action, lost out to 1 on coat as hers is in between right now.

3. Jeeves Seveek Hopes N Dreams.


Open Bitch. 3. All quality girls.

1. Yates & Johnson's Pendley Vivien. Takes your eye as soon as she enters the ring. Silver wheaten of good breed type, she has a lovely balanced head with well placed ears, dark eye, well defined stop & well filled fore-face. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder angulation with a straight front. Mature in body with the required spring of rib, well made hindquarters & correct tailset. She has a good outline standing & on the move. Fluent easy mover who makes the most of herself. Pleased to award her the CC & BOB, her fourth I understand and was pleased to see she was shortlisted in the group.

2. Hughes & Hooton's Gyncairn Believe In Magic. Unlucky to meet 1, I see she is litter sister to my dog CC winner. Cream wheaten who looks all 'Penticharm' to me. She has a lovely head piece, her keen expression is set off by her dark ears & dark eye. Her stop is well defined with a nicely filled fore-face. Good reach of neck, correct in shoulder with a good straight front. In a mature body with well made hindquarters & correct tailset. Moved soundly both ways, shows well. RCC 3. Dolan's Glenrood Scheherazade.


Judge - David Winsley