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Bath Championship Show

25 May 2018

Judge Alan Small (Bethane)

Dog CC :Waugh’s Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon (Imp) 
Res Dog CC : Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Tinsoldat 
Bitch C C & bob :Keeves’ Ch Seveek Hopes 'N' Dreams Jw Sh.Cm 
Res Bitch CC : Dolan Mrs S E Glenrood Spell Dance Jw 
Best Puppy : Harrison Carradine Whiskey Oscar 
Best Special Beginner : Asmyhr’s Windline Born To Run Wild

BCC&BOB Ch Seveek Hopes'N Dreams, Jane Keeves, Alan Small, DCC Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon, Ann Waugh

Dawn Inett, BPD & BPIB Carradine Whiskey Oscar


DCC Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon, Ann Waugh, Alan Small, Brenda Shannon, RDCC Ch Brenndarcy Tinsoldat, Dawn Inett, BPD Carradine Whiskey Oscar

Jane keeves, BCC Ch Seveek Hopes N' Dreams. Alan Small, Sue Dolan, RBCC, Gelnrood Spell Dance, Veronica Danielsson, BPB Tom Trick's Hot Little Hummingbird 


MPD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Harrison Carradine Whiskey Oscar 
2nd: Shannon & Storr Brenndarcy Baldrick 

PD (1 Entries) Abs: 1 

JD (2 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: Keeves Seveek Treasure The Dream 

PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Owen Caldwall On Call 
2nd: Parker-Tucker Uniquecottage Silver Askin 
3rd: Hacker Teddeana Mr Jinks 

LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Peers Tweedisle Lively Lad 
2nd: Danielsson Uniquecottage Wild Dill 
3rd: Owen Caldwall Call To Order 
Res: Day Trekhilli Pepperazzi 

OD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Waugh Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon (Imp) 
2nd: Shannon & Storr Brenndarcy Tinsoldat 

VD No Entries 

SBD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Asmyhr Windline Born To Run Wild 

MPB (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Danielsson Tom Trick's Hot Little Hummingbird 
2nd: Saunders Sunnyglen Rapunzel 
3rd: Waugh Tribannon Bolaero 
Res: Peers’ Tweedisle Forever Tansy 
Vhc: Harrison’s Carradine Winnie 

PB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Asmyhr Mrs S Motoppen Pinot Noir 

JB (4 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: Johansson Stubby Sox Eleonore Of Aquitaine 
2nd: Thomas Tycadno Dancing Star 
3rd: Thompson Glenrood Love In A Mist 

PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Clayton Carradine Here Comes Dolly 
2nd: SoperElitecharm Five Of Diamonds 
3rd: Parker-Tucker  Uniquecottage Fennel 

LB (4 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 1125 Dolan Mrs S E Glenrood Spell Dance Jw 
2nd: 1122 Danielsson Miss V Tom Trick's Fancy Little Fire Fairy 
3rd: 1117 Asmyhr Mrs S Motoppen Pinot Noir 

OB (7 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Keeves Ch Seveek Hopes 'N' Dreams Jw Sh.Cm 
2nd: Danielsson Fin Swed No Copyright I Like It I Love It 
3rd: Parker-Tucker Uniquecottage Florey 
Res: Shannon & Storr Brenndarcy Cloudbusting 
Vhc: Fair Carradine Miss Marcie At Myrtog 

VB No Entries
























Photos By Grahem Peers

The judge showing lovely  care to an exhibitor not able to control her dog


BATH - 2018


I enjoyed my day. The wonderful rings at Bath Ch Show were a godsend with the inclement weather playing havoc. Some nice classes to go over, particularly in the bitches. Thanks for coming, I enjoyed myself immensely. Cheers. 

MPD (2)

 1 Harrison's Caradine Whiskey Oscar. Nice moving wheaten youngster, pleasing expression, good eye, correct bite, nice body for age and of nice length, moved true to BP.

2 Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Baldrick. Light brindle with nice overall balance, typy expression with neat well set ears, coat coming through nicely, moved and handled well. 

JD (2, 1)

1 Keeves' Seveek Treasure The Dream. Good skull with typy expression, nice stop, correct bite, good front and shoulders, pleasing length and in good double coat, well set tail, nice dog that moved true. 

PGD (3) 1 Owen's Caldwall On Call. Wheaten, pleasing head, nice stop and eye, correct bite, better on the floor with balanced length and good set on, well laid shoulders, good front with ample bone, nice feet and pads, moved well both ways.

2 Parker-Tucker's Uniquecotrtage Silver Askin. Neat, well balanced grey brindle dog, dark mask and ears, in good double coat, fit dog with good muscletone, carried a level topline, went ok but a bit skippy. 3 Hacker's Teddeana Mr Jinks. 

LD (4)

1 Peers' Tweedisle Lively Lad. Wheaten brindle, alert expression with dark points, nice eye, good bite, nice neck to well laid shoulders, pleasing body and coat, neat tail, went well carrying a level topline.

 2 Danielsson's Uniquecottage Wild Dill. Wheaten with good head and eye, pleasing all round with nice neck, good body, good quarters and had drive. 3 Owen's Caldwall Call To Order. 

OD (2)

1 Waugh's Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon (Imp). Lovely well balanced grey brindle dog of quality, loved his expression with dark eye and well set ears, good stop, correct mouth with good muzzle, best of fronts and shoulders, nice overall length with pleasing body and quarters, ample bone, up on his toes with nice feet and pads, in correct double coat, went well, carrying a level topline. DCC.

2 Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Tinsoldat. Wheaten with profuse coat, grand head and expression with well set ears, good stop and bite, grand body and quarters, good set on, went well when settled. Res CC. 

Sp Beg D/B (1)

1 Asmyhr's Windline Born To Run Wild. Wheaten bitch with dark ears, alert with impish expression, dark eye, in good coat, went well carrying a level topline. 

MPB (5)

1 Danielsson's Tom Trick's Hot Little Hummingbird. Light wheaten with nice feminine expression, neat well set ears, dark eye, correct bite, nice front and shoulders, in good coat with pleasing body for age, moved and handled well.

2 Saunders' Sunnyglen Rapunzel. Wheaten brindle, tidy bitch, dark eye, correct bite, good front and shoulders, nice length of neck to good body and quarters, went well. 3 Waugh's Tribannon Bolaero. 

PB (1)

1 Asmyhr's Motoppen Pinot Noir. Nice brindle bitch with alert expression, dark eye, good bite, neat balanced youngster with pleasing front and shoulders, went well.

  JB (4, 1)

1 Johansson's Stubby Sox Eleonore Of Aquitaine. Wheaten bitch of pleasing type, nice feminine expression with neat well set ears, dark eye, good mouth, nice neck to well laid shoulders and with nice body and size, good qurters, in good coat, moved and handled well.

2 Thomas' Tycadno Dancing Star. Wheaten bitch in excellent double coat, strong bitch with plenty of her all round, ample bone, well ribbed body, well muscled quarters which gave her excellent drive, went well. 3 Thompson's Glenrood Love In A Mist. 

PGB (3)

1 Clayton's Carradine Here Comes Dolly. Nice feminine expression on this brindle bitch, dark points with well set ears, dark eye, correct bite, nice front and shoulders, pleasing body, good double coat, has character and went well, carrying a lovely topline.

2 Soper's Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds. Light wheaten bitch, pleasing expression, nice overall balance and nice length with good body and coat, presented a nice outline with well set tail and level topline, moved and handled well. 3 Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Fennel. Three nice bitches. 

LB (4, 1)

1 Dolan's Glenrood Spell Dance JW. Cracking grey brindle bitch, dark mask and ears, impish expression, correct bite, has strength of muzzle and good stop, pleasing neck to good shoulders, nice feet and pads, good ribbed body of nice length with strong quarters which she used to give good drive, moving well both ways so Res BCC.

2 Danielsson's Tom Trick's Fancy Little Fire Fairy. Redish wheaten, a little stronger in head than first but not the movement, lots to like about her with dark points, a nice bitch with pleasing body, good in profile and went well. 3 Asmyhr's Motoppen Pinot Noir. 

OB (7)

1 Keeves' Ch Seveek Hopes 'N' Dreams JW ShCM. Lovely head and expression on this lovely brindle bitch, neat well set ears, dark eye, correct bite, pleasing neck to well laid shoulders, best of fronts, good feet and pads, pleasing ribbed body of balanced length, nice bend of stifle on well muscled quarters, went well, moving true both ways and presenting a level topline with good set on. Pleased to award her the BCC and BOB.

2  Danielsson's Fin Sw Ch No Copyright I Like It I Love It. Grey brindle bitch of quality, typy and so well balanced, lovely expression with dark eye, good bite, good reach of neck, pleasing body, in good double coat and condition, went well. 3 Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Florey. Another good one that went well in a strong class.

Alan Small