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Border Union Championship Show

17 June 2018

Judge  : Mrs Joan Percy (Winetta)


DCC; Shannon & Storr’s       Ch Brenndarcy Tinsoldat

RDCC; Peers’ Tweedisle Lively Lad

BCC & BOB; Clarke’s Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream Jw

RBCC; Roberts’  Cannwood Chance The Moment

BPIB; Catto’s  Birselaw Viking Princess – PG2!

BVIB; Lamb & Saltmarch’s Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon Shcm


Pat Clarke, BCC & BOB Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream, Joan Percy,

Brenda Shannon DCC & BOS Ch Brenndarcy Tinsoldat

Linda Firth, BPD Cairngold Chico, Joan Percy,

BPB & BPIB Birselaw Viking Princess, Yvonne Catto

RDCC Tweedisle Lively Lad, Graham Peers, Brenda Shannon,

 DCC Ch Brenndarcy Tinsoldat, Linda Firth BPD Cairngold Chico

Chris Roberts, RBCC Cannwood Chance The Moment, Joan Perccy, Pat Clarke,

 BCC Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream, Yvonne Catto, BPB Birselaw Viking Princess

Joan Percy, Jo Lamb, BVD & BVIB Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon Shcm 


Puppy – Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st       Cairngold Chico (Mr A, Mrs L & Miss A M Firth)

2nd      Cale Hill's Go Above And Beyond For Brenndarcy (Imp Dnk) (Shannon & Storr)


Junior – Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st       Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon (Ms J & Mr B Lamb & Saltmarsh)


Post Graduate – Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st       Cairngold Bubbly ( Mr R Reeves)


Limit – Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st       Tweedisle Lively Lad (Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Peers)

2nd      Lentrica Let's Dance At Calamondin (Miss M Ball)

3rd      Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon Shcm Ir Vet Ch (Lamb & Saltmarsh)

Res     Lentrica Rocket Man At Carernwil (Mrs & Mrs P Carter & Clarke)

Vhc     Birselaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon Shcm (Lamb & Saltmarsh)


Open – Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st       Brenndarcy Tinsoldat (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)

2nd      Birselaw Stay With Me (Miss Y Catto)


Veteran – Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st       Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon Shcm ( Lamb & Saltmarsh)


Puppy – Bitch Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st       Birselaw Viking Princess (Miss Y Catto)

2nd      Lentrica Dolly Mixture At Carernwil Naf ( Carter)

3rd      Tweedisle Forever Tansy  Peers)


Junior - Bitch

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st       Cannwood Chance The Moment (Roberts)


Novice – Bitch Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st       Cannwood Chance The Moment (oberts)


Post Graduate – Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st       Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds (Mrs C Soper)

2nd      Cornton Starr Turn (Miss H M P Miller)

3rd      Cairngold Carolina (Mr A, Mrs L & Miss A M Firth)

Res     Birselaw Blithe Spirit (Miss A Bowness)


Limit – Bitch Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st       Lentrica Fame At Landbuck (Felters & Rumens)

2nd      Cannwood Misty Dawn At Gethlee ( Smith)

3rd      Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae ( Petts)


Open – Bitch Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st       Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream Jw (Clarke)

2nd      Brenndarcy Cloudbusting (Shannon & Storr)


Veteran - Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st       Birselaw Folksong ( Bowness)

2nd      Glenmear Sproxton Lass Of Gethlee ( Smith)



















Scotland as seen from its border with England

Photos By Graham Peers camers with a little help from his friends.


Border Union Agricultural Society

Championship Show

17th June 2018


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this lovely show and my stewards for doing such a great job.

Although it wasn’t a large entry I was very pleased with the quality of my final line up.

It was lovely to get the chance to go over some of the dogs I have admired from the ring side although some did not seem to like the surface and movement was not as I have witnessed in the past, but as the old saying goes you judge the dogs on the day.

Puppy Dog (3 - 1 abs)

Two very nice puppies

1 – Firths Cairngold Chico – Well balanced 11 month red with good bone, nice length of leg giving a pleasing outline. Lovely head, broad skull, well defined stop, neat ears and correct mouth. Lovely harsh coat, if a little short, he is a steady showman who moves true both ways. Won this class on movement.

2 – Shannon & Storr’s Cale Hills Go Above and Beyond for Brenndarcy (Imp DNK) – Larger type than 1 this dark brindle has the most stunning of heads with expressive eyes. Good stop, broad muzzle, correct mouth. Straight front, level top line, correct tail set, shown in full harsh coat. Not as sound on the move as the 1st which reflected in the placings, but at 8 months he has time on his side and there is much to like about him.

Junior Dog (1 – 0 abs)

1 – Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Come Dancing with Macmoon – Well balanced wheaten brindle in good textured coat. Lovely head, broad muzzle and deep stop. Good length of neck, level top line. Not as positive on the move – needs time.

 Novice Dog – (0 Entries)


Post Graduate Dog (1 – 0 abs)

1 – Reeve’s Cairngold Bubbly – Attractive red, smaller type with masculine head, neat ears, dark expressive eyes. Nice length of neck and level top line. He needs time to body up. Short harsh coat.


Limit Dog (5 – 0 abs)

1 – Peer’s Tweedisle Lively Lad – Attractive wheaten brindle with strong masculine head, dark eyes, good stop, wide firm jaw and strong teeth. Good length of neck, well sprung ribs, level top line and correct tail set. Liked his size and outline. Moved with purpose around the ring – please to award him RCC.

2 – Ball’s Lentrica Let’s Dance at Calamondin – Up to size wheaten brindle. Another with a strong masculine head, alert expression, good mouth. Nice length of neck leading into well laid shoulders he moved freely. In excellent coat and condition.

3 – Lamb and Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable of Macmoon SHCM 1R VET CH.


Open Dog (2 – 0 abs)

1 – Shannon and Storrs Brenndarcy Tinsoldat – Well balanced beautiful red with the most wonderful masculine head. Correct mouth, large teeth and neat well set ears. Enough neck, good forechest, straight front, level top line, strong made hindquarters and correct tail set. He moves true both ways. Shown in top condition. He seemed to have other things on his mind though when it came to the challenge for best of breed. DCC and BOS.

2 -  Cattos Birselaw Stay With Me – Dark Grey Brindle, a larger type than the winner with typical head, dark expressive eyes, good stop correct mouth. Good front and shoulders, level top line, shown in full profuse coat. Very attentive to handler.


Veteran Dog (1 – 0 abs)

1 – Lamb and Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon SHCM – Typical head, dark eyes, straight front, well sprung ribs and level top line. Not a big dog but well balanced he moved freely. Shown in short coat. B.V.

Puppy Bitch (3 – 0 abs)

1 – Catto’s Birselaw Viking Princess – Lovely compact 8 month wheaten brindle with such a pretty head, wicked expression, neat ears and correct mouth. Lovely front, good shoulders leading into level top line and well carried tail which never dropped. Shown in full coat she covered the ground with ease and had such a presence for one so young. Loved her. B.P

Congratulations on a fantastic Group 2 placement.

2 – Carter’s Lentrica Dolly Mixture at Carernwil NAF – Another pretty 8 month wheaten brindle with lots to like. More rangy than the 1 but well balanced. Lovely feminine head, good stop, correct mouth. Showed well but preferred movement of the 1.

3 – Peer’s Tweedisle Forever Tansy.





Junior Bitch (1 – 0 abs)

1 – Robert’s Cannwood Chance the Moment – Beautiful well balanced wheaten bitch with pretty feminine head, lovely expression, good stop, neat ears, mouth ok. Good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, nice straight front, well sprung ribs. Loved her length of back with firm level top line which she keeps on the move, correct tail set, good angulation. She moves with drive and shows non stop. R.C.C.


Novice Bitch (1 – 0 abs)

1stRobert’ Cannwood Chance the Moment.


Post Graduate Bitch (4 – 0 abs)

1 – Soper’s Elitecharm Five of Diamonds – Pretty feminine wheaten brindle with well proportioned head, lovely broad muzzle, deep stop, good mouth. Nice length of neck leading into correct shoulders, good straight front, level top line and correct tail set. Well muscled hindquarters she moved and showed well. Coat not at it’s best which was a shame – considered her for R.C.C.

2 – Miller’s Cornton Starr Turn – Very pretty wheaten brindle with the best of heads. Good layback of shoulders, nice front, level top line. Once settled she moved well.

3 – Firths’s Cairngold Carolina.


Limit Bitch (3 – 0 abs)

1 – Felters and Rumens Lentrica Fame at Landbuck – Ultra feminine grey brindle with beautiful well furnished head, intense expression, good stop. Lovely length of neck, well laid shoulders, level top line kept on the move, well set tail. Moved with purpose.

2 – Smith’s Cannwood Misty Dawn at Gethlee – Compact wheaten bitch with dark points. Lovely head with striking dark eyes, good stop, correct mouth. Good front and spring of rib, level top line. Presented in harsh coat. She moved and showed well.

3 – Pett’s Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae.


Open Bitch (2 – 0 abs)

1 – Clarke’s CH. Lentrica Dolly Daydream JW – Quality wheaten brindle with the most beautiful of heads. Expressive eyes, good stop, correct mouth, neat well set ears all enhanced by a lovely dark mask. Nice length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs, straight front, level top line and correct tail set. In top condition she moves with grace and never put a foot wrong. C.C & B.O.B

2 – Shannon and Storr’s Brenndarcy Cloudbusting – Another beautiful red bitch from this kennel and one I have admired from the ringside. Gorgeous head with nice dark eyes, good stop, correct mouth with large teeth. Lovely to go over on the table she is well balanced with correct shoulders, well sprung ribs, level top line, straight front and firm quarters. Standing she is a picture but today she was in season which affected her rear movement.

Veteran Bitch (2 – 0 abs)

1 -  Bowness’s Birselaw Folksong – Lovely feminine dark brindle 9 year old bitch with typical head and sweet expression, correct mouth, good neck, level top line and correct tail set. In excellent condition for her age, moved OK. A credit to her owner.

2 – Smith’s Glenmeak Sproxton Lass of Gethlee – 8 year old dark brindle larger all round than the 1. She has a pretty head, good stop. Shown in full coat.


Joan Percy