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2018 Reports



CTCChampionship Show

Judge Satu Stenroos

1st April 2018


DCC & BIS Kintonís Ch Woodthorpe I Know the Code

RDCC Carterís Lentrica Rocket Man At Carernwil

BCC Johnsonís Ch Pendley Vivien

RBCC Cattoís Nordcairnís Peace Of Mind At Birselaw (Imp Dnk)

BPIB Harrisonís Carradine Whiskey Oscar

BVIS Shoplands Ch Cherrycrack Blackadder


Joanne Johnson, BCC, BOS & RBIS Ch pendley Vivien, Satu Stenroos,

Sue Kinton, DCC & BIS Ch Woodthorpe I Know The Code

Satu Stenroos awarding BPIS To

Dawn Inett & Carradine Whiskey Oscar

Sylvia Carter, RDCC Lentrica Rocket Man with Carenwil, Satu Stenroos, Sue Kinton,

DCC Ch Woodthorpe I Know The Code, Dawn Inett, BPD Carradine Whiskey Oscar,

Maggie Shopland, BVD & BVIS Ch Cherrycrack Blackadder

Yvonne Catto, RBCC Nordcairns Peace Of Mind At Birselaw,

Satu Stenroos, Joanne Johnson, BCC Ch Pendley Vivien


Sv 6,2a

  1. Ch Cherrycrack Blackadder
  2. Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon
  3. Birselaw Folksong
  4. Birselaw Fable Macmoon Sh Cm Ir Vet Ch


Sv 3,1a

  1. Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon
  2. Sybster Shiraz


Mpd 4,1a

  1. Carradine Whiskey Oscar
  2. Cornton Fyne Fettle
  3. Lindcoly Above The Rest


Pd 4,1a

  1. Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon
  2. Cairngold Chico
  3. Lindcoly Above The Rest


Jd0 Entries


Yd 1,,

  1. Cairngold Bubbly


Nd 2,1a

  1. Lindcoly Above The Rest


Gd 0 Entries


Pgd 1

  1. Rocasovale Distant Drums


Ld 8, 1a

  1. Lentrica Rocket Man At Carernwil
  2. Lindcoly Howling Mad Murdoch
  3. Trekhilli Mister Bean At Cherrycrack
  4. Cornton Dark Corrie
  5. Rocasovale Danish Delight


Od 7, 1a

  1. Ch Woodthorpe I Know The Code
  2. Glenmear Mcintire
  3. Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh Jw
  4. Birselaw Stay With Me
  5. Brenndarcy Tinsoldat


Sb 1

1.   Lentrica Sweet Sensation

Mpb 5,1a

  1. Lindcoly Enid Blyton
  2. Carradine Winnie
  3. Lindcoly Saucy Trouble
  4. Trekhilli I Got Chills


Pb 3,1a

  1. Lindcoly Miss Breena
  2. Lindcoly Oh Carolina


Jb 4,1a

  1. Lindcoly Moana Tilly
  2. Cherrycrack Fair Rosamund
  3. Lindcoly Hocus Pocus


Yb 4,1a

  1. Cairngold Carolina
  2. Carradine Miss Marcie At Myrtog
  3. Cornton Starr Turn


Nb 3.

  1. Cherrycrack Fair Rosamund
  2. Lindcoly Marvelous Mildred
  3. Trekhilli I Got Chills


Gb 2,1a

  1. Birselaw Midnigh Sun Over Cornton


Pgb 6, 2a

  1. Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae
  2. Lindcoly Lets Just Talk
  3. Carradine Here Comes Dolly
  4. Birselaw Blithe Spirit


Lb 5,2a

  1. Nordcairnís Peace Of Mind At Birselaw (Imp Dnk)
  2. Cornton Rosemaree
  3. Sybster Sanderoma Sh Cm


Ob 5,2a

  1. Ch Pendley Vivien
  2. Brenndarcy Cloudbusting
  3. Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream






























Awarding BIS



It was an honour to be invited to judge at Cairn Terrier Club show in Alva, Scotland. I was pleased with my lovely entry. Even though it was a long trip to many exhibitors I was glad to see so many of you there. I liked my winners a lot. They were both beautifully built, had typey beautiful heads and moved very soundly. I could have taken them with me to Finland. I want to thank warmly the organizers and the lovely people who made our trip so special.



1. Cherrycrack Blackadder Lovely propotions, beautifully angulated, very charming head, small neat ears. Nice neck and body, Harsh coat. Showed and shown well. Moved nicely.

2. Roachdee Mystery of the Full Moon 11Ĺ years old lovely red cairn. Good proportions, lovely expression, small ears. Little bit overweight today. Nice topline and tailset. Beautifully angulated rear. Moved well and showed nicely.



1. Roachdee Mystery of the Full Moon (see above)

2.Sybster Shiraz 10 years old, In lovely condition. A head with beautiful expression. Harsh coat, moved well for age. Nice topline, good ribcage, nicely angulated, happy and shows well.



1.Carradine Whiskey Oscar A smaller correct size puppy male, who has lovely proportions, really charming head and expression, small neat ears. Beautiful coat in lovely show condition. Nice topline and tailset. Nice body. Moved and showed well.

2. Cornton Fyne Fettle Quite a big puppy and little bit long bodied at the moment otherwise balanced. Nice expression, good ribcage for his age. Little bit long in loin. Nicely angulated in rear, moved well.



1. Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon Lovely proportions, masculine very charming puppy. Lovely head and expression. Shoulder placement could be better. Front legs turn out a little bit. Lovely topline. Good body for his age. Nicely angulated in rear. Harsh coat, quite short today. Moves well, little bit loosen in front.

2. Cairngold Chico Lovely type red male, charming expression and all details in head. Small ears, upright shoulder. Well angulated in rear, nicely developed body. Lovely topline and tailset. Excellent red coat in lovely showcondition. Shows and moves well with good drive.



1.Cairngold Bubbly A young male with charming cairn expression. Lovely head and details, Neat ears. Upright shoulder. Lovely harsh coat. Well made body. Nice tailset and topline. Nice straight front legs. Parallel movement in the rear, with good drive from side.



1. Lindcoly Above The Rest Very happy cairn. Nice head. At the moment topline is not straigh. Little bit long in body. Needs time to develope. A little bit unstable movement today. Shows very well.



1.Rocasovale Distant Drum Male who has nice proportions, lovely topline and tailset.The expression could be better. Upright shoulder. Moves well with drive from side, turns the back leg in when moves. Harsh coat, nice straight front legs. Shows happily.



1.Lentrica Rocket Man At Carernwil Wheaten male with lovely proportions. Very lovely expression. Little bit upright shoulder. Nice body, good bones. Lovely topline and tailset. Very well angulated in rear. Moves well up and down. In lovely show condition in all way. 2. Lindcoly Howling Mad Murdoch Excellent head and expression. Nicely angulated. Harsh coat in lovely show condition. Nice forechest and bones. Moves well in rear and loosen in front. Shows and shown very well.



1. CH Woodthorpe I Know The Code Very attractive male with lovely proportions, very masculine. Balanced in all ways. Lovely body, topline and tailset, nice bones. Moves with good drive in rear. Good coat in excellent show condition. Real eyecather. Shows beautifully.

2. Glenmear Mcintire Very nice head and expression, small ears, nicely developed body, beautiful topline and tailset. Excellent in all way. Moves with good drive. Showed well.



1. Lentrica Sweet Sensation Nice size. Lovely head and expression. Nice small ears. Lovely proportions. Nice topline and tailset. Parallel movements. Good harsh coat, shows happily.



1. Lindcoly Enid Blyton Very charming red puppy so full of Cairn joy and energy. Nice proportions and well made body. Moves well when settled. Nice forechest for her age. Very charming head. Nice coat in very good show condition. Full of joy.

2. Carradine Winnie Lovely red bitch puppy. Well made body for her age. Nicely angulated in front and rear. Coat in lovely show condition. Could have more head furnishing. Shows and shown well. Moved well.



1. Lindcoly Miss Breena Puppy with lovely proportions. Lovely head and expression. Nice small ears. Well angulated in front and enough in rear. Little bit round ribcage. Moves nicely when settled. Very happy showgirl.

2. Lindcoly Oh Carolina Red puppy bitch with nice proportions. Lovely topline. Very well angulated in front. Head needs more time to develope. Very feminine expression. Beautiful harsh coat. Very happy character. Well handled.



1. Lindcoly Moana Tilly Happy junior bitch, who shows well when settled. Lovely head and expresion. Nicely angulated in front and rear. Good topline and tailset. Good body. Very happy character. Moves and shown well.

2. Cherrycrack Fair Rosamund Feminine bitch, who has charming expression. Good proportions. Nice angulations in front and rear. little bit low tailset. Moves soundly. Shown well.



1. Cairngold Carolina Very charming, balanced bitch. Beautiful outlines, feminine expression. Lovely deatails in head. Lovely harsh coat in good show condition, well presented. Good body, topline and tailset. Moves freely.

2. Carradine Miss Marcie At Myrtog Dark brindle bitch with a charming cairn expression. Well made body and lovely proportions. Excellent topline and tailset. Good forechest. Could have stronger angulations in rear. Moves freely up and down, however. Shows and shown well. NB Cherrycrack Fair Rosamund Look at



1.Lindcoly Marvelous Mildred Lovely size bitch. Very charming expression. Well made body. Good forechest. Good tailset. Moves well, when settled. Needs time to develop. GB Birselaw Midnigh Sun Over Cornton Bitch with lovely outline and good proportions. Very charming Cairn expression. Good body and ribcage. Nicely angulated in rear, could be better angulated in front. Moves little bit toes in in rear, otherwise moves nicely. Harsh coat, not in best show condition today.



1. Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae Very charming. Lovely proportions. Feminine head and lovely expression. Good topline and taiset. Nicely angulated in front and rear. Good straight front legs. Lovely harsh coat in nice show condition. Good forechest. Moves soundly. Lovely character.

2. Lindcoly Lets Just Talk Good size, very feminine bitch. Nicely angulated in front and rear. Nice topline, good forechest. Moves nicely. Very happy character.



1. Nordcairnís Peace of Mind At Birselaw Very charming bitch, good proportions. Lovely head and charming expression. Beautifully built. Nice topline. Nicely angulated. Moves soundly, shows and shown well.

2. Cornton Rosemaree Lovely, balanced bitch, who is little bit overweight today. Lovely charming head and expression. Well angulated in rear. Good topline and tailset. Harsh coat, but not in the best show condition today. Moves nicely.



1. CH Pendley Vivien Lovely balanced bitch, in excellent show condition in all ways. Very well angulated in front and rear. Carries herself beautifully when moves, excellent body. Lovely topline and tailset. Good bones. Moves freely. Wonderful showgirl. I would like to take her home.

2. Brenndarcy Cloudbusting Very attractive, feminine bitch. Balanced in all ways. Nicely angulated in front and rear. Lovely head and expression. Well made body. Lovely topline and tailset. In lovely show condition. Moves freely. Shown well.


Judge Satu Stenroos