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North Of Ireland CTC Ch Show

30 Sept 2018

Judeg Ann Waugh (Tribannon)


DCC & RBIS Hogartys Cadagio Take That

RDCC Hogartys Ir Ch/UK Ch Cadagio Don't Stop Me Now

BCC & BIS Hogartys Ir Ch Cadagio As Long As You Have Me

RBCC Guts Ir Ch Lauren Bacal Du Harpouy D'auzan

Best Puppy Cattos Birselaw Viking Princess

Best Junior Miller's Corton Fyne Fettle

Best Veteran Lamb & Saltmarsh's Birselaw Fable of Macmoon Sh.cm













I wish to thank the North of Ireland Cairn Terrier Club for inviting me to judge their 37th CH, show held at Sixmile Leisure Center, Ballyclare. My thanks are also extended to my stewards who ably assisted me. The show was well run by a small but enthusiastic committee.

I enjoyed my time judging as there was a pleasant atmosphere and the exhibitors accepted my decisions with good grace.A numerically small entry awaited me but there were some quality exhibits to go over.The main fault that I found was poor toplines. They should have been firmer especially on the move.Toplines show how well a dog is constructed.


PD -1

Ist. Gut’s Iceman from Deerpark,11mth old red,well formed head, mouth, eye and ear placement and coat quality all correct. Could be firmer in front movement but better behind, covered the ground well with a driving action. Topline could have been better as his tailset is a little low.

Junior Dog. 2

A very close decision here.

!st. Miller’s Cornton Fyne Fettle,Ligth wh br. pleasing in head formation with well placed ears and good mouth though I would have liked a slightly darker eye. He moved well in front better here than 2nd but was narrower behind. My decision came down to showmanship and this one showed and had a firmer topline on the move.

2nd Lamb and Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Come Dancing with Macmoon, dk wh br. With a classic head and ex expression everything correct. Not as firm in front as 1st but better behind. Moved at a brisk pace, maybe too fast for this dog as he lost his topline at times and seemed to stick his neck out losing his good shape. No doubt these two will change places many times.

Grad Dog1(1)

Post Grad Dog 2(2)

Limit Dog –2

1st Hogarty’s Cadagio Take That, wh br.correct skull,good stop,eyes and well placed ears. Handles well on the table with a dead level topline, correct tailset,forechest and shoulders all pleasing. Good body proportions giving a balanced outline. Presented in good textured coat. Moved with driving action, true both ways. An accomplished showman Happy to award him the C C .

2nd Lamb and Saltmarsh’sBirselaw Dark Charmer for Macmoon, dk br.a smaller exhibit with a typical head and expression, good type, carried his topline well, sound mover who showed all out.


Open Dog—6(1)

1st Hogarty’s CH.IR CH.Cadagio Don’t Stop Me Now, dk br. An impressive dog and a very worthy CH.Masculine head with good expression. Well formed body shown in ex all round condition. Level topline held well at all times. Showed all out to win this good class. Res C C. lost out for the C C as I felt the younger dog was a better and freer mover. But a close call.

2nd Alexander’s Stirlingview Shake the Dice, another impressive dog who makes the most of himself, handles well on the table with everything correct. Balanced body, presented in good coat and condition. Moved well both ways but today I felt on viewing him on the ground that he had too much hair around his neck which spoilt the clean outline that I felt on the table. This contributed to my decision here---a temporary fault easily corrected.

3rdGut’s Leroy of Black Rock’s—another good dog with an excellent head.

Veteran Dog/Bitch 3(1)

!st Lamb and Saltmarsh’s Birslaw Fable of Macmoon SLCM,IR Vet.CH. (yr old dk br dog of ex body proportion good head with typical expression, level topline and good taiset.In good coat and condition. Moved well showy and responsive exhibit and a credit to his owner.

2nd Keegan’s Mistress Cochran,7 yr old red bitch with a pleasing head and good expression in quality coat, enjoying herself here but was not as firm in topline as 1st.



Puppy Bitch—3(2)

1st Catto’s Birselaw Viking Princess, and indeed she is out of the top drawer, 11 months sweet feminine head with classic expression, good for eye colour and shape, good mouth and ear placement, ex stop. Balanced body, sound mover both ways moved with good drive, topline carried well, in coat of ex texture. A showy exhibit,  not a big bitch but all the essentials are there in abundance. Best Puppy.

Junior Bitch—1

1st Lunn’s Trouble with a Capital T, wh br.in ex. Coat, pretty and feminine, well formed head with everything correct. Carrying too much weight today which did not help her topline when moving.



Graduate Bitch—1.

1st Alexander’s Coharra Class Act, dk br. in great hard body condition, Feminine head with good expression, sound fore and aft but her topline could have been firmer on the move.

Post Grad Bitch—4(2)

1st Miller’s Cornton Star Turn,wh br. good head with typical expression, in good all round condition, fore and aft movement was pleasing but her topline was a little slack. Scored in balance over 2nd.

2nd Gut’s Mata Harie Du Harpouy D’auzan, a smaller bitch with a very good head moved and showed well ,lost out on balance being longer and lower than 1st.

Limit Bitch—2

1st Catto’sBirselaw Paige Turner, very feminine in outlook with a fine head ,good mouth, eye and ear placement, presented in full coat. Moved better in front than behind  but scored in balance over 2nd.

2nd Hogarty’s Cadagio Get Ready for IT. Smaller version than 1st with an equally pretty feminine head. Scored in coat texture over 1st but was not as firm in front.

Open Bitch—9(6)

1st Hogarty’s IR CH.Cadagio As Long as You have Me, bright red with a really lovely well formed head (that won me over) everything correct, handles well on the table with good forechest, clean shoulders, level topline  gd.tailset and strong loin, balanced body. A fluent mover with perfect fore and aft movement carrying herself with enthusiasm as she went around the ring. C C and B O B.

2nd Gut,s CH Lauren Bacal Du Harpouy D’auzan, This red br. Bitch impressed with her lovely head and typical expression.She also handles well on the table with everything correct, strong topline, shoulders, tail set. Balanced body but smaller than 1st,equally good in movement with driving side gait keeping her topline well. Unlucky to meet 1st Res C C

3rd Alexander’s Coharra Check Me Out.

Sp Beginners—1

!st Keegan’s Mistress Cochran.

     Judge   Ann Waugh.