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Three Counties Championship Show


Judge: Elaine Short (Glenchess)

DCC & Best Of Breed : Danielssonís Uniquecottage Wild Dill

RDCC : Millerís Cornton Fyne Fettle

BCC : Hughes & Hootonís Penticharm Party Popper

RBCC :Dolanís Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood

Best Puppy : Felters & Rumensí Landbuck Kingsman

BVIB , Kinchinís Carradine RubyTuesday At Pennidazzle


DCC & BOB Uniquecottage Wild Dill, Elaine Short, Liz Hooton,

BCC Penicharm Party Popper

Elaine Short, BPD & BPIB Landbuck Kingsman, Alan Felters


DCC Uniquecottage Wild Dill, Elaine Short, Helen Miller, RDCC Corton Fyne Fettle

Liz Hooton, BCC Penicharm Party Popper, Elaine Short, Sue Dolan,

RBCCWhispers At Dawn t Glenrood


Jenny Kinchin, NVB & BVIBCarradine RubyTuesdaty At Pennidazzle, Elaine Short

Elaine Short, BPB Penticharm Itís My Party, Liz Hooton,

Mpd (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Peers Tweedisle Jaunty Lad


Pd (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Felters & RumensLandbuck Kingsman

2nd: HartoppPenticharm Oh What A Knight


Jd (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Waugh Mrs A Ch Tribannon Karamak

2nd:Weinberger Cruzo Copper Coin For Correnie

3rd: Parker-TuckerTom Trick's Incredibly Ilay Of

Uniquecottage (Swed

Res: Bateman Carradine Whiskey Mac


Pgd (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Harrison Mrs R Carradine Whiskey Oscar

2nd: Shannon & Storr Brenndarcy Baldrick


Ld (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Miller Miss H M P Cornton Fyne Fettle

2nd: Day Mrs G Trekhilli Pepperazzi


Od (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st:Danielsson Miss V Uniquecottage Wild Dill

2nd:PeersTweedisle Lively Lad

3rd:Saich Miss K Lindcoly Holwing Mad Murdoc

Mpb (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: BubbLindcoly Strike A Pose

2nd: Parker-Tucker Uniquecottage Grey Saffron


Pb (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st:Hooton & Hughes Penticharm It's My Party

2nd:Miller Miss H M P Cornton Eilidh Dhu

3rd: Saich Lindcoly Tramps An Thieves

Res: KinchinPennidazzle Dream Of Dreams


Jb (7 Entries) Abs: 2

1st:Dolan Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood

2nd: Robinson Mrs G Cruzo Curtain Call

3rd: Mcintyre Cannwood Celtic Charm

Res:Bateman & RavenhillCarradine Fizz Bomb

Vhc: Saich Miss K Lindcoly This Is Me


Pgb (9 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Thomas Mr G Tycadno Yours Truly

2nd: Robinson Mrs G Cruzo Cat Balou

3rd: Inett, Harrison & Clayton Carradine Winnie

Res: Parker-Tucker Miss A R Uniquecottage Fennel

Vhc: Lund Mr T J & Mrs K E Cairngold Brandy Snap


Lb (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Hughes & Hooton Penticharm Party Popper

2nd:Osborn Tweslam Gimme Gimme Magic

3rd: Roberts Cannwood Chance The Moment

Res: Metcalf-Sault & Metcalf Cannwood Call Me Aggie


Ob (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Dolan Mrs S E Ch Glenrood Spell Dance Jw

2nd: Fair Mr & Mrs J Carradine Miss Marcie At Myrtog

3rd: VaughanPenticharm Knight Star

Res: Shannon & Storr Ch Brenndarcy Cloudbusting


Vb (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: KinchinCarradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle





















Having A Bench Breakfast

When Iím Calling You.- Ooh, ooh, Ooh, ooh.

Wendyís happy, it's a show on her doorstep.

Well Ė Dawn canít straighten upright

Herís are better than mine

Checking out the opposition.



Three Counties Championship Dog Show

6th June 2019


 A very good entry for a Thursday with some very nice dogs present. We were able to use the outside ring.


Minor Puppy Dog 1 (0)

1. Peers: Tweedisle Jaunty Lad

Wheaten Brindle up to size, he has a balanced head with good mouth, dark eye and small ears. Level topline kept on the move. Moved steadily with width in the rear, keeping topline. Coata little uneven presently.


Puppy Dog 2 (0)

1 Felters and Rumens: Landbuck Kingsman BP.

Red Brindle , coat texture correct and he has a strong head with good stop and width, small ears, dark eye and large teeth. Level topline kept on the move. He hasforechest, spring of rib and matching rear angulation. Correct tailset.

2. Hartopp: Penticharm Oh What A Knight

Smaller than one with a clean outline. He has a good expression and balanced head, good mouth. He moved well when he settled but needs firm handling. Level topline, good tailset.


Junior Dog 4 (0)

1. Waugh: CH: Tribannon Karamak

Cream coated boy of excellent type and balance. Gorgeous head and expression with a dark eye. Very good size and balance he moved well keeping outline but at times seemed a little hesitant, considered for RCC but his lack of enthusiasm affected his placing today.

2.Weinberger: Cruzo Copper Coin for Correnie

Red Brindle up to size rangy boy who has a clean outline, kept on the move. He has a good head and expression, level topline and well set on tail. Sound mover.

3.†† Parker- Tucker: Tom Trickís Incredibly Ilay of Uniquecottage.


Post Graduate Dog 3 (1)

1. Harrison: Carradine Whisky Oscar

Red Brindle with a beautiful head, sound and showy he moved well round the ring with verve. Would like a touch more daylight underneath. Well made in all departments.

2. Shannon and Storr: Brenndarcy Baldrick

Wheaten Brindle. Good head and expression with a tidy outline. He needed time to settle and the undulating ring did not help. Just needs time to mature a little more.


Limit Dog 3 (1)

1. Miller: Cornton Fyne Fettle RCC.

He has a balanced head onto clean neck and shoulders with a level topline. His coat which is wheaten brindle is of good texture and nicely presented. Keeps his topline on the move covering the ground and presenting a lovely outline. His eye could be a little darker but he has a good, kindly expression

2. Day: Trekhilli Pepperazzi

Dark Grey Brindle, up to size, good head and expression into well made body , sound with good outline.


Open Dog 3 (0)

 1. Daniellson: Uniquecottage Wild Dill CC. BOB.

Cream dog who excelled in all departments . He is masculine without coarseness. Carrying a coatof correct length and thickness. He is balanced with a level topline and he holds that outline on the move. His skull is broad with a strong stop and strong muzzle. Dark eye melting expression. True in all directions. He has a well developed front with good layback and complimentary rear with well let down hocks. Well set on tail .Pleased to award him the CC and BOB.

2.Peers: Tweedisle Lively Lad

Up to size wheaten brindle, who has a good expression and eye. Keeps his outline on the move. Has a good rear not moving closely, front movement tends to be closer than rear.

3. Saich: Lindcoly Howling Murdoch


Minor PuppyBitch 4(2)

1. Saich: Lindcoly Strike A Pose

Wheaten eight months, good outline, moved well. Feminine girl whose coat was very short today She was sound on the move and confident. Nice expression with a dark eye. Level topline, correct tailset

2. Parker-Tucker: Uniquecottage Grey Saffron

Cream puppy whose confidence grew as the day progressed. She was well put together with apretty head and melting expression, coat of good texture. Needs time and experience.


Puppy Bitch 5(1)

1.Hooton and Hughes: Penticharm Itís My Party

This class was her party. Wheaten brindle of eleven months with a good coat. Balanced head and good proportions. Moved steadily keeping topline.

2.Miller: Cornton Eilidh Dhu

Grey brindle with a good head with desired dark mask. Close decision between first and second . She had a good outline and moved steadily. A little more interaction with handler would give her the encouragement to shine.

3. Saich: Tramps And Thieves


Junior Bitch 7 (2)

1. Dolan: Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood RCC

Wheaten with a lovely feminine head, pleasing outline, with a good length of leg. She had a clean outline, very sound and kept topline on the move. Not overdone in any way with clean shoulders and balanced rear.

2. Robinson: Cruzo Curtain Call

Dark Brindle with good coat texture. A more narrowly made girl with racier outline. Good head and expression. Moved soundly keeping outline.

3.Mc Intyre: Cannwood Celtic Charm


Post Graduate Bitch 9 (1)

1.Thomas: Tycadno Yours Truly

Light Red Brindle of excellent type. Very good head with good stop and proportions. She is balanced and moved soundly. She has correct angulation fore and aft. Good tailset, kept outline.

2.Robinson: Cruzo Cat Ballou

Wheaten brindle, rangier and narrow build presently. Lovely head and expression dark eye, small neat ears. Moved soundly keeping outline andcovered ground.

3.Inett and Harrison: Carradine Winnie


Limit Bitch 4 (0)

1. Hughes and Hooton: Penticharm PartyPopper BCC

Creamwith a very good coat of correct texture and length. Attractive dark points and eye pigment. Very good proportions and balance. Lovely head and expression. Attentive and in tune with handler. Eye catching on the movepleased to award her the CC.

2,Osborn: Tweslam Gimme Gimme Magic

Attractive red with a lovely head and excellent pigment

Good eye and expression. Sound on the move, keeping her topline. Balanced outline and good tailset.

3,Roberts: Cannwood Chance The Moment


Open Bitch5 (1)

1. Dolan: CH: Glenrood Spell Dance JW

Silver brindle with good pigment Neat head with dark eyes, small ears. Good balanceand steady mover keeping topline. Very clean outline.

2. Fair: Carradine Miss Marcie At Myrtog

Bigger rangier bitch with dark brindle coat of good texture. Lovely head. Good movement with strong low hocks. She has good angulation, needs to keep tail up to give her desired outline when standing.

3. Vaughan: Penticharm Knight Star.


Veteran Bitch 1 (0)

1.Kinchin: Carradine Ruby Tuesday at Pennidazzle

Lovely balanced bitch of nine years Dark grey Brindle with some attractive silver highlights.

I liked her shape and balance . Good head with correct proportions . Level topline kept on the move, sound movement.


Judge Elaine Short.†††††††††††