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2019 Reports



The Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

31st March 2019

Judge Sue Dolan (Glenrood)


DCC & BIS; Waugh’s Tribannon Karamak

RDCC; Percy’s Ch Winetta Quest For Fame

BCC & BOS; Petts’ Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae (3rd CC)

RBCC; Catto’s Birselaw Viking Princess

BPIS; Inett’s Carradine Jo

BVIS; Osborn’s Ch. Tweslam Maid By Magic JW


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Julie Petts, BCC, BOS & RBIS Brenndarcy Hunky Dory, Sue Dolan,

DCC & BIS Tribannon Karamak, Ann Waugh

Dawn Inett, BPB & BPIS Carradine Jo


Jo Lamb,  BVD Renshaw There and Back Again Under Macmoom, DCC Tribannon Karamak, Ann Waugh,

Sue Dolan, Joan Percy, RDCC Ch Winetta Quest For Fame, Diane Hartropp, BPD Penticharm Oh What A Knight.

Julie Petts, BCC Brenndarcy Hunky Dory, Sue Dolan,

Yvonne Catto, RDCC Birselaw Viking Princess.




Awardning BIS



Special Veteran Dog Or Bitch (7 To 9 Years) 6 Entries ( 3a)

1. Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon ( Lamb And Saltmarsh)

2. Ch Doonrae Lexicon Of Love ( Petts)

3. Drinwil April Love ( Hartopp)


Special Vintage Dog Or Bitch (10 Years And Over) 5 Entries ( 1a)

 1. Ch Tweslam Maid By Magic ( Osborn)

2. Ch Doonrae Lexicon Of Love ( Petts)

2. Ch Cherrycrack Blackadder ( Shopland)

3. Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon ( Lamb And Saltmarsh)

Res. Birselaw Folksong ( Bowness)


Minor Puppy Dog 3 Entries

1. Penticharm Oh What A Knight ( Hartopp)

2. Carradine Kenda Kairn (Inett)

3. Doonrae Quiet Storm ( Petts)


Puppy Dog No Entries


Junior Dog 3 Entries

1. Tribannon Karamak ( Waugh)

2. Brenndarcy Baldrick ( Shannon And Storr)

3. Valletlord Café Noir ( Daley)


Yearling Dog 5 Entries

1. Cairngold Chico ( Firth)

2. Carradine Whiskey Oscar ( Harrison)

3. Cornton Fyne Fettle ( Miller)

Res. Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon ( Lamb And Saltmarsh)

Vhc. Valletlord Café Noir ( Daley)


Novice Dog 2 Entries

1. Cale Hill’s Go Above And Beyond For Brenndarcy ( Shannon And Storr)

2. Valletlord Café Noir ( Daley)


Graduate Dog No Entries


Post Graduate Dog 3 Entries

1. Caldwall On Call ( Owen)

2. Glendream Hear Me Roar For Lindcoly ( Saich)

3. Castleline Pure Jackman At Beranburh ( Baillie And Davey)


Limit Dog 2 Entries

1. Lentrica Let’s Dance At Calamonden ( Ball)

2. Birselaw Dark Charmer At Macmoon ( Lamb And Saltmarsh)


Open Dog 8 Entries ( 2a)

1. Ch Winetta Quest For Fame ( Percy)

2. Dk/Nor//Sech Ki/ Nord Ch Cairnsters Mr Don Juan (Jarviningn And NeilSon)

3. Lindcoly Howling Mad Murdoc ( Saich)

Res.  Caldwall Call To Order ( Owen)

Vhc Castleline Pure Jackman At Beranburh ( Baillie And Davey)

Special Beginners Dog Or Bitch 4 Entries ( 1 A)

1. Valletlord Americano ( Mckerrell)

2. Valletlord Café Noir ( Daley)

3. Drinwil April Love ( Hatropp)


Minor Puppy Bitch 2 Entries 

1. Birselaw Walk With Me ( Catto)

2. Lindcoly Singing Angel ( Saich)


Puppy Bitch 4 Entries ( 1a)

 1. Carradine Jo ( Inett, Harrison And Clayton)

2. Cornton Eilidh Dhu ( Miller)

3. Lindcoly Kind Of Magic ( Saich)


Junior Bitch 4 Entries 

1. Birselaw Viking Princess ( Catto)

2. Tycadno Penny Black To Cherrycrack ( Shopland)

3. Lindcoly Golden Charm ( Saich)

Res. Valletford Americano ( Mckerrell)


Yearling Bitch 4 Entries

1. Carradine Winnie ( Harrison)

2. Cairngold Brandi Snap (Lund)

3. Lindcoly Howling Whoopi ( Saich)

4. Valletford Americano ( Mckerrell


Novice Bitch 5 Entries ( 2 A) .

1. Lindcoly Any Dream Will Do ( Saich)

2. Valletford Americano ( Mckerrell)


Graduate Bitch 2 Entries ( 1a)

1. Valletlord Americano ( Mckerrell)


Post Graduate Bitch

No Entries


Limit Bitch 6 Entries ( 4 A)

1. Winetta I’ve Got A Feeling ( Percy)

2. Tweslam Gimme Gimme Magic ( Osborn)


Open Bitch 1 Entry

1. Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae ( Petts)



Spec Vet

Spec Vintage










Spec Beg. D/B












31st MARCH 2019





I would like to thank the officers and committee of the Cairn Terrier Club for inviting me to judge their show, and for their hospitality, and especially Sheona who was my steward. I would also like to thank all the exhibitors, some travelling a long way to let me judge their dogs.

I was pleased with my entry and also to find that the quality of the males has improved since I last judged. I found some exhibits, however, with incorrect bites. I was very pleased with my overall entry especially my main winners.


Special Veteran, 6 entries (3 abs)


1st Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There And Back Again under Macmoon, an 8 ½ yrs dark brindle male, who is looking good for his age. Lovely broad head with a real Cairn expression, correct scissor bite and a good dark eye. Straight front, well balanced. Moved well both ways.

2nd Pett’s Ch Doonrae Lexicon Of Love, a 7 yrs dark bitch with a lovely head and expression. Level topline with a good tailset. Put together well, but longer in loin than the 1st. Moved and showed well.

3rd Hartopp’s Drinwil April Love.


Special Vintage, 5 entries (1 abs)


1st Osborn’s Ch Tweslam Maid By Magic JW, 10 yrs red bitch who is still looking like a youngster. Pretty head with a good expression and a dark eye, and a good stop. Well balanced, good length of neck and clean shoulders. Shown in good coat. Moved well with animation around the ring. Showed well. Best Veteran.

2nd Shopland’s Ch Cherrycrack Blackadder, another dark brindle of 10 years old. Lovely head with neat ears and dark eyes. Straight front with strong feet and tight pads, very well balanced. Moved well but today was not showing as well as 1.

3rd Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Bireslaw Fable of Macmoon Sh Cm Ir Vet Ch.


Minor Puppy Dog, 3 entries


1st Hartopp’s Penticharm Oh What A Knight, a 7 month old wheaten brindle with a good dark eye and a good stop. Well balanced with a nice outline. He is in between coats at the moment so had nothing to hide. Moving better in the rear today, but won this class on showmanship. Handled and shown well. Best Minor Puppy.

2nd Inett & Harrison’s Carradine Kenda Kairn, 8 month red brindle of a smaller mould than 1. Good front and a level topline. It wasn’t easy to assess his movement as it was quite erratic.

3rd Pett’s Doonrae Quiet Storm.


Puppy Dog, 0 entries


Junior Dog, 3 entries


1st Waugh’s Tribannon Karamak, this wheaten took my eye when he entered the ring and he didn’t disappoint on the table. He has a lovely head of correct proportions, with a deep stop and a dark eye, a broad jaw with big teeth. He excels in front and has a good forechest and correct layback of shoulders, plenty of bone and an excellent topline with a well set tail. He moved around the ring with plenty of drive. He never stopped showing and I was pleased to award him the Dog C.C. and B.O.B.

2nd Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Baldrick, wheaten brindle with a good expression, straight front and a good topline. It was difficult to fully assess his movement as he was jumping around at the 3rd dog in the ring.

3rd Daley’s Valletlord Café Noir.


Yearling Dog, 5 entries


1st Firth’s Cairngold Chico JW, a well balanced red with a good expression, neat ears, a straight front, good length of neck, a level topline and a good tailset. Moved well and a great showman.

2nd Harrison’s Carradine Whiskey Oscar, red brindle with dark points, good head and expression, a broad jaw, straight front, good level topline and a good tailset. Well balanced, moved and showed well.

3rd Miller’s Cornton  Fyne Fettle.


Novice Dog, 2 entries


1st Shannon & Storr’s Cale Hill’s Go Above And Beyond for Brenndarcy, good headed dark brindle, good forechest, straight front, moved well.

2nd Daley’s Valletlord Café Noir, dark grey brindle, good eye, in between coats at the moment, but what was there could be harsher. Enjoying his day out.


Graduate Dog, 0 entries


Post Graduate Dog, 3 entries


1st Owen’s Caldwell On Call, wheaten brindle with a dark mask, well proportioned head, neat ears, straight front with strong bone and good feet. Excellent length of neck flowing into good shoulders. Well groomed and moved with drive. Showed well.

2nd Saich’s Glendream Hear Me, dark brindle smaller than 1 with a dark eye, correct scissor bite, and a level topline. Moved ok.

3rd Baillie & Davey’s Castleline Pure Jackman at Beranburn.


Limit Dog, 2 entries


1st Ball’s Lentrica Let’s Dance At Calamonden, wheaten brindle who I judged as a puppy and he has matured well. Good strong head with a good expression. Straight front, clean shoulders. Moved well with plenty of drive. Showed well.

2nd Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Dark Charmer for Macmoon Sh CM, an attractive dark brindle, smaller than 1 but with a well balanced outline. Good length of neck with a level topline and a good tailset. Moved soundly.


Open Dog, 8 entries (2 abs)


1st Percy’s Ch Winetta Quest For Fame, grey brindle, lovely to go over, with an exceptional head and expression, a wide jaw with large teeth. Wide apart eyes, straight front and a good neck with correct layback of shoulders. Straight topline with a good tailset. Moved effortlessly around the ring with plenty of drive. Didn’t stop showing. A worthy champion. Pleased to award him Res Dog C.C.

2nd Jarvingn & Neilson’s Cainsters Mr Don Juan Dk/No/SeCh Ki/NordCh, well balanced dark brindle shorter on the leg than 1, lovely head with a deep stop and dark eyes, broad jaw with even teeth and correct scissor bite. Good topline and tailset. Moved and showed well.

3rd Saich’s Lindcoly Howling Mad Murdoc


Special Beginners, 4 entries (1 abs)


1st McKrerrell’s Valletlord Americano, dark brindle bitch, good length of neck and leg. Very angulated in the rear. Moved better in front than the rear. Happy showgirl.

2nd Daley’s Valletlord Café Noir.

3rd Hartopp’s Drinwil April Love.


Minor Puppy Bitch, 2 entries


1st Catto’s Birselaw Walk With Me, 8 month wheaten who took my eye as she entered the ring. She has a lovely head and feminine expression, good mouth and wide apart eyes. Excels in front and has a good forechest, excellent layback of shoulders which showed in her free flowing movement. She oozes personality. One to watch. Sadly she didn’t want to show in the challenge as she was involved in an unfortunate mishap just as she came in for the challenge.

2nd Saich’s Lindcoly Singing Angel, another wheaten of 8 months. Smaller and not quite as balanced as 1. Pretty head and a correct mouth. Moved well.


Puppy Bitch, 4 entries (1 abs)


1st Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Jo, pretty wheaten with a broad head and good expression, straight front, level topline and a good tailset. Moved well both ways. Has lots of personality. Best Puppy.

2nd Miller’s Cornton Eilidh Dhu, wheaten brindle shown in a shorter coat than 1, good length of neck, straight front and good feet. Moved well both ways. Unlucky to meet 1.

3rd Saich’s Lindcoly Kind Of Magic.


Junior Bitch, 4 entries


1st Catto’s Birselaw Viking Princess, well balanced silver brindle with a well proportioned head and feminine expression. Good flow of neck into shoulders, and a level topline. Not a big girl but well balanced. Moved and showed well. Res Bitch C.C.

2nd Shopland’s Tycadno Penny Black, red brindle bigger in build than 1, good mouth, straight front, well angulated rear quarters allowing her to move with plenty of drive. Just not showing as well nor as confident as 1.

3rd Saich’s Lindcoly Golden Charm/


Yearling Bitch, 4 entries


1st Harrison’s Carradine Winnie, well balanced red, broad head and mouth, good rear angulation allowing her to move with drive, coat of good texture. Showed well.

2nd Lund’s Cairngold Brandi Snap, red, sister to winner of Junior dog, and very similar in type. Longer on the leg than1, good length neck, good topline just didn’t move as freely as 1. Shown well

3rd Saich’s Lindcoly Howling Whoopi.


Novice Bitch, 5 entries (3 abs)


1st Saich’s Lindcoly Any Dream Will Do, grey brindle who was very difficult to assess because of her exuberance. Strong head with a correct mouth, moved well when settled.

2nd McKweewll’s Valletlord Americano


Graduate Bitch, 2 entries (1 abs)


1st McKerrell’s Valletlord Americano.


Post Graduate Bitch, 0 entries.


Limit Bitch, 6 entries (4 abs)


1st Percy’s Winetta I’ve Got A Feeling, dark grey brindle, not a big girl but is well balanced. She has a beautiful head, deep stop and a broad jaw. Straight front with strong tight feet, a good forechest and correct tailset. She is an excellent showgirl, and moved around the ring with plenty of drive.

2nd Osborn’s Tweslam Gimme Gimme Magic, red bigger than 1, good front and length of neck, good topline and tailset, shown in good coat. Well balanced, she moved well but was just not showing as well as 1.


Open Bitch, 1 entry


1st Pett’s Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae, quality red bitch standing alone. Nice dark points. She is well balanced and an excellent size and shape. Pretty head with a dark eye, excellent straight front a good length of neck. Good spring of rib, level topline and a good tailset. Well made hindquarters which allowed her to move freely around the ring. Never stopped showing. Pleased to award her Bitch C.C. I found out afterwards that this was her third. 



Judge. Sue Dolan (Glenrood)