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Manchester Championship Show

18 Jan 2019

Judge:  Jane Lilley

DCC & BOB : Hogarty’s Cadagio Take That  (3rd)
RDCC: Harrison’s Carradine Whiskey Oscar 
BCC: Dolan’s  Ch Glenrood Spell Dance Jw 
RBCC : Keeves’ Ch Seveek Hopes 'N' Dreams Jw Sh.Cm 
Best Puppy : Harrison & Inett’s Carradine Kenda Kairn 

Marie Hogarty, DCC & BOB Cadagio Take That, Sue Dolan, BCC Ch Glenrood Spell Dance JW, Jane Lilley.

Jane Lilley, BPB Glenrood ,Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood, Sue Dolan, Dawn Inett, BPD & BPIB Carradine Kenda Kairn

Jo Lamb, BVD , Marie Hogarty, DCC Cadagio Take That, Jane Lilley, Dawn Inett, RDCC Carradine Whiskey Oscar,  Diane Hartopp handling BPD Carradine Kenda Kairn.

Sue Dolan, BCC Ch Glenrood Spell Dance JW, jane Lilley, Jane Keeves, RBCC Seveek Hopes N’ Dreams JW. Steve Thompson handling BPB Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood, Diane Hartopp, BVB Drinwil April Love.

 Pd (5 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: Harrison, Mrs & Inett Carradine Kenda Kairn 
2nd: Waugh Mrs A Tribannon Karamak 
3rd: Hartopp Mrs D Penticharm Oh What A Knight 
Res: Saich Miss A J Stoutheart Einstein For Lindcoly 

 Jd (4 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: Harrison Mrs R A Carradine Whiskey Oscar 
2nd: Bateman Mrs R M Carradine Whiskey Mac 
3rd: Shannon & Storr’s Cale Hill's Go Above And Beyond For

Brenndarcy (Imp Dnk)


Pgd (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Lamb & Saltmarsh Birselaw Come Dancing

With Macmoon Jw Sh.Cm 
2nd: Firth, Miss A M & Firth Mr A & Mrs L Cairngold Chico 
3rd: Keeves Mrs J Seveek Treasure The Dream 


Ld (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Saich Miss K Lindcoly Holwing Mad Murdoc 
2nd: Lamb & Saltmarsh Birselaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon Sh.Cm 
3rd: Reeves Mr R Cairngold Bubbly 
Res: Parkin Mrs E R Carradine My Mate Matthew 
Vhc: Kinchin Mrs J A Pennidazzle All Spruced Up 

 Od (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Hogarty Mrs M Cadagio Take That 
2nd: Lamb, & Saltmarsh Renshaw There And Back Again

Under Macmoon Sh.Cm 
3rd: Keeves Mrs J Seveek I Spied That Dream 
Res: Peers Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Tweedisle Lively Lad 
Vhc: Ball Miss M Lentrica Let's Dance At Calamondin 

Class 1076 Vd (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Parkin Mrs E R Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon 
2nd: Lamb & Saltmarsh Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon Sh.Cm 

Pb (13 Entries) Abs: 5 
1st: Dolan Mrs S E Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood 
2nd: Saich  Lindcoly Any Dream Will Do 
3rd: Kinchin Mrs J A Pennidazle Dream Of Dreams 
Res: Inett & Clayton & Harrison Mrs R A Carradine Jo Naf 
Vhc: Hogarty Mrs M Cadagio Lets Get The Party Started


Jb (7 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: Harrison Mrs R A Carradine Winnie 
2nd: Saich Mr & Mrs C J & L M Lindcoly Howling Whoopi 
3rd: Saich Miss K Lindcoly Enid Blyton 
Res: Bateman & Ravenhill Carradine Fizz Bomb 
Vhc: PeersTweedisle Remember Dee 

 Pgb (11 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: Goldfinch Mrs F Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha 
2nd: Keeves Seveek With Corynthean Sharing Dreams 
3rd: Saich Miss K Lindcoly Moana Tilly 
Res: Bateman Mrs R M Carradine Mon Mon Sherry 
Vhc: Roberts Cannwood Chance The Moment 

 Lb (6 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: Firth Cairngold Carolina 
2nd: Keeves Seveek With Svendalens Dreaming Again 
3rd: Thompson Mr S Glenrood Love In A Mist 
Res: Saich Miss A J Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo 

 Ob (8 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Dolan Mrs S E Ch Glenrood Spell Dance Jw 
2nd: Keeves Ch Seveek Hopes 'N' Dreams Jw Sh.Cm 
3rd: Felters & Rumens Mr R A Lentrica Fame At Landbuck 
Res: Fair Carradine Miss Marcie At Myrtog 
Vhc: Petts Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae 

 Vb (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: Hartopp Mrs D Drinwil April Love 
2nd: Saich Miss A J Lindcoly Here's Olive 


















Apologies for missing both vet classes.


Thank you to all exhibitors for giving me such a very enjoyable entry of happy enthusiastic dogs, high in both quality and quantity with that enviable ability of making you want to smile!

PD (5, 1)

1 Harrison & Inett's Carradine Kenda Kairn. So good for size and type, happy and confident at his first show aged just six months with well shaped head and the darkest of pigment and eye, so well made all through with good layback of shoulder scoring here on size. Excellent mover to whom, unashamedly, I lost my heart. BP.

2 Waugh's Tribannon Karamak. Well balanced, handsome masculine head with dark expressive eye, in good harsh mature jacket and hard muscular condition. So well conformed with good feet, tailset and carriage. He moved extremely well. On the tall side but most impressive nonethelesss.

JD (4, 1)

1 Harrison's Carradine Whiskey Oscar. Well balanced red brindle showman with excellent topline and good harsh jacket, in hard muscular condition. Beautiful head with dark sparkling expressive eyes. He moved extremely well with good length of stride in profile. See that he is not only beautiful but useful having sired the BP. He certainly has the wow factor! RCC.

2 Bateman's Carradine Whiskey Mac. Red with good layback of shoulder and short thick tail. Not in the best of jackets currently but such an excellent mover.

PGD (3)

1 Lamb & Saltmars's Come Dancing With Macmoon JW ShCM. Wheaten brindle, so well made all through, of excellent size and type with good layback of shoulder, in mature harsh textured jacket, well set tail and thick firm pads. Excellent mover.

2 Firth's Cairngold Chico. Red with well shaped head and such a charming expression. Good topline and tailset. A happy character, full of fun.

LD (6)

1 Saich's Lindcoly Holwing Mad Murdoc. Scoring here on his fully mature harsh double coat. Excellent size and type with beautiful head, eyes and expression. He moved extremely well, enjoying himself to the full.

2 Lamb & Saltmarsh's Birselaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon ShCM. Attractively marked brindle with dark points, so good for size with just the better length of neck to balance. Good layback of shoulder, tailset and carriage. An enthusiastic happy character.

OD (6)

1 Hogarty's Cadagio Take That. Wheaten brindle of two years, who seemed to know just how it should be done and did it! Such a happy energetic showman, so well balanced and typey with excellent neck, layback of shoulder, good depth of chest and strong well muscled quarters. Beautiful head, eye and expression. Just to prove the excellence of his confirmation, it was a joy to see him on the move, strong and free with a good length of stride in profile. Most impressive. Apparently this was his well deserved third CC & BOB. Many congratulations. It was good to see him representing the breed so proudly later in the group.

2 Lamb & Saltmarsh's Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon ShCM. Dark brindle of excellent type with a beautiful head, eye and expression, in the hardest of muscular condition with well set and carried tail. Enjoying himself to the full and such a very good mover. Most impressive.

VD (3)

1 Parkin's Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon. 12 years old wheaten and looking fabulous! Lovely head, eye and expression, scoring here on size and layback of shoulder. So good for make, shape and type with excellent topline, in hard muscular condition. A very strong free mover with good length of stride, demonstrating the lasting qualities of this charming breed.

2 Lamb & Saltmarsh's Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon ShCM. 10 year old, dark grey brindle, in splendid condition. A happy character with well shaped head and bright alert expression, dark pigment and eyes.

PB (13, 5)

1 Dolan's Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood. Charming feminine wheaten with dark pigment and eyes contrasting sharply against her pale jacket. Excellent size, type, make and shape with good layback of shoulders and strong quarters. She moved to match the excellence of her confirmation. Most exciting. BPB.

2 Saich's Lindcoly Any Dream Will Do. Grey brindle, so happy and full of fun. Good for size and type with well laid shoulder, in very mature well textured coat for her 8 months. She too moved beautifully.

JB (7, 2)

1 Harrison's Carradine Winnie. Red, who just scored on balance here with well shaped head and length of neck. Eventually decided to use her ears and it was as if the sun had come out to prove her beautiful expression! Well conformed all through with good layback of shoulder and neat well padded feet complete with non-stop wagging tail. She went very well indeed. See she is litter sister to the RCC winning dog so it was quite a family affair!

2 Saich's Lindcoly Howling Whoopi. Just a year old and very mature for her age, in very good coat with excellent body and firm well made quarters. Very typey with a good topline. Another very good mover.

PGB (11, 1)

1 Goldfinch's Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha. Well balanced wheaten brindle of lovely size, type, make and shape with good shoulders and quarters. She moved extremely well with good reach in profile.

2 Keeves' Seveek With Corynthean Sharing Dreams. Red with lovely head, dark expressive eyes and excellent pigment, in hard muscular condition with well set tail. An obviously determined character who, for reasons of her own, would insist on pulling over on her lead at times but did just enough to prove she is such an free positive mover when she tries.

LB (6, 2)

1 Firth's Cairngold Carolina. Red brindle, constantly alert, so well made and firmly built. Lovely head, eye and expression. Good for size and type, well laid shoulders with good topline and strong quarters. A charming character and an excellent mover.

2 Keeves' Seveek With Svendalens Dreaming Again. Wheaten brindle, workmanlike and strongly built, in haed muscular condition. Well balanced. Not always keen to make the best of herself on the move but, when she put her mind to the job in hand, she went beautifully.

OB (8)

1 Dolan's Ch Glenrood Spell Dance JW. Silver brindle. Quite lovely and so very feminine, in the best of coat and condition. Excellent for size, type, make and shape with all the parts fitting firmly into the whole, this being mirrored in superb movement with good length of stride. A charming friendly character. Most attractive to win what I learnt was her 6th well deserved CC.

2 Keeves' Ch Seveek Hopes 'N' Dreams JW ShCM. Red brindle, typically alert and energetic, in excellent coat, very fit in had muscular condition as all from this exhibitor. So well made all through, super sound and enthusiastic on the move. She has matured into something special since I gave her the RCC at Three Cos in 2016. Close up to the winner. RCC.

VB (2)

1 Hartopp's Drinwil April Love. Well balanced 10 year old red of excellent size and type. Good mouth, earset and carriage with well laid shoulder, where she scored. Keen and energetic on the move.

2 Saich's Lindcoly Here's Olive. 11 year old red in the best of coat and condition, lovely dark eyes and pigment, neat feet. Good for size and type. She went well.

Judge Jane Lilley