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2019 Reports



Midland Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

Judge: David Winsley (Davmar)

8th December 2019


DCC. BOS & RBIS; Firths Ch Cairngold Chico JW

RDCC; Harrison's Carradine Whiskey Oscar

BCC & BIS; Thomas' Ch Tycadno Dancing Star

RBCC; Catto's Birselaw Walk With Me

BPD & BPIS Dennis' Good Times Ahead

BVD & BVIS; Thomas'Ch/Ir Ch Tycadno I Spy



Geoff Thomas, BCC & BIS Ch Tycadno Dancing Star, David Winsley,Linda Firth, DCC, BOS & RBIS Ch Cairngold Chico JW,

Alison Waites, BPD & BPIS Good Times Ahead.


Geoff Thomas, BVID & BVIS Ch Tycadno I Spy,

David Winsley



DCC Ch Cairngold Chico JW, Linda Firth, David Winsley, Dawn Inett,

RDCC Carradine Whiskey Oscar, Alison Waites, BPD Good Times Ahead.


Geoff Thomas, BCC Ch Tycadno Dancing Star, David Winsley,Yvonne Catto,

RBCC Birselaw Walk With me, BPB Glenrood Dance till dusk, Sue Dolan.



Awarding DCC


Awarding RDCC



Awarding BCC


Awarding RBCC


Awarding BPIS



Champagne Chocolates & Dog food Prizes on offer



V D/B6,1A

  1. Ch/Ir Ch Tycadno I Spy
  2. Renshaw There And Back Again

Under Macmoon ShCm VW

  1. Glenmear Sproxton Lass Of Gethlee

Res. Ch Svendalens Snow Knight

Vhc. Svendalens Memoire Cherie


MPD 1,0A

  1. Good Times Ahead


PD 3,0A

  1. Carradine Inn out Mr Sprout
  2. Cairngold Just Brodie
  3. Vale of Atholls Itchy Fingers


JD 2,0A

  1. Landbuck Kingsman
  2. SvendalensBobbi Deboo


GD 3,0A

  1. Carradine Kenda Kairn
  2. Tweedisle Jaunty Lad
  3. Svendalens Into Mischeif


PGD 4,0A

  1. Vale Of Athollís Earl Of Mansfield
  2. Carradine Whiskey Mac
  3. Doonrae Quiet Storm

Res. Mighty Rearranger With Mosspur


LD 4,0A

  1. Carradine Whiskey Oscar
  2. OSW Birselaw Come Dancing

With Macmoon JW ShCM ShCex

  1. Tom Tricks Incredibly Ilay

Of Uniquecottage (imp Swe)


OD 8,0A

  1. Ch Cairngold Chico
  2. Multi Ch Cairnsters Mr Don Juan
  3. Ch Tribannon Karamak

Res. Ch/Ir Ch Cadagio Take That

Vhc. Caldwall Call To Order



  1. Cannwood Call Me Aggie

MPB 7.0A

  1. Glenrood Dance Till Dusk
  2. Cairngold Chakira By Lentrica
  3. Uniquecottage Silver Solo

Res. Lindcoly Delicious Zena

Vhc. Tribannon Dark Angel


PB 6,0A

  1. Lindcoly Howling Dee Dee
  2. Cairngold Chiquitita
  3. Rottrivers Moet Chandon

Res. Carradine Dely Delicious

Vhc. Tribannon Dark Angel


JB 3,0A

  1. Birselaw Walk With Me
  2. Uniquecottage Grey Saffron
  3. Svendalens Fleur Na Halba


GB 3,0A

  1. Lindcoly Singing Angel
  2. Cannwood Call Me Aggie
  3. Carradine Mon Mon Sherry


PGB 10,3A

  1. Tycadno Yours Truly
  2. Cairngold Brandy Snap By Jorvikairn
  3. Carradine Winnie

Res. Glenrood Katarina

Vhc. Glenrood Love In A Mist


LB 7,0A

  1. Birselaw Viking Princess
  2. Lindcoly Howling Whoopi
  3. Cannwood Misty Dawn At Gethlee

Res. Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood

Vhc. Carradine Fizz Bomb


OB 5,0A

  1. Ch Tycadno Dancing Star
  2. Ch Glenrood Spell Dance JW
  3. Cadagio Lets Get The Party Started

Res. Ch Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds

Vhc. Carradine Jo



  1. Lamb & Saltmarsh
  2. Dennis










































Photos By AlaN & Linda Firth.


Below is a collection of Photos that Margolia and Reinier took at the show.












My thanks to the officers and committee for this invitation to judge at this well run and friendly show. Thanks to my very efficient chief steward Phillip Horspool assisted by Mrs D Purvis & Mrs G Wright.

I was somewhat disappointed in the lower dog classes, breeders need to remember this is where the up and coming stud dogs should come from. The bitch classes were a delight to judge and I found myself ďnit pickingĒ a number of times to separate my placing.

Heads are still mixed and also size in the males, some much too large for the breed standard. I was disappointed to find that many lacked sufficient spring of rib & were too narrow in body. Movement has improved, but not to the extent

that breeders canít pay attention to it, coats varied but good to see many had the correct double coat. My thanks to the exhibitors for taking my decisions in the manner they were given.


Veteran D/B. 6 (1)

  1. Thomasís Ch Tycadno I Spy. 7 year old dark brindle. Good for size, he has a very lovely head, good stop & dark eye, keen expression. Good in neck & shoulders, level back. Mature body with the correct spring of rib, well angulated hindquarters with a correct tail set. In a full quality coat, moved & showed well. BV
  2. Lamb & Saltmarshís Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon. A 9 years dark brindle. Another boy with a nice head piece, well placed ears which he uses well. Good for size and shape, well made body. In good coat & condition, a lively mover.
  3. Smithís Glenmear Sproxton Lass of Gethlee.


M/Puppy D. 1

  1. Dennisís Good Times Ahead. Nice red brindle boy of the correct size for his age. Pleasing head & expression, good length of neck, correct shoulders & straight front. Good depth of body, level back & correct tailset. Well made hindquarters, in a nice coat, showed well & moved soundly both ways. Very promising, Best Puppy.


Puppy D. 3. All different.

  1. Inett & Harrisonís Carradine Inín Out Mr Sprout. Dark brindle of a nice size & clean outline. Good head, dark eye & well placed ears. Good reach of neck, excellent shoulder angulation & a straight front. Level back with a good depth of ribs but needs to develop more in body. Well made hindquarters, good lively mover both ways, showed well.
  2. Charlesworthís Cairngold Just Brodie. Red brindle with a very nice outline, he has a pleasing head & expression, good length of neck. Needs to body up which will come with age. Correctly made hindquarters & tailset. In a nice coat, was a bit of a handful on the move.
  3. Gouldís Vale of Athollís Itchy Fingers.


Jun/D. 2

  1. Felter & Rumenís Landbuck Kingsman. Red brindle of a nice size & shape. He has a good head with a keen expression & a good length of neck. Well made in body & correct tailset, strong hindquarters. In good coat, moves soundly behind but needs to be more positive in front movement. Quite a showman.
  2. Lucas & Tobuttís Svendalens Bobby Deboo. Good head & expression. Not very cooperative on the table today. He has a nice overall shape which can be seen when heís on the floor. He is a very sound mover both ways, coat not at its best.


Grad/D. 3

  1. Inett & Harrisonís Carradine Kenda Kairn. Red brindle who has a lovely expressive & balanced head piece. Good neck & shoulders with a level back. Good overall shape, nice in body, good hindquarters with the correct turn of stifle. In good coat & condition, moves soundly & with plenty of drive behind. Showed well.
  2. Peers Tweedisle Jaunty Lad. Bigger than 1, he has a very nice head & expression, nice dark eye. Good reach of neck & nice in outline. Needs to mature in body, strongly made hindquarters that he used well. Coat of good texture.
  3. Dennisís Svendalens Into Mischief.


Post/Grad. D. 4

  1. Gouldís Vale of Atholl Earl of Mansfield. Wheaten boy of a nice size, he has a very nice head & expression, well defined stop & well placed ears that he used well. Good neck, correct shoulder angulation & straight front. He has a well made body with the correct spring of ribs. Well made hindquarters that gives him a good driving action. In a shortish coat but of the correct texture, shows very well.
  2. Batemanís Carradine Whiskey Mac. Red of a nice shape, he has a nice head but today his ears appeared a bit close. Good in front, nice body, he has a good turn of stifle. He is a sound mover, in a pleasing coat, just needs to improve his showmanship.
  3. Pettís Doonrae Quiet Storm.


Limit Dog. 4. A quality class.

  1. Harrisonís Carradine Whiskey Oscar. RCC. Grey brindle of a nice size & balanced shape. I liked his masculine head, he has a keen expression, well filled muzzle & dark eye. Nice length of neck, correct shoulder angulation & straight front. Good body with a nice spring of rib, level back. Well made hindquarters, in a good quality coat. Moved with a sound free action, showed very well.
  2. Lamb & Saltmarshís Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon. Very similar to 1 in many attributes. Very pleasing in head & expression, nice overall balance, a lively sound mover. Lost out to 1 as his coat was a little on the soft side.
  3. Parker-Tuckerís Tom Trickís Incredibly of Uniquecottage.


Open Dog. 8. A quality class.

  1. Firthís Ch Cairngold Chico. CC & RBIS. Upstanding red boy who was on his toes all the time. Good for size, he has a very nice head, good stop, dark eye & well placed ears. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder angulation with a straight front. He has a good body with a nice spring of rib, well made hindquarters with a correct tailset. In a good double coat, a lively sound mover who showed all out.
  2. Jarvinenís Multi Ch Cairnsters Mr Don Juan. Dark brindle with a very well defined head & expression. Good stop, well filled muzzle & dark eye. Nice for size & shape, in a good mature body with good ribs. Well made behind. In a good double coat, moved well behind but would have preferred a more positive front action.
  3. Waughís Ch Tribannon Karamak.


Sp. Beginner D/B. 1

  1. Metcalf-Saultís Cannwood Call Me Aggie. Wheaten girl of a nice nice and type. She is very feminine, with a good head & expression. Good front, clean in shoulder with a well made body & a good spring of rib. Well made hindquarters, correct tailset. In a nice coat, sound active mover.


M/Puppy B. 7 (1)

  1. Dolanís Glenrood Dance Til Dusk. Very nice wheaten baby. She has a pretty head with an alert expression. Straight front but could have a little more width. Nice body for her age. She is well made behind with a good tailset. Presented in a quality coat, a very sound mover.
  2. Clarkeís Cairngold Chakira By Lentrica. Close up to 1. Another very promising baby, she too has a pretty head with a well defined stop & a keen expression. Good balanced outline, with a well made body. Happy show girl, let down today by her top coat which is temporary.
  3. Parker-Tuckerís Uniquecottage Silver Solo.


Puppy B. 6

  1. Saichís Lindcoly Howling Dee Dee. Wheaten of nice proportions, head still needs to finish, she has a nice dark eye & well placed ears. Straight front, nice mature body, well made hindquarters, correct tailset. Sound mover both ways, in good coat & a steady showgirl.
  2. Firthís Cairngold Chiquitita. Red who is just a touch up on the leg at the moment. Very lovely head & expression, she has a well defined stop & dark eye. Good neck & shoulders, a well made body & hindquarters with a correct tailset. In a nice coat but can be quite a handful for her handler.
  3. Hogartyís Rottriverís MoŽt Chandon.


Jun B. 3

  1. Cattoís Birselaw Walk With Me. RCC. Red girl of an ideal size, lovely balanced shape, full of breed type. Very nice head, correct eye colour, good stop & keen expression. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder angulation with a straight front. Well ribbed body & well made hindquarters. In good coat, very sound mover & showed non stop.
  2. Parker-Tuckerís Uniquecottage Grey Saffron. Wheaten brindle with a nice head & pleasing expression. Good length of neck & excels in shoulder angulation, straight front.she has a well made body & a good back-end. She has a nice balanced shape & is a sound mover both ways.
  3. Waites Svendalens Fleur Na Halba.


Grad B. 3

  1. Saichís Lindcoly Singing Angel. Wheaten of a nice size, good in head & expression, good reach of neck & correct in shoulder. She has a mature & well made body, in a good coat. A sound free mover who showed nicely.
  2. Metcalf-Saultís Cannwood Call Me Aggie.
  3. Bateman & Ravenhillís Carradine Mon Mon Sherry.


Post/Grad B. 10 (3)

  1. Thomasís Tycadno Yours Truly. A silver of the ideal size, nicely balanced throughout & good type. Excellent head, has a defined stop, dark eye and well placed ears. Good length of neck, well angulated shoulders. Well made body with a level back & nicely constructed hindquarters. In good coat, showed steadily & moves soundly.
  2. Lundís Cairngold Brandy Snap By Jorvikairn. Red girl who was on her toes. She has a good head & expression, dark eye & well placed ears. Good length of neck & mature in body. Just lacking length of belly coat, nice type & sound moving both ways.
  3. Harrison, Inett & Claytonís Carradine Winnie.


Limit B. 7.

  1. Cattoís Birselaw Viking Princess. Grey brindle again of ideal size & shape. Very lovely head with a dark expressive eye. Correct front construction, well made mature body & level back. Good turn of stifle & correct tailset. In a good coat, nice feet & a sound mover who showed well.
  2. Saichís Lindcoly Howling Whoopi. Wheaten of a nice size with a very pleasing head & expression. Good length of neck, nice in shoulder, well made in her body & strong hindquarters. Just needs to steady up on the move, a nice girl.
  3. Smithís Cannwood Misty Dawn At Gethlee.


Open B. 5.

  1. Thomasís Ch Tycadno Dancing Star. CC & BIS. Silver girl with star quality. Lovely type, ideal size & shape. She is so feminine & has a very lovely head, well placed dark eye & correct ear placement. Good neck, clean angulated shoulders & straight front. Mature body of correct proportions, lovely spring of rib & level back. Well made hindquarters with a correct tailset. In a good quality double coat. Quite a show girl when she settles, with a fluent sound movement.
  2. Dolanís Ch Glenrood Spell Dance. Grey who was very close up to 1. Nice in head but just lacking furnishings today. Good reach of neck, well angulated shoulders & straight front. Nicely made body with well made hindquarters. A terrific mover and shows all the time.
  3. Hobartís Cadagio Lets Get The Party Started.


Brace. 3. (1)

  1. Lamb & Saltmarshís pair. Quite a well matched pair for type & size. Good coats & moved well together.
  2. Dennisís pair. Fairly well matched for type. Needed more practice walking together.


Judge - David Winsley