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2019 Reports



Southern Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

3 February 2019

Judge:  Martin Phillips (Jaeva)


DCC & BIS; Waugh’s Tribannon Karamak

RDCC; Weinberger’s  Ch Correnie Hurricane Fly

BCC, BOS & RBIS; Dolan’s  Ch Glenrood Spell Dance JW

RBCC , BPB & BPIB;  Yates - Johnson’s Pendley Dinah

BPD; Cruzo Corister with Correnie
BEST Veteran; Dolans CH Glenrood Masqerade

DCC & BIS Tribannon Karamak, Ann Waugh, Martin Phillips,

Sue Dolan, BCC Ch Glenrood Spell Dance Jw

Martin Phillips, BPIS & RBCC Pendley Dinah, Joanne Johnson


Ann Waugh, DCC Tribannon Karamak, Martin Phillips, Susan Weinberger

RDCC Ch Correnie Hurricane Fly

Sue Dolan, BCC Ch Glenrood Spelldance JW, Martin Phillips,

Joanne Johnson, RBCC Pendley Dinah


Martin Phillips, Steve Thompson, BVIS Ch Glenrood Masqerade


 MPD 1,1a


 PD 3,1A

  1. Stoutheart Einstein For Lindcoly

      2.  Cruzo Copper Coin For Correnie


 JD 1,0A

  1. Tribannon Karamak


MD 2,1A

  1. Tom Trick’s Incredibly Ilay Of Uniquecottage


ND 1,1A

      1. Cruzo Corister With Correnie


UGD 1,0A

  1. Chezaku The Composer


SBD 1,1A


GD 5,1A

  1. Tribannon Chocolate Chip At Trekhilli
  2. Uniquecottage Grey Balm
  3. Glendream hear Me Roar For Lindcoly

Res. Seveek Look To the Future At Chezaku


PGD 4,0A

  1. Caldwall On Call
  2. Seveek Treasure The Dream
  3. Pennidazzle All Spruced Up

Res. Seveek Look To the Future At Chezaku


LD 3,1A

  1. Lindcoly Holwing Mad Murdoch
  2. Trekhilli Pepperazzi


OD 6, 1A

  1. Ch. Correnie Huricane Fly
  2. Tweedisle Lively Lad
  3. Caldwall Call To Order

Res. Ch Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon

Vhc.Ch Woodthorpe I Know The Code


SVD/B  7-9 4,1A

  1. Ch Glenrood Masqerade
  2. Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle
  3. Glenmear Sproxton Lass Of Gethlee


SVD/B 10+ 4,2A

  1. Ch Tweslam Maid By Magic JW

       2. Lindcoly Here’s Olive

MPB 6,1A

  1. Pendley Dinah
  2. Lindcoly Singing Angel
  3. Pennidazzle Dream Of Dreams

Res. Cannwood Celtic Charm

Vhc. Penticharm Party Girl


PB 5,2A

  1. Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood
  2. Seveek Cherry’s Dream
  3. Lindcoly Any Dream Will Do


JB 8,4A

  1. Lindcoly Howling Whoopi
  2. Tycadno Penny Black For Cherrycrack
  3. Lindcoly Enid Blyton

Res. Seveek Cherry’s Dream


MB 2,1A

  1. Penticharm Party Girl


NB 4,1A

  1. Glenrood Katerina
  2. Lindcoly I’m the Future At Chezaku
  3. Castleline Caledonian lass


UGB 3,0A

  1. Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha
  2. Lindcoly I’m the Future At Chezaku
  3. Uniquecottage Silver Agnes


SBB 3,2A

  1. Cannwood Call Me Aggie


GB 2,1A

  1. Cannwood Call Me Aggie


PGB 6,1A

  1. Uniquecottage Fennel
  2. Glenrood Love In A Mist
  3. Trekhilli I Got Chills

Res. Tweedisle Guinevere

Vhc. Lindcoly Moana Tilly


LB 6,1A

  1. Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds
  2. Tweslam Gimme Gimme Magic
  3. Woodthorpe Enigma

Res.Cannwood Misty Dawn At gethlee

Vhc Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo


OB  5,2A

  1. Ch Glenrood Spell Dance JW
  2. Uniquecottage Florey

3.  Tweslam Born To Bewitch















SVD/B 7-9


SV D/B 10+


















Good friends!

The battle outdoors


Cairn buns for humans

Woken Up!

Happy before going into the ring.


Southern Cairn Terrier Club 3.2.19

 DCC BIS: Tribannon Karamak. RDCC: Ch Correnie Hurricane Fly. BCC & RBIS: Ch Glenrood Spell Dance JW. RBCC: Pendley Dinah. BPIS: Pendley Dinah. BVIS: Ch Glenrood Masqerade. Thank you to the Southern Club for inviting me and making us all so welcome. An excellent entry but unfortunately a few absent due to the weather. Thank you to my able stewards for their help.


PD (3,1) 1 Saich's Stoutheart Einstein for Lindcoly, 9 month old brindle, mature for age, pleasing head and expression, strong in body with strong qualities, pleasing coat, OK on the move;

2 Mrs Weinberger's Cruzo Copper Coin for Correnie, 10 month old, very raw for this age. Has a lot of potential. Very pleasing head with good expression, good neck and shoulder, strong topline with good tail set, OK behind, good on the move, just needs time.


JD (1) 1 Waugh's Tribannon Karamak, star of the day. Top quality junior, lots to like for his breed type and quality. Lovely head proportions with good eye, strong in jaw with keen expression. Neck well set on a good front assembly. Well sprung ribs with strong top line, tail set on top, muscled quarters which he uses, correct coat texture. Giving a good picture standing and on the move. Pleased to award him his 1st CC, Best In Show.


MD (2,1) 1 ParkerTucker's Tom Trick's Incredibly Ilay of Uniquecottage (Imp Swe), this dog I liked very much, for his type, size and quality, so well balanced. Pleasing head with good eye, good in bone, pleasing body for age, with correct tail set, in very good shape, pleasing back and forth.


ND (1) 1 Weinberger's Cruzo Corister with Correnie, 10 month old brindle puppy, good make and shape for age, covering the ground when standing and on the move, pleasing head shape with small keen eye, neat ear set, good strength of muzzle, neck and shoulders good, body OK for age but needs to drop, firm top line, correct angles behind, sound, BPD.


UGD (1) 1 Kippen's Chezaku The Composer, well balanced male, overall shape pleasing, good bone for size, head proportions and expression good, pleasing neck and shoulder with straight front. Would like a better tail set and more drive from behind. Carrying a good harsh coat.


GD (5-1) 1 Mrs Day's Tribannon Chocolate Chip at Trekhilli, 13 month brindle, well balanced for size, personally wouldn't want him any bigger, lovely head with small dark eye, giving correct expression. OK for neck and body, sound on the move, in good coat, shown well;

2 Miss Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Grey Balm, more to my size, well balanced with good shape, would like more strength of muzzle, and infill under the eyes, OK for body. Good quarters, uses them on the move;

3 Saich's Glendream Hear Me Roar for Lindcoly.


PGD (4) 1 Owen's Caldwell On Call, 2 year old cream, overall good type and shape, lovely head and eye, OK for shoulders, and spring of rib, top line and tail set good, excellent coat and presentation. Handler needs to move bit faster so the dog can get his correct stride. Once settled moved well;

2 Keeves' Seveek Treasure The Dream, overall pleasing to go over, nice head proportions, with nice eye, correct muzzle, would like better layback of shoulder, OK for body and coat, strong behind;

3 Kinchin's Pennidazzle All Spruced Up.


LD (3,1) 1 Saich's Lindcoly Holwing Mad Murdoc, nice size, well balanced cream, OK for head and expression, good firm topline, holding it standing and moving, good bone with good spring of ribs, OK behind, excellent coat, sound;

2 Day's Trekhilli Pepperazzi, dark brindle, pleasing to go over, pleasing proportions overall, type good, needs more body, sound on the move, in good form.


OD (6) 1 Weinberger's Ch Correnie Hurricane Fly, pleasing male, lots to like, good type and shape, good head proportions with correct eye, clean in neck with good front assembly, OK for body with correct spring of ribs, quarters and tail set good, moves out well, RCC. Lost out on giving that little extra in alertness;

2 Peers' Tweedisle Lively Lad, silver brindle, lots to like, good proportions from head to toe, clean in front with good body, moving our well front and back;

3 Owens' Caldwell Call To Order.


SVD/B (7- 9 Inclusive) (4,1) 1 Dolan's Ch Glenrood Masqerade, good quality Cairn bitch, balanced all way through. Head, eye, expression good, correct body with good assembly, topline and tail set good, in very good coat, BVIS;

2 Mrs Kinchin's Carradine Ruby Tuesday at Pennidazzle, 9 year old bitch, lots to like, good type, with good expression, goes well on the move, back and forth;

3 Miss Smith's Glenmear Sproxton Lass of Gethlee.


SV (10 years and over) (4-2) 1 Osborn's Ch Tweslam Maid By Magic JW, 10 year old bitch in tip top form. Good shape and make, balanced and of good type. Moves well;

2 Saich's Lindcoly Here's Olive, 11 year old bitch, pleasing to go over, good expression, moves with a spring. Lovely to see her enjoying herself.


MPB (6,1) Good quality class. 1 Mrs Yates-Johnson's Pendley Dinah, cream puppy, balanced all the way through, lovely head and expression, good clean neck with correct front, pleasing body for age, correct angles behind, very sound on the move, handled and presented in top form. One I'm sure will get her title in the near future. Pleased to give her RCC and BPIS;

2 Saich's Lindcoly Singing Angel, just 6 months, very outgoing puppy, lots to like, good type and quality, pleasing body, strong quarters, which she uses;

3 Kinchin's Pennidazzle Dream Of Dreams.


PB (5,2) 1 Dolan's Whispers At Dawn at Glenrood, 10 month old, again pleasing to go over, lovely head ans expression, good confirmation, good coated, sound on the move, liked bitch a lot;

2 Keeves' Seveek Cherrys Dream, correct type and shape, good bone for size and age, clean in front, OK for body, moves well;

3 Saich's Lindcoly Any Dream Will Do.


JB (8,4) 1 Saich's Lindcoly Howling Whoopi, 12 month old wheaten, won the class for type and balance, liked her head and expression, with correct eye, good body for age, moves well back and forth, in very good coat;

2 Shopland's Tycadno Penny Black for Cherrycrack, 13 month old brindle, with a true Cairn head and expression, very raw at the moment, but carries correct conformation, she just needs time;

3 Saich's Lindcoly Enid Blyton.


MB (2,1) 1 Fairweather's Penticharm Party Girl, just 6 months and very immature at the moment. Liked her head and expression, OK for bone for her size. Sound, just needs time.


NB (4,1) 1 Dolan's Glenrood Katarina, one I liked very much, silver, overall make and shape good. Carrying a good outline standing and moving, pleasing head proportions, nice eye, clean neck and shoulder, needs time in body. Strong topline, moves out well, very promising;

2 Kippen's Lindcoly I'm The Future at Chezaku, good type brindle, nice size, moves out OK back and forth, handler made best of her;

3 Thompson's Castleline Caledonian Lass.


UGB (3) 1 Goldfinch's Tycadno Bright Star for Kanawha, good breed type, overall shape and type good, correct head and expression, good front and neck assembly, nice spring of rib with good angles behind, in good form;

2 Kippen's Lindcoly I'm The Future at Chezaku (reported on - NB);

3 Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Silver Agnes.


SBB (3-2) 1 Metcalf-Sault's Cannwood Call Me Aggie, 2 year old cream in good form, overall shape good, excellent coat, but would have liked a smaller eye, clean in front, on the move could do with more drive from behind.


GB (2,1) 1 Metcalf-Sault's Cannwood Call Me Aggie, (reported on - SBB).


PGB (6-1) 1 Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Fennel, brindle of lovely type, overall shape and make good, correct body with good bone, nice head with expression, sound on the move;

2 Thompson's Glenrood Live In A Mist, cream of good shape, nice feminine expression without losing strength, nice spring of rib with good quarters, coat extra good, OK on the move;

3 Day's Trekhilli I Got Chills.


LB (6,1) 1 Soper's Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds, good quality Cairn, balanced all the way through, nice shaped eye, good strength of muzzle, would like a better ear set, in nice coat, sound on the move;

2 Osborn's Tweslam Gimme Gimme Magic, type bitch, head and expression good, pleasing bone and coat, OK for body, not moving from behind today;

3 Kinton's Woodthorpe Enigma.


OB (5,2) 1 Dolan's Ch Glenrood Spell Dance JW, top quality brindle bitch of 2 years, correct breed type for size and shape, lovely head and expression with correct eye, pleasing in neck and shoulder, good spring of rib, strong topline and tail set, sound on the move, in excellent coat, Bitch CC and RBIS;

2 Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Florey, brindle bitch again of correct type, lovely head and expression, correct bone, OK for body and quarters, moved OK, in nice form;

3 Osborn's Tweslam Born To Bewitch.

Martin Phillip