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2019 Reports




W.E.L.K.S Championship Show

28 April 2019

Judge Geoff Luscott






BP; Yates & Johnson's PENDLEY DINAH



Sue Kinton DCC & BOB Ch Wothorpe I Know The Code, Geoff Luscott, Liz Hooton,

BCC Penticharm Party Popper, Joanne Johnson, BPB & BPIB Pendley Dinah


Sue Kinton DCC Ch Wothorpe I Know The Code, Geoff Luscott,, Ann Waugh,

RDCC Ch Tribuns' Licorice Coin at Tribannon, Louise Peers, BPD Tweedisle Jaunty Lad.

Liz Hooton, BCC Penticharm Party Popper, Geoff Luscott, RBCC Ch Glenrood Spell Dance,

Joanne Johnson, BPB Pendley Dinah, Steve Thompason, SBB Glenrood Love In A Mist.


Puppy - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st Tweedisle Jaunty Lad (Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Peers)

2nd Landbuck Kingsman (Mr A & Mr R A Felters & Rumens)

3rd Glenchess High Fidelity At Sarsen (Mr B Williams)

Res Penticharm Oh What A Knight (Mrs D M Hartopp)


Junior - Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st Tom Trick's Incredibly Ilay Of Uniquecottage (Imp Swe) (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)

2nd Tribannon Karamak (Mrs A Waugh)

3rd Brenndarcy Baldrick (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)

Res Stoutheart Einstein For Lindcoly (Miss A J Saich)

Vhc Carradine Whisky Mac (Mrs R M Bateman)


Yearling - Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st Carradine Whiskey Oscar (Mrs R A Harrison)

2nd Tribannon Chocolate Chip At Trekhilli (Mrs G Day)

Post Graduate - Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1st Seveek Treasure The Dream (Mrs J Keeves)


Limit - Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Trekhilli Pepperazzi (Mrs G Day)


Open - Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st Ch Woodthorpe I Know The Code (Mrs S Kinton)

2nd Ch Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon (Imp Sw) (Mrs A Waugh)

3rd Tweedisle Lively Lad (Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Peers)

Res Seveek I Spied That Dream (Mrs J Keeves)

Vhc Lindcoly Holwing Mad Murdoc (Miss K Saich)



Special Beginners - Bitch Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Glenrood Love In A Mist (Mr S Thompson)


Veteran - Bitch Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle (Mrs J A Kinchin)

2nd Drinwil April Love (Mrs D M Hartopp)


Puppy - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

1st Pendley Dinah (Mrs Jm Yates-Johnson)

2nd Pennidazzle Dream Of Dreams (Mrs J A Kinchin)

3rd Lindcoly Singing Angel (Mr C J & Mrs L M Saich)

Res Lindcoly This Is Me (Miss K Saich)

Vhc Tweedisle Spirit Free (Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Peers)


Junior - Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood (Mrs S E Dolan)

2nd Tycadno Penny Black For Cherrycrack (Mrs M E J Shopland)

3rd Carradine Mon Mon Sherry (Mrs R M Bateman)

Res Lindcoly Golden Charm (Mr C J & Mrs L M Saich)


Yearling - Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1st Cloverbrook Maid For Gold (Mrs S Braybrook)

2nd Carradine Winnie (Mrs R A Harrison)

3rd Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha (Mrs F S Goldfinch)

Res Carradine Fizz Bomb (Mrs R M & Miss T Bateman)

Vhc Cairngold Brandy Snap (Mr T J & Mrs K E Lund)


Post Graduate - Bitch Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo (Miss A J Saich)

2nd Seveek With Corynthean Sharing Dreams (Mrs J Keeves)

3rd Uniquecottage Fennel (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)


Limit - Bitch Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds (Mrs C Soper)

2nd Woodthorpe Enigma (Mrs S Kinton)


Open - Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1st Penticharm Party Popper (Miss J E & Mrs L F Hooton & Hughes)

2nd Ch Glenrood Spell Dance Jw (Mrs S E Dolan)

3rd Cloverbrook Copyright (Mrs S Braybrook)

Res Ch Tycadno Dancing Star (Mr G Thomas)

Vhc Uniquecottage Florey (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)






















The Celebrated dinner for BOB at a Championship Show.



Thank you for a lovely entry with very close decisions to be made in most cases. I enjoyed the breed and the sporting exhibitors, well done to all. 

PD (4)

1 Peers Tweedisle Jaunty Lad. Good shape and balance to this youngster, lovely head and rear, good body and overall type, attracts in head and expression, good action on the move.

2 Felters & Rumens Landbuck Kingsman. Strong with a good head developing, he has the balance, body and coat coming through, just needs to get his movement together, lots of promise. 3 Williams Glenchess High Fidelity At Sarsen. 


JD (5)

1 Parker-Tuckers Tom Tricks Incredibly Ilay Of Uniquecottage (Imp Swe). Good overall balance and shape, good through head and ear set, good firm body, strong topline, good coat and moved to win.

2 Waughs Tribannon Karamak. Smart with good type, head, ear and eye, more strength to come in body, muscle and tone, shows and moves well, good jaw and strong teeth. 3 Shannon & Storrs Brenndarcy Baldrick. 


YD (3, 1)

1 Harrisons Carradine Whiskey Oscar. Loved the size, balance and shape with a typical head, good topline with the body and chest, moved with an easy action covering the ground with style.

2 Days Tribannon Chocolate Chip At Trekhilli. Taller but in balance with a good head and expression, has the type and coat colour, moves with a good action on side gait, more to work on in front and rear. 


PGD (2, 1)

1 Keeves Seveek Treasure The Dream. Lovely boy with a good outline, balance and shape, attracts in head with a good eye, ear set and expression, hes active with the balance to body, good coat and action on the move. 


LD (1)

1 Days Trekhilli Pepperazzi. Dark boy with the head and balance, hes good through topline and strong muscletone on the rear end, good ear, eye and expression, well set on the move in all directions, good harsh coat type to finish the picture. 


OD (5)

1 Kintons Ch Woodthorpe I Know The Code. Quality and impressive in type and balance, he has the shape, carries a lovely expressive head on a good neck and strong topline. I liked the firmness and muscletone in body with strong quarters giving him a strong gait and action, lovely harsh coat. Taking CC and BOB.

2 Waughs Ch Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon (Imp Swe). Well made boy of good proportions, hes good through head, neck, front and rear with the muscletone and body condition, he has strong rear quarters, good coat, moved to go close in the decision. Res DCC. 3 Peers Tweedisle Lively Lad. 

Sp Beginners B (1) 1 Thompsons Glenrood Love In A Mist. Lovely girl with an appealing head type, bodys developing and nice on the move, shes a happy girl, just needs more work with the handler. 


VB (2)

1 Kinchins Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle. Lovely overall type with a nice head and ear set, good through outline and balance to outline and body, she went well on the move to take BV.

2 Hartopps Drinwil April Love Smaller in body and head but good through rear and tail set, I liked her enthusiasm and outlook, nice mover. 


PB (9, 2)

1 Yates-Johnsons Pendley Dinah. Lovely class of pups won by a very promising youngster of good type, typical in head with the skull to muzzle ratio, alert ear and is balance to outline and developing body, good mover, she is looking good at this stage. BPIB.

2 Kinchins Pennidazzle Dream of Dreams. Lovely brindle girl with the outline and type over head and body with the eye and ear set, good mover with the attitude and mischievous eye, lots of promise here. 3 Saichs Lindcoly Singing Angel. 


JB (4)

1 Dolans Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood. Impressive cream girl with the attraction in head type, eye and ear, shes good through body and shape, shes a smart mover with the accuracy and attitude in her make up, good to go over.

2  Shoplands Tycadno Penny Black For Cherrycrack. Lovely dark brindle, pleases in head type, eye and ear set, shes balanced through body and muscled rear quarters, good on the move, shes one to watch in the future. 3 Batemans Carradine Mon Mon Sherry. 


YB (6, 1)

1 Braybrooks Cloverbrook Maid For Gold. Good quality for type and overall balance head to body, classic attraction, eye, ear and muzzle, nice bone, front and rear end with depth of chest, shes a smart mover when she went, good to go over, great character.

2 Harrisons Carradine Winnie. Loved the head, appeals with the skull, muzzle and eye and ear set, good balance and a lovely harsh coat, shes good on the move and shown with style. 3 Goldfinchs Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha. 


PGB (3) 1 Saichs Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo. Lovely sized happy girl with the balance and she can move, nice head, more to come in body and muscle as she matures. 2 Keeves Seveek With Corynthean Sharing Dreams. Finer through at this stage with good quarters, pleases in head and can move when she wants, more to come here. 3 Parker-Tuckers Uniquecottage Fennel. 


LB (2)

1 Sopers Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds. I liked this lady for balance, shape and alert and active attitude, she carries a good head and is balanced in body, she has good angles and the harsh coat type, she moved with purpose.

2 Kintons Woodthorpe Enigma. Well presented with the head type, good ear, dark eye and good expression, she has the body and tail set, little narrower at the rear on the move but a pleasing example of the breed. 


OB (7, 1)

1 Hooton & Hughes Penticharm Party Popper. Lovely, impressive feminine type with the balance and proportions, in head, skull to body and outline, shes alert, good in skull, muzzle and ear set, shes well built and firm in body, has solid rear quarters and has a good action on the move to take BCC today.

2 Dolans Ch Glenrood Spell Dance JW. Impressive girl with a good head type, well set alert ears, she has the expression and is smart through body and chest depth, goes well but not quite the action of first today. Res BCC. 3 Braybrooks Cloverbrook Copyright.

Jeff Luscott