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Windsor Championship Show

27 June 2019

Judge: Iain Shaw (Honeyhall)

Dog CC : Danielsson's Uniquecottage Wild Dill (3rd)

Res Dog CC : Waugh's Ch Tribannon Karamak

Bitch CC & Best Of Breed : Goldfinch's Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha*

Res Bitch CC : Robinson's Cruzo Curtain Call

Best Puppy : Osborn's Tweslam Chasing Rainbows

Best Veteran : Kinchin's Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle


Frances Goldfinch, BCC & BOB Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha, Iain Shaw,

Ruth Parker-Tucker, DCC Uniquecottage Wild Dill

BPIB Tweslam Chasing Rainbows, Angela Osborn.

( Photo-Bomber is Jenny Kinchin with

BVIB Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle)


Ruth Parker-Tucker, DCC Uniquecottage Wild Dill, Iain Shaw,

RDCC Ch Tribanon Karamack, Ann Waugh.

Frances Goldfinch, BCC Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha, Iain Shaw,

Gerry Robinson, RDCC Cruzo Curtain Call,

BPB Tweslam Chasing Rainbows, Angela Osborn.


Mr Wiliams,

BPD Glenchess High Fidelity For Sarsen.

Awarding BOB

Awarding BPIB

Thank You to Sharon Confue Steve Thompson for photos.

Vd/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Kinchin Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle


Pd (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Williams Glenchess High Fidelity For Sarsen


Jd (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Waugh Mrs A Ch Tribannon Karamak

2nd: Weinberger Cruzo Copper Coin For Correnie

3rd: Saich Stoutheart Einstein For Lindcoly


Pgd (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Parker-Tucker Tom Trick's Incredibly Ilay Of

Uniquecottage (Swed

2nd: Weinberger Cruzo Chorister With Correnie


Ld (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Day Tribannon Chocolate Chip At Trekhilli


Od (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Danielsson Miss V Uniquecottage Wild Dill

2nd: Saich Miss K Lindcoly Holwing Mad Murdoc


 Gcd/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Day Tribannon Chocolate Chip At Trekhilli



Pb (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Osborn Tweslam Chasing Rainbows

2nd: Bubb Miss A Lindcoly Strike A Pose

3rd: Saich Miss A J Lindcoly Doodle Bug


Jb (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Robinson Cruzo Curtain Call

2nd: Dolan Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood

3rd: Mcintyre Cannwood Celtic Charm

Res: Kinchin Pennidazzle Dream Of Dreams


Pgb (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Thomas Mr G Tycadno Yours Truly

2nd: Thompson Mr S Glenrood Love In A Mist

3rd: Parker-Tucker Uniquecottage Fennel

Res: Robinson Mrs G Cruzo Cat Balou


Lb (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Goldfinch Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha

2nd: Osborn Tweslam Gimme Gimme Magic Jw

3rd: Short'sUniquecottage Gold Avill To Glenchess


Ob (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Dolan Mrs S E Ch Glenrood Spell Dance Jw

2nd: Morley Mr T & Mrs G Cannwood Here's Hetty

3rd: Short's Splinterhill's Amazing Grace To Glenchess



Windsor 2019


Cairn terriers


My thanks to the exhibitors for their entries as Windsor is not an easy venue to get to on a Thursday morning. 


My impression on the day is that we have some nice youngsters coming through, who at this stage in their development are exactly where you would expect them to be but lacking in maturity and presence to compete at present for the top awards.


Veteran Dog Bitch (1 entry) 


1st: Kinchins Carradine Ruby Tuesday at Pennidazzle 


Brindle Bitch who was certainly enjoying her day out. 

Nice head expression, moved well, showing all out for her handler, lovely temperament.



Puppy Dog (1 entry)


1st: Williams Glenchess High Fidelity For Sarsen


Brindle, typical head and expression, would benefit with some hair off his ears, good neck and shoulders, moved well in front, level top line, good tail set, moved a little close behind, new coat coming through of good quality. Happy showman. 



Junior Dog (4 entries)


1st: Waugh Ch Tribannon Karamak


Stunning young Wheaton dog, loved his head and expression. Excellent stop and eyes, super mouth. Clean neck and shoulders with a level top line and good tailset. Moved well in front and rear on good legs and feet. Shown in a proper coat of good texture, in the challenge he became a bit reluctant and hesitant however he is very progressive and I have no doubt we have still to see the best of him. Rcc.


2nd: Weinberger Cruze Copper Coin For Correnie


Red/Brindle, nice headed dog with good mouth, loved his shape, very good front assembly with a nice neck and shoulders, kept a level top line on the move. Moved soundly. Looks very immature at present but with time should make into a nice dog.


3rd: Saich, Stouthheart Einstein for Lindlovy 



PGD (2 entries)


1st: Parker-Tucker Tom Tricks Incredibly Ilya of Uniquecottage


Just out of junior and maturing well. Nice head with dark points and keen expression nicely  balanced, moved well on good legs and feet, quality coat, still looks like a teenager, an interesting prospect. 


2nd: Weinberger Cruzo Chorister with Correnie


Very raw youngster who is a nice type. Typical head and expression appeared unsettled and anxious giving his handler a hard time, making his movement a little erratic, however he has a nice shape and with some confidence and time it would be interesting to see how he develops



LD (2 entries)


1st: Day Tribannon Chocolate Chip At Trekhill


Brindle with a lovely head and expression. Nice neck and shoulders moved well in front, good depth and spring of ribs, level topline with tail on top. Excellent showman. Shown in super coat of good quality. Lots to like, litter brother to Rcc Winner



OD (3 entries) 


1st:  Danielsson ,Uniquecottage Wild Dill 


First impressions of this Wheaton male when going around the ring was that he was a little short on the legs for balance. However on the table he had excess coat 

which did help his cause ,Masculine head and expression. Super mouth, good neck and shoulders, lovely front, good depth and spring of ribs, strong loin. Level topline with tail bang on top. Nice bend of stifle, moved with drive on good legs and feet. Shown in a proper double coat of good texture. On his toes throughout which won him the day over a very exciting youngster. CC


2nd: Saich Lindcoly howling mad murderer.


Red, very honest type, masculine head and expression, moved ok, shown in decent coat, lacked enthusiasm today.



GCD/Bitch (1 entry)


1st: Day Tribannon Chocolate Chip At Trekhilli



Puppy Bitch (3 entries)


1st: Osborn Tweslam Chasing Rainbows


Brindle baby of nice type, nice head and expression, good topline and tailset, in lovely coat and condition. Moved and showed really well. Promising Puppy.


2nd: Bubb Lindcoly Strike A Pose


Red, nice head and expression, would like a bit more leg for balance, good coat quality.  Moved and showed very enthusiastically for her handler.


3rd: Saich Lindcoly Doodle Bug



Junior Bitch (4 entries) 


1st: Robinson Cruze Curtain Call


Dark brindle, stunning young bitch with the most beautiful head, deep stop and varmity expression, nice size, very well put together and moved soundly,She was in super coat, condition and was beautifully presented. An exciting prospect whom I was compelled to award the Rcc.


2nd: Dolan Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood


Another exciting young bitch, cream. Lovely feminine head and expression. Super front, neck and shoulders. Well balanced throughout, between coats, I like her a lot should progress well.


3rd: McIntyre Cannwood Celtic Charm



PGB (4 entries)


1st: Thomas Tycadno Yours Truly


Nice headed bitch, is of a good size and type. Deep well sprung ribs, top line and tailset ok. I felt she was carrying a bit too much weight today which affected her movement, showed well.


2nd: Thompson Glenrood Love In A Mist


Another feminine type, nice size, not very well settled on the move.


3rd: Parker-Tucker Uniquecottage Fennel



LB (3 Entries)


1st: Goldfinch Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha


Wheaton/Brindle, A very nice bitch to go over,Lovely head and expression with dark points, clean neck and shoulders, level top line and tailset. Good depth and spring of rib ,Very well balanced and moved true on good legs and feet. Showed all out for her handler and looks especially good on a loose lead. It was her day and I was delighted to award her the CC and BoB.


2nd: Osborn Tweslam Gimme Gimme Magic JW


Red, very typy, nice head and expression well put together and very sound on the move, showed all out in super coat and condition.


3rd: Short Uniquecottage Gold Avill



OB (3 Entries)


1st: Dolan Ch Glenrood Spell Dance


Lovely feminine bitch, nice head and expression, good size and well balanced, moves true, so much to like and did enough to win this class. However in the challenge she looked flat and the younger bitches were more animated and full of spirit.


2nd: Moseley Cannwood Heres Hetty


Stunning headed bitch and most of my remarks on the first apply here. Just starting to show her age, but there is no doubt she is of real quality.


3rd: Short Splinterhills Amazing Grace To Glenchess


Iain shaw