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Midland CTC Championship Show

Cairn Terrier Judge Susan Weinberger (Correnie)

4th December 2021

DCC & BIS; Hughes’ Gyncairn Here Comes The Sun

RDCC: Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Kingsman

BCC, BOS & RBIS: Dolans Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood Jw

RBCC: Firth’s Cairngold Chiquitita

BPD & BPIS: Shannon, Storr & Middlehurst’s Brenndarcy It’s Magic Ai

BPB: Keeves Seveek Peaches n Dreams

BVIS: Dolan’s Ch Glenrood Scheherazade


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Liz Hooton, DCC & BIS Gyncairn here Comes The sun, Susan Weinberger, Sue Dolan

BCC & RBIS Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood.JW

BPD & BPIS Brenndarcy It’s Magic

 & Brenda Shannon


DCC, Gyncairn Here Comes The Sun, Liz Hooton, Susan Weinberger, Alan Felters, RDCC Landbuck Kingsman, Brenda Shannon, BPD Brenndarcy It’s Magic,

Jo lamb, BVD Renshaw There and Back Again under Macmoon, Sh CmVW Ir Vet Ch.


Sue Dolan, BCC Whispers At Dawn At Glenrood, Susan Weinberger, Linda Firth, RBCC Cairngold Chiquitita,

Mick Oxley Handling BPB Seveek Peaches n Dreams



Veteran Dog or Bitch        7,3a.

1.    Ch Glenrood Scheherazade

2.     Renshaw There and Back Again under

            Macmoon, Sh CmVW Ir Vet Ch

3.    Brenndarcy Maid in Heaven

4.     Windline’s Born To Be Wild


Minor Puppy Dog  4,3a

1.    Seveek Country Lad


Puppy Dog  4,2a

1.    Brenndarcy It’s Magic AI 

2.    Seveek Country Lad


Junior Dog  3,1a                            

1.    Lentrica Mystic Warrior

2.    Svendalens May Be Milo


Yearling Dog           1 entry

1.    Tweedisle Charismatic Guy                                           

Post Graduate Dog  7,2a

1.    Gyncairn Here Comes The Sun

2.    Carradine Howzat Howard

3.    Carradine Podgy Paddy

4.    Seveek Carry On The Dream

5.    Mosspur Time and Again


Limit Dog  3 entries

1.    Good Times Ahead with Oudenarde

2.    Tweedisle Jaunty Lad

3.    Birselaw Come Dancing with

            Macmoon OSW JW ShCm ShCEx        


Open Dog  4 entries

1.    Landbuck Kingsman

2.    Ch Cairngold Chico JW

3.    Birselaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon Sh Cm

4.     Ch Carradine In n’Out Mr Sprout


Special Beginners Dog or Bitch   5,2a

1.    Motoppen’s Pinot Noir

2.    Cannwood Quiet Reflections

3.    Peregrine Plum                              


Minor Puppy Bitch 2,0a

1.    Seveek Peaches n Dreams

2.    Cannwood Can’t Get Enough


Puppy Bitch  1 entry

1.    Springtime Rose at Mosspur


Junior Bitch  3 entries

1.    Glory Daze at Tribannon

2.    Seveek Licence To Dream

3.    Lentrica Hocus Pocus by Jorvikairn


Yearling Bitch   5,1a

1.    Elitecharm Showgirl

2.    Cannwood Quiet Reflections

3.    Doonrae Rebel Rebel Among Brenndarcy

4.    Carradine Dottie


Post Graduate Bitch  8,2a

1.    Seveek Everlasting Dream

2.    Rasken’s Joan Jett for Doonrae

3.    Carradine Mary

4.    Motoppen’s Pinot Noir

5.    Cannwood Call Me Aggy                                                                        

Limit Bitch  7,1a

1.    Whispers at Dawn at Glenrood JW

2.    Penticharm It’s My Party

3.    Landbuck La Voix

4.    Cornton Fyne Hope Fettle

5.    Carradine Fizz Bomb


Open Bitch   7,2a

1.    Cairngold Chiquitita

2.    Ch Cloverbrook Unbreakable at Woodthorpe

3.    Cairngold Brandy Snap by Jorvikairn

4.    Carradine Jo

5.    Cannwood Call Me Aggy


Brace  2 entries

1.    Mrs S Dolan

2.    Ms J Lamb & Mr B Saltmarsh                                         






























Alan, Richard, Martin, Sue, Christine & Rita receiving their prizes from Milly Jennings



Midland Cairn Terrier Club Saturday 4 December 2021


My thanks to Linda Firth & the committee for inviting me to judge their Championship show and also to my most helpful stewards, Phillip Horspool & Chris Petts.

I was very pleased with my top winners.  There were many coats on the blow and I noticed that some exhibitors remove too much hair from their dogs’ legs.

On the whole it was a good entry with some lovely Cairns to go over.


Veteran Dog or Bitch  7,1.

1.    Dolan’s Ch Glenrood Scheherazade – 8 year old red bitch in best coat & condition.  Pretty head, good neck & shoulders, nice outline, moved & showed well.  Best Veteran in Show

2.     Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There and Back Again under MacmoonSh CmVW Ir Vet Ch – looking good for 11 years old, nicely balanced, well presented, handsome boy!  Best Veteran Dog


Minor Puppy Dog  4,3

1.    Lucas & Torbett’s Seveek Country Lad – delightful baby, just 6 months old, good conformation.  Moved & showed steadily.


Puppy Dog  4,2

1.    Shannon, Storr & Middlehurst’s Brenndarcy It’s Magic AI – cheeky 11 month old, wheaten, lovely head, nice outline, moved & showed well. BPIS

2.    Seveek Country Lad


Junior Dog  3,1                            

1.    Munday’s Lentrica Mystic Warrior – 1 year old dog, appealing dark brindle, nice make & shape. Good head & expression, moved & showed well.

2.    Gardener’s Svendalens May Be Milo  - 16 month old, well balanced young dog.  Good neck & shoulders, moved with ease.


Yearling Dog 1

1.    Peers’ Tweedisle Charismatic Guy  - 2 year old wheaten, well presented, lovely head, good outline.  Moved & showed with verve.


Post Graduate Dog  7,2

1.    Hughes’ Gyncairn Here Comes The Sun – Upstanding 13 month old, wheaten, young dog.  Beautiful head, nice neck & shoulders, put down to perfection.  Showed all out, pleased to award him the DCC.

2.    Byrne’s Carradine Howzat Howard – 16 month old, well balanced, nice head, moved & showed with ease.


Limit Dog  3

1.    Dennis, Waites & Goddard’s Good Times Ahead with Oudenarde – Fine, upstanding red brindle, I liked a lot.  Nicely balanced, well presented, good outline.  Moved & showed well.

2.    Peers’ Tweedisle Jaunty Lad – Nicely balanced 3 year old dark brindle, good head.  Held topline on the move.


Open Dog  4

1.    Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Kingsman – well balanced dark brindle, lovely head.  Moved & showed well.  RDCC

2.    Firth’s Ch Cairngold Chico JW well presented red, nice head.  Liked his balance, showing all out.  Moved with ease.




Special Beginners Dog or Bitch   5,2

1.    Asmyhr’s Motoppen’s Pinot Noir – Nicely made dark brindle bitch, good head.  Nice outline, showed well.

2.    Metcalf Sault’s Cannwood Quiet Reflections – liked this silver brindle, good outline, lovely head, steady showgirl, moved well.


Minor Puppy Bitch 2,0

1.    Keeves’ Seveek Peaches n Dreams – 6 months old red, delightful puppy.  Nice make & shape, lovely head, moved steadily.

2.    Metcalf Saults’ Cannwood Can’t Get Enough  - 7 month old wheaten bitch, pretty head.  Good shape, well balanced & moved well.


Puppy Bitch  1

1.    Purvis’ Springtime Rose at Mosspur – 10 month old red in good coat.  Liked her head, moved & showed well.


Junior Bitch  3

1.    Waugh’s Glory Daze at Tribannon – Lovely bitch, beautiful head.  Well balanced, best neck & shoulders.  Moved freely, just needs a new coat.

2.    Keeves’ Seveek Licence To Dream – red brindle, nicely balanced.  Good head, moved & showed well.


Yearling Bitch   5,1

1.    Soper’s Elitecharm Showgirl – 18 month old silver brindle.  Well put down, pretty head.  Good outline, moved with ease.

2.    Cannwood Quiet Reflections


Post Graduate Bitch  8,2

1.    Keeves’ Seveek Everlasting Dream – 2 year old dark brindle, well balanced, liked her neck, shoulders & topline.  Typical head, moved & showed with animation.

2.    Petts’ Rasken’s Joan Jett for Doonrae (Imp Swe) – Outgoing red, good outline, nice head, showed all out, moved well.


Limit Bitch  7,1

1.    Dolan’s Whispers at Dawn at Glenrood JW – outstanding wheaten, lovely head, so well balanced.  Best of neck & shoulders.  Moved with great ease, pleased to award her BCC & RBIS

2.    Hooton & Hughes’ Penticharm It’s My Party – very smart silver brindle, put down to perfection, lovely head, good mover.


Open Bitch   7,2

1.    Firth’s Cairngold Chiquitita – lovely red, immaculate presentation.  Good neck & shoulders.  Typical head.  Well balanced, moved with ease, RBCC

2.    Kinton’s Ch Cloverbrook Unbreakable at Woodthorpe – Put down to perfection, silver brindle showgirl.  Nice balance, best outline.  Good head, flowed around the ring.


Brace  2

1.    Mrs S Dolan – lovely pair, so similar in type, beautifully presented, both moving freely around the ring.

2.    Ms J Lamb & Mr B Saltmarsh typy, dark brindles, in good coat and condition, a smart pair, moving with ease around the ring.


Susan Weinberger (Judge)