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Midland Cairn Terrier Club

 Dinner 1st December 2006


Our Judge, Our Secretary & Bill

Toasting The Club - Chris Roberts

Amy & Alec

Chris & Alan

Mrs P Alison & Mr R Bushnell

Mary & Brenda

Ann & Norm

The Bakewell Party

Carol & Colin

Carol & Mr Beal

David & Chris

Dawn & Margaret

Mary & Danny

Maurice & Ida

Lynda Hughes & A Bottle Of Champers

Maud & Ann

Val & friend

Roberts & Petts

And You!

Braybrooks Bumber Tombola

Julie & Chris

Where’s Julie & Brenda?

When Danny & I booked in, the Hotel  had double booked our room with Bill Cammish, Bill did offer to put us up… But then the Hotel upgraded us to an Excetutive suite – The Bed was all of 7 foot wide !

Last Dance Or Last Ones Standing?

I know it’s a little blurry but hey… I did take it after numerous glasses of Vino!


 Photographs by Alan Firth + A few by Adnerb Nonnahs