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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show

6th August 2004

Judge; Jeff Sedley (Ganai Aviv)


BD & BIS Carradine Percy Pickle

RBD & RBIS Castleline Prince Harry

BB & BOS Cannwood Catch A Fallin Star

RBB Sandaig Suilean Dubh

BPIS Cloverbrook Play The Game


Steward Jim Hubert (USA) Chris Roberts, BB & BOS Cannwood Catch A Fallin Star, Jugde Jeff Sedley Dawn Innett BD & BIS Carradine Percy Pickle, Steward Alf Jennings.

Wendy Moseley, BPB Spawyche Elizabethan Lace, Judge, Sue Braybrook, BPD & BP Cloverbrook Play The Game.



More Pictures after results

Critique After Pictures

VD OR B (10)

  1. Shearwater Ah Jim Lad
  2. Tribanon Crystal Blue
  3. Cloverbrook Secret Weapon

Res. Doonrae Virtuoso

VHC. Sandaig Silent Wings


New Members Stakes

  1. Cordula Carousel


MPD (2)

  1. Retacy Golden Prince
  2. Brenndarcy Crackerjack


PD (4)

  1. Cloverbrook Play The Game
  2. Sandaig Shearer
  3. Penticharm Prince Charming

Res. Tweedisle Pathfinder


JD (3,1a)

  1. Castleline Jackard
  2. Landbuck Little Tyke


MD (2}

  1. Penticharm Blackjack
  2. Lindcoly TJ


ND (2)

  1. Carradine master Tigger
  2. Hector of The Glen


PGD (5,1a)

  1. Twohoots Arthur
  2. Tweedisle That Special Man
  3. Cannwood Red Comet

Res. Clairevona Venetian Mask


MLD (6,1a)

  1. Carradine Percy Pickle
  2. Castleline Prince Harry
  3. Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens

Res. Crowneast Landing Light

VHC Amberhill Rob Roy


OD (3,2a)

  1. Doonrae Dragoon


SBD (2,1a)

  1. Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens

MPB (7)

  1. Spawyche Elizabethan Lace
  2. Cairngold Chatanooga
  3. Landbuck Heidi Clare

Res. Lindcoly I’m Gorgeous

VHC Lindcoly Return To Sender NAF


PB (6)

  1. Glenmear Marcuella
  2. Carradine Crème Brule For Luvemal
  3. Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade

Res.Beanoak Brose and Butter

VHC. Tweedisle Sweet Encounter


JB (7)

  1. Am I The One At Calecairn
  2. Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade
  3. Carocairn Miss Marigold

Res. Castleline Vanilla Fudge

VHC. Corrandula Carousel


MB (5,1a)

  1. Lindcoly Am I The One
  2. Cheeky Charlie Girl
  3. Glenrood Tanzanite Magic At Liffycairn

Res. Cloverbrook Birthday Girl


NB (10,1a)

  1. Castleline Calico
  2. Cheeky Charlie Girl
  3. Lindcoly Miss Polly

Res. Tweedisle Smitten By Dream

VHC. Klarylise Lost and Found


PGB (13,4a)

  1. Cannwood Catch A Fallin Star
  2. Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby
  3. Beanoak Drunken Landlady

    Res.Twohoots Cecilia

     VHC Tweedisle Chasing Rainbows


MLB (9,4a)

  1. Cloverbrook Cayos
  2. Doonrae Youthfulness
  3. Countess In Clover

Res. Glenmear Martine

VHC Amberhill Angel


OB (4,1a)

  1. Sandaig Suilean Dubh
  2. Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl
  3. Tweedilse Gorgeous Geena


SBB (7,2a)

  1. Bencana Moondance
  2. Shearwater High Jinx
  3. Castleline Star Appeal At Beranburh

Res Klarylise Lost and Found










Veteran Dog Or Bitch









New Members Stakes

Awarding RBIS


I was delighted to have the honour of judging this show, and pleased at the large entry.  Movement appears to be improving, but there were a few dubious mouths.


Veteran Dog or Bitch 10 entries, 1 absent


1.   Wall’s Shearwater Ah Jim Lad (D) – 7yr old dk.br. Good all round confirmation, head and                                                       topline, moved with drive.


2.      Warne’s Tribannon Crystal Blue (B) - 7yr old gr.br. Has a coat that is still looking and feeling good.


           3.           Moore’s Cloverbrook Secret Weapon (D) – 9yr old gr. br.  Nice head and reach of neck,  moved well was close to 2.


Members Stakes Dog or Bitch (2), (1)


1.      Krzyskowski’s Corrandulla Carousel (B) – Nice youngster with a lean body and good reach of neck.  A little too lively on the move to really judge movement.


Minor Puppy Dog (2), (0)


1        Tracey’s Retacy Golden Prince – 8mth Red Br.  Small but well constructed dog.  I hope movement will improve with maturity.


2        Shannon & Storr’s Brendarcy Crackerjack – 8mth Wh.  Slightly oversized for his age, but hopefully will not grow on too much.  Very masculine, moved well.


Puppy Dog (4), (0)


1        Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Play the Game – 11mth Wh. Br.  Excellent all round confirmation, good shoulders, moved with great confidence for a puppy.  I will watch this one for the future.  BP.


2        Jeffrey’s Sandaig Shearer – 10mth Wh. Br.  Full coated with a good head. Distracted when moving solo but improved in the parade.  Hopefully will show better with maturity.


3        Hooton, Shorter & Nuttall’s Penticharm Prince Charming – 9mth Wh. Br.  Good all round confirmation with a good length of neck and topline.  Close call with 2.



Junior Dog (2), (0)


1        Thompson’s Casteline Jackard – Wh. Br.  Very close between 1 & 2. Very good all round with a good topline and tail-set.  Refused to move at first but then showed that he could do it.


2        Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Little Tyke – Red Br.  Less bone than 1, but in all other respects it was difficult to separate the two.


Maiden Dog (2), (0)


1        Frost’s Penticharm BlackJack – Gr. Br. Nice compact dog.  Good topline & tail-set.  Moved enthusiastically.


2        Saich’s Lindcoly T J – Wh. Br.  Nice head and length of neck.  Did not show well on the move.


Novice Dog (2), (0)


1        Ehrenberg’s Carradine Master TiggerWh. Br. This is the overall shape I love to see.  Head, neck, topline and tail-set allin proportion.  Also good on the move.


2        Saich’s Hector of the Glen – Wh. Br.  Also a good dog all round, but lost out to 1 on the move.


Post Graduate Dog (5), (1)


1        Stephinson’s Twohoots Arthur – Rd. Br.  All round good proportions.  Beautiful  head, moved with drive.


2        Peers’ Tweedisle That Special Man – Gr. Br.  Close to 1, but needs more body and bone.  Quite good on the move.


3        Roberts’ Cannwood Red Cornet – Wh. Br.  Good all round dog.  Would have liked to have seen slightly more leg.


Mid Limit Dog  (6), (1)


1        Harrison & Inett’s Carradine Percy Pickle – Gr. Br.  Excellent head with beautiful dark points.  Good topline and perfect tail-set.  Great mover, I had my eye on this one as soon as it entered the ring.  BD & BIS.


2        Thompson’s Casteline Prince Harry – Gr. Br.  Very close call with 1, but he is too laid back and does not do himself justice on the move.  Did enough in the challenge to secure his honour.  RBD & RBIS.


3        Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens. – Gr. Br.  Nice well-boned dog  Good proportions all round.  Any of these three could change places on another day.  It is a pity they were all in the same class.


Open Dog (3), (2)


1        Sharp’s Doonrae Dragoon – Dk. Br.  Notin the best of coat, well proportioned and moved well.


Special Beginners Dog (2), (1)


1        S Country Rambler to Svendalens.



Minor Puppy Bitch (7), (0)


1        Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Lace – 6mth. Wh..  Very promising and feminine.  Moved well and I suspect will mature into an excellent adult.  BBP


2        Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Chatanooga – 7mth. Dk. Br.  Very well boned for her age but lost out to 1 on movement.


3        Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Heidi Claire – 9mth. Wh. Br.  Will probably look better when she gets her new overcoat and will not look too leggy.


Puppy Bitch (6), (0)


1        Mears’ Glenmear Marcuella – 11mth. Gr. Br.  Nice compact dog with good dark points showing off her head.  Excellent mover with good all-round confirmation.  Pity she was not available for the challenge.


2        Bambridge’s Carradine Crème Brulee for Luvemal – 11mth. Gr. Br.  Very close call with 1, but possibly just lost out on overall confirmation.


3        Marshall’s Kemnilfore Lady Marmalade – 1omth. Wh. Br.  Looking very adolescent at this time.  I would like to go over this one again in about six months time.


Junior Bitch (7), (2)


1        Collinson’s Am I the One at Calecairn – Red Br.  Beautiful feminine head atop a neck of perfect length.  Moved with some drive.


2        K. Lady Marmalade


3        Carocairn Miss Marigold – Red. Br.  Nice head, compact and feminine dog.  Moved well.


Maiden Bitch (5), (1)


1        Saich’s Lindcoly She’s The One – Wh. Br.  Good compact bitch, held her tail well when standing and moved with drive from the rear.


2        Marshall’s Cheeky Charlie Girl – Dk. Br.  Very good head.  Slightly heavy in body, but moved well.


3        Lifton’s Glenrood tanzanite Magic at Liffycairn – Wh Br.  Very feminine head but needs to body up a bit.


Novice Bitch (10), (1)


1        Thompson’s C. Calico – Wh Br.  Beautiful head and expression.  Good reach of neck.  Looked good on the move.


2        Cheeky Charlie Girl.


3        Saich’s L. Miss Polly – Dk. Br.  Good size, well proportioned and feminine.


Post Graduate Bitch (12), (3)


1        Roberts’ Cannwood Catcha Fallin Star – Red. Br  Beautiful head and expression.  Good coat.  Moved well despite being slightly short in leg.  RBB


2        Moseley’s S. Elizabethan Ruby – Gr. Br.  Good top-line showed off by her excellent coat.  Looked really good on the move.


3        Goud’s Beanoak Drunken Landlady – Red. Br.  Small but well constructed dog.  Pity she was not in full coat.  Showed well on the move.


Mid Limit Bitch (9), (4)


1        Braybrook’s C. Cayos – Wh. Br.  Good head & reach of neck. Well bodied dog, moved with drive and purpose.


2        Jennings’ Doonrae Youthfulness – Dk. Br.  Close call with 1, but just lost out on movement.


3        Moores’ Countess in Clover – Dk. Br.  Attractive head, well proportioned, moved well.


Open Bitch (4), (1)


1        Jeffreys’ Sandaig Suilean Dubh – Dk. Gr. Br.  Beautiful head with a truly feminine expression.  Good top-line and tail-set  Reallly moved with drive and determination. RBB


2        Moseley’s S. Elizabethan Pearl – Wh. Br.  Very close call with 1, but just a little lethargic on the move.


3        Peers’ T. Gorgeous Geena -  Wh. Br.  Another good dog but lacked muscle and therefore lacked drive in movement.


Special Beginners Bitch (7), (2)


1        Lee’s Bencana Moon Dance – Wh. Br. Good head and expression, well coated and looked good on the move.


2        Purvis’ Shearwater High Jinks – Wh. Br.  Nice head, body slightly small boned.  Could have done better on the move.


3        Davey’s Casteline Star Appeal at Beranburh – Gr. Br.  Good top-line.  Needs to body up a bit.  Not too bad on the move.



Judge .J S Sedley (Ganaviv)