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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show

4th August 2007

Judge; Stuart Plane (Stuane)


BD & RBIS Glenchess Gabriel Over Carradine

RBD Twohoots Barnabas

BB & BIS Carradine Magic Star

RBB Cairngold Chicory

BPIS Glenchess Cut The Mustard


Dawn Inett BD & RBIS Glenchess Gabriel Over Carradine , Judge Stuart Plane, Helen Buttress, BB & BIS Carradine Magic Star




More Pictures after results

Veteran Dog or Bitch 4,1a

1st Shearwater Ah Jim Lad

2nd Doonrae Dragoon                           

3rd Tribannon Crystal Blue


New Members Stakes Dog or Bitch 4,0a

1st Conundrum Sweeter For Me at Lentricia

2nd Spirebrooke Lady Jane Enraw

3rd Ch Carradine Master Tigger

Res Penticharm Black Jack  


Minor Puppy Dog 4,0a

1st  Glenmear Noble Minstrel

2nd Glenrood Ice Man

3rd Camasmor Can Do

Res Tweedisle Guy Mannering


Puppy Dog 1                                                 

1st Glenchess All in The Stars                      


Junior Dog     3,0a

1st  Twohoots Barnabas

2nd Hyde Castle Ozzy Oswald

3rd Fieldron Call My Bluff at Linacrelads       


Maiden Dog   2,0a

1st Tweedisle Guy Mannering

2nd Crumpet Apple Jack


Novice  4,1a

1st Carradine Lucky Break

2nd Strathinver Bobby Darin

3rd Fieldron Call My Bluff at Linacrelads


Post Graduate Dog  7,1a

1st Nutshki Boy Walton

2nd Winetta Jimmy Mack

3rd Nutshki Dark Knight for Noncom

Res Uniquecottage Ring Plover

VHC  Penticharm Black Jack            


Mid Limit Dog            1 entry

1st Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens            


Open Dog      6,1a                

1st Glenchess Gabriel over Carradine

2nd Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy    

3rd Cloverbrook Play the Game

Res Ch Carradine Master Tigger

VHC  Crumpet Apple Jack     


Special Beginners Dog       2

1st Penticharm Black Jack

2nd Crumpet Apple Jack                   

Minor Puppy Bitch 6,1a

1st Glenmear Misty Moonlight

2nd Milindack Posh Sox         

3rd Maridale Space Odyssey            

Res Tweedisle Dolly Daydream        

VHC Cairngold Chiante


Puppy Bitch   5,0a                

1st Glenchess Cut The Mustard

2nd Tweedisle The Golden Touch

3rd Maridale Lunar Mission

Res Cairngold Candlelight

VHC  Brenndarcy Cockney Rebel     


Junior Bitch   7,0a

1st Twohoots Agnes

2nd Winetta Anticipation at Thackeston

3rd Conundrum Sweeter for Me At Lentricia

Res Carradine Sapphire at Spawyche

VHC Carocairn As You Like It 


Maiden Bitch4,1a                

1st Cairngold Avin A Paddy

2nd Winetta Anticipation at Thackeston

3rd Tweedisle The Golden Touch     


Novice Bitch2,0a                

1st Cairngold Chicory

2nd Mosspur Solitaire Dot ……


Post Graduate Bitch            7,2a

1st Eborvale Enchantress

2nd Glenmear Michelle at Elitecharm

3rd Strathgarten Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade

Res Spirebrooke Lady Jane Enraw

VHC Doonrae Zestful


Mid Limit Bitch  2,0a

1st Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe

2nd Newfield Heather Magic


Open Bitch    5,0a

1st Carradine Magic Star

2nd Carradine Crème Brulee for Luvemal

3rd Glenchess Golden Wings

Res Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine

VHC Cloverbrook Cayos        


Special Beginners Bitch     3,0a

1st Spirebrooke Lady Jane Enraw

2nd Svendalens Lucky in

3rd Mosspur Solitaire Dot                 



S M Stakes D/B





















The Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show


My thanks to all for making me so welcome. There was a lovely atmosphere and equally lovely refreshments.


VD (4.1 a) I Shearwater An Jim Lad, nice type of good size, well balanced head with a stop, alert expression, well placed ears, true front & well set tail; 2 Doonrae Dragoon, slightly bigger & gave a pleasing outline, dark eye & enthusiastic on the move.

New Members Stakes. 1 Conundrum Sweeter For Me at Lentrica, lovely outline, true head & good expression, very good front, well placed shoulders, lovely topline, in good coat, 2 Spirebrooke Lady Jade Enraw, wheaten, lovely head & expression, well set ears, lovely shoulders & moved well.

MPD 1 Glenmear Noble Minstrel, very nice puppy, well balanced, good head & eye, correct mouth, level topline, correct rib, steady shower; 2 Glenrood Ice Man, touch bigger & more mature than 1 .alert expression, slightly heavier in bone, but a promising puppy.

PD 1 Glenchess All In The Stars, silver/br, attractive picture, good head, dark eye, strong jaw, well placed shoulders, good topline, nice textured coat. BPD.

JD 1 Twohoots Barnabas, lovely type of wheaten in great condition, alert showman, good mover, well placed shoulders, level topline, well set tail. RBD; 2 Hydecastle Ozzy Oswald, nice headed youngster, great shoulders, used his tail well, but not the coat of 1.

MD 1 Tweedisle Gray Mannering, youngster with time on his side, reluctant on the move.

ND 1 Carradine Lucky Break, dog of nice size & shape, alert & happy shower, well placed shoulders, giving a good outline; 2 Strathinver Bobby Darin, pity he does not use himself better, well constructed & can give a lovely picture.

PGD 1 Nutski Boy Walton, very typy, head could be shorter for better balance, nicely constructed, good rib & shows well; 2 Winnetta Jimmy Mack, in immaculate coat & condition, lovely head & eye, shade heavier in bone than 1 & not as positive in front as 1.

MLD 1 Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens, nice type, handy size & gives a good picture both standing & moving.

OD 1 Glenchess Gabriel over Carradine, lovely constructed dog, balanced head, nice eye & expression, well placed shoulders, free mover, handled well. in full enough coat. BD; 2 Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy, thought this would be the winner as similar remarks apply, perhaps in better form than I but not the freedom behind.

MPB 1 Glenmear Misty Moonlight, lovely balanced pup, attractive head, dark eye, very natural showman; 2 Milindack Posh Sox, lovely pup, just a touch bigger in body than 1, but should do well. PB 1 Glenchess Cut The Mustard, grand wheaten, balanced head, dark eye, neat ears, straight front, nice rib & topline, not too sure of herself, 2 Tweedisle The Golden Touch, showy brindle of good type, lovely shape & moves well, touch short of coat.

JB 1 Twohoots Agnes, wheaten of good type, attractive head, good stop, alert expression, nicely angulated quarters; 2 Winnetta Anticipation at Thackeston, silver/br, similar to 1.

MB 1 Cairngold Avin A Paddy, brindle of pleasing type, lovely head, true front & free mover; 2 W Anticipation at T.

NB 1 Cairngold Chicory, lively & outgoing youngster, quality here, dark eye, nice expression, gave a great picture standing, sound on the move. RBB; 2 Mosspur Solitare Dot, honest type, smaller & short of coat.

MLB 1 Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe, wheaten, well constructed & of decent size, quality head, good neck & shoulders, strong quarters, not in her best coat; 2 Newfield Heather Magic, shapely bitch, who was more trimmed than I, liked her head & expression, but not the depth of body of 1 & looked a touch fine.

OB 1 Carradine Magic Star, gr/br of great type, lovely head, dark eye, good ears, well placed shoulders, true front, moved with style & purpose, well handled. BIS; 2 Carradine Creme Brulee for Luvemal, so alike 1 in type, size & construction, did not have the ring presence of 1 but a first class bitch.