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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Limited Show

4th August 2012

Judge; Alan Small (Bethane) 


BD & BIS; Byrne’s Carradine Brian The Lion

RBD ; Currie’s Sirlingview Stunning

BB, BOS & RBIS; Inett’s Carradine Come On Irene

RBB; Carter & Shannon’s Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie

BPIS; Currie’s Stirlingview Stunning

Best Veteran Culliford’s Ch. Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe

Oldest Veteran; Jennings' Doonrae Zestful

BB & RBIS Carradine Come On Irene, Judge Alan Small,

Vanessa Byrne, BIS Carradine Brian The Lion


Graham Currie RBD Stirlingview Stunning, BD Carradine Brian The Lion & Vanessa Byrne

Sylvia Carter, RBB Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie, Dawn Inett, BB Carradine Come On Irene


BPD & BPIS Stirlingview Stunning + BPB Doonrae Lexicon Of Love

Best Veteran In Show Ch Brenndarcy be Bop Deluxe

+ Oldest Veteran Doonrae Zestful



VD/B 3

  1. Ch. Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe
  2. Vanajam Dream Catcher At Ometto
  3. Doonrae Zestful


SVD/B 2,2a


New Members D/B 1,1a


MPD 2,1a

  1. Brenndarcy Borgen


 PD 3,0a

       1.Stirlingview Stunning

        2.Newfield Harvest Moon Over Brenndarcy


JD 1,1a


 ND No Entries


PGD 4.1a

      1. Carradine Brian The Lion

      2.Cannwood Cut Above

      3. Renshaw There and Back Again


LD 2,1a

         1.Tweedisle Sea Scout



OD 1,0a

      1.Spirebrooke Dawn Raider



SBD 1,0a

       1.Birselaw Fable




MPB 6,0a

  1. Doonrae Lexicon Of Love
  2. Carradine Magic Penny
  3. Spirebrook Going For Gold

Res.Seveek I Dreamed A Dream

VHC Seveek Red Gala At Landbuck


PB 6,0a

      1. Doonrae Larrikin Taf

      2. Brenndarcy Bit Of Bother

      3. Stirlingview  Surprise

      Res Tweedisle Party Girl

     Vhc Newfield Michaelmas Daisy


JB 4,2a

     1. Carradine I Am Florence With Harkinleigh

     2. Svendalens Memoire Cherie


     NB 3,0a

     1. Spawyche Elizabethan Dream

  1. Tweedisle Sea Breeze
  2. tweedisle Party Girl


PGB 9,3a

        1.  Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie

        2. Carradine time To Shine JW

        3. Strahinver Simly Florrie

        Res Strveling Polly Flinders

        Vhc Doonrae Kast In Gold


LB 5,1a

  1. Brenndarcy maid in heaven
  2. Brenndarcy Snedronningen
  3. Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke

Res. Stryveling Lucy Locket


OB 5,1a

      1. Carradine Come on irene

2. Cloverbrook To Die For

3. Cannwood one Moment In Time

Res. Tweedisle sea Breeze


SBB  4,0a

1.      Svendalens Memoire Cherie

2.      Ometto Char Do Neigh

3.      Strathinver Simply Florrie

Res. Stryveling Polly Flinders


Vet D/B

















Linda Thanking Our Judge


Birthday Girls

Beverley & Linda Celebrate their big 60 Birthdays

The Delicious Cake


Linda awarding Sue Braybrook our

Croyanda Points Winner 2011 - Ch Cloverbrook Codebreaker

Linda Thanking Paul Coffell who judged our

 “Special Award” Classes

Special Awards Class A

Special Awards Class B

Special Awards Class C



Class A  - Puppy D/B 9,1a

  1. Doonrae Lexicon Of Love
  2. Spirebrooke Going For Gold
  3. Carradine Magic Penny
  4. Stirlingview Surprise
  5. Stirlingview Stunning


Class B –  Graduate D/B 4,2a

  1. Renshaw There and Back Again
  2. Svendalens Moi Cherie



Class C – Open D/B 3,0a

  1. Spirebrooke Dawn Raider
  2. Birselaw Fable Sch Cm
  3. Doonrae Zestful



On Guard!


V (3) 1 Culliford’s Ch Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe, wheaten bitch with dark ears, lovely type with nice expression, good overall balance, good double coat, moved true, well handled. BV; 2 Coffell’s Vanajam Dream Catcher at Ometto; 3 Jenning’s Doonrae Zestfull.

 MPD (2) 1 Shannon’s Brenndarcy Borgen, promising wheaten, neat ears, dark eye, correct bite, good front & shoulders, went OK. A bit hesitant on the table.

 PD (3) 1 Currie’s Stirlingview Stunning, apt name for this lovely r/br puppy, grand head & expression, neat well set ears, good stop, nice eye, correct mouth with big teeth, straight front, good feet, pleasing body with good quarters, good coat & condition, carried a level topline, well handled. RBD, BP; 2 Bradshaw & Shannon’s Newfield Harvest Moon over Brenndarcy; 3 Coffell’s Cloverbrook Crusader at Ometto.

 PGD (4) 1 Byrne & Inett’s Carradin Brian The Lion, gr/br dog, alert & on his toes, good head & expression, well set ears, good furnishings, good muzzle & correct bite, good eye, correct front with neat feet, well laid shoulders, nice arch of neck, good body with strong quarters, in excellent double coat, went well. BIS; 2 Roberts’ Cannwood Cut Above; 3 Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There And Back Again.

 LD (2) 1 Peer’s Tweedisle Sea Scout, a bit forlorn & better on the floor. Neat ears, in good coat, moved & handled well. OD (1) 1 Warne’s Spirebrooke Dawn Raider, good gr/br dog with nice head, correct eye, good bite, neat well set ears but is reluctant to use them. Good front with ample bone, good al round with pleasing body, well set tail, went well.

BD (1) Strange class. 1 Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birslaw Fable, lovely gr/br dog, lovely head & expression, true front, straight with good shoulders, pleasing body with nice bend of stifle, went well with good front movement. A bit close behind.

MPB (6) 1 Pett’s Doourae Lexicon Of Love, wheaten of nice type & balance, lovely feminine expression, good eye, correct bite, best of fronts, good feet, pleasing body for age, nice youngster that went well. BOSP; 2 Inett & Patten’s Carradine Magic Penny; 3 Warne’s Spirebrook Going For Gold.

PB (6) 1 Pett’s Doourae Larrekin, wheaten, naughty but nice, pleasing head & expression, good body for age, nice quarters, went well. Needs some table manners; 2 Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Bit Of Bother; 3 Currie’s Stirlingview Surprise.

JB (4) 1 Inett, Harrison, King & Leighton’s Carradine I Am Florence with Harkinleigh, r/br with dark mask, nice head, alert with impish expression, good bite, neat well set ears, good front & shoulders, pleasing body with good double coat, went well carrying a level topline; 2 Purvis & Waite’s Svendalens Memoire Cherie.

NB (3) 1 Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethane Dream, wheaten/br with dark points, nice balanced bitch, pretty expression, dark eye, correct bite, in good coat & condition, went well; 2 Peer’s Tweedisle Sea Breeze; 3 Peer’s Tweedisle Party Girl.

PGB (9) 1 Carter & Shannon’s Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie, lovely wheaten bitch, grand head & expression, well set ears, good stop & eye, correct muzzle & bite, nice neck to pleasing body, good front & shoulders, neat feet, in good double coat, went well. RBB; 2 Inett, Harris, King & Leighton’s Carradine Time To Shine; 3 Jones’ Strathibnver Simply Florrie.

LB (5) 1 Chilliford’s Brenndarcy Maid In Heaven, wheaten with dark points, litter sister to PGB winner with similar attributes. Lovely head & furnishings, best of fronts with correct shoulders, nice feet, good neck, pleasing body, well set tail, correct double coat, went well; 2 Shannon’s Brenndarcy Snedronnigen; 3 Warne’s Cloverbrook Carousel at Spirebrook.

OB (5) 1 Inett’s Carradine Come On Irene, lovely r/br bitch, beautiful head & expression, nice eye & well set ears, good stop & muzzle, correct bite, good straight front with nice feet, good overall balance, nice arch of neck to pleasing body, nice bend of stifle with muscled quarters, went well carrying a level topline, neat well set tail, correct double coat in lovely condition, moved & handled well. BB, RBIS; 2 Braybrook’s Cloverbrook To Die For; 3 Roberts’ Cannwood One Moment In Time.

BB (4) 1 S Memoire Cherie, wheaten/br with nice expression, neat well set ears, moved & handled well; 2 Coffell’s Ometto Char Do Neigh; 3 S Simply Florrie.