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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show

7 December 2013

Judge; Lesley Crawley (Ragus


BD & BOS; Pearson's Cloverbrook Special Effect

RBD ; Byrne’s Carradine Brian The Lion

Best Bitch & Best In Show; Felters & Rumens' Ch Landbuck Xanthe

RBB & RBIS; Batemans' Carrdine In Love With Amy

bpb & Best Puppy In Show; Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Tommelise

BPD Carradine Bitz and Peases

Best veteran Parkin's Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon



Richard Rumens, BB & BIS Ch. Landbuck Xanthe, Judge Lesley Crawley, Sue Braybrook  BD & BOS  Cloverbrook Special Effect, RBB  & RBIS Carradine In Love With Amy, Vanessa Byrne, Brenda Shannon, BPB & BPIS Brenndarcy Tommelise, BPD Carradine Bitz & Peases, Dawn Inett, Elizabeth Parkin, Best Vet Roachdee Myster Of the Full Moon.


Sue Braybrook, BD Cloverbrook Special Effect, Lesley Crawley, RBD Carradine Brian The LIon, Vanessa Byrne, BPD Carradine Bitz & Peases, Dawn Inett

Richard Rumens, BB Ch. Landbuck Xanthe, Judge Lesley Crawley,  Dawn Inett, RBB Carradine In Love With Amy, Brenda Shannon, BPB Brenndarcy Tommelise.


Veteran Dog or Bitch                   4,1a


1. Roachdee Mystery of The Full Moon

2. Doonrae Zestful

3. Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy    


Minor Puppy Dog                     3,0a


1. Carradine Bitz and Peases

2. Milindack Master Class     

3. Cannwood Call of Duty


Puppy Dog         3,1a


1. Doonrae Monbeg Dude

2. Carradine My Mate Matthew


Junior Dog         1,0a

1. Carradine Dexter



Novice Dog                    3,2a


1. Cloverbrook Harris Tweed



Post Graduate Dog      5,0a


1.Svendalens Snow Knight

2.Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhilli

3.Noncom Hugo First

Res Landbuck Bytheway

Vhc Dandi Boy Spud                         


Limit Dog                4,0a


1.Carradine Brian The Lion

2.Newfield Harvest Moon over Brenndarcy

3.Milindack What News Watson

Res Renshaw There and Back Again


Open Dog              6,2a


1.Cloverbrook Special Effect

2.Brenndarcy Borgen

3.Carradine Terries Tipple    

4.Birselaw Fable Sh CM        



Minor Puppy Bitch       7,2a


1.Brenndarcy Tommelise

2.Lentrica Secret Passion at Carernwil

3.Tweedisle April Beauty

Res.Carradine Bobeez Girl

Vhc Milindack Made To Measure



Puppy Bitch     7,4a


1.Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal

2.Carradine Secret Snowdrop

3.Doonrae Norma Jeane


Junior Bitch                   3,1a

1.Carradine Lady Lola

2.Gethlee Star Appeal


Class 13            Novice Bitch    2,1a


1.  Birselaw Blithe Spirit



Post Graduate Bitch    6 ,2a


1.Tweedisle Party Girl

2. Svendalens Memoire Cherie

3. Newfield Michaelmas Daisy

4.Birselaw Folksong


Limit Bitch        13,6a


1.Seveek Living The Dream JW Sh CM

2. Carradine Either Eva

3. Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie at Carernwil

Res Brenndarcy Maid in Heaven

vhc Glenmear Sproxton Lass of Gethlee



Open Bitch                     4,2a


1. Ch Landbuck Xanthe

2.Carradine In Love with Amy    27.


Special Beginners Bitch        6,3a


1.Svendalens Memoire Cherie

2.Svendalens Crazy Diamond

3.Birselaw Blithe Spirit



















Team Carradine enjoying the festivities!

Photos by Alan Firth



Thank you so much to the Midland Cairn Club for asking me to judge your lovely breed. I had a good entry but thought overall the bitches superior to the dogs. There is a lot of quality in females & I am sure some of these can change places on other occasions.

BIS was Ch Landbuck Xanthe; RBIS, Carradine In Love With Amy; & BP, Brenndarcy Tommelise.


V (4,1a) 1 Parkins’s Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon, attractive red dog of 7 years, enjoying his day out, in good fit condition with a coat just coming through, nice outline, head & mouth, moved quite well. BV;

2 Jennings’ Doonrae Zestful, 11 year old bitch who moved & showed so well for her age & is obviously fit; 3 Ball’s Tweslam Izzy Wizy Get Bizzy.


MPD (3) 1 Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Bitz And Peases, very showy young man of 6 months, in good coat with head furnishings coming on well, all of a piece but may be a shade small though has plenty of time on his side to grow, attractive head with a game for anything expression, excellent topline carrying himself well, moved OK when he decided to behave, would prefer more length of neck. BPD;

2 Brennan’s Millindack Master Class, at 6½ months this red boy has time to gain more confidence, balanced & in excellent full coat, he moved well, but was just not making the most of himself, better size than 3 Roberts’ Cannwood Call Of Duty.


PD (3,2) 1 Steel’s Doonrae Monbeg Dude, such a balanced boy but needs to learn a little discipline on the move, when he did behave moved well, liked his head& expression though I thought him a tad short in muzzle, excellent outline standing, correct for length of neck, level topline & good tail carriage& set, lovely quarters;

2 Parkins’ Carradine My Mate Matthew, not in his best bib & tucker but attractive quality lad, actually preferred his head for length of muzzle to 1, is unlucky in that he is short in neck which detracts from his overall appeal standing, moved well, lovely eye & expression.


JD (1) 1 Inett & Engebretsen’s Carradine Dexter, very attractive dog in good coat which is a tad short in length, well furnished quality head, good eye shape & colour, correct mouth, moved well behind, would prefer more length of neck & front movement a bit loose, showed well.


ND (3,2) 1 Davies’ Cloverbrook Harris Tweed, attractive head with lovely eye & expression, not enough length of neck which spoilt the outline standing, nice body, good ribs in length & depth, good bone, not moving well either ends but showed well.


PGD (5) 1 Waites’ Svendalens Snow Knight, wheaten of lovely type masculine, quality dog, well furnished good head, powerful neck of good length, not the best set on of tail but generally a balanced dog that moved well;

2 Day’s Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhill, nice well furnished head, correct eye & expression, a shade too long in back for balance, very good hindquarters but not such good front movement of 1; 3 Burgin’s Noncom Hugo First.


LD (4) 1 Byrne & Inett’s Carradine Brian The Lion, liked his head proportions better than 2, lovely eye & expression in good coat, appeared a shade long which spoilt his balance but showed well & moved better than some. RBD;

2 Bradshaw & Shannon’s Newfield Harvest Moon over Brenndarcy, attractive dog with quite nice head though lacks stop, good eye shape & colour, correct for length of neck, lovely front, balanced in body, in good coat, not the movement behind of 1; 3 Bradshaw & Shannon’s Millindack What News Watson.


OD (6,2) 1 Pearson’s Cloverbrook Special Effect, handsome, mature silver grey in good coat, well furnished head of good proportions, keen, bright expressive eyes, like his straight front& good length of neck, would have preferred better length of back to legs for balance but topline good, moved well & topped it all off with great showmanship. BD. BD (3) 1 S Snow Knight;

2 C My Mate Matthew; 3 C Harris Tweed.


MPB (7,2) 1 Shannon& Storr’s Brenndarcy Tommelise, lovely r/br of 6 months, I found her most appealing, utterly feminine, so alive & ready for anything, nice head & ears, sparkling expression, correct for outline, balanced all through, moved well with great powers of propulsion from beautiful hindquarters, needless to say showed with enthusiasm. BPB, BP;

2 Carter’s Lentrica Sweet Passion at Carernwil, 8 months wh/br, very pretty, in good condition, good for head, nice outline, very typical all through but not the front movement of winner; 3 Peer’s Tweedisle April Beauty.


PB (7,4) 1 Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal, nearly a 1 year old & hope she doesn’t grow any more, really attractive, lovely overall type, lovely head, eye & level topline & holds herself well on the move, I liked her, ran the minor puppy close for BPB but I had already fallen in love;

2 Inett, Clayton & Harrison’s Carradine Secret Snowdrop, another extremely pretty headed bitch with correct eye & mouth, really appealed for expression & temperament but a little short in neck & not such a good topline at this age as the winner, in good coat, enthusiastic showgirl of quality; 3 Petts’ Doonrae Norma Jeane.


JB (3,1) 1 Inett’s Carradine Lady Lola, in good harsh coat of wh/br & lovely overall type, attractive head good eye & mouth, correct for outline, well ribbed excellent bend of stifle, held topline on the move but went a bit close back& forth, another from this kennel with a great temperament;

2 Smith’s Gethlee Star Appeal, lots to like about this smart young bitch, good overall type, nice head dark eye giving lovely expression, not moving at all well behind today, nice length of neck & level topline.


NB (2,1) 1 Bowness’ Birselaw Blithe Spirit, attractive, typical head with good stop, feminine expression, nice outline, scores in ribs & short loin, level topline with correct set on of tail, in need of a new coat.


PGB (6,2) 1 Peers’s Tweedisle Party Girl, nice one who appealed & looked good standing, good tailset & topline, pleasing feminine head, expressive dark eyes, correct for mouth, length of neck, front & angulation of quarters but went rather close behind;

2 Purvis & Waites’ Svendalens Memoire Cherie, mature bitch in coat of good texture, attractive for head qualities, dark eye, would have liked a better bite well off for neck, topline & balanced all through; 3 Bradshaw’s Newfield Michaelmas Daisy.


LB (13,6) 1 Keeves’ Seveek Living The Dream, one who appealed to me a lot, quality balanced red who for me was up to size but having said that so much to like, lovely head& expression which was keen & lively, had great attitude & in lovely red body coat, lacked a bit of chest hair but this did not detract too much, ample neck, level topline & moved well, ran the two open bitches close;

2 Harrison’s Carradine Either Eva, preferred her size but not the topline of 1, very typical for head & expression, well proportioned all through great showgirl, moved quite well; 3 Carter’s Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie at Carernwil.


OB (4,2) 1 Felters& Rumens’ Ch Landbuck Xanthe, this is the third time of judging this one& never disappoints me, gorgeous young bitch of lovely type, for me stands out for quality, her head & expression are so good, eyes are dark, charming& naughty, so am not surprised she has already gained her title, she is well made with decent angles both ends, topline is firm standing & on the move, sound in profile with good extension, goes well fore & aft, shows all the time & can be very playful & fidgety which actually is part of her charm, may be small for some but this somehow adds to her impishness, liked her a lot. BB, BIS;

2 Batemen & Inett’s Carradine In Love With Amy, another really lovely bitch in first class coat & condition, has great balance& is well proportioned, good head, eye & keen expression, lovely length of neck flowing into good level topline, liked her size better than Limit winner & ran Xanthe close, lots of quality all through. RBB, RBIS.


BB (6) 1 S Memoire Cherie;

2 Waite’s Svendalens Crazy Diamond, nice general type of bitch but carrying the extra weight does affect her movement adversely & loses her what is probably a nice outline, has a nice well furnished head, bright expression, level topline& lovely show temperament; 3 B Blithe Spirit.