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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Limited Show

28 Feb 2015

Judge Daphne Purvis (Mosspur)


Best in Show; Waites' Svendalens Snow Knight


Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex;

Marshall & Gavaghan's Doonrae Million Dollar Baby


Best Puppy in Show; Keeves' Midnight Dreams Among Seveek


Best Veteran; Ball's Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy



BD & BIS Svendalens Snow Knight, Judge Daphne Purvis, Chris Marshall,

BB, RBIS & BOS Doonrae Million Dollar Baby

BPB & BPIS Midnight Dreams Among Seveek


RBD Svendalens Perseverance with Lentrica,

BD  Svendalens Snow Knight


BB BOS Doonrae Million Dollar Baby, RBB Seveek Snow Angel with Svendalens

Best Puppies – BPB  Keeves’Midnight Dreams Among Seveek TAF

BPD Svendalens Perseverance with Lentrica


Veteran D or B (3)

1.         Ball's Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy

2.         Parkin's Roachdee Mystery of The Full Moon

3.         Byrne's Little Miss Tonka


Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1.         Marshall's Brenndarcy Lord Marmalade avec Strathgarten


Puppy Dog (3, 1 ab)

1.         Svendalens Perseverence with Lentrica

2.         Carradine George Flies with Harkinleigh


Junior Dog (1, 1 ab)


Post Graduate Dog (2)

1.         Keeves' Seveek Double Dice

2.         Parkin's Carradine My Mate Matthew


Limit Dog (0)


Open Dog (4, 2 ab)

1.         Waites' Svendalens Snow Knight

2.         Bateman & Sach's Dandi Boy Spud


Special Beginner Dog (2)

1.         Svendalens Snow Knight

2.         Davies' Cloverbrook Harris Tweed


Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1 ab)

1.         Keeves' Midnight Dreams Among Seveek TAF


Puppy Bitch (1)

1.         Inett & Harrison's Carradine Connie's Kirsty


Junior Bitch (3,1 ab)

1.         Firth's Cairngold Clara

2.         Lomax's Birselaw Heart of Glass at Quickmere


Post Graduate Bitch (6, 2 ab)

1.         Waites' Seveek Snow Angel with Svendalens

2.         McGrath's Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl

3.         Felters & Rumens' Tweedisle Playing with Fire at Landbuck

Res.    Ball's Tweedisle Jazzing It Up at Calamondin



Limit Bitch (2, 1 ab)

1.         Marshall & Gavaghan's Doonrae Million Dollar Baby


Open Bitch (4, 2 ab)

1.         Shannon & McGrath's Brenndarcy Bit of Bother

7.         Culliford's Brenndarcy Maid in Heaven


Special Beginners Bitch (3, 2 ab)

1.         Seveek Snow Angel with Svendalens



V D/B 






























Awarding Best Bitch


Awarding BIS

Judges presentation


Puppy Walk & Morning Fun Classes


Best Puppies Judged By Rita Bateman

Alison & Percy won 6-12 months, Anne & Barney 4-6months winner & Best Puppy in Walk


4-6 months Puppies


Rita awarding BPIW to Barney


6-12months pups

Rita awarding Pecy Best 6-12months


Jack Watson Judging the Morning Fun Classes

Handsomest Dog Class

Jan with Benji winner of  Handsomest Dog,

runner up was Christine's & Duke


Prettiest Bitch Class

Prettiest Bitch Winner was Alison's Florence.

(Runner up was Mary's Rosie


Waggiest Tail Class

WAggiest Tail Winner was  Jennie's Mischief

(Runner Up was Louise's Izzy)


Jack decides which one he would want to take home

Louise's Izzy was the lucky one

Jack wanted to take home.



Spoilt  for choice Jack shortlisted 2nd Mary's Rosie & 3rd Brenda's Ted

Steward Dawn, Judge Jack with happy

Fun Morning  competitors Tracey and Charlie


Midland Cairn Terrier Club   Saturday 28.2.15   Limit Show


Thank you to the Midland Cairn Terrier Club for inviting me to judge Cairns, and to my very able Stewards, Pat and Chris.


Class 1 Veteran Bitch 4

1st M Ball’s Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Busy. 11 years red bitch, good scissor bite and teeth. Good sloping shoulder and level top line leading to good tail set. lovely disposition for age, and stood well on the table.

2nd Mrs E Parkin’s. Roachdee Mystery of the Full Moon . Wheaten bitch, correct bite, good keen eye, very attentive to owner. In excellent coat and showed well.


Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog 1

1st Marshall’s  Brenndarcy Lord Marmalade avec Strathgarten. 9 months well up to size for age.  Lovely dark points correct bite & stop, good head. Good length of neck and sloping shoulder , moved well and kept topline on the move.


Class 3 Puppy Dog 3 (1)

1st Mr & Mrs Clarks  Svendalens Perseverance with Lentrica. Dark brindle. Good scissor bite with definite stop, nice alert expression  Good rear angulation . Moved well-good use of tail.

2nd   Inett Miss D H Harrison Mrs R, King Dr N. & Leighton Mr G Carradine George Flies with Harkinleigh.  Wheaten brindle good head with correct bite. Keen eye well up to size for age, lost out to 1 on movement.


Class 4 Junior Dog 1 (1)


Class 5  Post Graduate Dog

1st Mrs J Keeves Seveek Double Dice.  Dark brindle  with very good head with nice large teeth. Good neck and shoulder and good depth of brisket. Level topline which he kept when he moved with great impulsion round the ring; showed well.

2nd.Mrs E Parkin  Carradine My Mate Mathew. Wheaten brindle.  Good scissor bite and in well presented, slightly smaller than 1st , lost out on tail set.


Class 6 Limit Dog N/A Class 7 Open Dog 4 (2)

1st Mrs A Waites Svendalens Snow Knight. Grey brindle  I judged this boy as a puppy and am delighted to see how he has grown into a handsome dog. Super head with lovely dark points and small ears well set. Good sloping shoulder and front legs of good proportion to body. Level topline, an excellent showman and pleased to award him B.I.S.

2nd Rita Bateman & Mr R Sachs Dandi Boy Spud. Dark brindle with good head and level bite; nice keen Cairn expression moved well and showed well, just a little overweight.


Class 8 Special Beginners Dog 2

1st Mrs A Waites Svendalens Snow Knight

2nd Mrs A & Miss B Davies Cloverbrook Harris Tweed. Dark brindle 6 year old. Good head and correct bite. Good sloping shoulder and moved well in ring.


Class 9 Minor Puppy Bitch 2

1st Mrs J Keeves Midnight Dreams among Seveek. Red brindle 7 months old very pretty baby. Had a good scissor bite and good eye; great coat for a youngster, moved well and showed well.


Class 10 Puppy Bitch 1

1st  Miss D Inett & Mrs R Harrisons Carradine Connies Kirsty. Wheaten brindle, good head and eye well up to size for 11 months. Level topline and rear angulation.


Class 11 Junior Bitch 3 (1)

1st Firth’s  Mr A, Mrs L & Dr A . Wheaten brindle, well balanced with lovely head and good bite. Good length of leg and tail set; excellent coat.

2nd Mrs S Lomax’s Birselaw Heart of Glass at Quickmere.  Dark bitch with nice dark points, good length of leg, could mature up nicely although a bit unsettled in the ring.


Class 12 Post Graduate Bitch 6 (2)

1st  Mrs A Waites Seveek Snow Angels with Svendalens.    Grey Brindle, 19 month lots to like about this very well proportioned bitch.   Good head lovely neck leading onto sloping shoulders, level top line;  good overall impression.

2nd  Wheaten 2 years lovely head expression, moved well good length of leg and top line.


Class 13 Limit Bitch 2 (1)

1st Mrs C Marshall & Mrs L Gavaghans Doonrae Million Dollar Baby. Brindle with lovely dark points, good head and ear set. Nice length of leg, outline good and well presented.


Class 14 Open Bitch 4 (2)

1st Miss B M Shannon  & Miss B M McGrath’s Brenndarcy Bit of a Bother. Dark brindle 4 year old.  Good head correct bite  and well set on ears. Coat in good condition

2nd Miss M R Cullifords Brenndarcy Maid in Heaven. Wheaten with good head and dark points eye giving typical Cairn expression, moved with level topline and stood well on table.


Class 15 Special Beginners Bitch 3 (2)

1st Mrs A Waites Seveek Snow Angel with Svendalens.


Judge -  Daphne Purvis