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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show

19th july 2014

Judge; Pat Clarke (Lentrica) 


Best Dog & Best In Show; Waitesí Svendalens Snow Knight

Reserve Best Dog; Batemanís Dandi Boy Spud

Best Bitch, Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex; Inett & Batemanís Carradine In Love with Amy.

Reserve Best Bitch; Carterís Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie at Carenwil

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show; Shannon & Storrís Brenndarcy Fortune Teller.

Best Opposite Sex Puppy; Kinchinís Pennidazzle All Spruced Up

Best Veteran; King & Leightonís Curtisey Foreign Account with Carradine


Dawn Inett, BB & RBIS Carradine In Love With Amy, Alison Waites, BD & BIS Sveldalens Snow Knight,

Judge Pat Clarke, Brenda Shaanon, BPB & BPIS Brenndarcy Fortune Teller, Jenny Kinchin, BPD Pennidazzle All Spruced Up.


BD Svendalens Snow knoght, Rita Bateman & RBD Dandi Bpy Spud.

BPB Brenndarcy Fortune Teller, RBB Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie at Carenwil, Sylvia Carter, BB Carradine In Love With Amy

Best Puppies


  Veteran Dog or Bitch1 entry

1. Curtisey Foreign Account with Carradine


Minor Puppy Dog†††††††† 1 entry

1. Pennidazzle All Spruced Up


Puppy Dog††††††††††††††††††† 2 entries, 1 absent

1. Seveek Double Dice


Junior Dog††††††††††††††††††† 0 entries


Novice Dog††††††††††††††††† 1 entry, 1 absent


Post Graduate Dog††††† 1 entry, 1 absent


Limit Dog†††††††††††††††††††††† 3 entries, 2 absent

1.†† Dandi Boy Spud††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Open Dog††††††††††††††††††††† 4 entries, 1 absent

1. Svendalens Snow Knight

2. Carradine Night Listener at Harkinleigh

3. Carradine Terries Tipple††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Special Beginners Dog0 entries



Minor Puppy Bitch†† 6 entries, 4 absent

1. Brenndarcy Fortune Teller NAF, TAF

2. Pennidazzle Tuesdayís Child


Puppy Bitch†††††† ††††††††3 entries, 2 absent

1.Tweedisle Playing with Fire at Landbuck

2. Seveek Snow Angel with Svendalens


Junior Bitch†††††††††††††† 3 entries, 3 absent


Novice Bitch††††††††††††† 0 entries


Post Graduate Bitch 7 entries, 1 absent

1. Carradine Secret Snowdrop

2. Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal

3. Seveek I Dreamed A Dream

ResCarradine Ruby Tuesday at Pennidazzle

VhcBirselaw Blithe Spirit††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Limit Bitch†††††††††††††††† 4 entries, 4 absent

Open Bitch††††††††††††††† 5 entries, 3 absent

1. Carradine In Love with Amy††††††††††††

2.Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie††††††††††††††


Class 17Special Beginners Bitch3 entries

1. Birselaw Folksong††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

2 Svendalens Memoire Cherie

3. Seveek Snow Angel with Svendalens




















Look here lad, don't try teach an old dog new tricks!

Are you sure you've only drunk coffee?

An enthralled pair of spectators

Glad someone's happy!


I would like to thank the midland ctc officers & committe for inviting me to judge their july open show 2014, and a big thankyou to the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their dogs.


VD. 1.

1st Inett,Harrison,& King & Leighton Curtisey Foregin Account with Carradine.

8yr Dark brindle with lovely head and keen exspression, correct bite with good stop, good ear placement , level top line leading to correct tail set, good augulation in good coat, lovely showman enjoying his day and handled well.



Kinchins Pennidazzle all spruced up.

8 Month grey brindle with good mouth & stop,correct eye colour and shape, nice length of back with correct tail set and moved freely.



Keeves seevek double dice.

Dark brindle 11 month with good scissor bite & good ear placement with good length of neck leading into good lay of shoulder ,level top line with correct length of back with good tail set , just would'nt settle today.








LD.3. 2ab

Batmans & Sach

1st Dandi boy spud Dark brindle with correct bite & stop good eye colour and shape ,neat ears, kepted top line on the move and correct tail set in good double coat and nice spring off rib, moved ok.



Waites Svendalens snow knight. BOB

Wheaten brindle 2yr . with good scissor bite large teeth, good stop , correct ear placement, lovely dark points, correct eye shape and colour , good length of neck into correct lay of shoulder ,nice spring of rib,level topline and good tail set ,well proprtioned and good angulation and correct coat , moved well with drive


2nd. King & leighton & carradine night listener at Harkinleih.

7yr Dark brindle Another nice dog with good mouth & stop & nice head furnishings, expressive ears , level top line moved freely and well handled.


3rd Carradine terries tipple.


BD. waites svendalens snow knight RBD. Dandie boy spud. BDP. Pennidazzle all spruced up.



MPB. 6. 4ab.

1st Shannon & storr's brenndacy fortune teller NAF , TAF, 7 month lovely dark brindle girl very feminine with correct scissor bite and good stop, correct eye shape and colour , neat expressive ears , and good head, lovely length of neck leading to level top line and good tail set good front & rear movement , and in correct puppy coat moved well with handler. BPIS


2nd. Kinchins Pennidazzle tuesdays child 8 month Dark brindle girl with correct mouth & stop nice ear set, with correct length of neck ,level top line well proprtioned moved ok.




1st Felters & Rumens Tweedisle playing with fire at Lanbuck 11 months. Lovely red girl with correct scissor bit and good stop with good ear placement , good

lay of shoulder and level top line , good angulation and move well with handler .


2nd. waites seevek snow angel with svendalens 11 month dark brindle girl again another nice puppy with lovely large teeth and scissor bite, good stop and

correct ear placement with good good length of neck and level top line good front & rear movement , shame out of coat today.


JB. 3 3ab




PGB. 7.

1st Inett clyton & harrison. carradine secret snow drop. 2yr wheaten brindle very feminine girl with correct bite and hazel eye colour & shape lovey neat ears

and used them, good level top line and in good coat moved well.


2nd. Shannon & storrs brenndarcy dizzee rascal Red girl with correct mouth and stop well placed ears , good lay of shoulder into level top line with correct

tail set, nice angulation and attentive to handler , coat needed a little attention today but lovely girl.


3rd keeves I dreamed a dream.


4th kinchins carradine ruby tuesday at pennidazzle

VHC bowness Birslaw Blithe spirit.







1at Batemen & inett Carradine in love with amy 3yr Wheaten brindle with dark points, with good sciissor bit and good stop , well placed ears and using them,

correct length of neck in to good shoulder placement, nice spring of rib and well proprtioned moved freely around the ring, and in correct coat.BB.


2nd Carters Brenndacy dizzie lizzie, cream 5yr the best of heads

with scissor bite good eye colour and neat set ears correct length of neck, and level top line with good tail set, in double coat and moved ok . RBB.




1st Bowness Birslaw folksong.5yr dark brindle with correct mouth and stop , neat ears with level top line and in good coat good front & rear movement. moved

well with handler.


2nd. Svendalens memoire cherie. 3yr wheaten brindle feminin girl with correct scissor bit and correct eye colour & stop nice level top line, ready for new jacket

moved ok.



3rd Waites seevek snow angel with svendalens. 1