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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Limited Show

1st March 2008

Judge; Karen Evans (Kapplegill)


BD & BIS; Dolan & Inett’s Glenrood Iceman

RBD & RBIS; Middlehurst’s Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren

BB & BOS; Bambridge’s Carradine Crčme Brulee For Luvemal

RBB; Moseley’s Carradine Sapphire At Spawyche

BPIS; Mears’ Glenmear Magwitch

BV; Pearson’s Cloverbrook Corona Cracker


Pam Bambridge, BB Carradine Crčme Brulee For Luvemal, Judge Karen Evans, Dawn Inett,

BD & BIS Glenrood Iceman, Mary Middlehurst, RBD & RBIS Zalazar Unzipped!At Starveren. 


Helen Pearson & Best Veteran Cloverbrook Corona Cracker

BPB Cairngold Gunnng For Gold At Doonrae, Chris Petts, Judge Karen Evans, BPD & BPIS Glenmear Magwitch, Brain Mears.

More pictures after result, critique after pictures 

VD or B (2,1a)

  1. Cloverbrook Corona Cracker


MPD (4)

  1. Glenmear Magwitch
  2. Carradine Night Listener At Harkinleigh
  3. Carradine Maybe The Moon At Harkinleigh

Res Vanajam Split Decision At Ometto


PD (4)

  1. Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx
  2. Cairngold Cut To the Chase
  3. Tweedisle That Guy Johnny

Res. Cairngold Sunshine


JD (6,2a)

  1. Tanteazle Tailor Cut
  2. Mystery of the Full Moon
  3. Ock Little Tinker

Res. Mosspur Licensed To Thrill



MD (2)

  1. Strathinver Sportstyle
  2. Ock Little Tinker


ND (3)

  1. Tweedisle That Guy Johnny
  2. Mosspur Licensed To Thrill
  3. Strathinver Bobby Darin


PGD (2)

  1. Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren
  2. Fieldron Call My Bluff At Linacrelads


MLD (4,1a)

  1. Glenrood Ice Man
  2. Fieldron I’ve Got News For You
  3. Uniquecottage Ring Plover


OD (5,1a,)

  1. Ock Ross I’m the Boss
  2. Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens
  3. Kinkim Kernul

Res. Tweedisle That Special Son


SBD (2)

  1. Tanteazle Tailor Cut
  2. Mystery Of the Full Moon

MPB (5)

  1. Stryveling Lucy Locket
  2. Tanteazle Tigrella
  3. Cannwood Razz A Ma Tazz

Res Glenmear Monetpenny

VHC Brenndarcy Ab Fab


PB (7)

  1. Cairngold Gunning For Gold With Doonrae
  2. Carradine Between Friends
  3. Cairngrove Clever Clogs

Res. Elitecharm Only Girl

VHC. Tweedisle Town Topper


JB (5,3a)

  1. Cairngold Candlelight
  2. Tweedisle The Golden Touch


MB (1,1a)



NB (5,3a)

  1. Tweedilse Dolly Daydream
  2. Winetta Anticipation At Thackeston


PGB (9,3a)

  1. Carradine Sapphire At Spawyche
  2. Shearwater High Jinks
  3. Svendalens Lucky In Love

Res. Cairngrove Shadow Dancer

VHC. Spirebrook Lady Jade Enraw


MLB (4,1a)

  1. Crčme Brulee  For Luvemal
  2.  CarradineCurtisey Foreign Account With Carradine
  3. Conundrum Sweeter For Me At lentrica


OB (3,1a)

  1. Strathgarten Kenmilefore Lady Marmalade
  2. Seveek Country Lover Of Svendalens


SBB (1)

  1. Spirebrook Lady Jade Enraw




















Awarding BPD



















Linda Firth Thanking Our Judge Karen Evans



Puppy Walk Judge Helen Buttress with some of her exhibitors

Photographs By Alan Firth

(sorry there’s a couple missing)


Our Thanks To Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller (Emeraldcity Cairns) who are visiting from Oz, for the Specials they brought awarded to the top prize winners.


Midland Cairn Terrier Club Limited Show

1st March 2008.


I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge and for their hospitality on the day.  I would also like to thank the exhibitors for their support for my first judging appointment.  There was a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and I enjoyed my day very much.


Class 1  VetD/B   2 (1)


1.         Pearson’s Cloverbrook Corona Cracker ShCm.  9 years old cream with dark points; good quality full coat; moved out well with plenty of animation; still enjoying her shows.  Best Veteran             and Oldest Veteran.     


Class 2  MPD  4


1.         Mears’ Glenmear Magwitch.  7 months wheaten brindle; in full puppy coat; lovely head and             mischievous expression; level topline; moved well for one so young; everything a puppy should       be. BPD and BPIS.


2.         King & Leighton’s Carradine Night Listener at Harkinleigh.


3.         King & Leighton’s Carradine Maybe The Moon at Harkinleigh.


Class 3  PD  4


1.         Moseley & Inett’s Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx.  10 months wheaten with dark points; nicely             proportioned well balanced puppy; very alert and showed well.


2.         Firth, Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Cut To The Chase.


3.         Peers’ Tweedisle That Guy Johnny.


Class 4  JD  6 (2)


1.         Mara’s Tanteazle Tailor Cut.  Attractive dark brindle; typical head and expression; good rear             angulation; moved with drive and showed himself well.


2.         Parkin’s Mystery of The Full Moon.


3.         Fairweather’s Ock Little Tinker.


Class 5  MD  2


1.         Tracey’s Strathinver Sportstyle.  Good head and expression; nice tight feet; in full coat; unfortunately his tail had been chewed which gave it an odd appearance! Moved well.


2.         Ock Little Tinker.


Class 6  ND  3


1.         Tweedisle That Guy Johnny.  9 months cream with dark points; 3rd in stronger Puppy class; liked his head, dark eyes and expression; good coat; alert and well balanced; moved OK.


2.         Purvis’ Mosspur Licensed To Thrill.


3.         Tracey’s Strathinver Bobby Darin.





Class 7  PGD  2


1.         Middlehurst’s Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren Imp Dnk.  Red dog in good quality full coat;             unmistakeably male; lively, well balanced; would like to see more reach with front movement           but moved with drive from the rear.  RBD and RBIS.


2.         Lynch’s Fieldron Call My Bluff at Linacrelads.


Class 8  MLD  4 (1)


1.         Dolan & Inett’s Glenrood Ice Man.  Eyecatching, masculine light red dog with dark points;    nicely proportioned head with typical Cairn expression; balanced; stands well forward and up        on his toes; lively and moved with purpose. BD and BIS.


2.         Watson’s Fieldron I’ve Got News For You.


3.         Soper’s Uniquecottage Ring Plover.


Class 9  OD  5 (1)


1.         Fairweather’s Ock Ross I’m The Boss.  Dark grey brindle in full coat; moved OK and showed             well.


2.         Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens.


3.         Birch’s Kinkim Kernul.


Class 10  SBD  2


1.         Tanteazle Tailor Cut.


2.         Mystery Of The Full Moon.


Class 11  MPB  5


1.         Cameron’s Stryveling Lucy Locket.  8 months light red with dark points; in full puppy coat;    nicely proportioned; confident and moved well.


2.         Strickland’s Tanteazle Tigerella.


3.         Roberts’ Cannwood Razz a ma Tazz (NAF).


Class12  PB  7 (2)


1.         Petts’ Cairngold Gunning For Gold with Doonrae.  11 months wheaten brindle; feminine puppy       but with enough substance; liked her head and expression; very confident on the move. BPB.


2.         Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Between Friends.


3.         Chambers & Exton’s Cairngold Clever Clogs


Class 13  JB  5 (3)


1.         Firth, Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Candlelight.  Light red with dark points; very lively, gave her handler a hard time; liked her overall balance and ‘ready for anything’ expression. 


2.         Peers’ Tweedisle The Golden Touch.


Class 14  MB  1 (1)


Class 15  NB  5 (3)


1.         Peers’ Tweedisle Dolly Daydream.  Wheaten brindle; lovely head and feminine expression;             liked her rear angulation and natural balance standing; moved well. 


2.         Harland’s Winetta Anticipation at Thackeston.


Class 16  PGB  9 (3)


1.         Moseley’s Carradine Sapphire at Spawyche.  Very feminine wheaten brindle with dark points;             nicely proportioned; moved well with drive and animation; she stood out in this class. Reserve             Best Bitch.


2.         Purvis’ Shearwater High Jinks.


3.         Waites’ Svendalens Lucky In Love.


Class 17  MLB  4 (1)


1.         Bambridge’s Carradine Crčme Brulee for Luvemal.  Dark brindle; lovely head and eyes that             gave her that true Cairn expression; feminine without being slight in any way; alert and poised             standing; moved well and with animation.  Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex; just lost her sparkle when it came to the decision for RBIS.


2.         Inett & Harrison’s Curtisey Foreign Account with Carradine.


3.         Clarke’s Conundrum Sweeter For Me at Lentrica.


Class 18  OB  3 (1)


1.         Marshall’s Strathgarten Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade.  Red bitch in good coat; not the           expression of 2 but won on better movement.


2          . Waites’ Seveek Country Lover of Svendalens.


Class 19  SBB  1


1.         Warne’s Spirebrooke Lady Jade Enraw. Wheaten with dark ears and muzzle; good coat;    previously VHC in PGB; a bit reluctant on the move and looking fed up after a long day!



Karen Evans (Judge)