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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Limited Show

3rd March 2012

Judge; Jackie Burr 


BD & BIS; Warne’s  Spirebrooke Dawn Raider

RBD ; Inett’s Hydecastle Reg Rocket

BB, BOS & RBIS; Warne’s Cloverbrook  Carousel at Spirebrooke

RBB; Cloverbrook Black Diamond

BPIS; Clarke’s Lentrica Sweet Sensation

Best & Oldest Veteran; Doonrae Zestful

Description: bisrbisbp

Kath Warne, BD & BIS Spirebrooke Dawn Raider, Sue Braybrook, BB, BOS  & RBIS Cloverbrook Carousel at Spirebrooke, Judge Jacky Burr, Pat Clarke, BPIS Lentrica Sweet Sensation


Description: besrdogrbdbpd


Description: bbrbbbpb



Description: awardingbis

Awarding BIS

Description: awardingbpis

Awarding BPIS

Description: awardingbest-pupwalk

Awarding Best Puppy Walk Winner


VD/B 2,1a

  1. Doorae Zestful


MPD 2, 0a

         1.Noncom Hugo First

         2.Retacy Captain Cool



PD 1,0a

  1. Landbuck Parahandy



JD 2,0a

  1. Winetta Stand And Deliver
  2. Carradine Brian The Lion



GD 1.0a

      1.Carradine Alfie the Great At Carenwil



PGD 3,0a

         1.Hydecastle Reg The Rocket

         2.Milindack What News Watson

         3.Tweedisle Sea Scout



LD 2,1a

      1.Cannwood Zipper At Thakeaston



OD 1,0a

       1.Spirebrooke Dawn Raider




SBD 1 w/d

MPB 6,0a

  1. Llentrica Sweet Sensation
  2. Carradine Eva Either
  3. Retacy She’s My Rock

Res.Tweedisle Paper Moon

VHC Noncom Solitaire


PB 4,1a

      1.Elite Charm Dream Catcher naf

      2.Tweedisle Paper Moon

      3.Svendalens Memoire Cherie


JB 8,4a

     1.Winetta Rebel Rebel

     2.Brenndarcy Snedronningen

     3.Strathinver Simply Florrie

     Res Carradine I Am Florence With Harkinleigh


GB 7,1a

     1.Cloverbrook Black Diamond

     2.Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie

     3.Strathinver Simply Florrie

     Res Brenndarcy Maid In Heaven

     Vhc Tweedisle Sea Breeze



        1.Milindack Miss Marple

        2.Winetta Miss Independent

        3.Svendalens If Not For You

        Res Tweedisle Sister Sarah

        Vhc Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes


LB 6

  1. Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke
  2. Carradine Time To Shine
  3. Newfield Dawn Spirit
  4. Roachdee Toffee Crisp
  5. Winetta Anticipation At Thackeaston


OB 5,1a

      1.Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke

 2.Tweedisle Sorrel

       3.Little Miss Tonka

       Res.Svendalens Lucky In Love


SBB  2,1a

         1.Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes


Description: vetdorb


Description: mpdog


Description: pupdog


Description: juniordog



Description: graddog


Description: pgraddog


Description: limitdog


Description: opendog


Description: awardingbestdog


Description: mpupb


Description: pupb


Description: juniorb


Description: gradb


Description: pgradb


Description: limitb


Description: openb


                       Description: sbb                    


Description: awardingbestb

Awarding BB


Puppy Walk

Description: babypups

Vanessa Byrne judging the Puppy Walk

Description: babypups1

Group Photo with winner in centre


Linda awards Rosettes for RCC’s

Description: rosetteaward

Description: rosetteaward2

Description: rosetteaward3


Brenda  Awarding The MCTC Web Awards

Description: webaward

Carradine won the MCTC Web Awards for Top Puppy 2010 & Top Kennel 2011

Description: webawards1

Landbuck won the MCTC Web Awards for Top Cairn & Top Dam 2011




GP Out Takes

You wont miss your class- I promise

A little bit of give and take


An “Oldie” leaving the ring

A duo entertains between the judging

A time for joy, disappointment or even prayer

John & Barabara Kornilo (Thistlegate) USA

Holding “The Inquest”

Preparing the tables before ye

Takes 3. 1 to work, 1 to hold,  1 to drink coffee

Taking home a packed lunch

You can do anything to her, she just sits there



Midland Cairn Terrier Club Limit Show 3rd March 2012

I would like to thank the Committee of the Midland Cairn Terrier Club for inviting me to judge their Limited Show. Many thanks to all for looking after me, and also the two stewards who kept the ring running smoothly for the day.

Veteran Dog/Bitch 2,1a

1st Jennings Doorae Zestful (BV, OV) 9 year old Dark brindle bitch, in good coat, nice length of leg, moved freely, full of character enjoying her day out.


Minor Puppy Dog 2, 0a

1st Burgin’s Noncom Hugo First, nice head with dark eye and correct bite, good length of neck flowing nicely into the shoulder. Hard coat which was well groomed. A little playful on the move but eventually settled.

2nd Tracey’s Retacy Captain Cool, Light dog, with a nice head, in good coat, Movement needs to tighten, should improve with maturity.


 Puppy Dog 1,0a

1st Felters  & Rumens Landbuck Para handy (BPD) Dark brindle, good head, correct bite, well proportioned body, good tail set, good length of leg with a good turn of stifle. Very well presented, lively wee chap that was handled well.


 Junior Dog 2,0a

1st Percy’s Winetta Stand and Deliver , A lively red brindle dog with a very nice head in correct proportions, good clean bite, neck flowed nicely into shoulder,  level topline, nice turn of stifle. Well groomed and handled.

2nd Bryne’s & Innet’s Carradine Brian The Lion, Light dog with lovely dark points which gives expression, correct mouth, lacking furnishings on his head and moved a little wide in the front.

 Graduate Dog 1.0a

1st Carters Carradine Alfie the Great At Carenwil,  good length of neck which flowed nicely into the shoulders, level topline, nice tail set.


Post Graduate Dog 3,0a

1st Innet’s Hydecastle Reg The Rocket (RBD) 2yr old wheaten dog, nice head with cheeky expression, clean bite. Nicely balanced overall with good depth of rib. Good length of leg which was well muscled, moved freely. Nicely prepared.

2nd Brennan’s Milindack What News Watson, Nice head and nice dark eye, good harsh double coat movement was difficult to assess, as he was quite excitable today.

3rd  Peers Tweedisle Sea Scout.


 Limit Dog 2,1a

 1st Harland’s Cannwood Zipper At Thakeaston,  Dark brindle dog, nice head, with a deep stop and lovely darks eyes which gave him a mischievous expression, level topline and good set on of tail. Good length of leg and moved soundly.

 Open Dog 1,0a

1st  Warnes Spirebrooke Dawn Raider (BD, BIS), Very nice head with a very dark points, mischievous cairn expression that attracts one to the breed so much, correct bite. Nice length of neck which flowed well into the shoulders onto a level topline, good tail set, nice length of leg. Well sprung rib, well muscled all over, good rear drive which gave him power to move well around the ring.  A good harsh double coat which was well presented.


 Special Beginner Dog 1(w/d)


Minor Puppy Bitch 6,0

1st Clarkes Lentrica Sweet Sensation (BPB, BPIS) Wheaten, very nice head, nice deep stop and dark eye, correct mouth. Good length of neck flowed into well placed shoulders, good spring of rib, level topline correct set of tail. Good turn of stifle, full of spirit and moved soundly around the ring.

2nd   Harrison’s Carradine Eva Either, Red, nice head in right proportions, correct mouth and tail set, level topline. Nice movement, just preferred movement of 1.

3rd Tracey’s Retacy She’s My Rock

Res Peers Tweedisle Paper Moon.

VHC Burgin’s  Noncom Solitaire


Puppy Bitch 4,1a

   1st Soper’s Elite Charm Dream Catcher (NAF), Wheaten, nice head, dark eye, correct bite. Nice movement, although could have been a little more animated going around the ring. Coat in good condition and nicely presented.

   2nd Peers’s Tweedisle Paper Moon, Dark brindle bitch, good mouth, good length of neck, level topline. Not shown in full jacket today.

   3rd Waites & Purvis’s Svendalens Memoire Cherie 


Junior Bitch 8,4a

1st Percy’s Winetta Rebel Rebel very elegant wheaten bitch, nice head with correct bite, level topline, moved well around the ring. Harsh coat which was well presented.

 2nd Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Snedronningen, another very nice wheaten bitch, good harsh coat however, she was a  little short on her head furnishings today. Very well muscled.

3rd Jones’s  Strathinver Simply Florrie.

Res  King, Leighton, Inett & Harrison’s Carradine I Am Florence With Harkinleigh.


Graduate Bitch 7,1a

1st Samet’s Cloverbrook Black Diamond (RBB) attractive dark bitch, pretty feminine head with a playful expression, correct mouth and ear set, good length of leg, well muscled.  Harsh coat which was very nicely presented, and not over trimmed.  Very well Handled.

2nd Carter & Shannons Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie Wheaten bitch, nice head with dark points that gave her a lovely expression, correct mouth, well sprung rib, sound movement . presented in good coat and well handled.

3rd Strathinver Simply Florrie.

Res.Culliford’s  Brenndarcy Maid In Heaven.

VHC Peers Tweedisle Sea Breeze.


Post Graduate Bitch 8

1st Brennan’s Milindack Miss Marple, Dark, typey head with very dark points, nice neck flowing into shoulders, well muscled all over.

 2nd Percy’s Winetta Miss Independent, very nice red bitch, happy expression, well presented, just preferred 1.

3rd  Waites Svendalens If Not For You

RES.Peers Tweedisle Sister Sarah

VHC  Pears Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes


 Limit Bitch 6

1st Warne’ Cloverbrook Carousel at Spirebrooke(BB, BOS  & RBIS).  Attractive grey, with even darker points to give her face expression and a nice dark eye. Nice length of neck set into shoulders, level topline and correct tail set. Muscular all over and good balance, harsh coat, which was nicely presented. Very  well handled and moved soundly around the ring.

2nd Clayton & Innet’s Carradine Time To Shine, Dark brindle, lovely head, nice outline, good presentation &  nice movement. Close decision, close decision, preferred the showman ship of 1.

3rd Bradshaw’s Newfield Dawn Spirit

Res. Parkin’s  Roachdee Toffee Crisp

VHC Harland’s Winetta Anticipation at Thackeaston


OB 5,1a

1st Warne’s Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke, As above.

2nd  Peers Tweedisle Sorrel, wheaten, nice head , dark eye. Correct bite and level topine, moved well around the ring.  Would prefer more coat.

3rd Little Miss Tonka

Res. Svendalens Lucky In Love


Special Beginners Bitch  2,1a

1st Pears’s Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes.


Judge: Jackie Burr