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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Limited Show

2nd March 2013

Judge; Lynda Hughes (Gyncairn)


BD & BIS; Bateman’s Carradine Terries Tipple

RBD ; Brennan’s Millindack What News Watson

BB, BOS & RBIS; Petts’ Doonrae Lexicon Of Love

RBB; Firth’s Cairngold Candied Rose

BPIS; Mear’s Glenmear Gethlee Looks Like Fun


Rita Bateman, BD & BIS, Carradine Terries Tipple Handled by Erica Watson NZ, Lynda Hughes, Julie Petts & BB, BOS & RBIS Doonrae Lexicon Of Love

BPD & BPIS Glenmear Gethlee Looks Like Fun,

BPB  Cannwood Lillibeth


Linda Brennan & RBD Milindack What News Watson

- RBD  Carradine Terrie's Tipple


BB Doonrae Lexicon Of Love, RBB Cairngold Candied Rose


VD/B 0 Entries


MPD 2, 0a

         1.Glenmear Gethlee Looks Like Fun

         2.Cannwood Royal  Appointment


 PD 3,0a

  1. Landbuck Bye The Way
  2. Ometto I Am The One And Only
  3. Svendalens Snow Knight


 JD 3,0a

  1. Brenndarcy Borgen
  2. Stirlingview Stunning
  3. Cloverbrook Special Effect



GD 4.0a

      1.Newfield Harvest Moon Over Brenndarcy

      2.Cloverbrook Crusader At Ometto

      3.Cloverbrook Special Effect

      Res.Svendalens Snow Knight



PGD 2,0a

         1.Carradine Terries Tipple

         2.Eglish Spitting Image At Essdeeeff



LD 3,0a

      1.Milindack What News Watson

      2.Eglish Willies Wee Man At Essdeeeff

      3.Roachdee Mystery Of the Full Moon


OD 3,0a

      1.Dandi Boy Spud

      2.Spirebrooke Dawn Raider

3.Carradine Brian The Lion


SBD 5,0a

      1.Svendalens Snow Knight

      2.Eglish Willies Wee Man At Essdeeeff

      3.Cloverbrook Harriis Tweed

Res.Eglish Spitting Image At Essdeeeff

MPB 2,0a

  1. Cannwood Lillibeth
  2. Gethlee Star Appeal


PB 1,0a

      1.Landbuck Xanthe


JB 7,0a

      1.Doonrae Lexicon Of Love

      2.Seveek Red Gala At Landbuck

  1. Newfield Michaelmas Daisy

Res. Pendley  Hester

Vhc. Stirlingview Sananda


GB 6,0a

      1. Carradine in Love With Amy

2.Strathinver Simply Florrie

3.Stirlingview Surprise

      Res. Brenndarcy Bit Of bother

      Vhc Copseleaze \tartan Tara


PGB 4,2a

        1. Llentrica Sweet Sensation

         2. Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes


LB 6,1a

  1. Glenmeaer Sproxton Lass of Gethlee
  2. Stryveling Polly Flinders
  3. Brenndarcy Maid In Heaven

Res. Milindack Miss Marple

VHC. Roachdee Toffee Crisp


OB 6,2a

       1. Cairngold Candies Rose

       2..Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke

 3 Carradine Time To Shine JW

       Res..Little Miss Tonka


SBB  6,1a

      1.Strathinver Simply Florrie

      2.Stryveling Polly Flinders

3.Little Miss Tonka

      Res. Carradine Minnies Magic

      VHC Svendalens Memoire Cherie






















Puppy Walk

Carol Pears looking for her Puppy Walk Winner


Click here for a Short You Tube Video

Her Final choice was Sue Braybrook's Paige




2ND MARCH 2013.


I would like to thank the Midland Cairn Terrier Club for inviting me to judge their Limited Show and thank you to the exhibitors for their patience and support when judging was “delayed”.

I was pleased with the quality of exhibits, excellent temperaments and they all seemed to enjoy the friendly atmosphere.


Class 1 – Veteran Dog/Bitch. - No Entries.


Class 2 - Minor Puppy Dog.

1st - Mears’ Glenmear Gethlee Looks Like Fun: 7½ months, brindle, Lovely dark eyes, correct stop, good neck and shoulders, kept topline on the move when he settled, he had a profuse coat (BPD & BPIS).

2nd - Roberts’ Canwood Royal Appointment: 9 months, Wheaten, Lovely expression with small neat ears, good forchest and good bend of stifle, responded to his handler well.

Two quality puppies. 


Class 3 - Puppy Dog.

1st - Felters and Rumens’ Landbuck Bye The Way. 9½ months, Wheaten Brindle. Correct mouth, good eye colour, neck flowing nicely into shoulders, good front.

2nd - Coffell’s Ometto I am The One and Only. 12 months, Wheaten, Well up to size, good head, a little heavy in shoulders, good bend of stifle, responds well to his handler who gets the best out of him.

3rd - Waites’ Svendalens Snow Knight.


Class 4 - Junior Dog.

1st - Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Borgen. 14½ months, Wheaten. Loved his shape and balance, Good head, neat ears, moved with drive, good front and rear movement, correct tail set.

2nd - Currie’s Stirlingview Stunning. 16 months, Red Brindle, Lovely expression with dark almond shape eyes, strong muzzle, good topline, moved with a purpose and never took his eyes off his handler.

3rd – Pearson’s Cloverbrook Special Effect.


Class 5 - Graduate Dog.

1st - Bradshaw & Shannon’s Newfield Harvest Moon over Brenndarcy. Attractive Red, very masculine, with lovely large teeth and correct bite, good reach of neck, good topline, would like a little more substance.

2nd - Coffell’s Cloverbrook Crusader at Ometto. Grey Brindle, well up to size, Good head with correct ear placement, moved ok when settled.

3rd - Pearson’s Cloverbrook Special Effect.


Class 6 -Post Graduate Dog.

1st - Bateman & Gompels’ Carradine Terries Tipple, (Handled by Miss Erica Watson of New Zealand) Silver Brindle. He took my eye as soon as he entered the ring, beautiful head with correct stop, good forchest, good spring of ribs, and good length of neck flowing nicely into shoulders, moved with purpose and commanded the ring. Presented really well and responded to his handler who really got the most out of him. (B.D & B.I.S)

2nd - Fortune’s Eglish Spitting Image with Essdeeeff. Red Brindle.  Masculine head with dark eyes, level topline, tail a little high set, good stifle, in heavy coarse coat.


Class 7 - Limit Dog.

1st - Brennan’s Milindack What News Watson, Cream, Loved his balance, attractive head with neat ears and strong muzzle with strong teeth. Lovely reach of neck and clean shoulders, strong well muscled loins. Excellent sound movement, slightly less coat would complete the picture. (R.B.D.)

2nd - Fortune’s Eglish Willies Wee Man with Essdeeeff. Red Brindle, litter brother to 2nd in class 6. Preferred the balance of this one to his brother. Again strong masculine head, correct teeth, moved ok, Good tail set, shown in full coat.

3rd - Parkin’s Roachdee Mystery of The Full Moon.


Class 8 - Open Dog.

1st - Bateman & Sachs’ Dandi Boy Spud. (Handled by Miss Erica Watson)Dark Brindle, lovely head with correct stop, good length of neck, level topline and good tail set, moved well when settled not an easy one for the handler.

2nd - Warne’s Spirebrook Dawn Raider, dark brindle, all male, keen expression with lovely dark eyes, kept topline on the move, good angulation. Beautifully presented credit to handler

3rd - Byrne’s Carradine Brian The Lion,


Class 9 - Special Beginners Dog.

1st - Waites’ Sevendalens Snow Knight.

2nd - Fortune’s Eglish Willies Wee Man with Essdeeeff.

3rd - Davies’ Cloverbrook Harris Tweed.


Class 10 - Minor Puppy Bitch.

1st - Roberts’ Canwood Lillibeth. 9 months, Wheaten, lovely balanced baby, pretty head, mischievous expression and personality to match. Lovely neck flowing into correct shoulder placement, showed really well for one so young. (B.P.B.)

2nd - Smith’s Gethlee Star Appeal, 7 months, red brindle, well up to size, lovely dark eyes of correct shape, good mouth, moved ok. The handler needs to be in charge to get the best out of her.


Class 11 - Puppy Bitch.

1st - Felters and Rumens’ Landbuck Xanthe. 9 ½ months, wheaten, Pretty head with good eye colour, neat ears and good width between, nice angulation with good width behind, needs to settle in front, that will come with time.


Class 12 - Junior Bitch.

1st - Petts’ Doonrae Lexicon of Love, 15 months, wheaten brindle, lovely eye catching bitch with correct balance. Pretty head with a good stop, good dentition making correct muzzle. Clean neck and shoulders going onto a level topline, correct tailset, moved with drive, never stopped showing. (B.B & B.O.S.)

2nd - Felters and Rumens’ Seveek Red Gala at Landbuck. 13 ½ months, red, pretty head with neat ears, good length of neck, balanced, good angulation and moved true.

3rd - Bradshaw’s Newfield Michaelmas Daisy.



Class 13 - Graduate Bitch.

1st - Bateman & Inett’s Carradine in Love with Amy. Wheaten brindle, pretty head with dark eyes and correct stop, clean shoulders, good topline, moved well, presented and handled well.

2nd - Jones’ Strathinver Simply Florrie, Wheaten with attractive dark points, lovely feminine head with keen expression, good outline on the table, moved ok when settled, this young lady needs to know who is in charge!

3rd - Currie’s Stirlingview Surprise.


Class 14 -Post Graduate Bitch.

1st - Clarke’s Lentrica Sweet Sensation, Cream Brindle, very pretty head with neat ears and correct bite, good length of neck, level topline, would like a little more width behind, very showy young lady.

2nd - Pears’ Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes. Wheaten brindle, lovely expression with correct eye colour and shape, attractive head, good neck, shoulders a little loaded, correct balance, good bend of stifle, shown in full coat, lost interest when it came to placing.


Class 15 - Limit Bitch.

1st - Smith’s Glenmear Sproxton Lass of Gethlee, Brindle, Elegant bitch with a lovely outline, good length of neck flowing into clean shoulders, good spring of ribs, correct angulation, moved with drive. Alert when on the move.

2nd - Usher’s Stryveling Polly Flinders. Wheaten, pretty head with keen expression and good mouth, well balanced, moved well coming and going.

3rd - Carter & Shannon’s Brenndarcy Maid In Heaven.


Class 16 - Open Bitch.

1st - Firth’s Cairngold Candied Rose. Wheaten brindle. Very smart and alert bitch, feminine head with neat ears, good forchest and spring of ribs, good hind quarters, in tune with her handler. (R.B.B.)

2nd - Warne’s Cloverbrook Carousel at Spirebrooke. Brindle. Attractive head and keen expression, good length of neck, kept her topline well on the move, well presented shows well.

3rd - Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Time To Shine.


Class 17 - Special Beginners Bitch.

1st - Jones, Strathinver Simply Florrie.

2nd - Usher, Stryveling Polly Flinders.

3rd - Byrne, Little Miss Tonka.