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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Limited Show

1st  March 2014

Judge; Thomas West (Tomlyndon)


BD, BOS & RBIS; Bateman’s Dandi Boy Spud

RBD; Currie’s Stirlingview Super Hero

BB & BIS; Bateman & Inett’s Carradine In Love With Amy

RBB; Peer’s Tweedisle  Party Girl

BPIS  Waites'  Seveek Snow Angel At Svendalens


Dawn Inett, BB & BIS Carradine In Love With Amy, Judge Thomas West,

BD & BOS Dandi Boy Spud Handled by  Vanessa Byrne,

Alison Waites and BPB & BPIS Seveek Snow Angel With Svendalens


BD Dandi Boy Spud, BPD Seveek Double Dice, RBD Stirlingview Super Hero

BB Carradine In Love With Amy, RBB Tweedisle Party Girl, BPB




VD/B  1

         1. Roachdee Mystery Of The Moon


MPD 2, 0a

         1. Seveek Double Dice

         2. Tweedisle Relight My Fire


 PD 1,0a

  1. Millindack Master Class


 JD 4,1a

  1. Stirlingview Super Hero
  2. Carradine My Mate Matthew
  3. Cloverbrook I mean Business At Millindack


 ND 1,1a


PGD 2, 1a

         1. Glenmear Magee


 LD 4,1a

        1. Stirlinview Stunning

        2. Newfield Harvest Moon Over Brenndarcy

        3..Milindack What News Watson


OD  5,1a

      1.Dandi Boy Spud

      2.Svendalens Snow Knight

      3. Cloverbrook Special Effect

     4. Birselaw Fable ASt Macmoon Sh CM


SBD  3,2a

   1. Carradine My Mate Matthew

MPB 4,1a

  1. Seveek Snow Angel With Svendalens
  2. Tweedisle Playing With Fire At Landbuck
  3. Tweedisle Earth Wind And Fire


PB 4,3a

      1. Tweedisle April Beauty


JB 7,5a

      1. Cloverbrook Creating Waves

      2. Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl


NB 4,2a

      1.  Tweedisle Carefree

2. Copseleaze Tartan  Tara


PGB 2,2a


LB 4,1a

  1. Brenndarcy Bit Of Bother
  2. Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie at Carernwil

3.  Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes


OB 7,2a

       1. Carradine In Love With Amy

 2.Tweedisle Party Girl

 3.Glenmear Sproxton Lass of Gethlee

 4.Brenndarcy Maid In Heaven

 5.Lttle Miss Tonka


SBB  3,1a

      1. Glenmear Sproxton Lass of Gethlee

      2. Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes

















Puppy Walk

Only two for puppy Walk.

(Quality not Quantity!)


Presentation Time

Winner of Most RCC in dogs 2013 (Ch Cannwood Cut Above)

Croyanda Cup Winner (Landbuck Xanthe)

A Thank you to Helen Pearson

(Retiring from MCTC Committee)

A Thank you to Sue Braybrook

(Retiring from MCTC Committee)

A Thank You to Alison Wragg

(Trimming Demo at Cairn Day)

A Happy 70th Birthday Bouquet  (March 9th) to Monica Ball


And Finally

Alan's Happy Snaps! 

A Happy Exhibitor all the way from Ireland

Our Happy Kitchen  Team!

A Very Happy Raffle Prize Winner!

A Happy Birthday Balloon Girl


Photos By Alan Firth


The Midland Cairn Terrier Club

Limited Show – 1st March 2014

Judge Mr Thomas West (Tomlyndon)

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for the invitation to judge at your Limited Show. There was a lovely atmosphere throughout the show. In terms of ‘in’ the ring it was a pleasure to see dogs handled on a loose lead, carrying themselves well and showing freely on the move.  Some classes had lots of quality and took some real sorting, thank you to you all for this lovely entry. 

Veteran D/B (1)

1, Parkin’s Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon, Wheaten male, Correct bite,  straight front, harsh coat, level topline, moving out well.


1, Keeves’ Seveek Double Dice. Just 6 months, lovely head and expression, defined stop, correct bite, well placed shoulder into level topline, tail well set. Excellent back end with good bend of stifle, he moved out well.

2. Peers’ Tweedisle Relight My Fire, red male, playful and enjoying his time in the ring! Developing head with ears well placed, defined stop. Straight front, once settled he strides out well. Tail well set which he carries well on the move.


1, Brennan’s Millindack Master Class, red male, alert with ears well placed, tail well set, good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. He covers the ground with ease, moving out well, especially from the rear.

JD (4, 1abs)

1st Currie’s Stirlingview Super Hero, Impressive male, excellent broad skull, defined stop, correct bite, strong buzzle. Ears well placed, straight front, good layback of shoulder into level topline, good depth of rib and strong rear quarters, tail well set. In excellent coat, he strides out with ease. RBD

2nd Parkin’s Carradine My Mate Matthew, pleasing brindle male, handles well on the table. Smaller type than the winner & equally as balanced. Excellent head and expression with ears well placed, moving out well, coat not in as good a condition as 1.

ND (1,1)

PGD (2, 1bs)

1st Mears’ Glenmear Magee, Very showy, keen and alert, a rangy sort, Pleasing broad skull with defined stop, straight front, well placed shoulder into level topline, tail well set and carried well. Deep rib and muscular rear quarters, good bend of stifle, moving a little close in back end.

LD (4, 1abs)

1st Currie’s Stirlingview Stunning, Lovely outline, excellent head, defined stop and correct bite, good layback of shoulder, straight front, strong back end,  he moves out well, covering the ring with ease.

2nd Bradshaw & Shannon’s Newfield Harvest Moon Over Brenndarcy, nice size and outline, level topline, muscular back end, preferred the back end movement of 1.

3rd Brennan’s Millindack What News Watson

OD (5,1 abs) a lovely class that took some sorting,

1st Bateman & Sach’s Dandi Boy Spud, Excellent broad skull with defined stop &  dark eye giving correct expression. Correct bite, good layback of shoulder into good length of back and level topline. Deep ribs, well developed muscular backend, well let down hocks, good bend of stifle. Excellent front assembly, he moves true both ways, covering the ground with ease. Loved his size and balance, Best Dog, BOS & RBIS.

2nd Waites’ Svendalens Snow Knight, quality wheaten brindle, in good coat, excellent head and expression, defined stop, correct bite, good length of neck, well placed shoulder and level topline, excellent back end which he uses to full effect when moving out. Honest and without exaggeration.

3rd Pearson’s Cloverbrook Special Effect

4th Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable Of MacMoon ShCM

Special Beginners Dog (3,2abs)

1st Parkin’s Carradine My Mate Matthew

MPB (4,1 abs)

1st Seveek Snow Angel With Svendalens, Just 6 months, lovely outline, good head and expression, neat ears that are well placed. Straight front, good layback of shoulder into level topline. Excellent rear quarters, one to watch. BPIS

2nd Felters & Rumens’ Tweedisle Playing With Fire At Landbuck, red wheaten baby full of quality, Loved her head and expression, excellent bite, straight front and good shoulder. Striding out well, excellent coat.

3rd Peers’ Tweedisle Earth Wind N’ Fire

PB (4, 3abs)

1st Peers’ Tweedisle April Beauty, lovely outline, good skull with defined stop, correct bite. Straight front, level topline and well set tail.

 JB (7, 5abs)

1st Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Creating Waves, excellent head with defined stop, ears well placed, correct bite. Straightest of fronts, shoulders well placed into level topline of good length. Good depth of rib, tail well set and carried well on the move. Well developed rear quarters which she uses to good effect on the move.

2nd McGrath’s Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl, feminine head, she moved out well, would prefer her a  little neater in front.

NB (4, 2abs)

1st Peers’ Tweedisle Carefree, 6 ˝ month old, excellent head, defined stop and dark eye, she has that typical expression. Excellent bite. Straight in front and a good layback of shoulder into a level topline. Tail well set and carried well on the move. Excels in back end where she is already well developed in muscle, good bend of stifle and well let down hocks.

2nd Pears’ Copseleaze Tartan Tara, alert and keen to please, nice head, straight front, moving a little close in rear.

PGB (2, 2abs)

LB (4, 1abs)

1st Shannon & McGrath’s Brenndarcy Bit of Bother, Broad skull, defined stop, strong muzzle. Correct bite, straight front, good layback of shoulder and level topline, good length of back, excellent back end with good muscular rear quarters, strides out with ease.

2nd Carter’s Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie At Carernwil, lovely cream bitch, alert and eager to please. Lovely head, neat ears that are well placed, defined stop. Level topline, moving out well.

3rd Pears’ Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes

OB (7, 2abs)

Excellent class, topped by

1st Bateman & Inett’s Carradine In Love With Amy. Super bitch, excellent head, broad skull, defined stop and a strong muzzle. Excellent bite. Ears well placed, straightest of fronts. Correct layback of shoulder into level back. Deep ribs, excellent tail set, super muscular back end, bend of stifle and hocks. She strides out with ease, in top condition. Interesting to discover her sire was Best Dog, both excelling in their front assemblies Best Bitch & BIS

2nd Peers’ Tweedisle Party Girl, another lovely bitch who is honest and without any exaggeration. Lovely head and expression, correct bite, straight front, level back. Excellent back end, plenty of muscle and good bend of stifle. Strides out freely, giving the impression she could go all day. RBB

3rd Smith’s Glenmear Sproxton Lass Of Gethlee


Special Beginners Bitch (3, 1abs)

1st Smith’s Glenmear Sproxton Lass Of Gethlee. Lovely free mover, up to size but all in proportion. Straight front, level topline, well set tail, plenty of strength in her back end which she uses well on the move.

2nd Pears’ Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes, pleasing head, ears well placed, carrying a little too much weight on this occasion, which is distorting her on the move.

Thomas West