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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Limited Show

13th may 2017

Judge; Steve Carter (Carernwil)


BD, BOS & RBIS; Shannon & Storrís Brenndarcy Tinsoldat

RBD; Ballís Lentrica Let's Dance At Calamondin

BB & BIS; Shannon & Storrís Brenndarcy Cloudbusting

RBB; Clayton's Carradine Here Comes Dolly

BPISSoperís Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds


BD, BOS & RBIS Brenndarcy Tinsoldat, handled by Julie Petts,

Steve Carter, Brenda Shannon, BB & BIS Brenndarcy Cloudbusting

Chris Soper,

BPB & BPIS Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds


Steve Carter, Brenda Shannon, BB Brenndarcy Cloudbusting


RBB Carradine Here Comes Dolly, Dawn Inett


Pat Clarke Handling BPD Cairngold Bubbles, Steve Carter, Monica Ball,

RBD Lentrica Let's Dance aT Calamondin. brenda Shannon, BD Brenndarcy Tinsoldat






















Awarding BIS


Farewell Thank You Flowers for Dawn & Babs.

Pats Cup Cakes



1. Culliford. Brenndarcy Made In Heaven

Dark eye and correct ear carriage with good length of neck and forechest level topline sound coming and going.

2. Parkins Roachdale Mistery of the MoonNice dark head good neck slightly long in back moved well


Special Beginers 2

1..Wright Glenmont Nicodemus

Brindle with dark eye and dark points harsh coat in good proportion sound in movement 2. Pervis. Mighty Rearranger with Mosspur Wheaton dog nice headgood length of neck slightly steep in upper arm good coat moved well



1. Inett &Harrison Bailey Bill at Carradine(NAF/TAF) Brindle dog just 6 months with dark eye and dark points good length of neck and topline needs to tighten up all round.

2. Peers Tweedisle Lively Lad

Wheaton dog correct bite Good length of neck and tail set needs to firm up in front.



Puppy 4.1

1. Reeves Cairngold Bubbles Wheaton dog 10months old good ear placement and head furnishings correct dentition with good length of neck and level topline onto correct tail set moved well coming and going


2.Firths Cairgold Clint Litter brother to 1 and the same remarks only that he played the handler up and would not settle or move properly Two nice puppies


Junior 2.1

1. Balls Lentrica Lets Dance at Calamondin Stood alone 16month old with nice dark eye and correct ear carriage and correct dentition level top line nice depth of chest witha good tail set in need of a new coat a tad leggy moved true coming and going



No Entries


Post Graduate 3

1.Peers Tweedisle Tugman Good head nice expressiongood front and in good coat level back into nice tail set moved well

2. DennisSvendales into Mischief Pleasing head with good depth of chest and rib kept topline in movement preferred 1 on the day

3. Kinchins Pennidazzle All Spuced Up


Limit. Dog 4.1

1. Shannon & Storrs Brenndarcy Tinsoldat Liked his dog a lot nice male head nice dark eye and points good length of neck into good shoulder placement and correctanglesmoved with drive sound coming and going BD

2.Wrights Glenmont Nicodemus Comments as Special Beginners 3.Purvis's Mighty Rearranger with Mosspurr Comments as Special Beginners


Open Dog 2.2

No entries


Special Beginners Bitch 2

1.Fair's Carradine Miss Marcie at Myrtog Dark Brindle 9 months with a lovely feminine face correct bite and tail set needs to tighten up when moving

2.Purvis's Mosspurr Time After Time Brindle 17 month old with dark points in perfusion coat needs to get tail up as this let her down


Minor Puppy Bitch 3.1

1. Soper's Elitecharm Five of Diamonds

Wheaten with nice dark eyes and tips of ears correct bite good neck on to good front and rear anglenice tail set. moved sound going and coming with BP & BPIS

2. Peers Lucy Locket Another nice puppy with dark muzzlecorrect bite unfortunately wouldn't move for handler which let her down on the day.


Puppy Bitch 4.2

1. Firth's Cairngold Carolina

Nice feminine puppy correct bite with nice flowing neck onto level topline moved with drive

2. Fair's Carradine Miss Marcie at Myrtog As special beginners


Junior Bitch 6

1. Felters & Rumans Lentrica Fame at Landbuck feminine head with correct bite good neck and shoulder ontolevel back and correct tail set moved with drive sound both ways.

2. Firth's Lentrica Black Star for Cairngold Litter sister to 1 with the same comments just preferred 1 on the day 3. McGrath'sCarradine Tinkerbell for Owenreagh


Maiden Bitch 2.2

No Entries


Post Graduate Bitch 3

1. ClaytonsCarradine Here Comes Dolly

Red Brindle with dark muzzle in good coat good angles front and rear kept topline when on the move with drive

2. Dennis's Svendales Knight Passion Well proportioned in good coat sound coming and going needs to get tail up which let it down on the day 3. Kinchins Pennidazzle Tuesday'sChild


Limit Bitch 2.1

1. Shannon & Storr Brenndarcy Cloudbustin Good head with good expression correct dentition good length of neck good shoulder placement and chest well set tail with hocks well let down kept topline in movement moved with drive sound coming and going BB & BIS


Open Bitch 4.2

1.McGraths Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl for Owenreagh Nice feminine bitch good length of neck and leg in good coat correct tail set sound in movement.

2. Kinchins Pennidazzle All Spruced up

Dark brindle nice dark eye level bite a bit wide coming and going