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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show

9 October 2021 (am)

Judge; Gwynne Wright (Glenmont)


BD, BVIS & BIS: Inett, Harrison, King & Leightonís Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh ShCm

RBD: Dennis, Waites & Goddardís Good Times Ahead With Oudenarde

BPD & BPIS: Shannon, Storr & Middlehurstís Brenndarcy Itís Magic AI

BB, BOS & RBIS: Pettsí Raskens Joan Jett For Doonrae (Swed Imp)

RBB: Lundís Cairngold Brandysnap For Jorvikairn

BPB & BOSP: Purvisí Springtime Rose At Mosspur

Oldest VIS: Brenndarcy Maid In Heaven


Dawn Inett, BD, BVIS & BIS: Ch George Flies With Harkinleigh ShCm, Julie Petts, BB, BOS & RBIS:Raskens Joan Jett For Doonrae (Swed Imp)

Brenda Shannon, BPD & BPIS: Brenndarcy Itís Magic AI, Mary Culliford. Oldest VIS: Brenndarcy Maid In Heaven



Dawn Inett, BD & BV Ch George Flies With Harkinleigh ShCm, Gwynne Wright, Sue Dennis

RBD Good Times Ahead With Oudenarde, Brenda Shannon BPD Brenndarcy Itís Magic AI




Julie Petts, BB Raskens Joan Jett For Doonrae (Swed Imp), Trevor Lund, Cairngold Brandysnap For Jorvikairn, Daphne Purvis, BPBSpringtime Rose At Mosspur



1.   Ch Carradine George Flies

With Harkinleigh ShCm

2.   Birselaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon

3.   Brenndarcy Maid In Heaven


MPD 1,0a

1.   Brenndarcy Itís Magic AI


PD†† No entries


JD†† No Entries


YD†† 4,2a

1.   Carradine Podgy Paddie

2.   Mosspur Time And Again


PGD 3,2a

1.   Carradine Whiskey Mac


LD††† 3,1a

1.   Good Times Ahead With Oudenarde

2.   Birselaw Come Dancing With

Macmoon OSW JW ShCm ShCEx


OD†† 2,1a

1.   Renshaw There and Back Again Under

2.   Macmoon Sh Cm VW Ir Vet Ch


MPB 2,0A

1.   Springtime Rose At Mosspur

2.   Carradine Minnie Maisie


PB 2,2A


JB 4,2A

1.   Doonrae Rebel Rebel Among Brenndarcy

2.   Carradine Wilma


YB 4,1A

1.   Raskens Joan Jett for Doonrae (Swed Imp)

2.   Cannwood Quiet Reflections

3.   Tweedisle Enchanted Lady


PGB 4,1A

1.   Carradine Mon Mon Sherry

2.   Carradine Mary


LB 2,1A

1.   Carradine Fizz Bomb


OB 4,1A

1.   Cairngold Brandysnap At Jorvikairn

2.   Cairngold Chiquitita

3.   Cannwood Call me Aggie



1.   Cannwood Quiet Reflection

2.   Carradine Bumbling Boris
























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Midland Cairn Terrier Club

Open Show

9 October 2021 (Morning)

Thank you for inviting me to judge your open show.Many of us were glad to be able to be at dog shows again.I was happy to see so many good dogs. It is encouraging for the breed and a credit to breeders.The MCTC hospitality was warm and generous.I was honoured by the exhibitors trusting me with their dogs.Indeed everyone went home with Ďthe best dogí!Many thanks.


Veteran (Three entries)

1. Harrison, King & Leighton.CH CARRADINE GEORE FLIES WITH HARKINLEIGH.(Dog)†††††

Beautifully presented. Dark harsh coat with a lovely head and tail set.A good sized dog, well balanced.Well sprung deep chest.Lovely movement.(BEST DOG, BEST VETERAN)

2.Lamb & Saltmarsh.BIRESLAW DARK CHARMER FOR MACMOON.(Dog) †††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††

Attractive head with good stop and nice eye.Good top line.Tail well set. Nice side movement.Beaten by a more lively and ring-wise dog.


Minor Puppy Dog (One Entry)

1.††† Storr.BRENNDARCY ITíS MAGIC. Lovely cream dog.Well balanced.Beautiful head; nicely set ears.Lovely expression.(BEST PUPPY)


Puppy Dog ( No entries)


Junior Dog (No Entries)


Yearling Dog (Four Entries, two absentees)

1.†† Harrison.CARRADINE PODGY PADDIE.Lovely head and wellset ears.Short tight jacket.††††††††††† Sound mover coming and going and side.

2.†† Purvis.MOSSPUR TIME AND AGAIN. Nice coat.Needs head furnishing and maturation.Lovely potential.


Post Graduate Dog (Three entries, two absentees)

1.†† Bateman.CARRADINE WHISKEY MAC. Lively red wheaton dog with profuse coat and keen expression.Sound movement. Full tail set.Level back.


Limit Dog (Three entries, one absentee)††††

1. Dennis.GOOD TIME AHEAD WITH OUDENARDE.Very full coat with a slight wave .Nice††††††††††††††††††††††††

head.Well set teeth.Sound level top line. Good length of neck.Well groomed.

2. Lamb & Saltmarshís.BIRESLAW COME DANCING WITH MACMOON.Lively dog with and nice jacket and good expression.Lovely dark brindle, beaten by a more expressive head and movement.


Open Dog (Two entries, one absentee)

1.†† Wren.RENSHAW THERE AND BACK AGAIN UNDER MACMOON.Lovely dog with a full head and heavy coat.General movement was a bit close.


Minor Puppy Bitch (Two Entries)

1.†† Purvis.SPRINGTIME ROSE AT MOSSPUR.Lovely red brindle with full coat.Nice movement.Good length of leg and balance.Could use some more head furnishings.

2.Inett & Harrison.CARRADINE MINNIE MAISIE.Lovely small dark bitch with nice top line and length of neck.Beaten by a better mover.

Both bitches are active puppies and need ring practice showing good potential.


Puppy Bitch (Two entries, two absentees)


JuniorBitch (Four entries, one absentee)

1.Shannon, Storr & Middlehurst. DOONRAE REBEL REBEL AMONG BRENNDARCY. Brindle bitch with a beautiful head.Lovely expression.Well balanced, sound movement.Very well presented in a full coat.

2.Lund & Long.LENTRICA HOCUS POCUS.Lovely young bitch.Well balanced with good movement.Presented in a short coat.


Yearling Bitch (Four entries, one absentee)

1.Petts.RASKENS JOAN JETT FOR DOONRAE.Beautiful red brindle bitch.Very well balance with nice length of back.Very typey cairn showing good expression and attitude.Very good movement.Shown in excellent coat.


2.Metcalf Sault.CANNWOOD QUIET REFLECTIONS.Pretty grey brindle bitch with dark mask. Lovely head with good ear set and expression.


Post Graduate Bitch (Four entries, one absentee)

1.†† Bateman.CARRADINE MON MON SHERRY.Lively brindle bitch with good movement,moving freely on a loose lead.Good top line and balanced proportions.Shown in good coat.†††

2.Inett & Harrison.CARRADINE MINNIE MAISIE.Small dar bitch with nice expression.Sound top line and tail set.Presented in a tight coat.


Limit Bitch (Two entries, one absentee)

1.Bateman.CARRADINE FIZZ BOMB.Red brindle bitch with good expressing.Presented in heavy coat.


Open Bitch (Four entries, one absentee)

1.Lund.CAIRNGOLD BRANDY SNAP BY JORVIKAIRN. Very attractive red brindle bitch with beautiful broad skull in proportion.Lovely expression.Easy balanced movement on a loose lead.††† Well presented in good coat.

2.Firth.CAIRNGOLD CHIQUITITA.Pretty red brindle bitch.Well balanced.Lovely well groomed coat.


Special Beginners (Two entries)

1.Metcalf Sault.CANNWOOD QUIET REFLECTIONS. (See Yearling Bitch)


Gwynne Wright