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Richmond Cairn Exibit Spends 2 hours in Police Custody

Dora with her “Release papers” in Guildford Nick!


It was certainly “A day to remember” for me and my Brenndarcy Miss Dormouse (Dora) at Richmond Chamionship Show.


Firstly as I was staying with my big sister who lives 10 miles from the venue I was rather smug about getting there early with no travel fatigue. That was until we realised just how far from the venue we had to park!

Then :-

I broke my sandal strap.

Lost my “showing bait”

Lost my brand new Cairn ring clip with number.


On the Upside:-


I Managed to take all the photographs needed for the web page


After judging I gave the Judge a box of chocs for being runner up in the MCTC Caption Competition.


We also had a glass of wine and some delicious cake for David Turnbull’s 65th birthday.


When I got back to my sisters I attempted to download the pictures.

To my horror they seemed to have vanished!

I searched my laptop files and I couldn’t find them at all. I tried to download them again but the camera said “no pictures” AAAAAAAAAGH! 

At this point I was becoming a little upset. I had let everyone down, I had come all this way, Linda will kill me, etc etc…  After about an hour I decided to re-create what had happened. Took pics of Dora (5pm) by some miracle I managed to retrieve the pictures and all was well.


Decided to take Dora out for a walk (5.20pm) saw my sisters front door wide open and horror Dora was missing!!!!!

We ran up and down the busy road shouting her no luck!

Eventually a motorist stopped and told us that a little dark dog had run into the busy A281 (Guildford to Horsham Road) traffic had stopped and she was picked up by a lady who was taking her to the police station. After several phone calls and waiting she was eventually tracked down to Guildford police station. 


When we arrived (7.30pm) she was in her “cell” eating a hearty dinner, the police lady who had looked after said she was a “sweety” and when I picked up Dora for a cuddle and she started to lick the tears off my cheeks, she was quite moved.


Well that was a happy ending, but wasn’t I lucky? No collar on! No microchip! 230 miles from home! She ran into a busy road on a Friday teatime!


We have the ladies details who picked her up and I will certainly be sending her a very big Thankyou!



PS. I had taken my camera with me to show the police pictures of Dora that I had just taken to prove she was mine! (not needed)

“Take me home Brenda”