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Shearwater Cairns In “Toto-Factor” 

Whilst the rest of Britain is gripped with the latest X Factor on TV, this week saw the auditions at Birmingham Rep for the part  of Toto in Wizard Of Oz.  Which will be running all of December and up to Jan 21st.

Ann took along Sonny, Jim & Gus, Gus stole the show and she will play Toto in half of the performances (She will share the part with another Cairn) They start rehearsals this week. Ann has said she will keep us informed of her progress!

Toto's real name was Terry.  She was two years old when she starred in the Wizard of Oz.  Her trainer was Carl Spitz. Terry had done previous screen work.  Some of her other appearances: Ready for Love (1934) The Dark Angel (1935) Fury (1936) The Buccaneer (1938) Bad Little Angel (1939) Calling Philo Vance (1940) Twin Beds (1942).  As Toto, Terry made $125 per week.  Terry became like a house pet to Hango Dennison (niece of Carl Spitz).  Terry died around 1945 (11 yrs. old).  She was buried on their kennel property in the San Fernando Valley.