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Cairn Books For Sale

I am widow of late Clifford Hubbard, who was a dogbook dealer.  He passed away some 8 years ago, while clearing his estate I came across and I still have few books about Cairn Terrier.

I wonder whether anybody in the club would be interested to purchase any of these books.  Your response would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Siiri Hubbard


1) The Cairn Terrier Handbook by T.W.L. Caspersz - London: Nicholson&Watson, 1st edition 1957, 79 pages, plus Index. The book carries a dust wrapper and is in fine conditions. 20 (2 copies available)

2) The Cairn Terrier by Florence M. Ross - Manchester: Our Dogs no date (1932?), the book is bound in brown with green-blue lettering, 64 pages. The book is in very good condition. 30 (2 copies available)

3) same book, 3rd edition 28

Siri Hubbard