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A Giants Tale

Julie & Chris Petts Wave From The Giants Causeway


During our post NOICTC CH show celebratory meal at the Hilton Templepatrick one of our party (8) suggested that on the following morning we rise early – Take a trip up to Giants Causeway, take the dogs for a walk, then return to Larne to catch our 1pm Ferry via the scenic Coastal route.

Although a little bleary eyed we all managed an early breakfast ,checked out of our luxury Hotel (Which just happened to have a swimming pool, jacuzzi and Sauna).

We arrived at a rather windy but dry wonderful Giants Causeway . Had a wander round, took the dogs for a walk then we set off back to the ferry in our 3 car convoy – Alan & Chris Stephinson took the lead, Julie & Chris  Petts, me and Chris Marshall second with Mary Middlehurst and Joan Percy taking up the rear. All seemed to be going well as we took in the beautiful scenery. Then we realised our Sat Nav was going backwards and instead of getting nearer to the port in time and miles we were going further away!!!!!

Our Check in Time at the port was 12:15, this came and went as our three car convoy sped along the winding Irish roads, I’m sure some of the Irish folks we overtook thought we had robbed a bank or something. We got behind, tractors, caravans, Sunday drivers, learner drivers etc etc.. as time ticked by.  By this time cars two and three had communicated via mobile phone – All Joan Percy could do was laugh….as poor Mary tried to keep up with Chris Petts and Alan Stephinson, Me and Chris Marshall were feeling sick, part with worry and being thrown around in the back of the Car with three suitcases.  (God knows what the poor Cairns thought!  Julie Petts had a brainwave and decided to ring the port to tell them that we were held up.” No problem”  they said, this was 12;45pm and we were still miles away!

As we approached Larne town the road to the port was closed and we had to follow the diversion, then at four minutes to one we sped up to the Ferry check in, we were met by lovely smiling Irish port officials who said no problem we got your messages, (The Stephinsons had also rang) I have never felt so relieved as we drove on the Ferry . Being last on we had to put the cars on the outside deck, this must have been lovely for Sophie, Izzy & Daisy who had the top deck crates in the cars. We were just relieved the sea was a tad calmer than we sailed out as the waves had been  thrashing over the Boat then.

Alan Stephinson bought us all a drink and we settled down on the boat laughing about our journey, I suppose that my idea of a late breakfast, swim , Jacuzzi and Sauna would have been a more relaxing start to our day,  but certainly not as exciting!

You’ve must have heard of the “Luck of the Irish” I think a little of it rubbed off on to the English On Sunday……….


PS. I’m not saying who’s idea it all was …But Alan Stephinson has now been sacked as our Tour Manager 

Mary Middlehurst Drives The Last Car On To The Ferry Home