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My favourite bedtime story was when Mum used tell me and my sisters about a lovely day out she and her brother had in 2006, she called it  “The Yorkshire Puppy Party”. Well last week an invitation arrived for the younger Brenndarcy Pups to attend “Yorkshire Puppy Party 2008”!

When the day arrived it was lovely and sunny, our Kennel Maid Brenda put two crates in the back of the car, one for me and cousin Bilko, whilst my sisters Freda & Shelby travelled in the other. I don’t know if it was the excitement of it all but one mile down the road and Bilko was ill, Brenda had to stop and clean us both up, after three more stops, four newspapers & numerous wet wipes later we arrived safely, a bit smelly, but raring to go.

In all seventeen pups turned up, ages ranging from 6.5 weeks to 5 months, all cousins. The “Tinies” stopped in their puppy pens on the lawn and watched us older ones being entertained by a funny chap in a striped T-shirt who wanted us to play with a stuffed pig! Some of us decided to ditch the pig and the entertainer to play “ring a ring a roses”.

 Whilst all the kennel maids tucked into a delicious looking tea, sandwiches and cakes, me and Shelby checked out our host Liz’s kitchen to see if there was any thing left for us. 


Mary easily won the “How many pups can you hold without dropping them” competition, although someone said she cheated! 


After a couple of hours some of the Tinies couldn’t stand the pace and decided sunbathing was better than the entertainment. We now decided it was time to go home and escape parties were set up, one decided to go under the fence whilst her brother (A bit thick like his Dad) tried to squeeze through the wire and with my mate Pippin taking the lead….  we tried to slip the guard.


 Eventually the staff took the hint and after a photo shoot of a select few, we all went home. I don’t know about the others, but we all slept on the way home and dreamt about our lovely day out. I hope to tell my children all about today and hope that they will one day receive an invitation to “A Yorkshire Puppy Party”  too!

From Left To Right 5months to 6.5 weeks


Story by Purdy Shannon-Storr aged 14weeks.