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We have received the following plea from the Osborns.


An acquaintance reportedly came across a teaspoon with a cairns head on it, which was thought to be a prize given in the early days at Crufts. We wondered if anyone could establish if this was true or if it was wishful thinking. Can you help?


Well here is a reply with Photographs from Helen Miller;


“In response to the section on the News Page about teaspoons. I have a collection of similar teaspoons which I inherited from my Uncle, the late Alaisdair Meiklejohn. The story I was told was that they were awarded as prizes in the early days - I'm not sure if they were necessarily Crufts but certainly from Champ Shows. Alaisdair's mother showed Cairns in the 20s & early 30s and certainly was at Crufts as well as other Champ Shows, particularly in England. There are two different designs - a Cairn head and one in a medallion shape. The Cairn Head ones are, I think, older. The hallmarks suggest they were won over a succession of years. Spoons similar to the 'Medallion' ones were on sale on e -bay a couple of years ago.



Thanks Helen I wish I had seen them them on Ebay… They are lovely!



Received from Frances Goldfinch


“Re the Cairn spoons I have 3  all won by Valiant Marshall  and all engraved, 2 were won in 1933 at Crufts and Edinburgh, the other one in 1932 but not giving the name of the show..


These were 'marketed' on Ebay as West Highland White Terriers but of course Valiant is an old Cairn affix and it was a dog from this kennel who was the first champion after the last War, Ch Valiant Rob Roy of Rhosbridge in the hands of the late Aline Moody.

Frances G”