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Crufts TV

As last year there will be no Terrestrial TV coverage of 2010 Crufts.

But if you are digital More4 TV is broadcasting Crufts Highlights every evening for one hour 7:30pm – 8:30pm

This channel is available on freeview

The Kennel Club in conjunction with Sponsors DFS has set up a dedicated web site to watch the full groups live and other Crufts activities on your PC.

You have to register but you don’t have to put any personal details except your email address




Here at Brenndarcy we have been watching this (Last years Terrier group etc) on our big TV screen

This is possible by connecting an AVG cable from our WIFI laptop to the back of the set and selecting PC from the TV menu.

(The cable cost me £2.24 inc P&P from Ebay!)

As well as last years terrier Group there is footage of;

Full Terrier Group judging

Dawn with Carradine Toblerone in  2004

Monica Shuttleworth &  Monary Susanella  1984


Terrier Group Finalist Judging

2002 – Mats Lindborg & Raskens Rusty Red Ruby (The Cairn is listed as a Norwich on the screen!)

Ron Birch & Ch Kinkim Ludvic1997

 + 1995