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The Joint Cairn Terrier Clubs of GB, Open show.

Hosted this year by the Southern Cairn Terrier Club.

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Judge Mrs Chris Hewitt (Littleacorn)


Best Dog /RBIS. Larchlea Came Fly With Me To Correnie.

Res Best Dog Vanajam Dirty Dancing


Best Bitch / BIS Malmay Sky's the Limit

Res Bitch Vanajam Leading Lady


BPIS Tweslam Dawn Chorus At Cranae


Best Veteran Ch Corrennie Unforgettable

Alma Smee, BB & BIS Malmay Sky’s The Limit

Susan Weinberger, BD & RBIS Larchlea Came Fly With Me To Correnie

Jenny Oldale, BPIS Tweslam Dawn Chorus At Cranae

Susan Weinberger, Best Veteran Ch Correnie Unforgettable

Joint Cairn Terrier Clubs

Hosted this year by the Southern Cairn Terrier Club

26th September 2009

Lewknor Jubilee Hall, Lewknor, Oxon


I was delighted to judge the Joint Cairn Clubs Open Show; it was a gorgeous day in such a beautiful setting and was very well run. I know how much work and planning go into these shows. Sincere thanks to the Secretary and the Committee and to my very able Steward Louise.

On the whole mouths were generally good, a few exhibits were out of coat, I was very pleased with my class winners and final line up, I handled some promising youngsters which bode well for the future of the breed.     

Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Puppy Dog (2) 1st Weinberger’s Correnie Tornado, a promising young dog, who presents a lovely balance and outline, excellent shoulder placement, correct double coat, level top line, topped with handsome head, good bite and & large teeth (BPD). 2nd Soper’s Elitecharm Dream Boy soundly constructed with pleasing outline, I liked his head and expression, very well presented, showed well.

 Junior Dog (7) A good class of promising males. 1st Weinberger’s Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie, red brindle masculine dog without a hint of coarseness, balanced, with excellent neck flowing into well placed shoulders, good tailset and topline, moved well, lovely head and expression completing the picture (BD, RBIS).  2nd Wall’s Cloverbrook Ray Of Sunshine Over Shearwater, balanced, straight front, correct length of leg, good bone and substance, well presented, handler getting the best from him standing & moving. 3rd Morley’s Kedvaiy Locomotion.

Maiden Dog (2) 1st Saich’s Lincoly Can We Fix It, red in full coat, appealing head & expression, good spring of rib.  2nd Grey’s Braes Fulmar, wheaten dog, good coat, appealing head, good bone.

Novice Dog (4) 1st Peers Tweedisle Krazy Coot, wheaten pleasing masculine head and expression, correct layback of shoulders, good straight front. 2nd Kinchin’s Tyree’s Tricks, showy red brindle, correct bite, bone& muscle well distributed. 3rd Saich’s Lindcoly Dark Enterprise.  

Post Graduate Dog  (5,2a) 1st Ward’s Vanajam Dirty Dancing, well presented eye catching wheaten with good straight front, correct shoulder placement, lovely bone & feet, level topline and good tailset, moved well (RBD). 2nd Lifton’s Glenrood Storm Keeper At Liffycairn, grey brindle, good head and expression, good depth of rib, moved well. 3rd Kippen’s Chezaku Master Minder.

Limit Dog (3) 1st Soper’s Uniquecottage Ring Plover, grey brindle good masculine head, correct bone, nice condition, showy. 2nd Saich’s Kiataia Masquerade, nice size dog, straight front legs, good bone, even proportions, moved ok. 3rd Castry’s Angus McLee Of Casmhor.

Open Dog (3 1a) 1st Saich’s Lindcoly Golden Legend, red full of life & welcomed personality, strong head, firm fit body, good angulation, moved well. 2nd Castrey’s Cloverbrook Angus McLee Of Casmhor, dark brindle, good reach of neck, nice size, lovely head and expression 

Special Beginners Dog (3) 1st Morley’s Kedvaiy Locomotion, well presented red, handsome head, correct shoulder placement, handled well, kept his outline on the move. 2nd Kinchin’s Tyree’s Tricks. 3rd Massey’s Braes Fulcem.

 Veteran Dog (2 1a) 1st Grey’s Braes Maple, dark brindle 14 year old dog, still has a lovely head with good expression, happy dog enjoying his day.

Veteran Bitch (3 1a) 1st winner of the new Courtrai Joint Clubs best veteran bitch cup, Weinberger’s  Ch.Correnie Unforgettable, she lives up to her name, dark brindle in very good coat and condition, good outline, excellent neck & shoulders, level topline, still knows how to move, showed very well (BV).  2nd Oldale’s Ch.Tweslam Abracadabra, another veteran who has not lost her charm, well presented attractive head, pleasing outline moved with ease. 3rd Castrey’s Skimmerton Symphony Of Casmhor.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3) 1st Oldale’s Tweslam Dawn Chorus At Cranae, very attractive red showing promise, great coat presentation, excellent front assembly & rear, good length of leg, covered the ground well (BPIS). 2nd Osborne’s Tweslam Winter Magic, well presented 8 month old red feminine puppy, pretty head, straight front, good shoulder placement, moved well litter sister to one 3rd Peers Tweedisle Pillow Dream.

Puppy Bitch (3) 1st Osborne’s Tweslam Maid By Magic, litter sister to 1st and 2nd of previous class, red shown in coat of excellent texture, pleasing head & expression, well presented, moved well for and aft.  2nd Elitecharm Brindled Beauty, wheaten brindle, good balance, nice shape and body, good topline, pleasing head. 3rd McIntyre’s Glenchess Chloe. 

Junior Bitch (5 1a) 1st Fyfe’s Andrum Peace Treaty, nice size & balance, feminine head of good proportions, straight front legs of good bone, good rear angulation, she moved with positive driving action. 2nd Day’s, Trekhilli Piccallilli, dark brindle bitch wearing excellent harsh jacket, good shoulder placement, typey head moved well  3rd  Weinberger’s Cherie Amour.

Maiden Bitch (5) 1st Saich’s Lincoly Star Turn, showy red brindle bitch, nice make and shape, liked her head and outline. 2nd Dodd’s Doddydodah Lady’s Snowgirl, wheaten brindle, nicely balanced with feminine head, who moved well. 3rd Peers Tweedisle Silver Lady.

Novice Bitch (6 1a) 1st Ward’s Vanajam Leading Lady, good ratio of height to length, good head, straight front, tight feet, excellent neck and shoulders, level topline onto good tail set, moved well, very well presented, a real show girl, liked her a lot. (RBB) 2nd Smee’s Highclass Baby Of Malmay a stylish feminine bitch, good head, eye, mouth, rib, moved soundly.  3rd Fielder’s Miradorose Figgy Pudding.

Post Graduate Bitch (11 4a) 1st Poile’s Kedvaiy Liza With A Z, striking red, with that gorgeous typey head, excellent mouth, good reach of neck and lay back of shoulders the right amount of rib, nicely balanced, covered the ground with ease. 2nd Osborne’s Tweeslam Serendipity, wheaten brindle, attractive head, good lay back of shoulders, good coat, presented & handled well, 3rd Soper’s Elitecharm Only Girl. 

Limit Bitch (6 2a) 1st Fielder’s Miradorose Little Gem, this bitch never stopped showing, she demanded to be noticed, attractive head, correct scissor bite, nice neck and shoulders, strong hindquarters with tail bang on.  2nd Lifton’s Anjofra Treacle Tart At Liffycairn, attractive red brindle, with feminine head, neat ears, nice depth of rib.  3rd Day’s Trekhilli Chilli Pepper At Tre-Ki.

Open Bitch (4 1a) 1st Smee’s Malmay Sky’s The Limit, I was impressed with the overall balance of this quality grey brindle bitch, delightful head, excellent neck and shoulders, good angulation, straight front,  excelled in movement, this was her day (BIS). 2nd Waugh’s Rivercottage Sandy’s Legend, dark brindle balanced bitch, good length of leg, covered the ground with ease. 3rd Casmhor’s Peader’s Mainoria.

Special Beginners Bitch (4 1a) 1st Day’s Trekhilli Piccallilli. 2nd Byrne’s Little Miss Tonka wheaten with dark points, good length of back, nice bone good depth of rib. 3rd Withers Cannwood Magical Encounter

Judge Chris Hewitt (Mrs)


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Tweedisle Flycatcher