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South Wales & West Of England Cairn Terrier Club

Limited Show - 29th January 2012

Sharon Confue (Anjofra)


Best Dog & Best In Show; – Parker-Tuckers’ Uniquecottage Raleigh

Reserve Best Dog; Fyfe’s Andrum Hawkeye

Best Bitch & Reserve Best In Show; Waugh & Carlton-Smith’s Tribannon Guardian Angel

Reserve Best Bitch; Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Time To Shine

Best Puppy; Harrison’s Carradine Eva Either


BD & BIS Uniquecottage Raleigh

BB & RBIS Tribannon Guardian Angel


BD Uniquecottage Raleigh - Judge Sharon Confue - RBD Andrum Hawkeye

BB Tribannon  Guardian Angel, RBB Carradine Time To Shine


BPB & BPIS Carradine Eva Either

Winner Of Puppy Walk

Tweedisle Paper Moon  (Polly)-


MPD 0 entries


PD 2,2a


JD 1

1st Andrum Hawkeye


YD 1

1st  Tweedisle Sea Scout


ND 1

1st Tweedisle Sea Scout


GD 1

1st Uniquecottage Jumbuck



1st  Uniquecottage Raleigh

2nd Hydecastle Reg the Rocket


OD 1,1a


Veteran 1

1st Glenrood Magic Pipit


Spec Beginners 2,1a

1st Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle


1st Carradine Eva Either

2nd Crowneast Midsomer Florey

3rd Tribannon Leanora Rose

Res Uniquecottage We’ll See TAF


PB 1,1a


JB 5,1a

1st Brenndarcy Snedronningen

2nd Castleline Peggy Sue TAF

3rd Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle

Res Carradine Minnie The Moocha


YB 5

1st Tribannon Guardian Angel

2nd Woodthorpe Maybe This Thyme

3rd Spawyche Elizabethan Drean

Res Tweedisle Sea Breeze

Vhc Tycadno Serendipity


GB 0 entries



1st Carradine Time To Shine JW

2nd Cherrycrack Blue Moon

3rd Tribannon In The Limelite

Res Pinetop Jocasta From Scotchbroom

Vhc Tweslam Winter Magic


OB 6,2a

1st Glenrood Warrior Princess

2nd Tweslam Serendipity

3rd Tweedisle Sorrel

Res Tweslam Dawn Chorus At Cranae


GP Out-Takes

Carol & the roll up

Unrolling the roll up

Now how did carol reach up there to fix it


Is this a spare chair

The lone spectator looks cold