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Sunday 26 January 2014

Judge - Helen Miller (Cornton)


BD & RBIS Thomas' Tycado I Spy

RBD Day's Cherrycrack Ludo At Trekhilli

BB & BIB Osborn's Tweslam Thistle Be Magic

RBB Shannon & Mcgrath's Brenndarcy Bit Of Bother

BPIS; Confue's Anjofra Mad About Me

Sue Dolan, Best Vet Glenrood Magic Pippit,  Anthony Osborn, BB  BIS Tweslam Thistle Be Magic.

Judge Helen Miller, Carol Confue, BPIS Anjofra Mad About Me, Geoff Thomas, BD RBIS Tycadno I Spy


BD – Gael Day, RBD Cherrycrack Ludo At Trekhilli,

BPD Glenrood Trojan Prince

BB – RBB Brenndarcy \Bit Of Bother, Brenda Shannon, BPB


MPD 1,1a


PD 2,1a

1. Glenrood Trojan Prince


JD 1,1a.


YD 1,0a

1.Tycadno I Spy


ND No Entries


GD no entries


MLD 2,2a


OD 2,1a

1. Cherrycrack Ludo At Trekhilli


V D/B 5,2a

1. Glenrood Magic Pipit

2. Castleline Jackard

3. Anjofa Me Me Me

4. Tweedisle Dolly Daydream



Beginners D/B No entries




MPB 4,0a

1. Anjofra Mad About Me

2. Tribannon On Tiptoes

3. Brenndarcy Tommelise

4.Cherrycrack Harvest Moon


PB 3,0a

1. Glenrood Magic Spell

2. Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl

3. Tweedisle April Beauty


JB 4, 1a

1. Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal

2. Tweslam Mystery Of Magic


YB 3,3a


NB No Entries


GB 1,0a

1. Tweedisle Party Girl


MLB 4,1a

1. Tweslam Thistle Be Magic


OB 6,2a

1. Brenndarcy Bit Of Bother

2. Glenrood Warrior Princess

3. Tweedisle Sea Breeze

4 Trekhilli Beanie Baby JW ShCM












Photos by Graham Peers


Thank you to the office bearers & committee of the South Wales & West of England Cairn Terrier Club for inviting me to judge their limited show & to the exhibitors who entered their dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

While it was disappointing that there were a number of absentees, the standard of the Cairns which were present was high, at times making my decisions very difficult in some of the bitch classes.

BIS was Tweslam Thistle Be Magic; RBIS, Tycadno I Spy; & BP, Anjofra Mad About Me.


PD (2,1a) 1 Glenrood’s Trojan Prince, well balanced 10 month old dog. Pleasing head, nice mouth. Strong forequarters. Good coat. Moved well but slightly close behind. BPD.


YD (1) 1 Tycadno I Spy, beautifully balanced & mature youngster of fifteen months. Lovely head, beautiful mouth, good stop, level back & correct tailset. Double coat of nice length. Moved well. Worthy winner. BD.


OD (2,1) 1 Cherrycrack’s Ludo at Treckhilli, beautiful young dog of 21 months. Lovely head & expression. Good stop. Lovely mouth. Level back & correct tailset. Excellent harsh coat. Moved very well. Close choice for BD but preferred YD’s over-all presentation on the day. RBD.


V (4) What a lovely class! I love to see the ‘oldies’ coming into the ring & this class did not disappoint!

1 Glenrood’s Magic Pipit, 15 year old bitch who looked half her age! Fantastic condition, still with all her teeth. Good head & stop, excellent harsh coat. Moved well. BV;

2 Castleline Jackard, 9 year old dog, nice head, good mouth. Strong harsh coat. He showed himself well but was not in the outstanding condition of 1.


MPB (4) Lovely puppy class, each one a worthy winner on a different day.

1 Anjofra Mad About Me, she caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Loved her cheeky, typical cairn expression & attitude. Well balanced puppy of just 6 months. Lovely head& stop, good mouth. Thick puppy coat. Excellent front & rear movement. Showed well. BP;

2 Tribannon On Tiptoes, similar age to 1 but slightly larger& leggier. Beautiful head, excellent coat, well balanced. Moved & showed very well but preferred the showiness of 1.


PB (3) 1 Glenrood’s Magic Spell, dark bitch of 10 months. Typical Cairn expression. Balanced, good head, & length of neck, correct mouth & bite. Level back. Moved & showed well. Close runner for BP;

2 Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl, another promising puppy. Good head & neck, cheeky cairn expression. Correct bite, Slightly leggy. Moved well. Preferred the tailset of 1.


JB (2) 1 Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal, just out of puppy. Lovely, well balanced, showy youngster. Thick double coat, good head, mouth & stop. Took a while to settle but moved soundly with a ‘look at me’ attitude;

2 Tweslam Mystery Of Magic, slightly finer than 1 in not in as good coat. Pretty, feminine head, very ‘Cairny’ expression. Good neck, level topline, good tailset. Moved & showed well.


GB (1) 1 Tweedisle Party Girl, 2 year old gr/br bitch. Lovely head & neck, full double coat, Very full of beans! Front & rear movement good. Drove well from behind. MLB (1) 1 Tweslam Thistle Be Magic, beautiful dark r/br bitch. Lovely head & expression, good bite, nice length of neck. Excellent double coat. Moved & showed well. BB, BOB.


OB (6,2) 1 Brenndarcy Bit Of Bother, lovely, well balanced 2 year old bitch. Beautiful head & typical Cairn expression. Good double coat. Nice level back. Very showy. Moved well, very full of herself;

2 Glenrood’s Warrior Princess Dark, 5 year old bitch. Good head & expression, nice neck & shoulders, level back & correct tail set. Front & rear movement sound. Not as showy as 1.


Helen Miller