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Linda has received the following message from Alison Waites;


ďHi Linda, I hope you are well. Iím asking everyone I've been near. A cautionary tale that might be worth reminding people about.


One of the dogs brought a dead bird into the kitchen and shook it about. I swept up feathers and body with no thought to infection. Iím now in isolation in hospital, since Tuesday (23rd January), after being taken really ill on Saturday with influenza A.


Please remind people that dead birds are potential carriers of flu and masks and gloves should be used if you must touch one.

The hospital says they can't be sure without testing the bird, which went in the dustbin, but they kept asking me if I kept birds or went to a house that kept birds. I said no then remembered the dead sparrow in the kitchen.

It's just worth reminding everyone especially if they have cats to be very hygiene aware when dealing with dead birds.


Iím better than I was, I was very poorly. I have definitely turned the corner so hoping Iíll improve love as fast as I went downhill.Ē


I am sure that get well cards, sent to Alisonís home address, will be passed on to her and would cheer her up no end.Alison has had a rough time lately.



Update Alison is now Home.recuperating.