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Results of the Northern Cairn & WHWT Club held 29th July 2018 at Harewood House (After Championship show judging.


The Westie Judge Suzanne MacBean (Pryorvale) awarded;

BOB to the Dog  Carlin & Gillott's Lizandycris Paco Rooban,

BOS was West's Who's dressed Up At Tomlyndon.

BPIB was Lancaster's Clanestar Careless Moon.


Cairn Judge Jill Peak( Bayard) awarded;

BOB to Lamb & Saltmarsh's junior dog Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon.

BOS was Miller's Cornton Star Turn.

BPIB was Miller's Cornton Fyne Fettle


Jill Peak was also BIS judge

BIS Cairn Terrier - Lamb & Saltmarsh's Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon Cairn Terrier.

RBIS WHWT Dog Carlin & Gillott's Lizandycris Paco Rooban

BPIS WHWT Lancaster's Clanestar Careless Moon.

RBPIS Miller's Cornton Fyne Fettle

BVIS Lamb & Saltmarsh's male Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon ShCm IR Vet Ch



Cairn & BIS critique

The Northern Cairn & WHWT Club Open Show


Judge – Jill Peak


I Was Delighted To Be Invited To Judge The Northern Cairn Club Open Show Held At Leeds Championship Show On Sunday 29 July 18


I Awarded Bis To A Very Smart Carn Terrier Male Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon Owned My  Messrs Lamb And Saltmarsh.  Rbis Was A Whwt Bitch Who’s  Dressed Up At Tomlyndon Owned By Messrs T West.    Best Puppy Was A Young Whwt Bitch Clanestar Careless Moon Owner By Mrs Lancaster   Rbp In Show Was The Cairn  Cornton Fyne Fettle Owned By Miss Miller.  Best Veteran In Show Was The Carn Terrier Male Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon.   


Minor Puppy Dog


1 . Shannon & Storr’s  Calehill’s Go Above And Beyond For Brenndarcy (Imp Dnk)


9 Months Old Male Pleasing Type, Good Head And Expression, Nice Dark Eye, Clean Neck,  Like Better Feet And Shorter Nails,  Nice Body And Outline,   Moved Soundly When Settled  


Junior Dog


1.     Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon


15 Months Old Male, Nice Small Head With Good Stop, Nice Neck And Front Assembly,  Good Bone , Legs And Feet,  Strong Body Well Ribbed, Good Topline And Set On, Moved Soundly,  Shown In Good Coat.   Bd & Bis


2.     Miller’s  Cornton Fyne Fettle


11 Months Old Male,  Shown In Good Coat And Hard Condition.  Good Head Proportions, Good Pigment,  Nice Neck And Shoulders, Good Legs And Feet,  Strong Body Good Balance And Outline, Quarters Well Muscled  Moved Soundly.    Bp In Breed


Mid Limit Dog


1.     Lamb & Saltmarsh  Dark Charmer For Macmoon


4 Yr Old Male Nice Breed Type, Pleasing Head, Dark Eye, Good Neck, Tight Elbows, Ribs Well Sprung,  Strong Loin, Good Quarters And Set On, Moved Freely


Open Dog


1.     Ball’s Lentricia Let’s Dance At Calamondin


2 ½ Yr Old Male, Shown In Good Coat And Condition.  Pleasing Head Shape, Dark Eye,   Good Pigment,  Nice Ears, Clean Neck And Shoulders,  Good Body And Ribbing,  Strong Well Muscled Quarters With Good Set On.   Went Well


2.     Lamb & Saltmarsh’s  Renshaw There And Back Again Under Macmoon


7 Yr Old Male, Good Type,  Nice Head Proportions, Good Eye, Nice Neck, Good Body And Outline,  Quarters Well Muscled, Moved Touch Close Behind


Veteran Dog


1.     Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable Of Macmoon


 9 Yrs Old Very Nice Type Shown In Good Coat,  Moved Soundly Both Ways And In Profile  Good Head Proportions, Nice Eye, Ears Well Set, Clean Neck And Shoulders, Good Legs And Feet,  Strong Body Well Ribbed Back, Good Quarters And Set On     Best Veteran In Show


Minor Puppy Bitch


1.     Petts Million Dollar Dreamer For Doonrae


6 Months Old Puppy Still Very Immature Needs A Lot Of Time.  Pleasing Head And Expression,  Bit Thin Through Bit Short In Rib And Long In Loin, Moved Well When Settled


Puppy Bitch


1       Miss Catto’s Birselaw Viking Princess


9 Months Old Bitch, Pleasing Type, Good Head And Expression, Nice Eye, Ears Well Set, Good Body And Balance, Nice Legs And Feet, Good Ribbing And Quarters, Shown In Good Coat  Bbp


Junior Bitch


1.     Lund’s Cairngold Brandy Snap


12 Months Old Pleasing Head Shape, Nice Eye,  Good Legs , Like Better Ribbing,  Good Quarters, Needs To Settle On The Move


Graduate Bitch




1.     Miller’s Cornton Star Turn



2       Yr Old Bitch, Nice Type Pleasing Head Proportions, Good Eye Shape,  Good Pigment, Nice Legs And Feet, Strong Body Well Ribbed, Good Quarters With Correct Angulation  And Good Set On, Moved Well


Open Bitch


1.     Petts  Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae


2 ½ Yrs Old Bitch Nice Type, Shown In Good Coat And Condition.  Nice Head And Expression, Clean Neck And Shoulders, Nice Bone Legs And Feet,  Nice Ribbing, Good Quarters And Set On  Needs To Settle On The Move To Make The Best Of Herself