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New Microchipping Details


Here are the basic facts for dog breeders regarding the new legislation that has become law this April.


ALL puppies must be registered to the breeder before they go to their new homes with up to date details, this is an actual law with penalties for doing otherwise. Breeders have a legal obligation to do this.

It is also an offence to microchip the puppies but leave the chip blank for the new owner to register online themselves later once in new home.

If the puppies are KC registered the kennel club will automatically send out a pack to the breeders containing codes to give new owners to enable them to change the details on the chip online free of charge.

If they are not KC registered the breeder has to register with PetLog Premium (it does cost to sign up to) and register all of their puppies on there to be given a transfer code which will be given to the new owner to enable them to change the details on the chip.



For more detailed info you can click on the below

The Kennel Club’s Microchipping Factsheet